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                                                                  The Official erce.
                                                   isitor’s Guide               m
                                       Carrabelle V lle Area Chamber of Com
                                       of The Carra
                                                                                     ited opport
                                                                 nd bea  ches unlim                 ts. But ther
                                                    ers white sa                      t restauran
                                    C arrabelle off          s to shop  and excellen                 owd  s, a quiet
                                                 great place                           traffic or cr
                                   for fishing,                          virtually no          estinations
                                                                                                             in Florida.
                                                   - here yo u will find          nspoiled d
                                                ce                               u
                                  is a differen                    e of the last
                                                                                                               e G u lf
                                                                                             a te w a y to th
                                                      y - truly on
                                         l communit
                                                                                     lo ri d a G                                   6
                                                               C a rr a b e ll e , F

                                                                                      C a rr a b e ll e                             7
                                                               T ra v e li n g to
                                                                                     a rr a b e ll e
                                                                H is to ry O f C               P la c e to P la y
                                                                 C a rr a b e ll e - G re a t                                       9
                                                                                          !                                         11
                                                                 L iv e a n d W o rk
                                                                                          a b e ll e B e a c h                       12
                                                                  D is c o v e r C a rr                      re a
                                                                                         C a rr a b e ll e A                          17
                                                                   P a rk s in th e                                 e
                                                                                               e r L ig h th o u s                    19
                                                                    Th  e C ro o k e d R iv
                                                                                           y G o lf R e s o rt                         21
                                                                    S t. Ja m e s B a                 s t P o li c e S ta
                                                                                                                          ti o n
                                                                     The W       o rl d ’s S m a ll e                                  23
                                                                                            ta te F o re s t                            25
                                                                      T a te ’s H e ll S
                                                                                                e L ig h th o u s e                      31
                                                                      C  a p e S t. G e o rg             d C a rr a b e ll e

                                                                       T h in g s    T o D o A ro u n                                    32

                                                                                               e S p ir it                                33
                                                                        N o u ri s h in g th
                                                                         E v e n ts
                                                                                              F is h in g                                  37
                                                                         B o a ti n g a n d
                                                                          D o g Is la n d
                                                                           B ir d in g
                                                                                                 t                                           43
                                                                            A li g a to r P o in                     seum
                                                                                                   Jo h n s to n M u                         45
                                                                             C a m p G o rd o n
                                                                                                  la n d                                      47
                                                                             S t. G e o rg e Is
                                                                                                   D ir e c to ry
                                                                              M e m b e rs h ip

Photo Credit:                                                                                         Carrabelle Area Chamber of Commerce
Front Cover: Royce Rolstad Photography:                               P.O. Drawer DD • Carrabelle, FL 32322
                                                                                                      (850) 697-2585
John B. Spohrer, Jr.:
Debbie Hooper Aerial Photography:
Rod T. Gasche,Stephanie Parker, Mark Myrick, Ron Dickey, Sheila Hauser
Concept & Design: Contact Kathy Ford-Boyd Brothers Printing at 850.510.6665
Ad Sales: Sheila Hauser                                                                     
Officers President: Sheila Hauser Secretary: Carol Zurawka Treasurer: Paul Marxsen
Executive Director: Suzanne Zimmerman Directors: Paula Caruthers, Ann Wilson, David Butler, Cheree Wood, Cheryl Ann Griffin, Barney Crutchfield
Sharon Thoman, Skip Frink, Carol Zurawka, Paul Marxsen, Ron Gempel and Dan Cox.
Carrabelle, Florida
 Gateway to the Gulf

                                                          , salt water,
    “This area is like no ot her I've seen. Fresh water
    rivers, lakes, oc ean, bay, marsh, forest,                      ckyard”.
                                inutes from you, if not in your ba
    they're all literally just m                                        st ig e                        th e la st ve
                                                                            ss ee , C ar ra be lle is
                              nh an dl e ju st so  ut hwes t of Ta lla ha                                           rs bu t
     Lo ca te d in th e Pa                                                               th e co as ta l ou td oo
                                                       in at in g  pe op le wh o lo ve                            ec t wi th
                               ha ve n fo r di sc rim                                 ar ra be lle an d co nn
     of O ld Fl or id a, a                               e riv er s co nver ge at C
                                  ds . Th re e pr ist in                            sa lt an d fr es hw at
                                                                                                              er fis hi ng
     shy aw ay fro m cr ow                               ce ss to un st re ss ed
                                ic o, pr ov id in g ac                                                a sa m pl e of th e
      th e G ul f of M ex                                                    ou t, C ob ia ; ju st
                                , Re df ish , G ro   up er, Sn ap pe r, Tr
      gr ou nd s. Ta rp on
                                bi t ou r wa te rs .
       sp ec ie s th at in ha
                                                                                                           te rf ro nt wi th
                                                                                  of a wo rk in g wa
                                                          th e au th en tic ity
                                  rf ro nt co m bi ne s                         rt er fis hi ng is re
                                                                                                        ad ily av ai la bl e.
        C ar ra be lle ’s wa te
                                  tio na l fis hi ng   an d bo at in g. C ha                                        bi rd in g,
        th e fu n of re cr ea                                                             hu nt in g, hi ki ng ,
                                                             s of  pu bl ic fo re st fo r
                                    ts to 75 0, 00 0 ac re                             er, bl ue he ro n, os
                                                                                                                   pr ey an d
        C ar ra be lle co nn ec                           pa  ss ag e of ea gl es , de
                                   st en jo yi ng th e                                                    Is la nd be ck on
         tr ai l-r id in g- or ju                        s at C ar ra be lle
                                                                                 Be ac h an d D og
                                   te sa nd be ac he                                                     rt pr ov id es fo r
         bl ac k be ar . W hi                                                fu ll– se r vi ce ai r po
                                  sw im m er s an    d sn or ke le rs . A
          be ac hc om be rs ,                                 ce ss to th e ar ea .
                                      as we ll as ea sy ac
          re cr ea tio na l f ly in g
                                                                                                             se ho te ls an d
                                                                                     e ar e no hi gh ri
                                                            ld Fl or id a” . Th er
                                    u ex pe ri en ce “O                                                af fic co ng es tio n,
           In C ar ra be lle yo                                               , no fo ur la ne tr
                                                        oc ki ng yo ur vi ew
                               co nd om in iu m s bl                         m ar sh es , bo un dl
                                                                                                     es s wi ld lif e an d
                               ju st be au tif ul  be ac he s, ric h riv er
                                                         in g sp iri t.
                                a ge nu in e we lc om
                                                        .. ..
                              Carrabelle invites you ..
                                                              the fun!
                                Relax, kick back and join

     Traveling                                                Car rabe lle is loca ted alon g the Gul
                                                                                                        f of Mex ico in Flor ida' s Pan han dle
                                                                                                          and 80 miles East of Panama City.

     to Carrabelle
                                                              and 55 miles southwest of Tallahassee                                         miles
                                                                                                     nty which features more than 200
                                                              Carrabelle is part of Franklin Cou                             r barr ier isla nds
                                                                                                      ne incl udi ng the fou
                                                              of rela tive ly und evel ope d sho reli                                     nd.
                                                              of St. Geo rge, Dog Isla nd, Cap     e St. Geo rge and St. Vin cen t Isla
                                                                                                      hway 98. By air, Carrabelle can be
                                                              Carrabelle is accessible via US Hig
                                                                                                           in Tall aha ssee and Pan ama City
                                                               reached through com mer cial airp orts
                                                                                                        lle at 850 .697.2727.
                                                               and the priv ate airp ort in Car rabe
                                                                                                          CIT IES :
                                                                               MIL EAG E FRO M SEL ECT ED                                         574
                                                                               Atla nta, GA               351         Mem phis , TN
                                                                                                          334         Mia mi, FL                  561
                                                                               Birm ingh am, AL                                                   244
                                                                               Chi cago , IL              933         Mon tgom ery, AL
                                                                                                          532         Nas hvil le, TN             525
                                                                               Col umb ia, SC                                                     388
                                                                               Dall as, TX                884         New Orle ans, LA
                                                                                                          105 5       Orla ndo , FL               334
                                                                               Det roit , MI                                                       162
                                                                               Hou ston , TX               712        Pen saco la, FL
                                                                                                           811        St. Lou is, MO               831
                                                                               Indi anap olis, IN                                                  80
                                                                                Jack son, MS               436        Tall ahas see, FL
                                                                                                           707        Tam pa, FL                   298
                                                                                Litt le Roc k, AR

                                                                                                                         Getting He
                                                                                Panama City-Bay County
                                                                                International Airport (PFN)
       Weather:                                                                 Approximately one hour and 40 minutes, by car, from Franklin County;
                                                                                served by ASA Delta Connection, Chautauqua Airlines, ComAir,
                                                                                Freedom Airlines and Northwest Airlink. Car rental agencies include:
   Ca rra be lle we ather is gen
                                 era lly tempe rate, eve n on                   Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and National.
   su mm er da ys yo u can                                     the hotte st
                              gen era lly cat ch a co oli
   The winters are wonderf                                ng sea bre eze .
                               ul – brisk nights and sun
                                                           ny cool days.
                                                                                Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH)
  Mo nth                                                                        Approximately one hour and thirty minutes by car to Franklin
                       Ai r Te mp          Wa ter Te mp
  Jan ua ry                                                                     County; served by Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest
                       54                   64                                  Airlink and US Airways Express. Car rental agencies include:
  Fe bru ary           56                  64                                   Alamo, Avis, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise, Hertz and National.
  Ma rch               61                                                       Classic Limo and Sedan Service: (850/421-1933)
 Ap ril                68                  73
 Ma y                 74                   79
                                                                                Apalachicola Municipal Airport (AAF)
 Jun e                                                                          850/653-8861
                      80                   82                                   Located two miles northwest of downtown Apalachicola; offers three
Jul y                 81                  83                                    concrete runways in excess of 5,000 feet long and 150 feet wide.
Au gu st              81                                                        FBO services include jet fuel; aircraft cleaning, rental, sales and service;
Se pte mb er          79                                                        hangar storage; maintenance; pilot lounge; secure ramp; tiedown
Oc tob er            71                                                         and weather radar.
No vem be r          61                   73
De cem be r          56                  70
                                                                                Carrabelle-Thompson Airport
                                                                                Located .03 miles West of Carrabelle on Airport Road and
                                                                                is owned by the City of Carrabelle The concrete runway is
                                                                                4,000 feet long. FBO services include jet fuel.                           6
    History of Carrabelle
    Carrabelle is located on St. James Island, although you may never realize it unless you look closely at
    a map of the area. The “Isle of St. James” is surrounded by bays, rivers, and an offshore barrier island
    known as Dog Island. The history of Dog Island and Carrabelle includes a wonderful mix of Indians,
    shipping, bootlegging, logging and war. Rio Carrabella was the name of the town recognized by the first
    post office in this area and was said to mean “beautiful river”. Early settlers in the area, both Indians and
    early Europeans, hunted the bountiful game for food and furs, which were then shipped out of St. Marks.

