sweet basils famous mouthwatering modern thai cuisine is now home by fdh56iuoui


									                                                                  “for a while we thought Thai food should be relegated to the vaults                                          Takeout/delivery menu
                                                                  but Sweet Basil has convinced us otherwise”
                                                                  - Lonely Planet Guide.

                                                                  Set menu and lunch bookings
                                                                  taken for parties of 10 and over.

                                                                  Home delivery/reservations
                                                                  Telephone (03) 9827 3390.
                                                                  Delivering to South Yarra, Prahran, Windsor, Toorak
                                                                                                                                        Chanida with sister Anna (executive chef)
                                                                                                                                        1981 Bangkok, Thailand.
                                                                  Minimum delivery order $25
                                                                  Please leave a welcoming light on for our drivers.
                 “Thai food with a delightful difference”         Driver carrying $20 in change.
                                                                  All credit cards welcome
                          - The Age Good Food Guide
                                                                  Dinner 6 nights a week
                                                                  Closed Mondays (our day of rest)
      “In a sea of Thai eateries Sweet Basil stands out”          Fully licensed (BYO wine only)
                                     - The Sunday Age
                                                                  Forgot the wine?
  “You don’t get called the best Thai restaurant in town          We’ll deliver that too!
                      in our circle of friends for nothing”
                    - The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne             (Ask Madame Tuk for the wine list when you call)

                  “Sweet Basil is a contemporary gem”
                          - The Age Good Food Guide

“You might go for the terrific food, but you will also find
        this cosmopolitan eatery a voyeur’s paradise”
                           - The Age Good Food Guide

