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					CGS 6210 Microcomputer Hardware
Chapter 7
Linda Kubitz

Key Term Quiz
1. Wires on the motherboard that carry data or information are called Traces.

2. A unique feature of the Slimline motherboard is a Riser Card that contains expansion
slots to allow cards to be inserted horizontally.

3. The older AT form factor motherboard used the P8/P9 to attach the power.

4. It is a good idea to insert the CPU, the CPU fan, and the memory before you insert the
motherboard in the case to prevent Flexing or bending the board.

5. With the 82875P chipset, Intel uses the term Memory Controller Hub (MCH) to refer
to the chip that functions as the Northbridge.

6. The layout of the motherboard is referred to as the Form Factor.

7. The new ATX form factor motherboard includes Soft Power that allows the operating
system to turn the computer on and off.

8. A Catastrophic Failure of the motherboard will usually occur within 30 days and
necessitates replacing the motherboard.

9. Before you install a motherboard, you must insert Standouts into the bottom of the

10. The ATX form factor includes a rear plate that provides access to ports such as PS/2
keyboard and mouse, serial and parallel port, and USB.
Multiple Choice Quiz:

1. All of the following are characteristics of ethereal motherboard failure except:
D. PC will not boot at all.

2. Which of the following statements is true?
C. The ATX form factor uses a single connector from the power supply.

3. Which of the following statements is true about motherboard chips?
B. Some chipsets support only Intel processors or only AMD processors while
others may support CPUs manufactured by both.

4. Which of the following is not a consideration when buying a case to go with a
particular motherboard?
A. Whether you will use an Intel or an AMD CPU.

5. You find four motherboards at a yard sale. From the following descriptions, choose
the motherboard that has the most current technology.
D. The fourth motherboard includes USB2, Firewire, and Serial ATA capabilities.

6. Which of the following statements is true about the wires that connect LEDs and
buttons from the front of the box to the motherboard?
A. The wires have a positive and negative side.

7. The form factor of the motherboard determines all of the following except:
C. The kind of processor you can use.

8. The most common causes of component failures are:
C. Electrical surges and ESD

9. Most modern chipsets include all of the following chips except:
A. Firewire

10. The chipset determines all of the following except:
A. The type of keyboard connector on the motherboard

11. The four characteristics that define modern motherboards are:
D. Layout, chipset, expansion slots, and components
12. The ATX form factor offers all of the following advantages except:
D. More flexibility by including connectors for both the 5-pin AT keyboard and the
PS/2 keyboard.

13. Which of the following identify the Slimline AT motherboard form factor?
A. NLX and LPX

14. All of the following may cause an ethereal motherboard failure except:

15. If you have a motherboard failure, all of the following except __________ may solve
the problem.
C. Upgrading the operating system.

Essay Quiz:

2. Some people believe that the motherboard chipset is an even more important decision
than the kind of processor. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Yes, I believe the greatest amount of flexibility and power is provided by the chipset
determined the processor you can use, the type and most importantly the capacity of
RAM you can install, and the variety of internal and external devices the motherboard
will support. If you choose a lower-end chipset, you will be limited as long as you own
the computer unless you upgrade it along with the processor and RAM. I would choose
the chipset with the greatest available upgrading potential with the largest capacity for
RAM and fastest type of RAM along with a wide variety of internal and external
connections for all of the demands of today's computing.

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