    Carrabelle’s boom time came after the Civil War when lumber and naval stores were the most important
    commodities. In 1875 the first lumber mill was established - cutting pine and cypress from up river and
    in the swamps, and shipping it to the north. Ships, mainly schooners, would come through the pass and
    drop anchor behind Dog Island in Ballast Cove, so named because the ships would drop their ballast be-
    fore sailing into Carrabelle to pick up their cargo. You may to this day, find ballast rock in the cove. By
    1893 there were many lumber and saw mills along the Carrabelle River and the downtown area was es-
    tablished around Coombs Mill, close to the mouth of the river.

    The town was incorporated in May, 1893 and during this time, the area flourished - docks were stacked
    high with lumber and turpentine. There was a railroad station from which trains carried salted down mullet
    and other goods to points north, as well as bringing in needed supplies for the residents. The railroad
    also brought tourists from Tallahassee to stay at the Lanark Springs Hotel, a luxurious resort hotel.
    A disastrous hurricane hit the town head on at the turn of the century and it was at this time that the
    downtown area was moved to its present location.

    The town was rebuilt, and many of today’s larger buildings were built during the early part of the 1900’s.
    This was a boom time for Carrabelle. Lumber and turpentine were king. During a short period,
    Greek sailors came and began a flourishing sponge industry. Between World War I and World War II,
    Carrabelle went into a severe economic slump. Fishing became the principal industry and along
                       with the entire country, Carrabelle slipped into the depression. During the
                           Prohibition much business was done by barter and there was a brief period in
                         which smugglers from the Caribbean unloaded their contraband near Alligator Point
                               and hid in the nearby woods.

In 1942, with the entry of the United States into WW II, Camp Gordon Johnston was built and
thousands of men were trained at the camp. For many it was the last stopover for those going to the
Pacific or European theaters. Carrabelle was also an important port for shipping oil. The oil was
shipped from Texas, through the Intercoastal Waterway to Carrabelle and then on to Jacksonville
through a pipeline, where it was loaded on ships for delivery to Europe. The pipeline began at what
is now known as Three Rivers.

 For more information on the history of the Carrabelle area
 contact the Carrabelle Historical Society at 850.697.2141
 or attend their monthly meeting at the Carrabelle Library
 on the second Tuesday of the month.

    Carrabelle- Great Place to Play,
    Live and Work!

                                                              e hustle and                         bustle?
                            Florida de stination away from th
      Looking for a
                                                                                                life. Drive or
      No Crowds sand beach, listen to the waves, spot sea her human being. Our county building height
                                                                            d all kinds of wild
                                                         birds, dolphins an
       Walk the white                                                ot
                                                  aybe - not see one
                               nal forest and –m
       hike the state or natio                 n.
                           -density populatio
       limit prevents high

        No Traffic otherhts oast area we know can boast.
        Something no

No Big City Too Close
                                                                                                                   l airport.
                                                                          soon will have a     new internationa
                                        . Panama Ci    ty is 2 hours, and
                      airport is an hour
Tallahassee and its

No Heavy Industry
                                                                                               assembly plant, a
                                                               ers: an  all-green housing                            munity, and
                                          ing- edge newcom                                      A-caliber golf com
                     ses, and some lead                                   rsing home, a PG
Only small busines             e Gulf, a health /
                                                     rehab center / nu
county sc  hool campus on th
                                        t Care Center.
                    Carrabelle Urgen
coming soon: the
                        Do,                 Places To Stay
 No Limits on Things To
                                                                                                                       tend a local
                                                                                                   boating, hiking, at
                                                                     ints),  kayak, go birding,                            use, Key
                                                of water access po                                     over in a beach ho
                    a tour nament – plenty                                   na ture seminar. Stay                              phones
 Fish (alone or in                                    iversity- sponsored                                   – turn off the cell
                     beach or  forest, attend a un                               plea  sures are the best”                        visit a
 festival, walk the                                       ina. “Life’s simple                                  a walk or paddle,
                      erfront man   sion, motel or mar                                   a sand castle, take
 West- style inn, riv                                             or children. Build
                                           nnect with spouse                        op a line, watch th
                                                                                                          e sunset.
       Blackberrys -  come here to reco                     lighthouse park , dr
  and                                      a net, see the
                      cultural site, cast
  nearby historic or
                                                                                                                    The 200 miles of
                                                                                                longs to the state.
                                                                    land . 202,180 acres be                             communities:
                                             0 acres of pristine                                  e up of several small
                      en compasses 348,00                                    The county is mad
   Franklin County                                      sand and the surf.                 and Apalachicola.
                                 tract people to the               Island, Eastpoint,
   beautiful coastal shoreline at              llage, St. George
                       tor Point, Lanark
   Carrabelle, Alliga
                                                                     • 8,967 in 1990
                                               • 10,161 in 2002
                       e County – 10,651                                                                                   t and nature.
    Population in th                                                                                  t of the environmen
                                                                              ep  its love and respec                             height.
                                                        cted to grow but ke                                   to three stories in
                          n grow  th The area is expe                                   veloper to build up
    Projected populatio                                         low a person or de
                                           tions that only al
    The county im    poses height restric
                          n • Area Code –
     Time zone - Easter
                                                                                  Com e see Carrabelle – the
                                                                                                                 vest and

                                                                                       e to live, play, work, in
                        - 850.697.2727
     City of Carrabelle
                         .com                                                     plac
                County Courtho
                               use in Carrabelle                                  retire, in a still-undisc
                (850) 697-3618
                                                  arrabelle Branch
                                                                                   small Gulf coast commun
                                 Public Library C
                 Franklin County
                 (850) 697-2366
                                    klin County Scho
                  Consolidated Fran

                             Carrabelle Beach
          C ar ra be lle Be ac h:
                                   Is lo ca te d 1. 5 m ile
                                                             s we st of to wn . Be
                                                                                     au tif ul un cr ow de
         wh ite -sa nd be ac h,                                                                             d
                                  th at is pe rf ec t fo
                                                         r su nb at hi ng , sn
                                                                               or ke lin g, sh el lin
        sw im m in g, vo lle yb
                                 al l an d su rf fis hi
                                                        ng ! G re at pl ac e
                                                                               fo r th e fa m ily to
       together for a picn                                                                             ge t
                               ic, walking, bird wa
                                                         tching or just rela
                                                                                x-get away from it
       C ar ra be lle Be ach                                                                           all.
                              is th e id ea l pl ac e
                                                      to bu ild sa nd ca stl
                                                                              es wi th yo ur ch ild
      ca tc h bl ue cr ab s,                                                                          re n,
                              pi ck up se a sh el ls,
                                                        wa tc h a be au tif ul
                                                                                su nr ise an d
      re co nn ec t wi th yo
                              ur fa m ily. If yo u’
                                                       re lo ok in g fo r an
                                                                              ou t-o f-w ay sp ot
     to es ca pe th e cr ow
                              ds , fa st -fo od ch ai
                                                      ns , ou tle t m al ls an
                                                                               d am us em en t pa
     D isc ov er C ar ra be                                                                           rk s:
                            lle Be ac h

Parks in the Carrabelle Area
                                                                            children’s play area,
                                      Nor thwest Ave F. Amenities include
Tillie Miller Park is located at 102                                          e to have birthday
                                       ic pavilion, and restrooms. Great Plac
tennis courts, basketball courts, picn
                                          with your kids.
parties or just a day of fun in the park
                                                                            hway 67. Amenities
                                    is located nor th of Carrabelle on Hig
                                                                              This park offers bird
                                        age, picnic facilities and restrooms.
John David Patton Wildlife Park
include nature trails, educational sign
                                       ect place to relax.
watchers and nature enthusiast a perf
                                       on Highway 98 in the center of Car
Carrabelle Veterans’ Park is located
                                    Veterans of Carrabelle.
Come and pay your respects to the
                                                                                 ch. Amenities
                                            west of Carrabelle at Carrabelle Bea
        d River Lighthouse Park is located                                  70 foot Pirate Ship,
                                       se, Children’s Playground featuring
include Historical Working Lighthou
                                                                              n process. Great
                                        and restrooms are in the constructio
picnic facilities. Lighthouse museum
park for the entire family. http://cr

                                                                                   of Carrabelle
                                        e of the art spor ts facility located East
 Will Kendrick Sports Complex Stat
                                       l, playground and basketball court.
 off Hwy 98. Ball fields, walking trai

