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					                                                                                           APPENDIX 1

ID     Request from                                      Info Required       Outcome
      Member of the                                                        Partially
320   public          Name of a number of members of staff.                refused
321   Contractor      Plans for electronic invoicing                       Provided
322   Media           Amount spent on Taxis                                Provided
      Member of the
323   public          Correspondence re closure of Glencoe Hospital        Provided
      Member of the
324   public          Agenda for Change Job Reports - Internal Auditors    Not Held
325   Solicitors      Sharps injuries & compensation                       Provided
326   MSP             Audiology waiting times                              Refused
327   Media           Drugs not used by patients                           Not Held
      Member of the
328   public          Handwritten notes of meetings                        Provided
      Member of the
329   public          Annual Accounts 2006/07 & 2007/08                    Not Held
330   Media           Ops etc cancelled due to dirty instruments 2002-03   Not held
331   Media           Ops etc Cancelled due to dirty instruments 06/07     Not Held
332   Media           Ops etc Cancelled due to dirty instruments 03/04     Not Held
333   Media           Ops etc Cancelled due to dirty instruments 04/05     Not Held
334   Media           Ops etc Cancelled due to dirty instruments 05/06     Not Held
                                                                           sought &
335 MSP               Numbers people removed from an NHS waiting list      received
336 Media             No staff disciplined for smoking on NHS premises     Provided
337 Media             No. of IVF, No of same sex couples IVF, & costs      Provided
                                                                           Provided in
338   Media           GP funding, # of referrals, breakdown of GP referr   part
339   Media           Car parking income                                   Provided
340   Media           No. of patient with IVF & waiting times              Provided
341   Union           Smoking policies                                     Provided
342   Media           Adverse incidents - Radiotherapy                     Provided
343   Student         MRI Scanners                                         Provided

                                                                                                  APPENDIX 1

      Member of the
344   public          Use of legal services                                       Provided
345   GP              Action as a result of IR1 forms                             Provided
346   Media           Agenda for Change appeals                                   Provided
347   Media           How often Maternity Units filled to capacity                Provided
349   MSP             Staff Surveys                                               Provided
350   MSP             Dissolution of GP Partnerships                              Provided
351   Contractor      it budget information                                       Provided
352   Media           Maternity Transfers                                         Complete
355   Media           Drug Use - cannabis                                         Not held
358   Media           13 questions re neonatal services                           Info provided
359   Media           Fees paid by NHSH to consultancy firms over year            REFUSED
360   Organisation    Level of spending on equipment for disabled/ ill children   Provided
361   Media           SMC/Drugs                                                   Provided
362   Media           Incidents of Clostridium Difficile                          Provided
363   Academic        Partnership Agreement                                       Provided
      Member of the
364   public          Individual Patient Information                              Refused
365   Media           Spending on Alcohol                                         Provided
      Member of the
366   public          Feeding of parents/carers of inpatients                     Provided
      Member of the
367   public          Boards policy on financing Continuing Care                  Provided
      Member of the
368   public          Sale of surplus land at the site of mid argyll hospital     Provided
369   GP              Patient Verification Report                                 Provided
370   Media           Treatment for Smokers                                       Provided
371   Media           Caesarean Section                                           Provided
      Former staff
372   Member          Blood Transfusion Service - MHRA failure                    Provided
373   Media           End of life decisions - neonatals                           Provided
374   Media           plans/strategies 2007/08                                    Provided
375   Media           Locum costs                                                 Provided
376   Media           stomach stapling query                                      Provided

