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									The Chatter
Somerset Hills III Homeowners’ Association                                               July 2008
                        Working together to protect our property investment and
                            provide a safe and pleasant environment for all

President’s Message                      to our neighborhood. We are making
   Summer is here and nearly gone.       progress. Volunteer involvement is
By the time you read this we should      up. Interest and support have been       SEE President’s
have all the financing completed and     higher than any other time in my ten
the street project contract finalized.   years in the neighborhood. Thanks       Message and Look
The bids came in slower than             to all of you for your input and the     for a Mailing to
anticipated, but we will still get the   volunteer time you give to the
project done by the end of summer.       association! We are only as good as     arrive soon about
                                         the level of volunteerism.
   We will be notifying you soon as
to the exact schedule for work             Have a great day!                        STREET
(pending weather that cooperates).
You can anticipate two separate 24-
                                           Ross Adelmann, President              CLOSURES AND
hour periods where the road to your
home will be closed. You will be
                                                                                   REPAIRS !
notified of the closure in advance.
                                         Annual Meeting
                                               At the February Annual
No cars, trailers or other equipment
                                         Meeting, a special assessment of
can be left on the roads for those                                              Inside this Issue:
                                         $140 was approved for street repair.
scheduled closure days. The only                                                President’s Message            1
                                         The proposed dues increase for
access allowed will be by emergency                                             Annual Meeting                 1
                                         current and long-term street repair
vehicles.                                                                       Special Meeting                1
                                         was defeated. Heather Oie joined
   Our plan is to alternate closed                                              New Website + Email            1
                                         the Board.
streets so that residents can park                                              Contractor Protocol            2
their cars either on Timberline or                                              Architectural Committee        2
Warren or on a neighboring street in
                                         Special Meeting                        Fire Safety                    2
                                           A Special Meeting was held on        Amercement Policy              3
our neighborhood. We realize this
                                         June 5. An annual dues increase to     Forest Plan                    3
will overwhelm the normal parking
                                         $250 was approved effective 2009.      Common Area                    3
places on those streets for those
days—just park as discreetly as you                                             Invasives - English Ivy        4
can so emergency vehicles can still      New Somerset Website &                 Board + Architectural
get into the neighborhoods if                                                       Committee                  4
                                         Email                                  Dead Animal Removal            4
necessary.                                      Check out our new website:
    In preparation for street repair     www.somersethills3.org where you
and resurfacing, please remove any       can find current Board and Archi-
                                                                                Forest Plan Revised Page 3
rocks or other items that have           tectural Committee information;
                                                                                Financials - Balance Sheet +
worked their way from your property      Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
                                                                                   Profit & Loss
onto the pavement. Also trim shrubs      (CC&R’s), Bylaws; policies; maps;
and overhanging trees that could get     and other information, and a link to
                                         our new email address:                 Cleanup Day
in the way of equipment.                                                        Cancelled due to street repair.
   It has been our privilege to serve
you. We look forward to the positive           Many thanks to Dave for the      Picnic
change this street repair will bring     design and upkeep of the web site.     TBA
Contractor Protocol
      The Board has contracted for tree removal
work and other services on Common Area which is
                                                                             Fire Safety
owned and controlled by the Association as a
                                                         Residences in Somerset Hills III are surrounded by
corporate entity. This work is for the benefit and
                                                         combustible vegetation. Susceptibility to forest fire
safety of all Association members, and is well
                                                         is greatest during the summer and early fall months,
within the Board’s fiduciary discretion to HOA
                                                         necessitating concerns over fire prevention and what
members to contract.
                                                         to do if fire occurs. The Eugene Fire Department
       Contractors have been lawfully contracted         recommends the following:
for tree, road, and other work by the Board in the
name and for the benefit of the Association. Those       Fire prevention and implementing "survivable
contractors are insured and they answer to the           space" around a house:
Board, not to individual Association members, since
the Association can only act lawfully through the        1. Replace combustible building materials wherever
Board, not through individual members without            possible (i.e., cedar shake roofing) with metal, tile
Board authority.                                         or composition. Provide chimney caps with smoke
       Certain homeowners have interfered with
work-in-progress or have contacted contractors
                                                         2. Cut tree limbs 15 feet away from roof and
directly rather than channeling questions or
                                                         chimney. Clear roof and gutters of all debris and
concerns through the Board. Specifically, the tree
                                                         recyle or use that debris for compost.
contractors retained have been interfered with,
and the contractor and the Association were
                                                         3. Keep stacks of firewood and propane tanks 30 to
threatened with unfounded legal action by certain
                                                         100 feet from house. Park vehicles, boats, trailers
owners and Association members.
                                                         and campers inside garage.
      Legal counsel has provided advice on this
matter to the Board, and the Board is acting in          4. Maintain landscaping by mowing or raking and
