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									A Streetcar Named Desire Study Guide                                                             Scene 3
Scene 1                                                                                          1. What does the opening dialogue suggest about the poker players?
1. What mood do the opening stage directions and setting descriptions create?
                                                                                                 2. What impression of Mitch is created during this opening dialogue? How is he different than
2. Who is sitting on the steps of the apartment building?                                        Stanley and what does this say about the proletariat class?

3. As the play begins, how is Stanley’s primitive nature revealed and what does this suggest     3. Why does Stanley slap Stella? What is he trying to make sure he has over others and what
about his class?                                                                                 does this say about his struggle as a proletariat?

4. How is Stella described in the stage directions? How does this contrast with Stanley?         4. Stella introduces Blanche to Mitch. What is Blanche’s immediate reaction to Mitch? What
                                                                                                 does she tell Stella? What does she think Mitch will do for her and how does this play a part in
5. What is known about Blanche before she speaks her first line?                                 her class as a bourgeois?

6. Describe the conversation between Eunice and Blanche. What is Blanche’s reaction when         5. Explain the significance of Mitch’s silver cigarette case and how it helps to increase the
she discovers she has arrived at Stella’s home?                                                  attraction between Blanche and Mitch?

7. How is Blanche’s drinking problem introduced and what does this suggest about her class       6. What lies surface in Blanche’s conversation with Mitch?
admitting problems?
                                                                                                 7. Why does Blanche ask Mitch to place the paper lantern over the light bulb? What does the
8. What reason does Blanche provide for her arrival in New Orleans and how does this relate to   lantern symbolize, and what does covering the light bulb symbolize?
                                                                                                 8. Within the issues of capitalism and the class system, why does Stanley throw the radio out the
9. How does Blanche react to Stella’s apartment and what does this say about the class           window? Identify the immediate effect on Blanche of his action.
                                                                                                 9. How does the hitting Stella and the fight afterwards reflect the turmoil of the class system?
10. What is Blanche’s ideology/opinion of Stanley before she meets him?
                                                                                                 10. Describe Stella’s return to Stanley. What does this say about the proletariat and gender
11. What happens to Belle Reve and how does this seem to disrupt the class system?               issues?

12. How is Stanley’s class presented when he first meets Blanche?                                Scene 4
                                                                                                 1. Describe the setting as Scene Four opens. How does this setting mirror what has gone on
Scene 2                                                                                          the night before?
1. Why is Stella taking Blanche out for the evening? What is Stanley’s reaction? How does who
is doing what still play into previous roles but at the same time seem to disrupt them?          2. What does Blanche urge Stella to do? What is Stella’s response? How does Shep Huntleigh
                                                                                                 figure into this scheme and what does what Blanche wants of him say about women in the class
2. At the beginning of the scene, Blanche is taking a bath. Why? What is symbolic about this     system?
                                                                                                 3. What is Blanche’s attitude about money? How does she react when Stella offers her pocket
3. How does Stella try to protect Blanche and what does this suggest about Stella’s class and    money? How does this reflect their classes?
the loyalty she feels?
                                                                                                 4. Describe the conversation Stanley overhears between Blanche and Stella. Give Stanley’s
4. How does Stanley react to the news that Bell Reve has been lost?                              reaction. How does Stella respond when Stanley enters the room. How does this whole
                                                                                                 conversation with the reactions afterwards comment on the class system?
5. What does Stella order Stanley to do and describe Stanley’s reaction. How does this play a
part with both gender and Marxism?                                                               Scene 5
                                                                                                 1. Why is Blanche writing a letter to Shep Huntleigh? What do the contents of the letter reveal
6. Why does Blanch ask Stella to get her a lemon-coke? How does it show that she looks at her    about Blanche and how does it all comment on the class system and problems w/it?
sister as someone who can serve her?
                                                                                                 2. Over what do Steve and Eunice fight about? What is significant about their fight? How does
7. What does Stanley’s knowledge of the Napoleonic code show about proletariats?                 Blanche respond to it?