                                                                                                                      APPENDIX 1

377   Union         FBCs and contracts for PFI/PPP projects                                             Provided
378   Media         Diabetes queries                                                                    Provided
379   Media         Caesarean Section                                                                   Provided
380   Media         MRSA queries                                                                        Provided
381   Media         HN51 Bird Flu queries                                                               Provided
                    1)     Who applies for/holds warrants to intercept a mental health patient’s
      Member of the communications (eg. telephone/mail). Is it NHS Highland or local authority? 2)
382   public        What are the conditions governing their use?                                        Provided
      Former staff
383   Member        various personnel queries                                                           Provided
384   Media         Provision of Security at NHS buildings/premises                                     Provided
386   Media         List of approved contractors                                                        Provided
387   Media         No of Caesarian Sections                                                            Provided
      Former staff
388   Member        Various personnel queries                                                           Provided
      Former staff                                                                                      Provided in
390   Member        Date NHSH rec'd a GP application and date invitation sent                           part
391   Organisation decisions made re equipment                                                          Provided
      Former staff
392   Member        SAS contract with Scourie/Kinlochbervie Practice                                    Provided
      Member of the
393   public        1) no needlesticks in last 5 yrs 2) what to reduce                                  Provided
      Member of the
394   public        No. of mentally ill people in Portree and other related questions                   Provided
                                                                                                        Provided in
395 Union            No.s using the flexible working arrangements                                       part
396 Media            Attacks on NHS Staff                                                               Provided
397 Media            Eating Disorders                                                                   Provided

398 Union            No of assaults on staff for last year - by nature of assault and category of worker Provided
                     A number of queries relating to a quote from the Practitioner Services PV Report;
                     all details of information held by NHSH or PSD relating to that GP and the Practice
399 GP               for the years 1999 to 2003                                                          Provided
    Member of the
400 public        non-exec visits                                                                       Provided

                                                                                                                        APPENDIX 1

                      List of Board members, senior personnel, clinical leads and medicines
401   Contractor      management                                                                          Provided
402   Solicitors      Pharmaceutical Svcs report by Prof Howard McNulty 1998/9                            Provided
403   Media           OOH various - expenditure, who provides, complaints, quality requirements           Provided
404   Media           APMS GP practices - various queries                                                 Provided
405   Solicitors      Walkway at Islay hospital - repairs and accidents                                   Provided
      Public sector
406   organisation    Pay info for senior management staff                                                Provided
408   Academic        Health Board Executive salary & benefits                                            Provided
409   Dentist         Lochshell Dental Clinic - various info                                              Provided
      Member of the
410   public          Public Interest Disclosure policies - various                                       Provided
      Member of the                                                                                       Provided in
411   public          Patient Falls in Hospital                                                           part
412   Media           OOH and associated costs                                                            Provided
      Former staff
413   Member          MHRA Failure at Caithness                                                           Provided
      Former staff
414   Member          Kinlochbervie/Scourie Practice                                                      Provided
415   Pharmacist      New/Closed Pharmacies                                                               Provided

                      Ref, the Scottish Executive’s sexual health strategy, ‘Respect and Responsibility’:
                      - To what extent has this recommendation been implemented in your health board?
                      - At what point, for example at a GP consultation or at a hospital clinic, is this
                      counselling offered?
    Voluntary         - If a woman is seen by several clinical staff before a termination, what procedures
416 Organisation      are in place to record the stage at which the woman was counselled?                  Provided
                      For the financial years 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-07, what were your:
                      - overall interest payments on leases
                      - interest payments on operating leases
417 Contractor        - interest payments on finance leases                                                Provided

                                                                                                                     APPENDIX 1

                    Audiology Waiting Times for Highland:
                    - waiting times for each quarter for the past 12 months, including waiting times from
                    GP referral to assessment and for assessment to fitting of aids
      Voluntary     - A breakdown of how many people who have to wait 0-18 weeks, 19-26 weeks, 27-
419   Organisation 52 weeks and 53 weeks and over                                                         Provided
                    Further to previous FOI request, a number of other FOI requests were made, within
      Member of the a letter of complaint - all in relation to the Mental Health Act and Mental Health
420   public        Services in general                                                                   Provided
      Former staff                                                                                        Partly
421   Member        Further queries regarding Caithness Blood bank and MHRA inspection                    provided
422   Organisation No.s deaf/deafblind/hard of hearing in PPF and involved in local planning.             Provided