           “...one of that new breed of thai restaurants”
                            - The Age Good Food Guide
                                                                                                                                        sweet basil’s
                                                                  upstairs                                                              famous mouthwatering
home delivered                                                    now open                        Sweet Basil
                                                                                                  Modern Thai Cuisine                   modern thai cuisine is now
                                                                                                  209 Commercial road South Yarra
                      (So skip the cooking hassle’s tonight and                                   sweetbasil.com.au
                         order in: telephone (03) 9827 3390)
Appetizers                                                                           Mains                                                                                 Vegetarian
SOUP                                                                                 STIR FRIED                                                                            SOUPS
1 Tom Yum Goong                                                               8.90   24 Pud Prik Nuer                                                              17.90   50 Tom Yum paak                                                               8.90
  A spicy broth of prawn, with lemongrass & chilli                                      Tender beef slices in sweet basil & chilli sauce                                      Spicy vegetarian soup with lemongrass & chilli
2 Tom Khar Gai                                                                8.90   25 Pud Katiam Nok                                                             17.90   51 Tom Kah Paak                                                               8.90
  Chicken fillet in creamy coconut, lemon juice, flavoured with galangal                  Crispy quail in a delicious peppercorn                                                Vegetables in creamy coconut & lemon juice, flavoured with galanga
3 Tom Som                                                                     8.90      & garlic sauce served on a bed of vegetables                                       52 Gang Churd Tofu                                                            8.90
  Fish fillet soup flavoured with pepper, tamarind and ginger                          26 Pud Paak Nopagao                                                           17.90      Clear consomme with vegetables & tofu
4 Gaeng Churd                                                                 8.90      Mixed peeled prawns, chicken & vegetables in oyster sauce
  Clear consomme with Chinese cabbage filled with rounds of minced chicken            27 Gai Pud Takrai                                                             17.90   53 Salad Kaak                                                                16.90
                                                                                        Succulent sliced chicken fillets with lemongrass & coconut milk
HOT APPETIZERS - (INDIVIDUALLY HAND MADE)                                                                                                                                     Seasonal vegetables, tofu & sliced eggs dressed
                                                                                     28 Gai Yang Panang                                                            17.90      with a creamy peanut sauce
5 Bud Sarakum                                                                 8.90
                                                                                        Grilled marinated chicken sticks topped with                                       54 Yum Paak                                                                  15.90
   Natural yellow pumpkin flavoured steamed
                                                                                        crushed peanuts & red curry sauce                                                     Steamed mixed vegetables with roasted
   dumplings with minced chicken, palmsugar & spices - (4 per serve)
                                                                                     29 Gai-hawaiie                                                                18.90      cashew in spicy tamarind dressing
6 Pan Sib                                                                     8.90
                                                                                        Chicken fillet slices with pineapple and cashews in red soy sauce                   55 Som Tum                                                                   15.90
   White steamed rice skin dumplings filled with
                                                                                     30 Pud Ped Moo                                                                18.90      Seasonal mixed fruit with green & red apple, tomato,
   minced fish, herbs & a dash of palm sugar (4 pieces)
                                                                                        Stirfried pork slices with and green peppercorns                                      carrot, pineapple dressed with roasted peanut, palm sugar,
7 Khanom Jeeb                                                                 8.90
                                                                                        mixed with spicy chilli paste in a coconut sauce                                      lime juice & a dash of fish sauce
   All natural green pandan leaf steamed
   dumplings with minced chicken,crushed roasted peanuts & spices                    SEAFOOD                                                                               CURRIES
8 Pla Thong                                                                   8.90   31 Goong Makram                                                               22.90   56 Gaeng Keow Wahn Paak                                                      18.90
   Lightly fried fish cakes with chilli paste & lime leaves (4 pieces)                   Stirfried prawns in tamarind sauce with cashew nuts                                   Green curry with bean curd & vegetables
9 Tung Thong                                                                  8.90   32 Pla Samrod                                                                 22.90   57 Gaeng Ped Pet Thaim                                                       18.90
   ‘Money Bags’ lightly fried marinated minced                                          Whole lightly fried rainbow trout topped with a chilli & coriander sauce              Vegetarian “mock-duck” with lychee in a delicous red curry
   pork in golden pastry tied in an edible pandan leaf (4 pieces)                    33 Pho Tack                                                                   22.90   58 Gaeng Par Paak                                                            18.90
10 Kang Kaow Purk                                                             8.90      A spicy selection of lemongrass mixed                                                 Non coconut based curry of vegetables & tofu with chilli paste & spices
   Lightly fried triangle shaped taro pastry filled                                      seafood with a light non-coconut sour curry & straw mushrooms
                                                                                                                                                                           59 Gaeng Kari Paak                                                           19.90
   with pork, prawn & dried mushrooms (4 pieces)                                     34 Choo Chee Talay                                                            22.90      Mild yellow curry with bean curd & vegetables
11 Kuntok                                                                     9.90      Assortment of seafood in a lime leaf and spices red curry flavour                   60 Panang Paak                                                               18.90
   A mixed entree platter of six handmade delicacies                                 35 Plamurk Yad Sai                                                            22.90      Vegetables cooked in thick red curry sauce
                                                                                        Calamari stuffed with savory minced prawn
SALADS                                                                                                                                                                     STIR FRIED
                                                                                        dressed in a chilli & coriander sauce
