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ContactID    First Name Last Name DepartmentTitle          WorkPhone            M
                                                                       HomePhone obilePhoneEmail Address
         1   J. Ben                                        (920) 424-7189
                        Arbaugh Business Professor of Management                 
         2   Bryan      Lilly                   Associate (920) 424-7201
                                   Business / Marketing Professor                
         3   Paul       Niesen                  Professor 920-424-7284
                                   English / Film                                
         4                         Journalism Assistant Professor
             Elizabeth Crisp Crawford                      424-1151              
         5   Gary       Burns      PsychologyProfessor 424-7175                  
         6   Phan       Hong       PsychologyProfessor 424-2302                  
         7   Susan      McFadden PsychologyProfessor 424-2308                    
         8   Craig      Fiedler    Education Professor (920) 424- 3161           
         9   Michael    Beeth      Education Associate Professor                 
       10    Joan                                          424-4444
                        Simmons Education Associate Professor                    
       11    Alan                                          (920) 233-3391
                        Saginak Education Assistant Professor                    
       12    Gerald     Fast       Education Professor (920) 424- 7253           
       13    Marguerite Parks                              424-7210
                                   Education Associate Professor                 
       14    Don        Hones      Education Professor 424- 7209                 
       15    Kathryn    Henn-Reinke                        424-7249
                                   Education Associate Professor                 
       16    Fred       Yeo                                                                 Service
                                   Education Dean of the College of Education and Human
       17    Susan      Finkel     Education Lecturer (920)-424- 3005            
       18    Kevin      McGee                   Professor
                                   Business / Economics 920-424-7155             
       19    Ralph                              Professor
                        Gunderson Business / Economics 920-424-7151              
       20    Donald     Gudmundson              Senior Associate Dean, MBA
                                   Business / Economics (920) 424-7401 Program Director
       21    C. Burk    Tower                   Professor 920-424-0351
                                   Business / Management                         
       22    Al                                             College of Business
                        Hartman Business Dean of the(920) 424-3441               
       23    Michael    Tippens                 Associate 424-2094
                                   Business / Marketing Professor                
       24    Birgit                Business / Marketing 920-424-0076
                        Leisen Pollack          Professor                        
       25    Steven     Dunn                               (920) 424-2162
                                   Business Associate Professor                  
       26    Robert     Kunkel                  Professor (920) 424-7191
                                   Business / Finance                            
       27    Robert     Ball                    Assistant (920) 424-7080
                                   Computer Science Professor                    
       28    Kathy                              Assistant (920) 424-2069
                        Faggiani Computer Science Professor                      
       29    Michael    Burayidi                Coordinator, Urban and Regional Studies Program
                                   Urban Planning          (920) 424-7114        
       30    Stefan     Becker                             920-424-7115
                                   Geology Associate Professor                   
       31                                       Assistant Professor
             Druscilla Scribner Political Science          (920) 424-0924        
       32    Kathleen Corley                    Associate Professor
                                   Religious Studies       424-7383              
       33               Bowen Jr. Geography Associate Professor
             John Terrence                                 424-4103              
       34    Colin      Long                               424-2182
                                   Geography Assistant Professor                 
       35    Eric       Hiatt                              424-7001
                                   Geology Associate Professor                   
       36    William    Mode                               424-7002
                                   Geology Associate Professor                   
       37    Martin                             Professor (920) 424-0146
                        Gruberg Political Science                                
       38    David                              Associate Professor
                        Siemers Political Science          (920) 424-0435        
       39    Frances Rauscher PsychologyEndowed Professor  424-7172              
       40    Baron      Perlaman PsychologyProfessor 424-2307                    
       41    Gary       Adams                              424-2071
                                   PsychologyAssociate Professor                 
       42    Mark       Lattery    Physics                 424-7105
                                                Associate Professor              
       43    Franca     Barricelli History                 (920) 424-7159
                                                Associate Professor              
       44    James      Koch                               424-2303
                                   PsychologyAssociate Professor                 
       45    Leigh Ann Mrotek                              (920) 424-1323
                                   Kinesology Assistant Professor                
       46    Kelly                 KinesiologyAssociate Professor
                        Beisenstein-Weiss                  (920) 424-3251        
       47    Bob        Weber      Kinesiology             (920) 424-1389        
       48    John       Koker                   Dean
                                   Letters & Science       920-424-1210          
       49    Muriel                             Assistant Vice Chancellor
                        Hawkins Academic Support and920-424-2245                 
       50               M
             M. Michelina anzi                  Assistant Vice Chancellor
                                   Curricular Affairs & Student Academic Achievement
       51    Perry      Rettig                  Associate Vice
                                   Provost / Vice Chancellor Chancellor          

