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					                                            Cost Rs. 500/-

                      E.S.I.C.MODEL HOSPITAL
                 BHARAT NAGAR, LUDHIANA -141001
    Director: 0161-2775539; Dy.Medical Superintendent: 0161-2403393, Medical Supdt.:0161-2772435,
           Fax: 0161-2772437, E Mail: -, website:
No. 122-D-25/14/2/10-MHL                                                           Dated:

Subject: Tender for supply of manpower for Security Services (ex-servicemen and
female security (civilians) in ESIC Model Hospital, Ludhiana on Contractual basis.

Tenders are invited in two separate sealed envelopes (2 Bid System) for the provision of
Security Services upto 1 PM on or before 21/03/2011. Sealed tenders should bear the
Advertisement No. and be clearly super subscribed as “Tender for award of contract for
providing of Security services.” “ Techinical Bid” and “Financial Bid” respectively. Tenders
submitted after 1PM on 21/03/2011 shall out rightly be rejected

Tender form and General Terms and conditions.
   1. The Tender forms duly filled in will be accepted by this office upto 1 PM on 21/03/2011
       along with Earnest money of Rs. 20000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) in form of
       a crossed Demand Draft drawn on any Nationalized Bank, payable at Ludhiana in favour of
       the “ESIC Fund Account No. 1”. EMD and Check list should be accompanied with the
       Technical Bid. If the Technical Bid is not accompanied with requisite Earnest money and
       Check list (Documents should be enclosed as per the list), Tender form will be rejected out
       rightly without assigning any reason/entertaining any correspondence. The Earnest money
       deposited with earlier tender will not be adjusted against this tender. The Earnest
       money of unsuccessful tenderers will be refunded without accrual of any interest, within the
       stipulated time limit.
   2. The sealed envelopes containing the quotation should be marked in capital letters “TENDER
       FINANCIAL BID”. The envelope should also bear the sender’s name and address. The
       sealed quotations as above should be dropped in the Tender Box placed in the chamber of
       JD (Admn.), IInd floor, Administration Block.
   3. In case the tender envelopes are bulky, tenderers may hand over the tender to JD (Admn.)
       after obtaining the signature/approval of Medical Superintendent of the Hospital on the
       tender envelope.
   4. Tenders should be sent by registered post only or tenderers may drop it by hand. No other
       means will be accepted.
   5. Tenders received by post after the fixed Date & time of receipt, it will not be entertained in
       any case.
   6. Last date and time for Receipt and opening of tender: - Tender must be dropped in
       the tender box by the date, time and venue as mentioned in Para 1 & 2 above. The tender
       box will be opened at 02.30 PM on 21/03/2011. Technical bid will be opened first
       and Financial bid of those tenderers who found to be technically qualified in the
       first stage will be opened at 02.30 P.M on 29/03/2011. In case the above dates are
       declared as holiday, the tender will be accepted and opened on next working day.
   7. Tenders found to be technically not qualified; their unopened financial bid will be
       returned to the address as given on the Technical Bid by post.
   8. Tender Form & Conditions: - The application form of tender on which the statutory details
       (Ann. I) & the offer of price/rates (Ann. II) are to be quoted are enclosed, should be
       submitted in two different sealed envelopes and clearly mention “Financial Bid” &
       “Technical Bid” respectively on it. The quoted offer should be composite in all
       respect, inclusive of all statutory liabilities under the existing law. The terms and
       conditions governing the tender are mentioned in the enclosed form Annexure-III, which
       should be signed and submitted along with Application form. Under taking by the
       tenderer abiding all the terms and conditions of the tender must be signed by the
       contractor attached as Annexure-IV, performa of Experience certificate is
       attached as Ann. V, the check list has also been placed as Ann. VI and rejection
       clause list at annexure-VII. The tender is liable to be rejected if incomplete
       information is given or any document asked for in the schedule to the tender are
       not duly filed or not enclosed and no correspondence will be entertained in this

    9. All the pages of Technical bid & financial bid with documents attached should be
       properly serialized, numbered along with the Index and tenderer must sign all the
       pages of tender.
       10. Individual signing the tender or other documents concerned with the contract must specify
           whether he/she signs as: -
              -A sole proprietor of the firm, or constituted attorney of such proprietor.
              -A partner of the firm if it is a partnership concern. In that case he must have authority
               to refer disputes to arbitration in case of any dispute.
              -Constituted attorney of the firm, if it is a company.