Key West styl      e on the Forgot
 • Walk to harb
               or                     ten Coast
• 5 minutes to                • Restaurant/b
               beach                          ar on site
• Private Key W               • Cable/WiFi
                est courtyard •
201 Tallahassee                 Breakfast is on
850 697 9010
             I oldcarrabelleho
                                                                        THE GEORGIAN MOT
                   IOR CENTER
SENIORS HELPING SENIOR                                10am
Bible Study            Thursday
50 Plus Breakfast      Each weekday
                                                                                C A B L E • R E S TA U
                                                                                                       RANTS   • B O AT S L I P S
                       (except Thursday)
Art Club                 Tuesday
Thu  rsday Lunch         Every Thursday
1st Saturday Dance       1st Saturday of the month                      Located in historic downto
                         Call for time and class level                                            wn Carrabelle,
Computer Classes                                               ok.            Marine Street and Riverw
                                with our Senior Citizens CookBo                                         alk
Get a taste of Franklin County                                        109 S. E. Avenue B • Ca
Pick one up  at the center.                                                                    rrabelle, FL 32322
                                 et Carrabelle Florida 32322
201 NW Avenue F and 1st Stre                          85 0.6 97 .34 10 • ww w.1
                   I www.fcsc                                                    80 0m ote ls. co m
 850-697-3760 I cscc@fairpoi

   Harbor Point offers secluded beaches,
   protected boating, incredible fishing,
   diverse wildlife & close proximity                                   Kayak and Canoe Expeditions
   to Tallahassee. Weekly rates                                          Sales and Rentals
   starting at $450.                                                     Land, Sea and River Tours

   877-774-8671                                                          Robin & Rama                                            208 St. James Ave. (Hwy 98)
                                                                         Carrabelle, FL 32322
                                                                         850.697.2434 I 866.797.2434 I www

                                                                          MARXSEN ACCOU
              RE, PLUM
                                                                          ACCOUNT TING
                                                                          TAX CON
                                                                          BOOK KE
                                                                                 SU L
                                                                                                                       $$ $
               CTRICAL,                                                                        I P O Box
  As always,
                        HOUSEWA                                                    Avenue B
             serv              RES.                                        108 SE                32322
             ing you is                                                               , Florida
 Across from
          the Carrabe our pleasure.                                        Carrabelle        
 850.697.3            lle Post Off
                                  ice                                       850.697.2542 I

  NICE CARS                                                                             Z-horseDAChartLE rse
                                                                                                 VI D ZE IG R
                                                                                            CA PT AI N
                                             , Cars,
                         e-owned vehicles
      ice selection of pr a fair price. Drive a little,
                                                                                                U.S.C.G. LICENSED & INSURED
    N                  at
    Trucks, and Suv's
                                                                                                              ackere                l
                                                                                       Trout Tarpon Redfish M
    save al ot.
                                               905 Highway 98
                                                                                                                         ge, Florida
                          Al Cavuoto-Owner I
                                             lle, Florida 32322                   Light Tackle Sportfishing Lanark Villa
                                                                                                                m •
                                                   850.697.4383                850228.6091 •
 The Crooked River

The Crooked River Lighthouse saw many mariners safely home for the 100 years it was lit.
It was built in 1895 to replace one on Dog Island that was destroyed in a hurricane in 1873.
Authorities decided it would be better to have a lighthouse on the secure mainland rather
than the exposed Dog Island. Electricity came to the lighthouse in 1933, and it became
automated in1952.

The original lens was built in 1894 by Henri LaPaute in Paris, France. This lens was removed
in 1976 and is now located in the U.S. Coast Guard 8th District Offices in New Orleans.
The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1995 and is no longer an active light. The lighthouse
sat forlorn and isolated for a few years. In 1999, a group of local residents decided that
Carrabelle’s hidden jewel should be restored and open to the public. Thus, the Carrabelle
Lighthouse Association (CLA) was born. The Association receives encouragement and
assistance from the Florida Lighthouse Association as well as from many individuals.

The goal of the CLA is to preserve, restore and open the lighthouse to the public.
In February 2002 the CLA reached an agreement with the city to manage the lighthouse.
Lighthouse restoration began in September, 2007, and ended in December, 2007, with the
lighting of the beacon which had been turned off in August, 1995. A custom-built replica
of the original lighthouse bi-valve Fresnel lens was installed as part of the restoration.

Additional grants were received to build a replica of the keeper’s house and to plan
a recreational park. The centerpiece of the park is a 62’ long pirate ship that was built in
2007 to provide a maritime theme. A replica of the Keeper’s House will be built in
2008-2009 to house historical artifacts, a gift shop and space for educational programs.
The CLA meets on the first Tuesday of the month at the Carrabelle Public Library at 5:30 pm.

Carrabelle Lighthouse Association, P O Box 373, Carrabelle, Fl 32322
Email: Web:

The lighthouse is located at 1975 Hwy 98 West,
approximately 2 miles west of downtown Carrabelle.

                                           Golf R esort
       mes B                            ay                                                                                        he u       nspo

St. Ja
                                                                                                                            and t                               e
                                                                                                          we t   lands                           nds   on th
                                                                                                r   es of                               we t l a
                                                                                        of ac                         re s e r
                                                                                                                                 ve d                          hip
                                                                             re d s                            of p                                    pions
                                                                    ,   hund                          a c re s                                ham
                                                         r i ve r s                             90                                      ole c                           ded
                                            iles o
                                                                                        ove r                               e 18-h                             e wo o
                                                                        re s t -                                    e. Th                               f th
                                 ded b                       l Fo                                        fe s t y l                              ting o
                 s u r ro
                                                 tiona                                           nd li                           tural
                                                                                                                                          s et                          at
            ea                            a Na                                  nat     u re a                       e na                                      rse th
 In   an ar                         hicol                                  bine                               to t h                              ate a
                            palac                        e to c
                                                                   om                              ds in                                re
            of t   he A                     mad                                            , blen                              y to c                    wildl
                                                                                                                                                               i fe
      eauty                           t was                                 tW   a l ke r                      nS     o c i et                    dant
  b                               e f fo r                    b y Ro
                                                                      ber                              dubo                                  bun
                         ve r y                                                                e Au                                 r ve , a                  hat
           er ty – e                            es igned                           w  ith th                           d  p re s e                      hop t
    p ro p                               rse d                            losely                       of w   et l a n                           p ro s
                               lf cou                       wo r k
                                                                   ed c                       a c re s                              ay h a
                       le go                                                                                             mes B                              or di
        eso r t - st y                      tW    a l ke r                    ony    with                         t. Ja                              pen f
      r                              ober                                arm                               ty. S                                is o
                           nt. R                               l ete h                            ro p e r                              Grill                        th
                  onme                                 c o mp                             the p                               R i ve r                        le wi
         en vir                            and    in                             t of                                 ke d                         o av ailab
                                                                           l par                               ro o
                                                                                                                                            is als
                                 lessly                            tegr a                             The C                        ction                           nven
                nds     seam                          all  an in                       al c  lubs.                          st r u                        o ur co
          ble                               e st s -                     and r
                                                                                 ent                             olf in                            from
                                     d fo r                     p a re l                                 nal g                               ging
                           poile                                                                f essio                              s ran                          s.
            and u
                        ns                             olf ap                          s . P ro                          o pt i o
                                                                                                                                   n                        inium
                                       a ck  bar, g                           e ve n t                      lod ging                           y co ndom
                             s a sn                                    and                                                             luxur
                    clude                               m e et
                                                                ings                             rs two
               in                                                                       y offe                               s B ay
                                             l e fo r                      Jame
                                                                                 s Ba
                                                                                                            t St.
                            l s o av                       lf Pr o . St .                           ces a
                   and a                          A Go                                      siden
                                                                                  w Re
                                         nt PG                       utif  ul ne
                               reside                        e bea
                      their                          to t h
                                    use V
                        c lubho
                                                             La  ne, C
                            151 L                                     .stj  ames
                                               35   95 I

                           In the early 1960s, Carrabelle’s police phone was located
                           in a call box that was bolted to a building at the corner of
                           Hwy. 98 and Tallahassee Street. During this time, the city
                           had problems with tourists making unauthorized long

     World’s Smallest
                           distance calls on its police phone. Johnnie Mirabella,
                           the only St. Joe Telephone Co. employee in Carrabelle
                           at the time, moved the phone to another location,

          Police Station
                           but the illegal calls continued. So, when the phone
                           company made the decision to replace an old phone
                           booth with a new one, Mirabella decided to put the
                           policephone in the old booth.

                           On March 10, 1963 Mirabella, with the help of Curly
                           Messer, deputy sheriff at the time, moved the phone
                           booth to its current location on Hwy 98. There were a
                           couple of reasons for doing so - to protect police officers
                           from the elements, as well as curtail the illegal calls.
                           Unfortunately, the illegal phone calls continued to be
                           a problem and eventually the dial was removed from
                           the phone. Many hardships have been endured by the
                           retired St. Joe Company phone booth. Vandals have
                           ripped phones from the booth, shot holes through
                           its glass, it has been knocked over by a pickup truck
                           and knocked over and damaged by Hurricane Kate.
                           Adding insult to injury, a tourist once asked a gas
                           station attendant to help him load it into his vehicle
                           so he could take it back to Tennessee with him.

                           It has been featured on the television shows
                           “Real People”, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not’,
                           and the "Today Show”. It was also featured in the movie
                           “Tate’s Hell” produced at Florida State University.