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52   Rosemary    Smith      Nursing                  920-424-3089
                                         Dean of Nursing                   
53   Lane        Earns                   Provost and Vice
                            Provost and Vice Chancellor Chancellor         
54   James                               Chair
                 Simmons Political Science POLS Dept.(920) 424-7165        
55   Paul        Liu        Political Science        424-7162
56   Tracy       Slagter    Political Science        424-7161              
57   Robert      Wagner                  Major       424-3403
                            Military Science / Assistant Professor         
58   John        Strous     Medical Technology 424-1487                    
59   Merlaine    Angwall    Theatre                  424-7050              
60   Kathleen    Donnelly Theatre                    424-7127
                                         Costume Designer                  
61   Mick        Alderson Theatre                                          
62   Richard     Kalinoski Theatre       Director    424-0937              
63   Roy         Hoglund Theatre                     424-7043
                                         Chair of Theatre Dept. / Scenic Designer
64   Joanne                              Professor 424-1311
                 Noe Cross Business / Accountingof Accounting              
65   Donald      Simons                  Professor 424-3472
                            Business / Accountingof Accounting             
66   Michael                             Professor 424-7193
                 SchellengerBusiness / Finance of Finance                  
67   Dale                                Professor of Human
                 Feinauer Business / Human Resources Resources             
68   Linda                               Professor of Management and Team Leader
                 Hartenian Business / Human Resources424-1395
69   Michael     Eierman Business / MIS              424-0183
                                         Professor of Information Systems  
70   David       Lishner    Psychology               424-2301              
71   Mahesh      SubramonyPsychology                 424-7168              
72   Michael     Cowling                             424-7144
                            Journalism Professor, News Editorial           
73   Tim                                             424-7298
                 Gleason Journalism Associate Professor                    
74   Julie                                           424-1105
                 Henderson Journalism Professor of Public Relations        
75   John        Burr       Philosophy Chairperson   424-7312              
76   Ronald      Cordero Philosophy                  424-1367              
77   David       Gilboa     Philosophy               414-1293              
78   Larry       Herzberg Philosophy                 424-7313              
79   Alice       Kyburg     Philosophy               424-7310              
80   James                               Assistant Professor
                 Feldman History / Environmental424-3235                   
81   Ana Maria              History
                 Kapelusz-Poppi                      424-7260
                                         Assistant Professor               
83   Stephen     Kercher    History                  424-7158
                                         Associate Professor               
84   John        Zarbano Theatre         Adjunct Faculty / Lecturer        
85   Toivo       Kallas                  Professor
                            Biology / Microbiology 424-7084                
86   Colleen                             Professor Co-Chair                
                 McDermott Biology / Microbiology/ 424-7090 / Pre-Veterinary Medicine Adv
87   Todd        Sandrin                 Assistant Professor
                            Biology / Microbiology 424-1104                
88   Robert      Stelzer                 Assistant Professor /
                            Biology / Microbiology 424-0845 Co-Internship
89   Dana                                Associate 424-3076                
                 Vaughan Biology / Microbiology Professor, Pre-Health Professions Adviso
90   Michael     Lizotte                 Director, Instructor
                            Aquatic Studies Center424-0848                 