12 Yum Talay                                                                 22.90                                                                                         61 Khao Pud Paak                                                             14.90
                                                                                     36 Hor Mouk Talay                                                             22.90
   Assorted seafood with a dressing of mint                                                                                                                                   Thai fried rice tossed with mixed vegetables & egg
                                                                                        Mixed seafood in creamy thick red coconut
   scallions, shallots, chilli & lime juice                                                                                                                                62 Pad Thai Paak                                                             14.90
                                                                                        curry & lime leaves on a bed of steamed vegetables
13 Yum Nuer                                                                  19.90                                                                                            Thai fried noodles with bean curd, bean shoots, chives,
                                                                                     37 Pad nam Prik Paow                                                          22.90
   Tender slices of grilled beef with a dressing of                                                                                                                           crushed peanuts, gift wrapped in an omelette
                                                                                        Mixed seafood stir fried with sweet basil in a chilli paste sauce
   chilli, served with slices of tomato & cucumber                                                                                                                         63 Pad Kee Mao Paak                                                          14.90
                                                                                     38 Pla Lui Suan                                                               22.90
14 Yum Ped Yang                                                              20.90                                                                                            Thai fried noodles with vegetables, chilli & sweet basil
                                                                                        Deep fried crunchy Travelley fillets, dressed
   Roast duck (boneless) with fresh fruit, lemongrass,                                                                                                                     64 Pad Prik Paak Ruam                                                        16.90
                                                                                        with a roasted peanut & spicy sauce
   shallots, lime juice & chilli paste                                                                                                                                        Tossed vegetables cooked in sweet basil & chilli
15 Pra Goong                                                                 22.90   RICE AND NOODLES                                                                      65 Pad Kati Paak Ruam                                                        16.90
   Prawns mingled with lemongrass, coriander,                                        39 Pud Thai                                                                   15.90      Vegetables cooked in lemongrass & coconut cream
   chilli, lime juice & a dash of fish sauce                                             Thai fried noodles with peeled prawns, chicken, beanshoots,                        66 Pad Paak Tofu                                                             16.90
16 Larb Gai                                                                  17.90      chives & crushed peanuts, with scrambled egg                                          Tossed vegetables in oyster sauce with tofu
   Minced chicken with chilli, mint, lime juice                                      40 Pud Kee Mao                                                                15.90   67 Pad Tofu Makram                                                           17.90
   & roasted rice to enhance the flavour & texture                                       Thai fried noodles with sliced beef, chilli & sweet basil                             Tofu in tamarind sauce, vegetable with chilli & cashew nuts
17 Yum Gai                                                                   19.90   41 Khao Pud                                                                   15.90
   Steamed chicken fillet slices with lemongrass,                                        Thai fried rice tossed with peeled prawns & chicken                                DESSERT
   lime & chilli, dressed in a creamy coconut sauce                                  42 Khao Pud Nam Prik                                                          15.90   68 Banana Pancakes                                                            8.90
                                                                                        Thai fried rice with peeled prawns & chicken,                                         served with homemade vanilla ice-cream
CURRIES                                                                                                                                                                    69 Banana Pudding                                                             8.90
                                                                                        flavoured with a spicy sun-dried shrimp paste
18 Gaeng Keow Wahn Gai                                                       19.90                                                                                            served with syrup & vanilla ice-cream
                                                                                     43 Khao Suay                                                                   3.00
   Chicken fillet in traditional green curry                                                                                                                                70 Sago - Tapioca Style                                                       8.90
                                                                                        Steamed jasmine rice - per serve
19 Gaeng Ped                                                                 20.90                                                                                            with vanilla ice-cream
                                                                                     44 Roti                                                                        3.50
   Roast duck (boneless) in a special sweet basil
                                                                                        Roti bread Thai style - per serve                                                  71 Thai style ice-cream                                                       8.90
   lychee fruit & pineapple red curry
                                                                                     45 Khao Ka Ti                                                                  4.00      topped with a Thai palm seed dressing
20 Kari Gai                                                                  20.90
                                                                                        Steamed coconut rice - per serve
   Mild yellow curry of chicken fillet & potatoes
21 Panang Nuer                                                               19.90   APPETIZERS
   Tender beef slices in rich thick red curry, tossed with crushed peanuts           46 Purk Tord                                                                   8.90
22 Massaman Nuer                                                             20.90      Strips of taro lightly fried in batter served in a tamarind peanut sauce
   An Indian influenced curry of diced beef gently                                    47 Tofu Tord                                                                   8.90
   simmered for hours with peanuts and spices                                           Lightly fried tofu served with tamarind sauce
23 Gaeng Par Nuer                                                            19.90   48 Kao Pod Tord                                                                8.90
   A non-coconut based curry of beef & vegetables                                       Corn kernels in light batter served with a plum sauce dip
   cooked in stock with chilli paste & various spices                                49 Kari Puff                                                                   8.90
                                                                                        Lightly fried vegetarian curry puffs

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