providing this information to Association members        frequently watering weeds, grass and shrubs. Trim
based on that advice.                                    trees so that lower limbs are 15 feet above the
        Interference or direct contact in any way
with contractors costs the Association money.
                                                         5. Replace flammable vegetation, trees and brush
Interference with them may also create legal
                                                         with fire-resistent counterparts.
liability of the interfering member to the
contractor itself, as well as to the Association, all
                                                         In case of fire:
of which is unnecessary and costly to the
Association as a whole. Therefore, any objections
                                                         1. Be sure easy-to-read road signs and address
to or questions about contractor activities should
                                                         numbers are visible from road to allow firefighters to
be directed to the Board, and not to individual
                                                         locate house.
                                                         2. Know and practice escape plan for house and area.
Architectural Committee                                  There are two primary evacuation routes out of
                                                         Somerset Hills III ... east on Timberline Drive to
A couple of reminders:                                   Winter Creek to Hawkins to 18th Avenue, and west
                                                         on Timberline to Warren to Bailey Hill Road.
       According to the Somerset Hills III CC&R’s,
no lot shall be used or maintained as a parking
                                                         3. Organize necessary items to take with you if an
place ... for automobiles (vehicles, motorbikes,
                                                         evacuation is required ... medications, documents,
RVs, trailers, etc.) not in regular family use and not
                                                         money, food and water.
in good operating condition. Street parking is
allowed for 72 hours only in the paved (asphalt)
                                                         4. Close all windows and doors in house, arrange
parking areas only.
                                                         garden hoses so they can reach any area of house and
       Trash, garbage or other waste must be kept        pack car for quick departure if fire occurs and an
in sanitary containers emptied regularly and all         evacuation is deemed necessary
containers (trash, recycling, and yard debris) shall
be kept clean and out of view from the street.
Amercement Policy
                                                                      Amercement Policy
       Occasionally, problems arise that conflict
with our basic governing documents, the Bylaws,               It benefits all of us to establish rules and
CC&R’s, or published detailed policies, such as the    regulations to promote the common good and
Parking Policy. To correct or resolve an issue often
                                                       enjoyment of each homeowner's investment, to
takes considerable time on the part of Board or
                                                       protect property values, and to maintain a pleasant
Architectural Committee members. Fortunately,          living environment.
most problems are corrected as soon as they’re                Rules and regulations are binding on all
pointed out. In other cases, no matter how much
                                                       homeowners, their tenants, visitors, and workers.
effort is expended, some issues are continually
                                                       Individual owners are ultimately responsible for the
ignored.                                               conduct and actions of their family, friends, tenants,
      The Amercement Policy establishes                and guests and will be held liable for any damage
reasonable guidelines for the Board and                done by them. Rules and regulations by no means
Architectural Committee to follow to resolve those     delete or change the intent of the CC&Rs or Bylaws
occasional problems that arise, such as inoperable     that take precedence should there be any conflict.
junk cars or property with knee-high weeds or a
deteriorating structure.                               Procedure:
                                                               The Board will not impose a fine or infringe
      The Amercement Policy follows and will be
                                                       upon any other rights of a Member or any other
available on the website: www.somersethills3.org.
                                                       occupant for violations of Rules and Regulations of
                                                       the Association unless and until the following
                                                       procedure is followed:
Forest Plan
                                                               When a violation comes to the attention of the
      The approved Forest Plan is available with
                                                       Board, a letter will be sent to the owner to identify
Attachments on our website. Please add attached,
                                                       the problem and to invite the person to respond in
revised page 3 to your previously mailed copy.
                                                       writing to the complaint or to appear at the next
      To keep costs down, Attachments A-E (Trees,      regular Board meeting, or both.
Native Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants, Invasives, and               At its next regular Board meeting, the Board
Additional Resources) will not be mailed, but if you   will conduct a hearing to determine if the complaint
are unable to access the website and want printed      is valid. At the hearing, the Board will make a
copies, please advise.                                 finding in the case and render a decision. The
                                                       findings and decision of the Board will appear in the
       Funds are not budgeted specifically for
                                                       Board's Executive Session Minutes.
planting; however, some donated trees will be
                                                               The Board of Directors may, at its discretion,
planted this fall. If you would enjoy leaving a tree
                                                       elect to impose fines of $25.00 per violation on the
legacy for your children or others and would like to
                                                       owner of the unit where the violator(s) reside,
help plant and/or care for newly planted trees (or
                                                       and/or restrict the common area privileges of the
donate a tree), please contact the Board.
                                                       owner and tenant of that unit. Additional fines may
        Keep in mind that The Forest Plan is a Board   be added every 30 days if the violation is not
Management Plan for our Common Area “forest.”          corrected. If the violation remains unresolved after
It will be adjusted as needed and reviewed and         a minimum of 90 days, the Board retains its right to
revised on a regular basis. It is hoped that           have the problem corrected and bill the homeowner
homeowners will refer to the Plan and Attachments      for any related expense.
and adopt the environmentally sensitive guidelines
for their individual lots.