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          Bio          Areas of Expertise
                       Project Management, International Entrepreneurship, Graduate from Marshall University. His research focuses on
          Dr. Arbaugh earned his M.B.A. from Wright State University, and his B.B.A. Management Education, Management Education vir
                       New products, Decision-making under uncertainty, M.B.A. from Northwestern. analysis, Survey and experimenta
          Dr. Lilly earned his B.S. from The Ohio State University and hisMarketing strategy, StatisticalHe spent eight years in industry an
                       Composition, Literature and Film, Creative faculty
          Niesen holds an MFA from the University of Arizona. AWriting member at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Niesen teache
                       Cultural and aesthetic facets of the advertising industry, in Communication and Information with an emphasis in Ad
          Dr. Elizabeth Crisp Crawford, assistant professor, earned her Ph.D. advertising and public relations history, cigarette advertising
                       Personnel a Bachelor and selection; personality in the workplace; applicant distortion.
          Gary N. Burns earned assessmentof Arts in Psychology from West Virginia University and a doctorate in Industrial and Organiza
                       Personality her MA and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas, and completed her experience
          Dr. Phan Hong earned disorders; disorders of emotion regulation; mindfulness; invalidation of trauma and personalclinical intern
                       Adult development Psychology, has taught religion; emotions in later life; creativity and Alzheimer's disease
          Susan McFadden, Professor ofand aging; psychology ofat UW Oshkosh since 1985. Her main interests are in the area of adult
                        at the education, Wisconsin Oshkosh since 1987, Dr. Fiedler is an into school and education. He has four publis
          A professorSpecialUniversity ofethical issues, inclusion of children with disabilities expert in specialcommunity settings, emotiona
                       Beeth completed his undergraduate studies in biology and chemistry at conceptual change, Teaching and Point. H
           Michael E. Science teacher education and professional development, Research on the University of Wisconsin-Stevenlearning
simmonsj@uwosh.eduSecondary reading, content area reading
                        Saginak is Associate Professor Lifespan, Student of Counselor Education at the University of Wisconsin Clinical In
          Dr. M. Alan Career Development across the in the Department Affairs and Student Development in Higher Education, Oshkosh.         Mathematics education, mathematics misconceptions, cognitively guided instruction, mathematics instruction in mu        Multicultural education
                        taught ESL (ages 8 to instruction, years in Spain, Ecuador,
          Don Hones ESL, second language adult) for 10multicultural education California, Oregon, Minnesota and Michigan. He taugh
                       Bilingual education, years development
          Dr. Henn-Reinke aught for eightliteracyas an elementary, bilingual teacher in Milwaukee, Wis., with four years at a community s
                       Rural and undergraduate degree in 1970 in biology at the University of and social foundations worked in banks in t
          Dr. Yeo completed hisinner-city education, higher education administration, cultural California in Riverside, of education       Childhood development
                       earned his investment under certainty, statistical theory and risk, economics
          Dr. McGee Tax policy, B.A. in Mathematics from Ohio Dominican College, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from The Ohio State Univers
                       Macroeconomic Theory, Economic Political Science from Augustana College, in
          Dr. Gunderson earned his BA degree (1970) in Development, International Capital Markets Sioux Falls, SD. He earned his M
                       Small earned his B.S. from the University of Development, Strategic Decision Making, International Business, Fam
          Dr. Gudmundson Business Management, Strategic PlanWisconsin Madison and his M.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin O
                       Entrepreneurship, Family University Marketing, Small Business from Indiana
          Dr. Tower earned his B.B.A. from the Business, of Cincinnati and his M.B.A.Management University. He held positions at the U
                       Team Training, Dean of the College of Management Training, Organizational Innovation, at UW Oshkosh include
          Prior to being appointed as Organizational Change,Business in 1996, previous administrative positionsPerformance Appraisal
                       earned his B.B.A. from The University of Georgia and his M.B.A from Indiana University
          Dr. Tippins Branding, Marketing Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Market/Customer Analysis Fort Wayne. His profession
                       Services Marketing, B. Leisen Pollack lived and worked in the Marketing, area of Germany close to France, Luxem
          Prior to coming to the U. S., Dr. Travel & Tourism Marketing, Health CaremulticulturalCustomer Retention/Relationship Market
                       Supply Chain from California State University Long Beach,
          Dr. Dunn earned his B.S. Management, Environmental Management his M.B.A. from Boise State University, and his Ph.D. fro
                       Investments, Personal Finance, Financial Markets, Commercial Banking
          Dr. Kunkel earned his B.S. from the University of Illinois, his M.A. in economics from the University of Tennessee, and his M.B.
                       Human-computer interaction, information visualization, and provenance and pedigree
          Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
                       Emerging software Boulder
          Ph.D., University of Colorado - engineering methods, use of design patterns in programmer education, and IT workforce compo Land use regulation, planning, housing policy, planning seminar, contemporary urban issues.
                       Physical Geography, Climatology, Natural Hazards, Environmental Research, Quantitative Methods, Statistics, hurr
          Dr. Becker earned his doctorate from Justus-Liebig University in Germany in 1994. He has been a faculty member at the Unive
                       Comparative doctorate from the University of California-San Diego. Her research interests Courts; and Women a
          Dr. Scribner received herPolitics; Latin American Politics, Government, Law and Elections; Comparativeinclude Comparative Po
                       New is originally from California, where she studied Religious Studies and English at Westmont Gospels, Women
          Professor CorleyTestament, Christianity, Women and Religion, The Bible and Current Events, Jesus and theCollege, Theology
                       Air Bowen, Jr. is an Associate Professor at cultural, Asia, quantitative methods
          John Terrence transportation, economic developement, the Department of Geography & Urban Planning at the University of Wis
                       Biogeography, paleoecology, fire history.
          Dr. Long earned his doctorate from the University of Oregon. His research focuses on environmental change and the study of Q
          Dr. Hiatt teaches Sedimentology, Oceanography, Sedimentary Petrology, and Physical Geology. He teaches field courses in Be
                       Sedimentology, Oceanography, Sedimentary Petrology, and Physical Geology
                       research on glacial geology, palynology, and climatic change has taken him to Baffin Island, Alaska, Russia, and the
          Dr. Mode’s glacial geology, palynology, and climatic change American Politics, Trials of the Century, Discrimination, Politics of Sports, Presidency, Political Interest Groups, Civi American Political Thought, U.S. Presidency, Congress, Government, Constitution, National Politics and Elections
                       Music cognition, Human Development, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Although primarily interested in music cog
          Frances Rauscher is an Endowed Professor at the Infant and Child Development, Social Psychology, and History of Psychology
                       Adolescent and BA from Lawrence University and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Michigan State University in
          Baron Perlman received hisadult clinical psychology (psychotherapy, psychodiagnostics, and psychopathology)
                       Employee health, well-being and in psychology from the University work-nonwork; individual and organization perf
          Gary A. Adams received a bachelor’s degreeperformance; relationship betweenof Wisconsin Oshkosh, a master’s degree in I/O
                       Physics education, history of science
          As an undergraduate, Dr. Lattery attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN (1984-1986) and Bethel College in St. Early Modern Europe, Renaissance Italy
                       Behavioral neurology of eating and drinking; from St. Louis modulation 1990, intake; measurement of appointmen
          Dr. Koch received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychologyneurochemical University inof food followed by postdoctoral human phy
          M.S., Ph.D.Biomechanics, Lifespan Motor Development, Active Lifestyle, Hand-Eye Coordination Leadership in Adult Fitness, Active Lifestyle, History and Philosophy of Physical Education Children and Youth with Disabilities, Assessment and Prescription Techniques, Physical Education for Individuals w
                        has been a member of the UW Oshkosh faculty since 1991. As a professor in the Mathematics Department, he ser
          John KokerMathematics: Algebra, Graph Theory
                       Student Success, Allied Health, Diversity, Social Justice
          Dr. Muriel Hawkins has held positions in administration, teaching and clinical practice at Chicago State University, Medical Univ
                       Curriculum, oversees a range of curricular issues, including ESL
          Dr. M. Michelina Manzi, Lliteracy, Standards for Reading Professionals, student retention, general education, articulation agree
                       Educational focus has been educational
          Dr. Perry Rettig's careerLeadership, Administration leadership. Both his masters degree from the University of Wisconsin Milw