8. Why does Stanley rifle through Blanche’s trunk?                                               3. What has Stanley learned about Blanche’s past in Laurel? How has he gained this
                                                                                                 information? What does it suggest about a woman’s ability to provide for herself?
9. How does Blanche react when Stanley says he will look through her love letters? What do the
letters symbolize he is taking from her?                                                         4. How does Blanche react when Stanley insinuates that she has been a prostitute? Why does
                                                                                                 Blanche question Stella when Stanley leaves?
                                                                                                  3. All three of the people who reveal Blanche’s deception are proletariat. What does this
5. What does Blanche hope for in her relationship with Mitch and what does this say about         suggest about proletariats and bourgeois?
women within the class system?
                                                                                                  4. What does Mitch value Blanche for in the end of this scene?
6. Why does Blanche kiss the young man? What does it give to her?
                                                                                                  5. How are the gender issues and class issues evident in the conclusion of this scene, in what
Scene 6                                                                                           happens at the end?
1. Why does Blanche seem depressed at the beginning of this scene?
                                                                                                  6. How and why does Blanche drive Mitch away at the end of the scene? How does she use her
2. Blanche indicates to Mitch that she will be leaving soon. Why is she planning to leave?        gender to her advantage and what does this suggest?

3. How does Blanche respond when Mitch asks if he can kiss her, and why is her response           Scene 10
ironic?                                                                                           1. Why is there tension at the beginning of this scene?

4. What does Blanche tell Mitch about life with Stanley, and what is Mitch’s reaction?            2. Stanley asks Blanche why she is all dressed up. What reason does she give? What is
                                                                                                  Stanley’s response? What does it suggest that her reason is a lie; what does that say about her
5. Why does Mitch want to know Blanche’s age?                                                     class and the stability she has in it?

6. What does Blanche tell Mitch about her past? Why does she confide in Mitch?                    3. Why does Stanley tell the story about his cousin with the bottle opening? What point is he
                                                                                                  trying to make about the proletariats and the bourgeois?
7. How does this incident in Blanche’s past affect her present life?
                                                                                                  4. Why does Stanley get out his silk pajamas?
8. What might have Blanche meant in her last line of this scene?
                                                                                                  5. Why does Blanche say she can’t forgive Mitch and why is this ironic?
Scene 7
1. When Stanley arrives home, what news does he divulge about Blanche? How does Stella            6. What does Blanche’s lunacy symbolize with her actuality of her class?
react to the news?
                                                                                                  7. What do you think happened at the end of this scene and how does it play a part in the
2. Stanley tells Stella that he told Mitch about Blanche’s past. Why did he tell Mitch? How did   struggle of man and woman; proletariat and bourgeois?
Mitch respond? What do his actions “for” Mitch “against” Blanche suggest about the class
system?                                                                                           Scene 11

Scene 8                                                                                           1. The scene begins on another poker night. How has Stanley’s luck changed since the first
1. What does Stella say that angers Stanley? What is Stanley’s reaction? Why?                     poker game? How is the game symbolic of class system, gender, and his current position of
2. Who does Blanche try to phone and why?
                                                                                                  2. What is Blanche’s condition and why has she been brought to this position? What has she
3. Stanley tells Stella that his life has been disrupted by Blanche’s presence. How so? What      lost in what happened between her and Stanley?
type of life does he want to return to?
                                                                                                  3. How has Stella deluded herself and what action has she taken against her sister?
4. Why does Blanche call Stanley a “Polack”? What is his response and how does his culture
now play a part in the Marxist analysis of class?                                                 4. Blanche claims to have forgotten something. What is Stanley’s response to this, and how
                                                                                                  does his response become symbolic?
5. Stella demands to know why Stanley has done what he has to Blanche. What does he tell
her? How does Stella respond? How does show the issue with class systems and gender as            5. Why is Stanley, and not Mitch or Blanche, the best character to now tear down the paper
well?                                                                                             lantern from the bulb?

Scene 9                                                                                           6. How does Mitch become involved when Blanche retreats? What does this indicate about the
                                                                                                  class system?
1. How does Mitch respond to Blanche’s offer of a drink of liqueur? Why does he react in this
way?                                                                                              7. What is the significance of Blanche’s final line and the fact that she goes to be with the
                                                                                                  doctor? Why does she value him in accords with her gender and her class?
2. Why does Mitch destroy the paper lantern? How is his action symbolic? How does it play into
class system? Is it reinforcing/disrupting and explain.                                           8. What is significant about Stella staying with Stanley?

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