                                        We invite you to stop by
                                                                ont of the
                                        take your picture in fr
                                        World’s Smallest Police

     Tate's Hell
     Home  of Heavenly Camping
     Laurel Newman

                                                                                                                in County's
                                                                                           love about Frankl
                                             sts will find a lo   t to do and a lot to               winding
                        d nature enthusia                                    even more miles of
Outdoor s lovers an                               s of hiking trails, or                               r those with
                          st-whether it is mile                                 a hook and line. Fo
Ta te's Hell St ate Fore                           st dr ifting along with                                 f-highway
                               or kayaking, or ju                                     ils set aside for of
wate  rways for canoeing                     ished severa    l dozen miles of tra
                      the state has establ
a need for speed,                                den.
                         ere they may be rid
vehicles (OHVs) wh                                                                                    many sites scattere
                                                                                  mp at one of the
                                             ions, visit  or s can set up a ca                                 sc attered along the
                       these many attract                                                 eational areas are
 In order to enjoy                                                  ectricity) and recr                                     ring shaded
                        rest.  Primitive ca mping sites (no el                         quaint coun   trified names, of fe
 throughout the fo                                             rabelle, all owning                                 er, and most with
                                       River north of Car                                     the cool green riv
  gentle curv  es of the Crooked                                  ly vi ew of a section of                                served in
                                          for cooking, a love                                       ps, and must be re
  seclusion, fire   pits or barbecues                                    e de signated hunt cam                            sis for a mere
                                                ost of the camps ar                                   und on a daily ba
                         canoe launches. M                                       e available year-ro
  their own boat or                                      ixed use camps ar
                                    , but the other, m
   advanc  e of hunting season
   $5 fee per day.                                                                                                          cape a hot
                                                                                                      or just a way to es
                                                                         mily  picnic, canoe trip,                            em up for
                                                 an an extended fa                                      e water and fr y th
                          ct destination to pl                                      e bream out of th
    They are the perfe                                    d dull a few pan-siz
                                     on a riverbank an
    day - lay in the cool shade
                           the forest.
    a perfect lunch in
                                                                                    : www.floridabird
                                                          a Birding Trail visit
                             rest is part of the                                                                                    vigational
     Tate’s Hell St ate Fo                                                                                     Florida Circumna
                                                                 s in Region B, Se    gment 5 of the New
                                          ida Paddling Trail
     Tate's Hell  is listed on the Flor                  
     Saltwater Pa   ddling Trail www.                                                                            campsites,
                                                                                           ation on reserving
                                                    e campsite     s and more inform                                   .
                              Hell showing all th                                               t Road, Carrabelle
      For maps of Tate's                                                  fice at 290 Airpor
                                                  str y Carrabelle of
                              l Division of Fore
      visit the Tate's Hel
                                         or visit their web
                                                                site at www.fl- do
       Telephone: 850.69

       Dwarf Cypress                                   s are located with
                                                                            in th  e forest. These cypr
                                                                                                          ess trees are docu
                                                                                                             e the name "dwarf
                           nds   of cypress wetland                                    ately 15 feet, henc
        Several unique sta                                     height of approxim                                      alk of fers an
                                           ly reach a mature                                     . Kendrick Boardw
        to be over 15 0 years old but on                                   ess. The Ralph G
                                                      or "hat-rack" cypr
                                 to as "miniature"
        Th ey are also referred                      the most prolific
                             overlooking one of
         observation tower
                                                                                  le) observation
                                                          a 30-ft tall (accessib
                               rick Boardwalk of fers                                   s. Just minutes
         The Ralph G. Kend                                     e most prolific area
                                        er looking one of th                                er forest roads
                  ramp and tower ov                                98, then 5 miles ov                          -acre bowl
                                            ra belle by Highway                           sits quietly in a 20
                      to the west of Car                           r), the little forest                              ettable.
                                                    calm weathe                                  this sight is unforg
                            (always passable in                          The experience of
                                                       ormal” pines.
                                  surrounded by “n

                               St. Ge o r ge
                          Cape house
                             Lig h t
     Cape St. George Light
                                                                        st Pass, and rebuilt
                                          fir st built in 1833 at We
     The St.   George Lighthouse was                                          g a hurricane
                                                 ond lighthouse fell durin
                    George in 1848. The sec
     on Cape St.                                              in 1852. The Light was
                                  hthouse was completed
     in 1851 and the third lig                                         of Historic Places
                                         on the national Register
     autom    ated in 1949 and listed                                    . Beach erosion
                                            ivated the light in 1994
     in 1974   . The Coast Guard deact                                        ture until it
                                                  lly threatened the struc
      at the site of  the lighthouse continua                    historic structure were
                                    2005. Remnants of the
      collapsed on October 21,                                        led the effort to
                                      e Lig hth ou se As soc iat ion
      sal vag ed an d the St. Ge org                                        r off more than
                                                teers cleaned old morta
      reconstr   uct the lighthouse. Volun                                     lantern room.
                                                   h reconstruction of the
       22,000 origin   al bricks and assisted wit
                                                              and private funding,
                                  nity support and public
       With extensive commu                                          uilt in 2008 at the
                                        ouse was successfully reb
       the  Cape St. George Lighth
       center of St. George Isl
                                                                                     k, next to
                                                       St. George Lighthouse Par
        The Cape St. Ge    orge Light is located in                       seum. The park
                                          Center & Lighthouse Mu
        the  St. George Island Visitor                                    ardwalk to the
                                          wers, restrooms, and a bo
        includ  es picnic pavilions, sho                                        all exhibit
                                                    a information and a sm
        beach. The     Visitor Center offers are
         of lighthouse artifacts.
                                                                   e Island
                                     lf Beach Drive St. Georg
         Contact Info: 2 East Gu
        Email: info@seestgeorg
                             ee 888.927.7744
        850.927.7744 Toll Fr

                                                             LET ME HELP
                                                             DISCOVER TH
                                                             FORGOTTEN C
                                                            Charlotte Russ
                                                            TIMBER ISLA
                                                                              ND REALTY IN
                                                            #103 Marine S                      C.
                                     e he ar t
    Co nv en ien tly loc ate d in th
                                                            Carrabelle ,Fl.
                                  rgotten Coast
of Carrabelle. Serving the Fo chicola.

   from Alligator Point to Apala
                                                           E-mail; tirealty
      David Zeigler, REALTOR
                            ®                             Office#850-69
                                 91 I 850-228-60
                                                          Cell # 850-370
                              Office Box 826
  314 St. James Avenue I Post
             Carrabelle, FL 32322

     Tiki Hut Restaurant

  Waterfront Dining on
                        the Carrabelle River
  seafood, steaks and                       , serving fresh local
                      sandwiches. Come
  on our waterfront pa                    and watch the suns
                      tio and watch the do                     ets
                                           lphins swim in the ri
                475 Timber Island Road
                                       •          Carrabelle, FL 32322 • 85
       OO R E L G

                       Ice, Pump out
• Marina – Fuel, Bait,
• Wet Slips – Perm tals
• Hotel /Condo
• Trailer Storage
We are a first-com
first-serve marina,
open to the publ
                                 I Carrabelle, FL 32
              98 I Post Office M
  1000 US Hwy                            6.821.2248
                   2800 I Toll Free 86
                                                 Yo ur M at ch m ak er
                                                       on th e Fo rg ot te n Co as t

                               tch ma ke r
Yo ur Co as tal Pr op er ty Ma
Pandora Schlitt

                              Pa nd or a Sc hli tt           y
                              Pr ud en tia l Re so rt Re alt
                              85 0.6 53 .66 90
                              88 8.8 77 .31 61 Ex t.1 23
                                                               ers .co m
                              ww w. the ret rea tat thr ee riv
                              pa nd ora @ pa nd ora -sc   hli tt.c om
 The area in and around Carrabelle has much to offer residents

                                                                             Things to Do e
 and visitors alike. For more information, click the links below.

                                                                             Around Carrabell
 Parks and Beaches
 Alligator Point: Secluded peninsula. Fifteen minute drive east
 of Carrabelle. Beautiful uncrowded beaches.
 Ft. Gadsen State Park: Is a historic battle site located
 approximately 20 miles north of East Point on SR65. The fort
 was a British base in the War of 1812, and overlooks the
 Apalachicola River. Exhibits and replicas of the fort are on display, public facilities available.
 St. George Island State Park: Is a 20 minute drive west of Carrabelle. State Park, sugar sand beaches and dunes. This park includes
 a series of trail boardwalks and observation platforms, allows the visitor to "see it all". Also bike trails available.
 Ochlockonee State Park: A 392 acre park with public facilities, picnic areas, fishing and boat ramp. Canoe rental available.
 Approximately 15 minutes east of Carrabelle.

