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									                                  Vendor Advisory Committee Meeting
                                      North Bay Regional Center
                                            April 12, 2011

VAC Membership Attendance: Elizabeth Clary, (Old Adobe Development Services), Donna Feingold
(Moving Forward), Mike Huckins (Bay Respite Care), Beth Kahiga (Napa Valley Support Services), Carin
Lawrence (Becoming Independent) Terri Rowland (Milestones) Edie Thomas (Connections For Life), Stan
Higgins (Oaks of Hebron), Linda Washington (Bayberry, Inc.)

Absent: Margaret Farman, (United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay), Liz Sutton (North Bay Industries)
Kelley Hanson (PACE Solano),

NBRC Staff: Bob Hamilton, Alfonso Carmona, Michi Gates, Laura Cepoi, Joanne Giardello, Emily

General Members: Marilyn Mills, Darelyn Pazdel, Karen Farnsworth, Carol Fremault, Joetta Griffin, Bob
Phillips, Dori McDonnell, Shannon Haralson, Kandi Lotter, Brook Baldree, Matt Martin, Ron Hamilton

I.   Introduction and Acceptance of Minutes - Minutes were accepted by Stan Higgins and seconded
     by Mike Huckins

II. Agenda Changes or Additions: Donna Feingold asked for addition under new business; possible
    art event and Announcement by Kandy Lotter of Liberty ILS/SLS

III. Group Reports and/or Clarifications
     A. Napa Vendor Group: Mike Huckins presented:
             Request for Proposal (RFP) has been distributed for the transportation contract. A
                  meeting with the City of Napa regarding transportation needs has been scheduled for
                  April 14 .
             Donna Feingold requested clarification on transportation. Bob Hamilton stated that
                  NBRC recently completed the DDS audit and since the transportation rate has been
                  frozen, the solution discussed was to send out an RFP at current rate. If there is no
                  response, then Bob will take the issue to DDS due to health and safety. The
                  transportation rate was frozen as of July 2008 so the current amount is relatively low.
             Carol Fremault asked what the maximum time a rider should be on the bus. The goal is
                  no more than an hour per ride.
             UCLA research study stated how under funded our system is and recommended rates be
                  unfrozen as community agencies need to have rates increase and not endure further
                  cuts. An inquiry was made of resources to assist with challenges of individuals with
                  inappropriate behaviors at work.
             Driver safety training program by CHP in Benicia. Donna Feingold will send out the
                  information regarding the officer in Benicia who is conducting the training.
             Proposed 10% ICF cut. If ICF’s receive a 10% cut, NBRC may be able to assist
                  vendorization in a different category.
             Disaster preparedness should be a continual topic of discussion so agencies are
     B. Sonoma Vendor Group – Stan Higgins noted that the Legislative breakfast on March 25 was
        successful. Many people with developmental disabilities shared stories regarding their lives and
        how they enjoy living in the community as opposed to the Developmental Center and how the
        cuts will affect them. Stan stated that the legislators seemed empathetic.
     C. Supported Employment Task Force - Edie Thomas noted that at the March Supported
        Employment Task Force meeting a speaker discussed micro-enterprising. Laura Cepoi stated
        that she is willing to assist vendors with micro-enterprising. An additional meeting has been
        scheduled for May 10 at 9:00 a.m. prior to the VAC meeting. A meeting is also scheduled for
        June 9 . Beth stated that there are many day programs that provide creative employment that
        don’t receive recognition. Supported and Independent Living meeting is scheduled for April 20
        from 10-12 in Community Resource Room.
     D. Public Relations Committee – Elizabeth Clary noted that some people missed adding their
        program to the website. The website is running well.
   E. CDSA: Mike Huckins noted the following:
             The annual meeting was held in Sacramento on March 15h and 16th. It was a
                successful conference as a message was delivered to legislators to keep cuts away
                from consumers. Many consumers also attended and had a rally on the steps of the
             Section 1 of AB98 regarding the stakeholder work groups was also highlighted with
             The retroactive 1.25% lawsuit is being heard on April 15 .

             AB350 (Solaria) requires new contracts (public or private) for janitorial, food service,
                window washing, and landscaping to hire the workers of the previous contractor rather
                than bringing own employees (people with disabilities) onto the job
             AB508 (Swanson) takes away a bid preference for any organization seeking a recycling
                contract who does not agree to hire the workers with the previous contract
             AB889 (Ammiano) requiring annual pay increases, paid vacation, paid sick leave,
                overtime requirements, 21 day written notice of termination, and Cal-OSHA compliance
                in private homes for those who provide in-home services to people with developmental
             May 19 is next Bay Area Caucus Meeting at ARC in Martinez.

