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   What Works.
   What Doesn’t.
To a potential employer, a resume is “YOU” on
paper. It may be the only “YOU” they ever see!

     Make sure your resume gives the impression
      you want a potential boss to have.
          - If you don’t take time and care to prepare
          an appropriate resume, they can only
          assume you also won’t take time and care
          to do a good job for them at their business.
     Be positive. Don’t overstate accomplishments,
      but avoid any negative statements.
Resume-Writing Tips

   Resumes need to be ERROR-FREE!
   Computer-generate a neat, clean document.
   Pay careful attention to spelling, punctuation,
    grammar, and style.
   Proofread and have several others proofread.
   Organize in a logical fashion.
   Keep it clear and to the point.
   Keep it to one page.
Resume-Writing Tips Continued

   Use a simple, easy-to-read font.
   Use good quality white or off-white bond paper.
   Include as much work experience as possible
    and appropriate even if it doesn’t directly relate
    to the job you’re seeking.
   Tailor information to the job you’re seeking.
   Do not include personal data such as height,
    weight, or a picture.
   Never send a resume without a cover letter.
Contents of a Resume

   Heading: Includes name, address, and phone
    number (also include email address if appropriate)
   Objective or goal
   Skills and Qualifications
   Work History
   Education and Training
   Certificates and Licenses
   Accomplishments and Activities
   Other Information
   References

   Heading includes name, address, and phone
    number (Include email address if appropriate).
   Your name should be larger than the rest of the
    heading and bolded (in access.bridges, your name
    will appear larger when resume is complete).
   Give home address (not work).
   Don’t forget your area code.
   Do not abbreviate! (ex: Street, Avenue, East)
   Make sure your answering machine has an
    appropriate message in case someone does call
Heading Continued


           Pam Tiefenthaler
             4408 South Plains Drive
              Sioux Falls, SD 57106
                  (605) 362-1231
Objective or Goal

 In access.bridges, choose to “Continue without
  selecting a specific career goal”, so you can write
  your own.
 Make sure your objective or goal fits the job for
  which you are applying. Change it with each job
  for which you apply if necessary.
 KISS (Keep it simple, sweet).
Example: To utilize my carpentry background and
  interest to obtain a position as a Carpentry
Skills and Qualifications

   This is an optional category that may be used
    to enhance your experience and education
   List skills that are most relevant to the job you
   Think of what the employer might need in
    relation to what you’ve done and who you are
    as a person.
   List examples of how you’ve demonstrated
    your skill.
Skills and Qualifications Continued

Team Player. Four years on the Roosevelt High
  School track team and two years in Tech Club
  have taught me to work cooperatively with
Hard Worker. Being involved in activities, while
  also working part-time and maintaining a 3.0
  grade point average, has taught me to work
  hard to exhibit excellence and manage my
Work History
   List your most recent (or current) job first.
   Include job title, name of organization or company,
    city, state, dates of employment, duties performed
    and/or skills developed.
   Use short bulleted statements to describe job duties.
    Keep all of these in the same tense. In access.bridges,
    you can use the “Action Words List” to help you get
   Include those duties which best fit your career goals.
    Be creative. Most fit more than you may first realize.
   Also list volunteer experience or internships,
    especially if related to your career goal.
Work History

Construction Laborer, Service First Construction,
  Sioux Falls, SD, June 2000 – present
 Assist carpenters with residential construction
 Select and retrieve appropriate tools
 Assemble parts according to necessary
 Clean work areas.
Education and Training

   List most recent education first.
   Do not list anything below high school.
   Include name of school, location, and current
    grade or date of expected graduation. If above a
    3.0, you might choose to list your grade point
    average, but be sure to list the academic scale
    (Example: 3.2 on a 4.0 scale). In access.bridges,
    you could include this in the “Other Information”
Education and Training Continued

   You may also want to include specific career-
    related course work (Example: Computer
    Aided Drafting, Woodworking 1 & 2)
    certificates, or second language or computer
    classes. (In access.bridges, this can be added
    to the “Other Information” section.)
Education Continued

Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls, SD
Expected Graduation Date: May, 2003
Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
Career-Specific Classes: Computer Aided Design,
  Woodworking 1 and 2, Spanish 1 and 2
Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel and
Certificates and Licenses

   This category is optional. Include any certificates
    or licenses you have that would be mandatory or
    helpful in the job for which you’re applying.
   Examples:
    CPR Certification for a hospital position, or ASE
    Certification for an auto mechanics-type position
    Drivers license or CDL license for some type of
    driving or equipment operation job
Accomplishments and Activities

   Brainstorm any type of honor or award you’ve
    received (Examples: Employee of the Week,
    Most Improved Spanish Student, etc.).
   List activities that you’re involved with. This
    shows time management, commitment and
   List interests usually only if somehow related to
    your career goals.
   In access.bridges, the “Action Words List” is
    available in this category, too.
Accomplishments and Activities

 Honor Roll Student
 First place Technology contest
 Assist with local annual Angel Tree project
 Lettered in track, 3 years
 Student of the Month, February, 2001
 Volunteer youth softball coach
 President of church youth group
Your Interests

   This is an optional category.
   Use this section to list any of the interests you
    have that might be related or helpful to the job
    for which you’re applying.
   Example: Interest in flying if applying for a job
    at the airport
Other Information

   Another optional category, but an important
    one to use if you have any other qualifications
    you’d like to share to make the best impression
   This might be where you’d include your GPA,
    or courses you’ve taken (including any college-
    level courses you may have taken) or
    experiences you’ve had that would be of
    particular interest to the employer.
   Example: Spanish club took trip to Spain to
    gain first-hand knowledge of the culture.

   Always ASK your references before you put
    them on a reference list.
   Ask supervisors, teachers, counselors, etc.
    who know your work habits best. Do not ask
    clergy unless you have some work connection
    with them. Never ask relatives.
   List at least 3 references, but no more than 5.
References Continued

   If references fit comfortably on your resume, they
    can be listed at the bottom. Often, however, they
    are listed on a separate sheet.
   If listed separately, at the bottom of your resume,
    state that “References are Provided Upon
    Request” and have a list ready to hand to an
    employer. Most employers prefer that you give
    them everything they need at one time.
References Continued

   List references name, title, place of
    employment, address, phone number, and
    email address (if applicable and appropriate).
   If you choose to use a separate reference
    sheet, make sure your name appears on top
    of the reference page, and on your resume,
    include a statement such as the one below:

    References: Provided upon request.
References Continued
On separate sheet:
               Rob Kurtenbach
Ms. Pam Tiefenthaler, Career Development Specialist
Sioux Falls School District
Instructional Planning Center
201 East 38th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105-5898
(605) 367-7995
Make it Look GOOD!
        And always include a
        cover letter, so the
        recipient knows why
        they’re receiving your

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