    Note: -
      (a) In case of (II) of a Partnership concern, a copy of the partnership deed or General Power of
          Attorney, in either case duly attested by a Notary Public should be furnished.
      (b) In the case of partnership firms, where authority to refer disputes concerning the business or
          the partnership has been conferred on any partner, the tender and all other related
          documents must be signed by every partner of the firm.
      (c) A person signing the tender form or any documents forming part of the contract on behalf of
          the another shall be deemed to be construed that he has an authority to sign and if on an
          enquiry it is detected that the person so signing has no authority to do so, the purchaser,
          without prejudice to other civil criminal remedies, will cancel the contract and hold the
          signatory responsible for all costs and damages.
      11. Vague tenders/quotations: - Quotations qualified by vague and indefinite expressions
          such, as subject to immediate acceptance or approx, will be provided shortly, rates as per
          Central or State rates etc. will not be considered and tender will be out rightly
      12. Opening of Tender - You are at liberty to be present or authorize a representative to be
          present during the opening of tenders at the time and date as specified above. The name
          and address of the representative who would be attending at the time of the opening of the
          tender on your behalf should also be indicated in the tender.
      13. Right of Acceptance: - Medical Superintendent reserves the right to accept or reject any
          tender without assigning any reason thereof.
      14. Acceptance of the Tender: - The formal acceptance of the tender will be forwarded to
          the successful tenderer as soon as possible. The instructions contained in the letter should
          be acted upon immediately by the tenderer. In case the tenderer fails to comply with the
          formal acceptance of the tender or fails to provide the services within stipulated time, the
          offer of acceptance will be treated as cancelled and the earnest money so deposited will be
          treated as forfeited.

                                                                                        Yours faithfully,

                                                                                JOINT DIRECTOR
                                                                    ESIC Model Hospital, Ludhiana.




                                       TECHNICAL BID
  Sr.No.               Particulars
 1          Name    &    Address          of    the

 2             Name of the Proprietor/Partners

 3             Whether       registered     under
               Companies/Indian        Partnership
               Act. (Please Specify)

 Registration no. of Agency under:
 1        Proprietorship/Partnership/Company    Act
          (as the case may be)
 2        Code No. allotted under E.S.I Act, 1948
          (Attach photo copy)
 3        Code No. allotted under EPF Act.(Attach
          photo copy)
 4        PAN No. under Income Tax Act.(Attach
          photo copy)

 5        Registration     with    Labour     Deptt.
          (State/Central) or other Government
          agency for providing of Security staff
          (Attach photo copy)
 6        Registration No. under Service Tax.
          (Attach photo copy)
 7        Experience Certificate (Minimum 3 Years)
          (Attach photocopy)
 8        Audited Balance sheet along with its
          annexures (Attach proof)
          2007-08,2008-09 & 2009-10.
 9        Income Tax Returns of preceding 3 Years
          (Attach photocopies)
          2007-08,2008-09 & 2009-10

(A) Note :-
- The company must be registered under“The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)
Act,1970 and has to obtain the licence from Central Labour commissioner office, Chandigarh
for the contract awarded in respect of ESIC Model hospital ludhiana for providing Security
Services for 44 staff strength. The contractor should submit this licence within 21 days after
the award of contract or at the time of execution of agreement (whichever is earlier). Award
of contract will be rejected if the party fails to do so and the EMD amount will be forfeited.
- Please attach Annual Income Tax returns for the last 3 preceding financial year i.e., 2007-
08, 2008-09 & 2009-10, failing which tender will be rejected.
- Previous Experience[s] of providing Security Services provided by the Agency to the
Govt./Semi Govt. Departments, reputed Ltd. Companies/ Reputed Private Hospital with
Security’s staff strength of not less than 20. [Minimum 3 years experience is essential]

                                                            Signature: ……………………………..

- Affidavit on Non-Judicial Stamp paper of appropriate value showing that the Agency has
not been black listed by any of the Govt. Department or by any institution. The tenderers
who had submitted the affidavit in previous tender form, needs to submit a fresh affidavit
with this form. (Photocopy of the affidavit will not be entertained and tender may likely to
be rejected).

- The tenderer must have an average annual turnover of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- (
Rupees One Crore) during the last three financial years. Copies of the following
documents should be submitted along with the Technical Bid. Failing which the
tender is liable to be rejected.
(a) Audited Balance Sheet along with its annexures of last three years i.e., 2007-08, 2008-
09 and 2009-10.