   F. NBRC Board Report – Linda Washington was not able to be at the meeting and the report is in
      the board packet. Linda stated that Bayberry moved to 1700 2 Street, Suite 350 in Napa.
   G. ARCA - Bob Hamilton noted the following:
             ARCA met on March 17-18th. The Department addressed the budgetary issues/bills.
             NBRC is forecasting a break even on Purchase of Service and Operations this year.
                DDS stated that Regional Centers are receiving a billion dollars in federal funds. Some
                federal funds expire the end of June. Bob stated that if the budget isn’t signed he does
                not have a loan set up with the bank. Union Bank is requiring a security letter from
                DDS before issuing a line of credit. NBRC received the B-3 budget amendment for the
                current year.
             Next year’s budget is waiting on the May revisions from the Governor. Bob stated that
                the system has some credibility as we have been able to survive after the cuts that
                have been given. He stated that education may take a bigger hit. NBRC is an anomaly
                in Northern Region as it has been conservative overall compared to some other
                Regional Centers. Public hearings about best practices will be held in Sacramento, Bay
                Area, and Los Angeles area in May and the dates will be listed on the DDS website,
   H. Stakeholder Advisory Group – Mike Huckins noted the following:
             Mike served on the respite work group. All work groups met for two days with the first
                day being informational and second day coming up with ways to save money. Most of
                the discussion was related to respite. Ideas were all across the board from cutting the
                service to giving more hours.
             There were approximately 70 ideas thus far with more groups having to meet. DDS is
                supposed to come up with a list of more doable cost saving strategies. Discussed
                capturing more federal dollars.
             Linda Washington served on the residential services work group. One idea was to
                eliminate Level 4 altogether. All vendorizations for level 2 and up go through a Regional
                Center Request for Proposal process. Negotiated rate homes need to be reviewed as
                it was stated that there is funding for beds that are not filled. Duplicative monitoring
                was also discussed but no suggestion for how to change it.

IV. Area IV Board – Bob Phillips noted the following:
           Many people wish to join the Area IV Board and it is challenging to help support people with
             disabilities who want to be on the board as then a facilitator has to be hired. Bob is,
             however, excited about the interest.
           The next AIVB is scheduled for April 20 at 6:00 pm at Solano County Office of Education

             in Fairfield. Will be discussing SB472, AB254, AB1375, and SB166.
           AIVB is offering $35,000 in grants. Proposals are due by May 9 . The applications

             package is available on the State Council website at Winners will be
             announced on June 29 .
           Carin asked if larger programs can apply and Bob stated that all agencies are welcome to
             apply, but that there is an extra point for families.
           ACT next meeting will be May 15 at Solano County Office of Education.
V. Policies and Procedures Updated at NBRC: No new policies.

VI. Community Concerns
         Edie Thomas requested information regarding what guidelines are being used to recoup
           the costs for the hours cut for IHSS. IHSS was cut the beginning of February. Laura stated
           that if someone received the maximum number of IHSS, the cut would be 9.6 hours per
           consumer per month. Edie stated that it costs her agency $16-17 dollars hourly to pay for
           one staff to support the consumer for that hour. The reimbursement rate is $11.50 so
           consequently her agency is losing money. The CPC needs to see the letter from IHSS for
           the cut and then the reimbursement for the difference will come from NBRC in the form of a
           revised IPP/POS.
         Elizabeth Clary discussed the closure day on March 31 and requested that NBRC notify

           CPCs ahead of time when closure days will be. Beth stated that closure days are difficult
           for families as they continue to drop off their children at NVSS. Alfonzo asked to be
           informed what CPCs did not know about the closure day and it was noted that it was most
           CPCs in Santa Rosa.
         Laura suggested that Beth Kahiga submit a Special Incident Report regarding the incident
           that of a consumer being dropped off so that closure days can possibly be scheduled
           around a weekend versus on a Thursday.
         New Business: Donna Feingold has been working on an art gallery in Napa and is willing
           to work with anyone who is producing art with people with disabilities. This summer Donna
           will have a space at Chef’s Market in Napa and asked if anyone is interested in joining.
         Independent/Supported Living Spreadsheet: Powerpoint Excel spreadsheet was presented
           by Matt Martin from Bayberry Inc. Some adjustments were needed for the spreadsheet to
           work effectively. It has been working well now for Bayberry. This is a prototype and so any
           further feedback is welcome. No administrative costs are added to the hourly IHSS rate of

VII. Announcements
          Beth Kahiga stated that May 15 is NVSS’s next annual fund raiser at Silverado Country
            Club in Napa. She will have tickets for purchase at the next VAC.
          Two new nominations for VAC members to the Board are Darelyn Pazdel and Margie
            Vondrak. Stan Higgins will be taking over Co-chair in July.
          Carol Fremault is retiring. She discussed past and current challenges and that her career
            has been worth all the struggles. Carol introduced Karen Farnsworth, the new Executive
          Donna Feingold stated that after VAC meeting in May there will be a self facilitated HR
            meeting and encouraged all to bring personnel manuals.

Respectfully submitted by: Terri Rowland (Milestones)

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