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					Enns Brothers
Combine Clinic

Portage La Prairie - 2010
                                   T670 Combine Topics

             1. T670 Introduction
                • Project Goals
                • Functional Testing and Development
                • WTS Comparison
             2. Components description

2   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                     T670 High Capacity Small Grain Combine

        • Small grain
        • High quality straw

3   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                   T670 Project Goals

               • Total capacity increase 15% or higher.

               • Flatter loss curve to reduce sensitivity at capacity limit.

               • Minimize power requirement for additional separation rotors.

               • Comparable straw quality (bale-ability) to conventional WTS.

               • Minimize amount of new parts by utilizing existing John Deere technology.

               • Integrate new separation system into existing WTS chassis concept.

4   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                        T Series Vs. WTS

                             T Series                      W Series

5   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                            Machine Specification
                                                                  T670 base MY10                        9660WTS MY07

Engine                   horse power                    360 hp (33hp power boost)           305 hp (33hp power boost)

                         Displacement                   9.0 L Tier3                         8.1L Tier 2

Feeder house             Drive                          fixed speed                         fixed speed

                         Chain                          HD                                  Standard
Threshing &                                                                                 Universal, short wire concave with de-
Separator                Concave                        Large Wire                          awning plates without inserts

                         Drive                          Dual speed range                    Dual Speed Range
                                                        7 steps w/ grids                    11 steps w/ grids
                         Straw walker grids             All grids are universal             CCM 4,9,11 universal all other

                         Total active separation area   3.4 m²                              1.8 m²

                         Walker area                    5.4 m²                              7.7 m²

Residue                  Type                           Premium chopper & chaff spreader    Premium chopper & chaff spreader

                                                        Premium w/ serrated knives & wind
                         Chopper rotor                  paddles                             Premium w/ serrated knives

Grain tank               Capacity                       300 bu / 11000l                     300 bu / 11000l

Misc                     NA spec features               21.5 ft unloading auger             21.5 ft unloading auger

                                                        165mm front axle spacers            165mm front axle spacers

Cab & controls                                          Command center (70 series)          60 series

6      | Combine-Tech Overview T670

•Electronically controlled grain tank covers.
•9.0L PowerTech plus engine (360hp, unload boost 393hp)
•Tangential tine separator technology – for tough conditions.
•Best in class residue management (no tool change over)
•70 series type cab featuring the command center.
•300bu grain tank 800L fuel tank.

 7   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                          Separation of Grain WTS vs. TTS


                                                  Walker end   WTS: 7.41
                                   Walker front    6-18%       ac/h(wheat)
           Concave &                 8-16%
          Beater Grate


                                                               T670: 8.9 ac/h
                                   Separator- &                (wheat)
             Concave               Beater Grate
             80-60%                  14-26%

8   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                     T670 Functional Areas

      Cutting &                                                    Grain       Residue
                              Threshing   Separating   Cleaning
       Feeding                                                    Handling   Management

10   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  T-Series final design

11 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
12   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  T-series Cylinder

Cylinder (equal to 9660 WTS)
Diameter: 660 mm
Width: 1640 mm
Range of speed:
     • High Speed: 475 - 1030 rpm
     • Low Speed: 240 – 510 rpm

13 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                    T- Series Concave
                                             Concave (same as WTS)
                                             Rear cover like CTS
                                             Concave size: 750 x 1670 mm
                                             Separation area: 1.25 m2
                                             Number of bars: 13
                                             Wrap angle:     116°
                                             Adjustment: electrical

Booster bar can be installed at concave
nose if required (Increase threshing
efficiency in hard to thresh crops without
closing de-awning plates, allowing max
separation at concave area).

14   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                   Concave Options
      Large Wire                            Small Wire                    Universal Short Wire

                                    Small wire concave regulates        Recommended when harvesting
High performance full wire          amount of material being            in wet green straw conditions.
concave. Provides optimal           distributed on cleaning shoe        Risk of cleaning shoe overload
performance in high yielding        area. Improves threshing of         in dry conditions. Chaff amount
or tough harvesting                 wheat or barley in tough            can be controlled with concave
conditions.                         conditions. Improved threshing      inserts but compared with the
                                    improves overall machine            large wire concave chaff
                                    capacity. Minimizes chaff load in   amount can be higher even
                                    dry conditions.                     when inserts are installed.