- Please attach documentary proof of the above statutory details failing which
tender will liable to be rejected.

- Non- furnishing of information and documents at Sr. No. 1 to 9 of the above
statutory details will liable to be rejection of the tender.

- The tenderer/Agency possessing a valid ISO certification for Security Services will be
given preference
- The Agency must have their functional/registered office at Ludhiana.

(B) Demand Draft No. _________________________ dated ______________ for Rs.
   10,000/-   drawn     on    ___________________         Bank  Branch   at
   ______________________________ as Earnest money is enclosed.

               It is certified that the particulars given above are true to the best of my
knowledge/belief and I/We have understood the duties/responsibilities of the Security staff
to be deputed for the purpose and have also understood the same and do hereby undertake
to abide by the same without any reservations on any grounds whatsoever. In case of any
breach of the said conditions I/We shall be responsible for the consequences of the same.

Date:- _____________               SIGNATURE ______________________

Place:- _____________              NAME ___________________________
                                      (Of    Authorized    Signatory of  the
                                      Agency/firm and also affix seal of the



                                               FINANCIAL BID
     C.RATES QUOTED: I/We quote the rates of salaries/wages of Security Services for Ex-Servicemen as per details below:-

Sr.           Particulars             For Security    For Security Guards                     Total package
No.                                  Supervisor(Ex-    (Ex-servicemen)                           (In Rs.)
                                   servicemen) in Rs.       In Rs.
1      Minimum Basic Wage
       (as per DGR
2      HRA 10 %
3      Total( 1+2) in figures )
4      ESI @ 4.75%

5      EPF @12% on basic
                                                                                 Rate for 2 Security Supervisor =
6      EDLI & Administrative
       Charages @ 1.61% on
       basic                                                                     (i)Rs. ………… x 2 =
7      Bonus @8.33% upto                                                         Rs. …………….….
8      Uniform Allowance                                                         Rates for 31 Security Guards =
9      Washing                                                                   (ii)Rs. ……..… x 31 =
       Allowance@3%                                                              Rs. ………………...
10     Total
       (A+4+5+6+7+8+9) in
       figures. (B)                                                              Total Package for Ex-Servicemen
11     Weekly Off/Relieving                                                      Security Staff =
       Charges @28.98%                                                           (i)+(ii) = Rs.
12     Any Other Charges                                                         ………………………..
13     Total (B+11+12)                                                                            (a)
14     Service Charges
       @ ………….. %
15     Total (C+14)
16     Service Tax @ 10.30%

17     Total (D+16) = (E)
       Rates per person

                                                                              Signature : …………………..........

      - I/We quote the rates of salaries/wages of female security (civilians) as per details below:-

 Sr.              Particulars             For Security Guards (Civilian)                  Total Package
 No.                                                  in Rs.                                 (In Rs.)
 1      Minimum Basic wage (should
        not be less than the Central                                          Rate for 11 Security Guards =
        Labour Deptt. Rates or State
        govt. rates whichever is                                              (ii)Rs. …….. x 11 = Rs.
        higher)                                                               ……………..
 2      1/6th relieving Charges
 3      Total (A)
 4      ESI @ 4.75%                                                           Total Package for Female Security
 5      EPF @ 13.61%                                                          Staff =
                                                                              Rs. …………..…………..
 6      Any Other Charges                                                                     (b)
 7      Total (B)
 8      Service Charges
        @ ……….. %
 9      Total (C)
 10     Service Tax @ 10.30%
 11     Total (D)

Total Package : (a) Rate quoted for ex-servicemen + (b) Rate quoted for female security = Rs. ……………..........


-Current rates as per Central Labour Deptt. is Rs. 194/- per day for unskilled workers.

      - Agency charges should be quoted on Minimum Monthly Wages.