 Camp Gordon Johnston Museum: Operated by the Camp Gordon Johnston Association and located at 302 Marine Street across
 from City Hall. The museum houses memorabilia, photographs, records and related historical information on the WW II
 training facility. Information from the 4th, 28th and 38th Infantry Divisions, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Amphibious Brigades
 as well as all the related specialized units who trained at the camp is available for all to see. The museum is open on Saturdays
 from 1000 hours till 1400 hours (10 am till 2 pm). The museum is dedicated to preserving the historical accuracy of the local
 area's part in this crucial period of World history, as well as honoring its veterans. Admission is free to the public. Donations are
 accepted. 850-697-8575

 Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve: The ANERR is located in the Florida panhandle approximately
 equidistant from Tallahassee and Panama City. Counties: Franklin, Gulf, Calhoun and Liberty. Nearby towns or cities:
 Apalachicola, Eastpoint, Port St. Joe, and Wewahitchaka Adjacent roads: U.S. Hwy. 98, SR 65
 FSU Coastal Marine Laboratory: Located on St. James Island in northwest Florida, the laboratory offers unique o
 pportunities for research, education, and outreach on the Gulf of Mexico in a biologically diverse, pristine environment. Habitats
 range from inshore oyster reefs to offshore patch reefs, from freshwater bogs to sea grass and salt marshes.
 Crooked River Lighthouse: Located west of town just past the Carrabelle Beach. The Carrabelle Lighthouse Association
 will be leasing it from the City and plan to open it up to the public as soon as possible. You can drive back and look at it.
 Dog Island: A small remote island only accessible by boat or plane. Spend a day with nature marshes and pine forests
 or on sugar sand beaches.
 Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory: Features unique variety of Florida Marine Life, see the "See & Touch" tanks.
 The organization is dedicated to scientific research, education and protection of our natural resources. 20 minutes east
 of Carrabelle on US Hwy 98. 850-984-5297
 Wakulla Springs: Has jungle boat tours, glass bottom boats, nature trails, swimming and picnic area. This is a 40 minute drive
 east of Carrabelle. 850-926-0600

                           Nourishing the Spirit
                      If you are one that finds peace and serenity in a daybreak or sunset,
           we invite you to experience the joy found in walking on our unspoiled white-sand beaches
or sitting on the banks of one of our beautiful river marshes. However, if you prefer a more conventional worship
                 center, several are listed below and within their walls you will find the warmth
                            and friendliness that is characteristic of our community.

                                  Area Churches
                     Church of God                            Sacred Heart Church
                     1478 Hwy 67                              (Catholic)
                     Carrabelle, FL. 32322                    2653 Hwy 98
                     Phone: 850-697-2790                      Lanark Village
                                                              Carrabelle, FL. 32322
                     Carrabelle Christian Center
                     136 River Rd.                            Fellowship Baptist
                     Carrabelle, FL 32322                     706 Ryan Dr.
                     Phone: 850-697-3232                      Carrabelle, FL 32322

                     Carrabelle United Methodist              First Baptist Church
                     102 NE Ave B                             206 SE Ave A
                     Carrabelle, Fl. 32322                    Carrabelle, FL 32322
                     Phone: 850-697-3672                      Phone: 850-697-3819

                     Church of the Ascension                  First Assembly of God
                     (Episcopal)                              307 W 3rd St.
                     110 NE 1st St.                           Carrabelle, Fl. 32322
                     Carrabelle, FL 32322                     Phone: 850-697-3595
                     Phone: 850-697-4555

        ents   St. George Island
               Charity Chili Cookoff
     Ev        1st Saturday in March
               SGI Fire Department

               Camp Gordon Johnston Days
               2nd Weekend in March
               CGJ Museum

                Eastpoint Rib Cookoff
                3rd Weekend in March
                Eastpoint Fire Department

                Carrabelle Riverfront Festival
                4th Weekend in April
                Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce

                 Apalachicola Antique Boat Show
                 4th Saturday in April
                 Apalachicola Chamber of Commerce

Big Bend Saltwater Classic
Father’s Day Weekend in June

Kingfish Shoot Out
Fishing Tournament
3rd Weekend in September
C-Quarters Marina

 Oyster Spat Festival
 2nd Weekend in October
 St. George Island Merchants Association

 Florida Seafood Festival                  Forgotten Coast
  1st Weekend in November                  Black Beer Festival
  Florida Seafood Festival Associatoin     Third Saturday in October
  850.653.8011                             850.697.2585 

  Boat Parade of Lights
  and Holiday on the Harbor
  2nd Saturday in December
  Carrabelle Area Chamber of Commerce

                                             Bo ating and Fishing
                                                                               otten Coast.
                                                                                                                                                f Coast
                                                       apitol of the Forg
                                                                                                                        located on the Gul
                                ing and Fishing C
                                                                                               en a way of life, is
                                                                     years, fishing has be
     Carrabelle, The
                                                                                                                                   hing in the world
                                               e where for many                                             me of the finest fis
     Carrabelle, a pe  aceful fishing villag
                                                         of Tallahassee. H     ere you will find so
                                   ’s drive southwest
     panh   andle just an hour
                           saltwater.                                                                                                            lle has
     ... both fresh and                                                                                                    the area. Carrabe
                                                                                              fishermen that visit
                                                                     ter to boater s and                      at/trailer storage.
                                                                                                                                     Two public boat
                                              marinas, which ca
      There are seve   ral fully equipped                                  y sta ck slips and 150 bo                                    ide Marine.
                                                    5 wet slips, 355 dr                                         Marina and Docks
                           arinas with over 22                                       ramps: Moorings
      five full-service m                                    d two private boat
                                       d Four th Street an
      ramps:     Timber Island an                                                                                        fishing. Or, you m
                                                                                                                                                 ay wish
                                                                                             fo  r of fshore or bay
                                                                     e readily available                       s sloughs and strea
                                                                                                                                       ms feed the
                                              d char ter boats ar                 of action. Numerou
       Angling poss   ibilities abound an                                  enty                                                       endless variety
                                                     angler can find pl                                        tfish, as well as an
                               ere even a novice                                     ll also find that ca
       to head upriver wh                                    is excellent. You wi                                           op that bait.
                                       d bass fishing here                                         iting for you to dr
        rivers  around this area an                   and stumpkno      cker s ... are just wa
                              lcrackers, bluegills                                                                                                    oices,
        of pan fish ... shel                                                                                                  e almost endless ch
                                                                              re. As for saltwat      er anglers, there ar
                                                     herman’s heaven he                                                               ed trout, redf ish
                                                                                                                species are speckl
         Spring and early   summer are a fly fis                               e of  the more popular                                         ng. Redf ish
                                                        with the bay, som                                              do bite all year lo
                               d  of fshore. St ar ting                              spec  kled trout but they                                         e and
         both in the bay an                                  st time to fish for                                              at the change of tid
                                ll, ea rly winter is the be                trout. Your best        bets are oyster bars
         and sharks. Late fa                      e places as speckled                                                               Ba lla st C ove of f
                                                                                                             arks like to cr ui se
          can be found   in some of the sam                                 em   ar sh es . Bl ackt ip sh                                 ll find a number
                                                     rs le ad in g in to th                                        ng of fshore, you wi
          th e m ou th of cr ee ks wi th oy ste r ba                             ds of  Dog Island. Headi                                      marinas and
                                                         r sharks at both en                                          ily available at the
                                u  may also find large                              e mar   ked on char ts read                                       and
          Dog Island and yo                                 any of the reefs ar                                               re are gag grouper
                                       and manmade. M                                               angler s will find he
           of reefs, both ar tif
                                 icial                                   saltwater fish that                                          , cobia, wahoo,
                                                   the more popular                                           will find amberjack
           bait shops he  re in town. Two of                                      rther of fshore you
                                                           r reefs. A little fu
                                     found on the close                      mpano and countle
                                                                                                          ss others.
           re d grouper, usually                     anish mackerel, po
                                 per, king and Sp                                                                                                  l beaches
            dolphin, red snap                                                                                                at one of the loca
                                                                                             sti ll enjoy surf fishing                                  kerel.
                                                                    t for you, you may                                          times Spanish mac
                                    a boat  and char ters are no                                        , pompano and at
            If you do not have                                             of flounder, redf ish                                           u ride the waves
                                                     may yield catches                                             in the salt air as yo
            in our area. Su  rf and bay fishing                                      of paradise. Breathe                                      ies a and take
                                                             te in our little bit                                       make new memor
                                  to  come and participa                               body   , spirit and mind,                                  perience.
             So, we invite you                                  ace to rejuvenate                                         at you will ever ex
                                     Her e you will find a pl                               t be  autiful sunsets th                                    scover
             of the Gulf Coast.                                   in some of the mos                                             re. We’ll let you di
                                                                                             of the gif    ts awaiting you he
                                                                   These are just a few                             ce you arrive!
                                                                   so me of the othe     rs on your own on

  Fishing Tournaments
 Carrabelle is home to several fish
 Big Bend Saltwater Classic Tournam
                                     ing tournaments throughout the
                                    ent is held Father’s Day weekend in
 and benefits OAR (Organization for                                     June. This tournament attracts 700
                                       Artificial Reefs). The headquarters                                 anglers
 Visit for                                         is The Carrabelle Boat Club.
                                    more information or call 850.216.227

                                   otout Tournament is held the four
                                                                       th weekend in September. All prof
 C-Quarters Marina Kingfish Sho
 to the Leukemia Foundation. Visit                                                                       its go
                          or call 850
 Youth Fishing Tournament is held
                                    the third Saturday in July at the C-Q
 For more information contact the                                         uarters Marina for youth 15 and und
                                  marina at 850.697.8400.                                                      er.

 Fishing License Info
Fishing Licenses are sold in the Cou
                                     nty Tax Collector’s Off ice and man
Licenses can also be obtained over                                      y bait and tackle shops.
                                   the phone bydialing 1-888-347-4356.