 15 | Combine-Tech Overview T670

                              Diameter of stripper: 140 mm
                              Range of speed: 1.25 * cylinder speed
                                 • standard          594 - 1287 rpm
                                 • dual range drive 300 - 626 rpm

16 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  Overshot Beater

          New Design
Number of wings:     8
Bolted design
Beater Diameter:     420 mm
Speed (fixed):       700 rpm

17 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  Tine Separator

Number of tine bars: 8
Bolted design
Rotor Diameter:          660 mm
Slant of tines:          45°
Speed range:
        •900 rpm (small grain)
        •450 rpm (Other)

18 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  Separator Grate

Design: Frame assembly with bolted
grates (CTS rice grate)
Separation area:1.56 m2
Wrap angle: 165°
Adjustment: manual, 2 positions
        • 30 mm (small grain)
        • 50 mm (other)

19 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                  Separator Grate position (right side)
        Barley, Wheat, Grass ...

                    Grate is set for the most aggressive position

20 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                      Separator Grate – Closed Position

                                                                30 mm

                                    Marked at the 5th row   2. Adjust grate using eye bolts
1. Lever in rear position against                           (both sides) to set a gap of 30
the locking mechanism (small                                mm at the 5th fingers row
grain position)                                             (marked) between rotor bars and
                                                            finger tips.

21 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                  Separator Grate position (right side)
        Canola, Peas, beans, sunflower….

    Grate is set to the open position gentle handling of material

22 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                        Separator Grate – Open Position

                                                         48 - 52 mm

     1.      Check lever range.                                       3.   In open position (forward) gap
             Move lever to front locked position (open                     between rotor bars and grate fingers
             position)                                                     tip should be between 48 and 52 mm
     2.      Lever should lock at both end positions                       at the 5th row.

23 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  Rear beater

Design: like 9660WTS, but drive on right
Number of wings: 8
Beater diameter:     400 mm
Speed range: 1 x rotor speed
       • 900 (Small Grains)
       • 450 (Large Grains and Canola)

24 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                  Rear beater grate

Design: Same grate as 9660 WTS,
new adjustment mechanism.
Separation area: 0.55 m2
   manual, 2 positions

25 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                   Rear Beater Grate closed (left side)


  Closed, recommended for small grain, green straw…

26 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                     Rear Beater Grate open (left side)

                                              6   5

           Open, recommended for large grains and Canola.

27 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                    Walker design

Design:                                                 7
   • Bolted grids (4,5,7)
Number of steps:         7                          5
Walker Length:           3250 mm
Walker area:             5.4 m2                4

     Universal Grid                 CCM Grid

28   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                        Cleaning System – Quadra-Flow

                                  Pre-cleaner   Chaffer

Conveyor Augers


                                                Dual flow fans

29 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                         T670 – Speeds

                                       Stripper Beater            TTS Rotor               Beater
                                    125 % of cylinder speed   900 rpm small grain   900 rpm small grain
                                                                                      450 rpm other
            450 to 990 rpm             560 to 1240rpm           450 rpm other

       220 to 490 with Gearbox

                                       Overshot Beater
                                           700 rpm

30   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                    T670 – Drive layout

31   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
             TTS Rotor Quick Speed Change (left side)

                             450 rpm
                                                             900 rpm
For Canola, Peas, beans, sunflower, rice....
                                               For Barley, Wheat, Rye, Grass ...

  32 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                Tip for TTS Rotor Quick Speed Change

   When changing speed, from 900 to 450 rpm, first remove belt from lower
   pulley to have enough slack, then twist belt at top pulley to move it between big
   pulley edge and upper drive belt idler rod.

33 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                                    Two Speed Cylinder

                            Procedure for changing speeds outlined in the OM

34 | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                        Straw Chopper & Chaff Spreader

35   | Combine-Tech Overview T670
                        Straw Chopper & Chaff Spreader

            Straw chopper engagement     Chop to drop conversion

                                         Counter knife bar – 5 positions

          Chaff spreader speed
                                         Booster bar – 2 positions

36   | Combine-Tech Overview T670

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