      - Exact amount in figures should be mentioned in the appropriate columns. Rate quoted should
      not be less than minimum wages as per the Central Labour Deptt. Rates or State Govt rates
      whichever is higher (for female Security). Failing which tender will be outrightly rejected.
      - TDS @ 2% or as applicable shall be deducted by the Department and Form 16 A shall be
      issued as per existing rules.
      - If tenderer have any query regarding any point in terms and conditions of the tender may
      contact JD (Admn.) on any working days (except Saturdays) from 10.00 AM to 03.00 PM.
      - The contractor shall be liable for complying all Labour laws including the minimum wages
      - The contractor shall be responsible for the payment of wages and other admissible allowances
      to the workers engaged by them.
      - The contractor shall be specifically ensure compliance of ESI and EPF rules and regulations
      as applicable to the workers engaged by them.
      - Wage payment to the workers must be paid through ECS only.
      - Contractor should ensure the opening of bank account of respective staff so that the ECS
      payment could be exercised.
      - Contractor should submit the Copy of payment of wages to employees through ECS duly verified
      by the bank manager by 10th of every month or any other proof ensuring the payments to the
      employees acceptable by the ESI Corporation. Failing which Rs. 500/day will be imposed as
      penalty for delay.
      - Vague terms like “as per Central Govt. rates/State Govt. rates or as per the
      rules applicable in central Deptt. or State Govt. etc.” will not be entertained
      and shall liable to be rejection of the tender.
      - Package rates are subject to revision as per revision made by the DGR, Central Labour Deptt
      or State Govt. (whichever is applicable) .

                                                                              Signature : …………………..........


                                           General conditions:

1. Initial contract with the agency shall be valid for Two years and it can be further extended for a
further period not exceeding three years (on yearly basis) from the date of commencement of such
contract subject to satisfactory performance of duties by the staff on same terms and conditions, if
mutually agreed upon and approved by Medical Superintendent.
2. The contract can be terminated at any stage by the Medical Superintendent if the Services were not found
satisfactory. However if contractor terminates/breaches the contract in between the contract agreement period,
in that case whole security money will be forfeited.
3. Awardee of Contract shall have to sign an agreement on the stamp paper of appropriate value, to be
registered with the Sub Registrar, Ludhiana and agree to furnish Security Money through DD in
favour of “ESI Fund Account No.1” payable at Ludhiana, amounting to Rs2,00,000/-(Two lacs only)
shall have to be deposited by the successful bidder within 7 days of the award of contract, and shall
be retained as a Security Money and be released on termination of the contract, without interest, only
after the awardee has taken and shown “No dues certificate” from the ESIC Hospital.
4. Estt. must be covered under ESI Act/PF Act and should be in possession of Code Nos.
5. Release of Payment will be only after producing the separate challans (EPF and ESI) in respect of
ESIC Model Hospital, Bharat Nagar, Ludhiana along with the list of employees and the amount
deposited, wage payment to employees and proof of service tax deposited to be produced regularly
6. Contractor shall provide ESI number/Card to all the Security staff deployed in this Hospital..
7. Any worker not found suitable shall be changed by the agency within 24 hours.
8. In case of any theft or misconduct suitable recovery/replacement /fine as deemed fit shall be
imposed by the Medical Superintendent or his authorized representative.
9. The party/Contractor should not be blacklisted from any agency/Deptt/Organization. Also Agency
contract should not have been terminated by any organization/establishment during/before the
completion of the contract period on the basis of unsatisfactory performance or lapse of any kind. An
affidavit to be given in this respect.
10. In case of violation of any terms and conditions as mentioned above, Earnest money and
Security Money of the tenders shall be forfeited in full or part at the entire discretion of the
Medical Superintendent, Bharat Nagar, Ludhiana.
11. The contractor should be an income tax assessee and be in possession of PAN No.
12. Conditional offers shall be liable to be rejected.
13. Contactor must be having valid licence issued by the government department (Central
Labour commissioner, Chandigarh) for providing security personnel.
14. Sealed tenders should bear the Advertisement No. and should be clearly super subscribed as
Tender for providing of security services. Unsealed tenders shall not be entertained.
15. Tenders must be accompanied with the earnest money of Rs 20,000/-only duly pledged
through DD/Pay Order in favour of ESI Fund A/c No. 1, payable at Ludhiana. Tenders
without earnest money or short of it will not be entertained and shall be rejected straightaway.
16. Contractor should have functional office in commercial area in Ludhiana with proper display
17. The contractor shall submit yearly, half yearly and monthly returns in respect of EPF, ESI and
Service Tax as and where applicable to facilitate first party to ensure that these amounts paid to the
2nd party are being deposited in the proper account of concerned organization/govt authorities.
18. The contractor must provide two sets of uniform to the Security Staff (for summer and winter
each) including Shoes and Turban etc. And the uniform must be distributed to the staff in presence of
Care Taker of the Hospital or any other authorized person by the Medical Superintendent.
19. Any Security Staff coming without uniform on duty will be fined Rs. 50/- for each day of default
and after two defaults a fine of Rs. 100/-per day will be penalized.
20. Awardee shall have to make payment to their workers against their salary of its own from
its own funds and shall not withheld the salary to their workers on any grounds whatsoever
i.e. delay in release of payment etc.
21. The contractor shall provide the I-Cards to the Security Staff clearly mentioning the name of the
contractor, deputed station and his personal details. And it will be mandatory to the staff to keep their
I-cards always with them during the working hours. Failing which a penalty of Rs. 50/- per day will be
22. Persons to be employed for the purpose of ensuring the security of the offices/hospitals/residential
colonies will be Ex Servicemen with good character, conduct and behavior competent and qualified
to perform the work for which they are deployed.
23. The Security personnel deployed shall not be beyond the age of 55 years. During the
agreement period if anybody found above the age of 55 the contractor shall replace the particular staff
with prior intimation to the office/Hospital authority. The contractor shall submit the age proof all the
security staff at the time of execution of the agreement.
24. The agency must ensure to provide 100% Security Guards(Male) from Ex Servicemen;
25. Female Security Guard should possess minimum Matric qualification.
26. The minimum wages to be paid to Ex Servicemen will be as fixed by the Directorate General of
Resettlement, Government of India, Ministry of Defence from time to time..
27. The minimum wages to be paid to Civilian Security will be minimum wages as levied by Central
Labour Deptt. or State Govt. rates whichever is higher from time to time.
28. Security personnel so employed shall be the employees of the contractor. ESIC shall have
no connection and liability on account of any of these employees.
29. The agency must forward the certificate that the persons/employees deployed in this hospital are
medically/mentally/physically fit to work in a public place for 8-9 hours at the time of deployment to
this hospital. Failing which a fine of Rs. 500/-per day will be imposed.
30. The clearance of the local police in respect of staff deployed will be obtained by the agency
before deployment of the staff.
31. The ESIC Model Hospital will not be responsible for any injury or loss of life of personnel
deployed by the contractor which may take place in the course of or in connection with their
32. Premature withdrawal of the tender by the tenderer shall render forfeiture of the earnest money..
33. On acceptance of the tender the agency shall deposit a sum of Rs 160000/- ( RS One lac Sixty
thousand only) for Ex servicemen and RS 40000/- ( Rs Forty thousand only) for Civil Security
Services as interest free performance security deposit within 7 days from award of contract and the
same shall be refunded, without interest, on termination of the contract.
34. In case of pecuniary loss suffered by the hospital on account of negligence attributable to the
Agency/Contractor the hospital will have the right to forfeit the Security Deposit and in case the
Security Deposit falls short to match the pecuniary loss being insufficient, such balance will be
recovered from the payment due to the Contractor/Agency.
35. The contract shall specifically ensure compliance to ESI and EPF Rules and regulations as
applicable to the workers engaged by them. The contractor will have to furnish the details of
compliance made by him in respect of workers deployed separately and periodically in this Hospital.
36. The contractor shall prepare monthly bills with a cycle of 24th of the previous month to 23rd
of the current month by 26th of the current month and will make payment to the workers on the
last working day of the month and submit the copy of ECS wage payments to the deployed
workers by 10th of every month. Failing which a fine of Rs. 1000/- per day will be imposed and
may be deducted from the next monthly bill.
37. The payments shall be made by ECS only by the agency to the workers deployed in this Hospital.
The agency shall get their workers account opened in the banks within 15 days from the date of
his/her employment and will submit the copy of passbook to this office for the records. The
contractor shall submit a copy of such ECS transfer to this Hospital by 10th of every month positively.
38. Tenders incomplete in any respect are liable to be rejected without assigning any reasons.
39. There is no obligation on the part of ESIC to inform the unsuccessful tenderer of the result of
tender process.
40. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the contract shall be settled by the sole arbitration
of the Medical Superintendent or a person authorized by him on his behalf.
41. It shall be mandatory on the agency to conduct surprise/routine checks including at odd
hours and to maintain such records. While preferring monthly wages bills, details of such
checks are to be enclosed with the bill.
42. The party shall have the right to claim arrears of pay in case there is revision of minimum
wages by the appropriate authority, by submitting of arrears bills, on furnishing a copy of
notification issued by the appropriate authority. ..
43. Agency shall be responsible for all the fittings, fixtures & equipments of the ESIC Model
Hospital from the date of taking charge of Security.
43. The Medical Superintendent has the right of accepting/rejecting any or all tenders without
specifying any reasons thereof.