    Member of the    Acharacle:budgeted and actual costs, no. of evaluation questionnaires and
423 public           evaluations, patient numbers, business support offered, petition been considered.   Provided
    Member of the    NHS Highland's Publication Scheme. NHS Highland / Highland Council Mental
424 public           Health Budget for previous 5 years                                                  Provided
425 Organisation     Coverage of NHS podiatry and chiropody services:                                    Provided
                     Spend on translation services for each of the last 10 years - translators to
426 Media            communicate with patients, translated materials, etc.                               Provided
    Relative of
    former staff
427 member           Copy of internal investigation report                                               Refused
428 GP               Full briefing report following a resignation from MIO                               Provided
429 GP               Major Incident training for the past 5 years.                                       Provided
    Member of the
430 public           Legal Firms used by NHS Highland                                                    Provided
431 Media            Elective Surgery, smoking and BMI                                                   Provided
432 Solicitors       John Smeaton + public events                                                        Provided
433 Media            Mixed Sex wards                                                                     Provided
    Member of the
434 public           Weight Reduction procedures                                                         Provided
    Member of the
435 public           dental services + evidence how NHSH is 'taking matter forward'                      Provided

                                                                                                                     APPENDIX 1

                                                                                                       Provided in
436   Media           ADHD in children                                                                 part
437   Staff member    Agenda for Change                                                                Provided
438   Media           bowel cancer referrals                                                           Provided
439   Staff member    Sen BMS post                                                                     Provided
440   Staff member    Agenda for Change follow up questions                                            Provided
441   Media           Clostridium Difficile                                                            Provided
      Member of the
442   public          Information reg provision of nursing and medical services to island of lismore   Provided
443   Media           Cost re gaelic translation                                                       Provided
444   Media           Waiting Time for CBT                                                             Provided
445   Media           Missed hospital appointments                                                     Provided
446   Media           Clostridium Difficile                                                            Provided
447 Staff member      Agenda for Change                                                                provided
448 Staff member      Quarterly list size for a Practice                                               Provided
    Former staff
449 Member            Employment status of Dr X                                                        Provided
    Member of the
450 public            Audited accounts for Raigmore 06/07, plus auditor's name + fee                   Provided
451 Media             PPP/PFI contracts for New Craigs and County Community Invergordon                Provided
    Member of the
452 public            Prescribing formulary for Gastrointestinal and Dermatology Disease area          Provided
453 Media             PPP/PFI contract for Mid Argyll Community Hospital                               Provided
    Member of the
454 public            Funding for particular drug treatments                                           Provided
    Member of the
456 public            Care of the Elderly Unit in Lochgilphead                                         Provided
                      Cost to NHS of treating patients who are migrants to the city from Eastern
457   Media           European countries, etc.                                                         Provided
458   Media           Use of animals in services?                                                      Provided
459   MSP             Personal data lost                                                               Provided
460   Media           Hospital consented post portems                                                  Provided
461   Media           Lost data                                                                        Provided

                                                                                                                        APPENDIX 1

      Relative of
      former staff
462   member         Labs at Caithness General                                                            Provided
463   GP             Information on Strachur Out of Hours Opt Out                                         Provided
464   Media          Spend on Handwashing Soap                                                            Provided
465   Publisher      Mid Highland CHP Local Health Plan                                                   Provided
466   Media          Staff on £100k salaries                                                              Provided
467   MSP            Staff Abuse                                                                          Provided
468   Media          Companies NHS Highland has shares with                                               Provided
469   Media          Info re staff sickness and reducing the numbers of days off due to illness           Provided
470   GP             Out of Hours info                                                                    Provided
472   Media          use of new drugs rec'd by SMC                                                        Provided
473   Media          Info re Smoking cessation (Clinics, numbers, waiting times)                          Provided
474   Media          Amount spent on mental health care, waiting times, cared for children etc            Provided
      Relative of
      former staff                                                                                        Provided in
475   member         Various documents regarding labs                                                     part
                     Maintenance records, accident reports and complaints relating to tea trollies at
476 Solicitors       Raigmore hospital                                                                    Provided
                     Details of staff disciplined due to alcohol/drug abuse, failed drug/alcohol tests,
477 Media            analysed by what kind of drug etc                                                    Refused
478 Media            amount spent on taxis to transport patients and medical staff                        Provided


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