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                      Clinical, Teaching, Dean in the College of Nursing. Stress Measurement, of roles Assessment and teaching
          Rosemary Smith serves as theAdministration, Women’s Health,She has held a variety Lifestylein clinical practice,Change and
                      and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Earns serves Faculty-Administrative Relation; Asian Studies, History,
          As Provost Personnel Issues, Faculty Development and Retention, and as the leader and administrator of the University's unde Public Policy, Administration, Urban Politics, Campaigns and Elections
                      State Government, Municipal Government, Local Issues and Elections European Government, Politics and Elections POC, ROTC, Military Science      Clinical Laboratories and Clinical Lab Tests Stage Combat, Stage Directing, and Acting for Both Camera and Stage History of Fashion and Costume Design, History of Styles, Makeup, Painting and Dyeing for the Theatre Lighting Design, Special Effects Playwriting, Script Analysis, American Theatre History, Creative Drama Scenic Design, Architecture and Furniture History, Stage Management, History of Styles
                      Accounting History, the University of Wisconsin Madison. Her research and consulting interests are in accounting h
          Dr. Cross earned her B.S. from Financial Reporting and Auditing
                       earned his B.S.B.A. from Marquette and Use and his M.B.A. Graduate Management Education
          Dr. Simons Health Care Accounting and FinanceUniversityof the Internet inand Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin Madison.
                      Corporate Finance and Investments
          Dr. Schellenger earned his B.A. in economics at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and his M.A. in economics from the Un
                      Compensation, Performance Appraisal, Employee Empowerment, His research and and Change, Conflict Manage
          Dr. Feinauer earned his B.A., M.L.H.R., and Ph.D. from Ohio State University. Strategic Planningconsulting interests include cha
                      Performance B.S. from Diversity, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Volunteer Motivation and Oshkosh. Dr.
          Dr. Hartenian earned her Appraisal, Northern Illinois University and her M.S. from the University of Wisconsin Team Skills Har
                      Problem Formulation, Group Creativity, Systems Management, Reengineering research focuses on problem
          Dr. Eierman earned his B.B.A. and his M.S. from the University of Wisconsin Madison. His and Program Development formu Empathy-related processes, emotion, human altruism
subramon@uwosh.eduOrganizational effectiveness; organizational change, customer services; program evaluation
                      History of Journalism editorial. Mike received of bachelor's degree in journalism from Eastern Illinois University a
          Michael Cowling, professor, newsin the United States, Law hisMass Communication, Media Ethics and Editing
                      Media photography, introductory and advanced mass communication, critical/cultural theory, mass communication.
          Dr. Tim Gleason, associate professor, teaches media photography, and both introductory and advanced Asian popular culture a
                      Public Relations
          Julie Henderson, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, is professor of public relations. She was elected to the Public Relations Society of        Philosophy of Art, American Philosophy, Indian Philosophy Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy      Social and Political Philosophy Philosophy of Mind/Psychology, Epistemology, Philosophy of Emotion Philosophy of Mind, Artificial Intelligence American and world environmental history, 20th Century U.S., U.S. West Modern Mexican and Latin American History. Gender and medicine in 19th Century Mexico
                      20th Century United States
          Research Interests: Modern American wit and satire; post-war American intellectual and cultural life; the history of American ad Entertainment Law      Biotechnology, Molecular Biology of Photosynthetic Pathways in Cyanobacteria
mcdermot@uwosh.eduImmunology, Medical Microbiology, Detection of Cyanobacterial Toxins, Pre-Veterinary Medicine
                      Microbial Physiology, Effects of metal pollutants on the physiology of organiz-pollutant degrading bacteria
          I obtained my doctoral degree and post-doctoral training at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona in the Department of So
                      Aquatic Ecology, Nutrient cycling through consumers, Ecosystem Ecology
          Dr. Stelzer's research is focused on understanding the reciprocal controls between nutrients and food webs in aquatic ecosyste Cellular Neuroscience, Structure & function of vertebrate retina with hereditary disease and/or oxidative stress     Aquatic biology