Saltwater 3 - day $17.00
                              Florida Resident
                              Saltwater 1 - year $17.00
Freshwater 3 - day $17.00     Freshwater 1 - year $17.00
Saltwater 7 - day $30.00
Freshwater 7 - day $30.00
Saltwater 1 - year $47.00
Freshwater 1 - year $47.00

     Dog Island                                  d that protects Carrabelle from the
                                                                                       fury of the Gulf waters,
      Dog Island, the jewel-like barrier islan                                          crabbing and shore
                                                  white sand beaches, good shelling,
     is  best known to visitors for its pristine
                                                 and recreational boating base.
     fishing, and as a superior beach-picnic
                                                                                   vacation homes, there are
                                             island, although most of them are
     There are about 100 homes on the                                                       tation for
                                                    practice xeriscaping(use of native vege
      30-3 3 full-time residents, most of whom
      landscaping) for their sand-swept resi
                                                                                       gh there are no typical
                                            d beauty by boat or airplane, and thou
      Visitors can enjoy the barrier islan                                                   t be arranged in
                                                       s, and limited rooming (which mus
      tour  ist amenities: no food, public restroom                                     h-lover.
                                               e is plenty for the out-doors and beac
       advance through a local agency) ther
                                                                                    h and coastal hiking, and
                                              ies) opportunities are endless, beac
       Birdwatching (especially shore spec                                                    sts opportunities.
                                                     hours of photography and sketch arti
       wild  life and natural habitats give endless                                               artist resides
                                                         e year-round, and at least one famous
       Some of     the best sunsets anywhere visit ther
                                                 natural beauty for his subject matter.
        there and takes full advantage of the
                                                                                       ve vegetation,
                                                 sandy "hills' with all manner of nati
      Perf ect Florida dune habitat strews the                                                 over the dunes,
                                                        (No picking the sea oats; no walking
      the gold  en waves of sea oats topping the list.
      no dogs allowed)
                                                                                        t end (at the pass)
                                                  the far points of either end, the wes
      For   picnicking or camping, locals favor                                               ting sand banks
                                                         (in season). The east end (with shif
       best for  day trips, shore fishing, and crabbing                              , and beach-bumming.
                                              boat at your peril!) camping, shelling
       under the blue waters, approach by
                                                                                       ompassing 1,842 acres.
                                                  s long and up to ¾ mile wide, emc
       Dog   Island is approximately 6 1/2 mile


     CARRABELLE about an hour southwest of Tallahassee, is in an area that is a little-known stopover for migrant birds
     crossing the Gulf of Mexico on their way north. Carrabelle is a quaint fishing town that overlooks an estuary with
     American oystercatchers and brown pelicans - and you may, driving just a short distance either east or west, find parks,
     reserves and birds, birds, and more birds.

     DOG ISLAND        is a barrier island accessible only by water-taxi, boat or plane. On this island you may encounter herons,
     egrets, terns, shorebirds, loons, grebes, ducks, kingfishers, wrens, sparrows and warblers. It is truly worth a boat trip!

     TATES HELL STATE FOREST                   is one continuous tract of land comprising over 202,000 acres. Many species
     of wildlife make their home in the forest. Those with confirmed sightings on Tate's Hell State Forest that are currently
     listed as threatened, endangered or species of special concern are: bald eagle and red-cockaded woodpecker. Tates Hell
     State’s Forest is on the Great Florida Birding Trail.

     BALD POINT        Tidal marshes along northwestern Bald Point offer unobstructed views over a flat terrain of needle rush
     and saw grass, and provide rich feeding grounds for land and seabirds such as bald eagles, osprey and migrating falcon
     and is a draw for gallinules, tricolor herons, limpkins, anhinga, nesting yellow-crowned night herons, pied-billed grebes,
     and great egrets

     ST. GEORGE ISLAND            just 25 miles west of Carrabelle is a narrow barrier island containing a beautiful state park.
     Here you may find American oystercatchers, pine, Cape May and prothonotary warblers, green and great blue herons,
     orchard orioles, blue grosbeaks, and red-eyed and white-eyed vireos. Osprey, great crested flycatchers, Sandwich and
     Forsterís terns are also a possibility. This island is famous for the oystercatchers nesting on the causeway leading
     to the island.

                                          ST. MARKS NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE                       is 47 miles east of Carrabelle
                                         and is the largest coastal refuge. Here you will find white ibis, eastern kingbirds,
                                         wood ducks, night herons, bluebirds, pine warblers, swallow-tailed kite, wood storks
                                        (an endangered species), migrating hawks, red-cockaded woodpeckers, Bachman’s
                                       sparrows, blue winged teals, woodstocks, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks and red-shouldered
                                       hawks in season. Wintering marbled godwits, snow geese, white pelicans and red
                                      headed ducks also stop over. Purple gallinules, terns, cormorants, brown pelicans and
                                      gulls loaf here year-round.

OCHLOCKONEE RIVER STATE PARK is a beautiful and peaceful
park situated at theconfluence of the Ochlocknee and Dead Rivers and
Big Tide Creek, just 10 miles from the coast and a short distance from Carrabelle.
It provides productive birding with easy walking trails - where you may see the
endangered red cockaded woodpecker cavity trees, marked by white bands.

migrations the wetland communities provide good birding spots. In certain areas, you may
well observe a bald eagle or osprey over the water, as well as, wood duck, wading birds,
red-shouldered hawk, barred owl, swallow tailed and Mississippi kites, hairy and pileated
woodpeckers and Acadian flycatchers. In the pine flatwoods, look for brown-headed nuthatch,
pinewarbler, red-bellied woodpecker, southeastern American Kestrel, and Bachman’s sparrows.

Unrushed, uncrowded, with many parks and refuges,
Florida’s Forgotten Coast is home to many species
and we invite you to come and experience
the wonders of nature offered by our area.

              r Po                int

     “Alligator Point” – the name inspires curiosity, and the landscape merits further exploration. This pristine coastal
     community is located just an hour from Tallahassee, but is countless worlds away. The usual trappings of strip malls,
     movie theaters, nightclubs and your overscheduled life are beautifully absent here, and once you step anywhere on our
     8-mile stretch of unspoiled, white-powder sand beaches, we guarantee you’ll gain a new perspective.

     Alligator Point is surrounded by 5,000 acres of the Bald Point State Park. This well-protected land offers an unrivaled
     encounter with Florida's natural habitat. Sea oat-covered sand dunes, marsh and pond habitats and pine forest make
     this area perfect for bird watching and wildlife observation. Spring and fall migrations bring birds and butterflies alike.
     Buntings, tanagers, grosbeaks, bald eagles, scissor-tailed flycatchers, and swallow-tailed kites are but a few of the feathered
     visitors to our area. Owls, osprey, pileated woodpeckers and many others are residents here. The varied landscape also
     offers sanctuary for animals such as the black bear, bobcats, white-tailed deer, coyote, otters, manatees, a host of smaller
     animals and of course, alligators.

     The absence of noise and glaring lights make prime relaxation and exquisite stargazing main attractions, but if you’d
     rather take a more active role in your entertainment, kayaking, boating and fishing are terrific alternatives. Fly fish for
     tarpon, chase red fish and trout, or fish offshore for grouper, mackerel, amberjack, cobia and snapper. Alligator Point
     offers both protected boating in the Alligator Harbor Aquatic Preserve and deep water fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
     Alligator Point Yacht Basin is a full-service marina conveniently located on Alligator Point.

     After a day of doing as little or as much as you like, be sure to take full advantage of our proximity to superior seafood.
     Whether you choose fresh fish, shrimp, oysters or crabs from our nearby seafood markets to prepare yourself or you
     enjoy the convenience of skillfully prepared dishes from the unlimited array of local restaurants, you’ll agree that
     you’ve never had fresher.

                                                         Many of our visitors marvel at how such an untainted place could exist in
                                                         Florida and why more people don’t know about it. Haven’t they
                                                         answered their own question and wouldn’t it be great to be one of
                                                         the few who wonders the same thing? Now that you know we’re here,
                                                         discover for yourself what makes this place so special.

Bald Point State Park
While visiting Alligator Point be sure to visit Bald Point State Park.
The park offers a multitude of land and water activities.
Coastal marshes, pine flatwoods, and oak thickets foster a diversity
of biological communities that make the park a popular destination
for birding and wildlife viewing. Every fall, bald eagles, other migrating
raptors, and monarch butterflies are commonly sighted as they head
south for the winter. Bald Point offers access to two Apalachee Bay beaches
for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Other activities include canoeing,
kayaking, windsurfing, and hiking. Facilities include a fishing dock
and picnic pavilions.

For more information:


      Camp Go
     Johnsto rdon
            n Museu
     On June 6, 1944, just hours before the start of the D-Day invasions of Europe,
     General Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke to the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the
     Allied Expeditionary Force. He started his address to these brave young men by saying,
     "You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these
     many months.” But where did this Crusade begin for these young men? What brought
     a mid-western farmer, West Virginia coal miner and young steel mill worker from
     Pennsylvania to these European and later Pacific beaches?

     Where did these young men train for this "Great Crusade?” For many, this crusade
     started on Florida's Forgotten Coast. For four years, (acres) of beaches and woods along
     the shores of North Florida were converted to a base with the sole purpose of training
     amphibious soldiers and their support groups. Originally named Camp Carrabelle after
     the community it took over, and later named Camp Gordon Johnston, this facility
     trained over a quarter million men for amphibious assaults during World War II

     Camp Gordon Johnston opened in 1942 and closed in June of 1946. The Camp Gordon
     Johnston Museum is located in downtown Carrabelle. The museum promotes not only
     the history of World War II, but also portrays the gigantic effort that our nation poured
     into this conflict. The Camp Gordon Johnston Museum has compiled an extensive history
     of the various units that trained here, as well as photographic displays of the area and life as
     it existed at the camp. Furthermore, The Camp Gordon Johnston veterans have contributed
     the artifacts brought back from battles overseas, along with uniforms, mess kits, and all
     sorts of souvenirs. It is a must see for anyone visiting this area. It is located on 302 Marine
     Street in downtown Carrabelle along the riverfront.

For more information, please contact the Camp Gordon Johnston Association,
P.O. Box 1334, Carrabelle, Florida 850.697.8575

                                   to preserv d
                       um’s role is who traine
             The muse of the men
             th e heritage ring World War II.
              at th e camp du

 St. George Island
                On St. George Island, a tide chart is more important than an alarm clock. Who would have thought that a
               four-mile drive over a bridge could take you so far way?