Common Area Maintenance                                  Help Wanted!
                                                         1. Tree Planters in the fall.
Weed Control                                             2. Homeowners with chainsaw willing to help
      Weed cutting should be completed in the            during emergency storm clearance.
Common Area by August 1. If any areas have been
missed, please contact the Board.
               Invasives - English Ivy                                          Current Board
                                                             Ross Adelmann, President 342-6072
                                                             Don Anhorn 686-4404
                                                             Susan Fairbanks 913-0955
                                                             Jeff Hammond 684-4983
                                                             Heather Oie 683-2253
                                                             Barbara Smith-Gillespie, Secretary, Treasurer
                                                             Nancy Sorensen, Vice President 302-5938

                                                                         Architectural Committee
                                                             Bob Rodman, Chair 484-2699
                                                             Don Lubonski 343-9753
                                                             Mark Lustica 344-8161
                                                             John Suess 683-2253

                                                             For association-related (not 9-1-1) emergencies, please
                                                             contact any board member.

                                                             For Trees and Common Area Maintenance contact
                                                             Nancy at 302-5938.

                                                             Website: www.somersethills3.org
                                                             Email: info@somersethill3.org

                                                                           Dead Animal Removal

                                                             Deer severely injured, to be put down:
       English ivy –– that great year-round green            Call Police 682-5111 ext. 1 (message says, “to report a
groundcover that’s easy to grow, quicly spreads, and         crime…”)
survives deer nibbles. Unfortunately, the mature form
climbs trees shading out sunlight and can cause tree         Deer recently dead of injuries on public property
failure. On buildings, it contributes to rot and             and you witness time of death:
deterioration. It destroys native habitat. And in            Police 682-5111+1 (Police will contact Eugene Mission
Oregon, it is considered a noxious weed.                     and if Mission can use the meat, they will pick up. We
       If you have English Ivy (Hedera helix), restrict it   cannot contact Mission directly.)
from climbing and prevent seeds from spreading by            You must call within 15 minutes, someone must
carefully cutting and removing ivy from trees 4-5 up         witness TOD, and animal must be on public property
the trunk. What’s left above will die. Then remove           (“ify” about private).
any ground ivy, roots included, 6 feet from the base of
the tree or shrub.                                           Deer dead (cats, dogs) on public streets or within
       Consider thoroughly removing one section of           “sidewalk/street” area:
ground ivy each year. Start at the base, removing all        City Public Works 682-4800 (M-F 7:30-5)
roots and any pieces. Damp soil makes removal easier;
a maddox is a most useful ivy removal tool.                  Deer dead on private property/association property:
       Let the ivy dry and die at least a week before        Take to Short Mountain (Goshen, off I-5): 726-3047 M-
putting in yard waste. For small amounts, put in a           Sat 8-5. Fee is $7 up to 300 lbs. (no paperwork, no
black plastic bag and leave in sun.                          bagging required) Limit: one/day. If less than 80
       Replant with native ferns, groundcovers, or low-      pounds, can be taken to Glenwood Lane County Solid
growing shrubs, which provide food, shelter, and             Waste Management Station 682-6900)
nesting for native birds and other critters.
       If you need help selecting native plants, please      *   *   *  *    * * *    * * *     *    *    * *          *
consult the Forest Plan Attachments or contact the           NOTE: Dusty Lewis at 607-4579 is available for
Board, Attn: Forest Plan.                                    removal at cost of $100.

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