                                      UNDER TAKING

 I/We ----------------------------------------------- have carefully gone through and understood the
contents of the tender form and I/we undertake to abide myself/ourselves by the terms and conditions
set forth.

Date                                           . Signature

Place                                            Name
                                                          ( Of authorized signatory of the agency/firm
                                                                and also affix seal of the agency/firm)


                                       Experience Certificate

   It is certified that M/s------------------------------------------------has   provided     security

   services    to    our      organization     from _________ to _________ and during the

   agreement period their services have been found satisfactory.

   Further certified that our organization/institution is having a sanctioned strength of more

   than 50 employees. The party has not been black listed and their contract has not

   prematurely been terminated by our department/organization.

                                                                            (Competent authority)
                                                               Seal with date
                                                               Phone No.


                                     Check List
Sr.No.                               Particulars                                  Mark (√) (N.A)
                                                                                 or (X) whichever
                                                                                   is applicable
1        EMD in form of Crossed DD/Pay order Amounting Rs. 20,000/- in
                                                                                   [         ]
         favour of “ESI Fund Account no. 1” payable at Ludhiana.
2        If form downloaded from the website- DD/pay order amounting to Rs.
                                                                                   [         ]
         500/- in favour of “ESI Fund Account no. 1” payable at Ludhiana.
3        Copy of Registration/Incorporation of the company/Agency                  [         ]
4        Copy of ESI Registration                                                  [         ]
5        Copy of EPF Registration                                                  [         ]
6        Copy of Service Tax Registration                                          [         ]
7        Copy of PAN Card                                                          [         ]
8        Copy of preceding 3 Years Annual Income Tax Return
                                                                                   [         ]
         2007-08,2008-09 & 2009-10
9        Affidavit on Non-Judicial Stamp paper in r/o non–black listed company
                                                                                   [         ]
         (in original)
10       Experience Certificate from the clients (minimum 3 years)                 [         ]
11       Licence from the Labour Deptt.- (Central)                                 [         ]
12       Licence from the Labour Deptt.- (State)                                   [         ]
13       Undertaking in r/o understanding and abiding of all the terms
                                                                                   [         ]
         and conditions of the tender.
14       Audited Balance sheet with its annexures (Attach proof)
                                                                                   [         ]
         2007-08,2008-09 & 2009-10.
15       All pages of tender form duly signed by the agency.                       [         ]

Note: -
  - DD/Pay order and Check list should be attached with the Technical Bid.
  - Documents should be enclosed as per the check list with technical bid,
      failing which tender will be out rightly rejected.


                          HOSPITAL LUDHIANA.

-In following condition/cases, tender will be rejected. Tenderer should keep these clauses in mind
while submitting the tender form.

   1. If technical bid is not accompanied with Check list and EMD.
   2. If tender form downloaded from website and DD amounting to Rs. 500/- (in favour of ESI
       fund a/c no.1 payable at Ludhiana) not accompanied with the technical Bid.
   3. If the tender received by other means except drop by hand in tender box or by registered post.
   4. If non-furnishing or incomplete information is supplied by the tenderer.
   5. If the check list is not supported by the documentary proofs.
   6. If the tender received after the fixed date and time of acceptance.
   7. If any vague term or expression is used by the tenderer in Technical and Financial Bid.
   8. If the agency has less than 3 years experience of providing Security services with security
       staff strength not less than 20.
   9. If affidavit (declaring that the company or firm is not black listed) not accompanied with the
       Technical Bid.
   10. If the undertaking by the tenderer regarding binding of all terms and conditions of the tender
       form (Annexure-IV) is not signed by the tenderer.
   11. If all the pages of the tender form is not signed by the tenderer.
   12. If technical Bid is not accompanied with 3 years audited- Balance Sheet with its annexures
       (2007-08,2008-09 & 2009-10)
   13. If technical bid is not accompanied with three years annual income tax return. (2007-08,
       2008-09 & 2009-10).
   14. If agency quotes minimum wages less than the Central labour deptt. rates/State Govt. rates
       whichever is higher.