     While here, camp at the State Park, rent a hotel room, or reserve a villa or spacious home on the bay, beach, or in-between.
     Bring your pet. St. George Island is one of the few beaches that allows pets, and many vacation homes are pet-friendly.

     You’re on island time on St. George. There are 20 miles of beach on the gulfside, and miles of marsh, inlets and oyster
     bars on the bayside. Swim in the clear gulf waters. Get a tan. Walk for hours on the beach. Kayak in bayside marshes
     or go for an exciting ride in the beach breakers. Rent a boat, a bike, or a scooter, or bring your own. Walk, jog or ride
     along quiet streets or on cleared wooded trails. Build sandcastles. See dolphins perform spontaneous aerial shows
     barely offshore. In October, watch clouds of migrating Monarch butterflies as they drift across the island. Enjoy glorious
     sunrises and sunsets. At night, gaze at more stars then you ever imagined possible. Or just sprawl out in your beach
     chair and relax.

     When you want to get out and about, shop at interesting and distinctive island stores where you can purchase beachwear
     or beachfare, baked goods, garden plants, spices, groceries, vegetables, jewelry, libations, and art. Have your picture
     taken or your hair styled. Attend a local church. Join in a holiday parade! Be sure to stop by the visitor center and see
     the reconstructed Cape St. George lighthouse.

     The fishing is great. The off-shore catch may include grouper, snapper, amberjack and cobia, to name a few favorites.
     From the shore, reel in redfish, sea trout, flounder and more. And don’t miss the pompano run in the spring! Whether
     with a guide or by yourself, hang on tight! Arrange for your charter captain to clean your catch or do it yourself.

     Sometimes though, you want it easy. If you’d rather that someone else caught your dinner, just-off-the-boat fish is available
     at the grocery and roadside stands. If you prefer to eat out, the raw bar and local restaurants specialize in serving the
     local catch in every style. Make sure you try some Apalachicola Bay oysters, the best in the world! And there’s always
     fresh wild shrimp. Subs and pizza are also available. After dinner, stop for an ice cream or visit a local nightspot for
     conversation and entertainment.

     St. George Island State Park is a gem in the Florida park system. It includes nine miles of beaches; the eastern-most five
     are accessible only by foot. You can camp, picnic at the pavilions, hike, fish, look for sea shells, or just relax. And bring
     your binoculars! In spring and fall, scarlet tanagers, indigo buntings, Baltimore orioles, cedar waxwings and dozens of
     other migratory species stop by. Bald eagles, owls, and osprey live here year-round, along with cardinals, towhees and
                                                             many other colorful and busy species. Along the beach, there are
                                                             scolding sea gulls, diving brown pelicans and scooting shore birds.

                                                            From May to November, take a morning walk on the beach and
                                                            look for the tracks of sea turtles that struggled ashore during the
                                                            night to lay eggs. Later in the season, see the much smaller tracks
                                                            of hatchlings struggling just as hard to get back to the sea. Enjoy,
                                                            but keep your distance. It’s important that people and dogs stay
                                                            away from the turtles, their nests, and the babies.

                                                           Special events include the regional Chili Cookoff the first week of
                                                           March and the Oyster Spat Festival during the long Columbus Day
                                                           weekend. Lots of tasting for charity for charity at the first and fam-
                                                           ily fun at the second.

                                                            You’re welcome here. Join us for a week or a month or forever and
                                                           share that special “St. George” feeling
C ontact info:
                       itor Center
St. Ge orge Island Vis
& Lighthouse
                h Dr.
 2 E. Gulf Beac d, FL 32328
 St. George Isla
  sgilight@fairp                                or
                        h l, Ex  ecutive Direct
                       e g                      44
                      www.s                     888-927-77
                                 850-927-7744                46
MEMBERSHIP                                     CHARTER FISHING-DIVING
                                                                                   Garden’s Inc.

                                                                                   (850) 653-1777
                                               & GUIDE SERVICES
                                               Book Me A Charter
                                                                                   Georgia’s Notary Services
                                               (850) 653-2622
                                                                                   (850) 697-2366
                                               Carrabelle Charters
                                                                                   Gpik, LLC
                                               (850) 528-1926
                                                                                   (850) 927-4747
                                               Expeditions in Tate’s Hell
                                                                                   Jackson’s Auto Parts & Ace Hardware
     Carrabelle Palms RV Park                  (850) 697-2434
     (850) 697-2638                                                                (850) 697-3332
                                               Last Cast Charters
     Franklin Inn at Carrabelle                                                    Les Hassel Excursions
                                               (850) 962-9956
     (850) 697-4000                                                                (850) 697-5555
                                               Les Hassel Excursions
     Georgian Motel                                                                Network Tallahassee (Internet Services)
                                               (850) 697-5555
     (850) 697-3410                                                                (850) 671-4007
                                               Natural World Charters, LLC
     Moorings Marina/SeaChange                                                     Nice Car of Forgotten Coast, LLC
                                               (850) 228-9060
     (850) 697-2800                                                                (850) 697-4383
                                               Z-Horse Charters
     Old Carrabelle Hotel (B&B)                                                    Norm’s Lawn Service
                                               (850) 228-6091
     (850) 697-9010                                                                (850) 320-4126
                                                                                   Pioneer Telephone Directories Corp.
                                                                                   (334) 794-4129
                                               (see separate listing)
                                                                                   Royce Rolstad Photography
     Marxsen Accounting
     (850) 697-2542                                                                (850) 653-5586
                                                                                   Seminole Safe N Secure Storage
                                               BEC & Company
                                               (850) 528-2299                      (850) 670-4505
                                                                                   Sol Verde Renewable Energy Solutions, LLC
                                               Gene Strickland, LLC
                                                                                   (850) 323-0448
     Penny Anderson                            (850) 528-4992
     (850) 697-3921                                                      
     Carrabelle Artists Association                                                (850) 877-8885
                                                                                   Unique Nails & More
     (850) 697-4491
                                                                                   (850) 670-4000
     Miller’s Antiques                         Mask Development
     (850) 697-3751                            (850) 566-6761                      VMS Maintenance Systems
     Moore Treasures                                                               (850) 379-3700
     (850) 697-4491                                                                Waste Management
                                                                                   (850) 874-1019
                                               & AIR CONDITIONING
     ASSOCIATIONS-ORGANIZATIONS                Alternative Electric Company, LLC
     Big Bend Hospice                          (850) 927-4610                      INSURANCE
     (850) 926-9308                            Air Con of Wakulla, LLC             Barber Insurance Agency
     Camp Gordon Johnston Assoc.               (850) 926-5592                      (850) 697-5110
     (850) 697-8575                            Barineau HTG &A/C Inc.              Cook Insurance Agency, Inc.
     Capital Area Chapter American Red Cross   (850) 580-4029                      (850) 697-3473
     (850) 878-6080                            R. Gray & Assoc. Inc.               Marks Insurance Agency, Inc.
     Carrabelle Lighthouse Association         (850) 653-7186                      (850) 653-2161
     (850) 697-9790
     FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory                                               MARINAS-MARINE SERVICES
                                                                                   Allen’s Dockside Marine, Inc.
                                               FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS
     (850) 697-4120                            Coastal Community Bank
     Franklin County Republican Committee      (850) 697-4500                      (850) 697-3337
     (850) 927-2770                            Gulf State Community Bank           C-Quarters Marina
     Franklin County Senior Citizens Council   (850) 697-3395                      (850) 697-8400
     (850) 697-3760                                                                Carrabelle Marina
     Franklin’s Promise Coalition              GOLF COURSES                        (850) 697-3351
     (850) 653-3930                            St. James Bay Golf Course            Moorings Marina/SeaChange
     Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce   (850) 697-9606                      (850) 697-2800
     (850) 224-8116                                                                TowBoat U.S. Carrabelle-St. Marks
     Sea Oats Garden Club                      GROCERY STORES – DELI-BAKERY        (850) 697-8909
     (850) 697-9790                            Cakes By Amy
     St. George Island Business Association    (850) 697-2077
                                               The Market Place
                                                                                   MEDICAL SERVICES-COUNSELING
     (850) 653-6875                                                                Big Bend Hospice
     St. George Island Visitor’s Center        (St. George Island)                 (850) 926-9308
     (850) 927-7744                            (850) 927-2808                      Coastal Foot & Ankle Clinic
     Wakulla County Chamber of Commerce                                            (Apalachicola)
     (850) 926-1848                            INDUSTRY-SERVICES                   (850) 653-3338
                                               2K Web Group                        George E. Weems Memorial Hospital
                                               (850) 653-1122                      (850) 653-8853
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     Charles Curran, PA                                                            James Magee III, DDS
     (850) 697-5333                            (850) 697-5161                      (850) 697-2273
     Daniel H. Cox, PA                         At Your Service Concierge           NHC Home Health Care
     (850) 697-5555                            (850) 591-5255                      (850) 697-2400
     Smith, Thompson, Shaw & Manausa, PA       AT&T Advertising & Publishing
     (850) 402-4100                            (850) 471-5154
                                               Daybreak Massage
                                                                                   MORTGAGE COMPANIES
                                                                                   Chollet Ramsey, Bank of America
     BAIT-TACKLE-SEAFOOD SALES                 (850) 766-1087                      (850) 927-4812
     C-Quarters Marine Store                   Florida Business Products
     (850) 697-8400                            (850) 926-3302
     Fisherman’s Choice
                                               Franklin Mini Storage               Apalachicola/Carrabelle Times
47   (850) 670-8808                            (850) 697-3501                      (850) 653-2273
Forgotten Coast Magazine                 Home Town BP & Deli                RELOCATION INFORMATION
(850) 556-5449                           (850) 697-5111                     EDUCATION
The Franklin Chronicle                   Pirates Tiki Hut                   Franklin County Board of Education
(850) 670-4377                           (850) 697-4331                     (850) 653-8831
                                         That Place On 98                   Franklin County Consolidated Schools
                                         (850) 670-9898                     (850) 670-2800
                                                                            Franklin County Literacy Program
Amy’s Promos                             The Funky Oyster Shack
(850) 697-5161                           (850) 697-2324                     (850) 670-4481
Bay Media Services                                                          Franklin County Public Library-Carrabelle
(850) 653-9020                                                              Branch
                                                                            (850) 697-2366
                                         TITLE COMPANIES
Boyd Brothers Printing                   Tallahassee Title Group, LLC
(850) 763-1741                           (850) 580-2222                     Gulf Coast Community College
Prism Publications                                                          (850) 872-3800
(850) 914-9488                                                              Gulf Coast Workforce Board
                                                                            (850) 913-3285
                                         At Your Service Concierge
REAL ESTATE                              (850) 591-5255
Angler’s Harbor                          Tow Boat U.S.                      EMERGENCIES
(850) 544-2504                           Carrabelle-St. Marks               Carrabelle Fire Dept. 911
Bayside Realty, Inc.                     (850) 697-8909                     Emergency Management
(850) 697-3919                                                              (850) 653-8977                                                             Lanark-St. James Fire Dept.
                                                                            (850) 697-3227
                                         VACATION RENTALS
(800) 833-1673                           Angler’s Harbor
Bill Miller Realty                       (850) 544-2504                     Police Department
(850) 697-3751                           Boop’s Landing                     (850) 697-3691
Carrabelle Coastal Properties            (850) 899-3175                     Sheriff’s Department
(850) 697-5444                           Collins Vacation Rentals (SGI)     (850) 697-2113
Century 21 Collins Realty                (850) 927-5469
(850) 927-5469                           Harbor Point Vacation Rentals      GOVERNMENT
Coastal Gems Real Estate                 (850) 349-9599                     Carrabelle Post Office
(850) 926-1340                           Home Away Vacation Rentals (SGI)   (850) 697-3339
Coldwell Banker Forgotten Coast Realty   (512) 493-0382                     City of Carrabelle
(850) 899-9988                           Jasmine-By-The-Sea                 (850) 697-3618
Gordon K. Adkins, Realtor                (850) 697-8593                     City Commissioners
(850) 927-4000                           Chip Kaye                          (850) 697-2727
Harbor Point Realty                      (404) 266-0067                     Community Development
(850) 349-9599                           Resort Vacation Properties         (850) 697-3307
Ochlockonee Bay Realty, Inc.             of St. George Island               County Commissioners
(850) 984-0001                           (850) 927-2322                     (850) 653-2227
Pandora Schlitt, Realtor                 Sandy Beach Properties             Court House Annex-Carrabelle
(850) 927-3161                           (850) 697-5300                     (850) 697-3263
Prudential Resort Realty                 The Villas at St. James Bay        Florida Fish & Wildlife
(850) 927-2666                           (850) 697-9606                     (850) 697-3741
Rae Roeder Realty                                                           Franklin County Landfill
(850) 681-3101                                                              (850) 670-8167
                                                                            Franklin County Health Dept.
Realtors Assoc.of Franklin & So.         Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic
 Gulf Counties                           (850) 670-8306                     (850) 697-4121
(850) 653-3322                                                              Lanark Village Post Office
Sandy Beach Properties                   ASSOCIATE MEMBERS                  (850) 697-2751
(850) 697-5300                           Sheila Hauser                      Planning & Zoning
Sea Crest Realty, Inc.                   (850) 251-0445                     (850) 653-9783
(850) 697-9604                           Sharon Thoman                      Property Appraiser-Tax Collector
Seaside Village                          (850) 697-2220                     (850) 697-3263
(850) 697-6970                                                              Supervisor of Elections
Shaun S, Donahoe                         INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS                 (850) 697-3263
(850) 653-8330                           Don & Pam Ashley
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                                          R. Bruce Barnes
                                                                            Eveready Gas Co.
                                         (850) 927-3262                     (850) 697-3334
                                         Kathi Jones                        FairPoint Communication-Telecommunication
Cakes By Amy
(850) 697-2077                           (850) 877-2994                     (850) 229-7355
Carrabelle Junction                      Adrian & Mary Claire Lovell        Mediacom-Telecommunications
(850) 697-9550                           (850) 697-8567                     (850) 934-7700
Chef Eddie’s Magnolia Grill              William & Wanda Rose               Progress Energy-Electric
(850) 653-8000                           (850) 545-5852                     (850) 342-2348
Fisherman’s Wife                         Oryan Speed
(850) 697-4533                           (850) 653-8156
Harry A’s Restaurant & Bar               Leon Wiesener
(850) 927-3400                           (850) 697-9620
Harry’s Bar & Package Store              Suzanne Zimmerman
(850) 697-9982                           (850) 697-8974
Hog Wild BBQ                             Jack & Carol Zurawka
(850) 697-2776                           (850) 697-9183
                       L AW O F F I C E S O F