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Education, Management Education via the Internet
 al analysis, Survey and experimental research designs, Computer software development, Database marketing

relations history, cigarette advertising

n of trauma and personal experiences; manipulation
ativity and Alzheimer's disease
 ol and community settings, emotional/behavioral issues
ptual change, Teaching and learning

 ment in Higher Education, Clinical Instruction in Counselor Education, Counselor Education, Counseling
 ction, mathematics instruction in multicultural environments

cial foundations of education

Making, International Business, Family Business Management, Business Ethics

Innovation, Performance Appraisal

 omer Retention/Relationship Marketing

 r education, and IT workforce composition and development.
  urban issues.
Quantitative Methods, Statistics, hurrican tracking
  Comparative Courts; and Women and Politics.
nts, Jesus and the Gospels, Women and the New Testament, and Gnosticism

 dency, Political Interest Groups, Civil Rights, Public Law, U.S. Elections
tion, National Politics and Elections
 sychology, and History of Psychology.
nd psychopathology)
work; individual and organization performance metrics

 intake; measurement of human physiological signals in response to stressful visual and imagined stimuli

 Physical Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

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style Assessment and Change
tive Relation; Asian Studies, History, Nagasaki

nd Dyeing for the Theatre

agement Education

anning and Change, Conflict Management and Role of Boards of Directors in Management of Organizations
eer Motivation and Team Skills
 and Program Development

 m evaluation
a Ethics and Editing
ultural theory, Asian popular culture and international film

eterinary Medicine
ollutant degrading bacteria

disease and/or oxidative stress

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