         Ch arl es A. Cu rra n, P.A .
•Wills and Estates     •Construction Insurance
•Real Estate           •Civil Litigation/Personal Injury

P O Box 549 Carrabelle, Florida 3232
                                     2 I 106 Tallahassee Street
       Telephone: 850.697.5333 I Fax: 850.

    Fisherman’s Choice
           BA IT 4 TA CK LE 4 SE AF OO
               Charles Pennycuff & Rex Pennycuff
                                          toint, Fl 32328
      P O Box 274 • 330 Highway 98 • Easp
          Tel: 850.670.8808 •

  Hog Wild Bar-B-Q
   PO RK •C HI C KE N• B EE F• T U
                                                RK EY •R IB S
        Hickory smoked th
                             e old fashion way wi
       all the fixins prepar                     th
                            ed from our own re

             A boatload of mea
                     Lunch Buffet:
                               ts & veggies.

                    All You Can Eat.
 Now Serving some
                   of the best seafood
  & Ice Cold Beer. H                   on the coast
                     ome of Hobos’s Ic
                                        e Cream.
          “Worth Driving 100 Miles
1593 West Highway
                  98 • Carrabelle, Fl
   850.697.2776 • Em                 orida 32322
                     ail: khogwild@gtco
                                                               LAST CAST CHA
                                                                             RT E R S

 •Riverfront View
 •Family Atmosphere                                                           Light Tackle
•Local Fresh Seafood an
                           d Steaks
                                                                         Bay and Flats Fi
•Pizza and Real Beef Bu
                          rgers                                     Carrabelle to O
•Dine In and Carry Ou
                                                                                   chlockonee Bay
•Dailey Specials
                                                                        Inshore Grouper
•Deliver in the Carrabel
                         le area
                                                                         Scenic Water To
•Shuttle Ser vice Available                                           Captain Terry C
600 Marine Street (Next                                       850.251.5571
850.697.8488 Wicked
                        Door to Wicked Willie’s)                              I www.LastCastC
850.697.8480 Riverview                                                       USCG 1119905
Carrabelle, Florida

                                                              CARRABELLE MARINA

                                                               803 N. W. Ave. A, Hwy 98 I P O
                            abelle River
                                                                                                Drawer BB

        Located On the Carr own
                                                                        Carrabelle, Florida 32322

                       ter of T
            In The Cen
                                                               850.697.3351 I www.carrabellema

                                      v Marin          a
                               • Ships S
                                             r Boats
                               • 67 Slips fo et
                                  up to  53 fe           on
                                              p Out Stati
                                • Fuel - Pum d Showers
                                                                                   SALES AND SERVICE OFFERING
                                                               FROM 18’ TO 36’
                                • Laundry Welcome
                                                                                   A FULL LINE OF GRADY WHITE
                                •  Transients

         Kingfish Shootout T            on
                             ia Foundati
       Supports  the Leukem
           Last W  eekend in S
                              A, Hwy 98
          501 N   W Avenue  
               00 • www   .cquartersm
                                                                        Y-DRY STORAGE - WET SLIPS
                                                                     BRUCE SHAFFER, GENERAL MANAGER
                                                    get her
                 B r ing ing Fu n a nd Fis hin g to

                                     tten Coast
    Covering the waters of the Forgo
              From 6" to 60 Fathom.
       Come Fish, Dive, Snorkel or Cruis

                                      Licensed and Master Captain
    Captain Kamen Miller, U. S. C. G.

    All charters include:
    • Saltwater Fishing license's
    • Quality Rods, Reels, lures,desire)
                                             if you
     (you may bring your own Rod & Reel

    • Professional Captain/Guide
    • Cooler with ice for your drinks/lu
    • A day of fishing fun
                                          of our boats
    * Children are welcome aboard all
                                           ers fish cleaning
    ** For parties of more than two angl
       is available for an additional fee

                                    wes Redfisher 16'
• Pressure Drop 46’ • Panga 26' • He                      
  St. James Bay Health
  & Rehabilitation Center
  Services offered:
  • Skilled, Intermediate and Hospice Care
  • Personal Assistance with Activities of Dail
                                               y living
 • Private and Semi-Private Rooms
 • Physical Therapy
 • Occupational Therapy
 • Speech Therapy
 • Medical Nutrition Therapy
 • Restorative Care Program
 • Respite Care
 • Registered Dietician Services
• Housekeeping and Laundry Services
• Beauty and Barber Shop
• Cable TV
• Transportation Services
• Activities Program
• Planned Social Activities and Events
• Medical Director of Staff
• Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay and Qua
                                             lified Insurance
     239 Crooked River Rd, Carrabelle,
                                       FL 32322
                 8 5 0 . 6 9 7. 214 1

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