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					Women of Wisdom Foundation
P.O. Box 300043
Seattle WA 98113

                         Presenter Application
                 20 Annual Women of Wisdom Conference
                         February 16 – 20, 2012
Please type application

Day Phone           Evening Phone                      Cell
Email Address

Workshop Title

Workshop Description -Please limit to 100 words plus a one sentence biography for our fliers.
Please be aware that your description may be edited for space consideration. You can expand
on your workshop content in the outline below.

Biography 100 words maximum

Previously Presented at WOW Conference?

Workshop Title_________________________ Year___________________________

Presenter Experience: Please list where you’ve presented this workshop, or others like it.

Workshop Outline Please include full details of the activities during the workshop. Include
amount of time of lecture, discussion and experiential – for a three-hour time frame.

Your Target Group (Appropriate for teens? Men?)_______________________________

Size of Your Target Group (min - 20, workshops rooms hold up to 35

Your Availability to present your workshop (days and times – am, pm, morning or afternoon)
Workshops are Saturday am and pm, Sunday am, pm and eve and Monday am.


Please describe your marketing reach:
Enewsletter, website, radio show, facebook, etc.
Special Needs for your workshop:

Material fees to charge participants (must be approved): $
How active is your workshop, i.e. space needed for movement?
Need tables for art or writing projects?
How much noise will you make?
Do you require a quiet space?
Please include a good quality professional color photo with 300 dpi hi – resolution. It
must be a jpeg or tiff and not embedded in a document.
If you have presented at WOW in the past 3 years, we will review your workshop evaluations.
For new presenters:
Please see our reference questionnaire on our website

Distribute this questionnaire to your references and have them email to with reference for presenter and your name in the subject box.

Or you can have them mail it to Women of Wisdom, P.O. Box 30043, Seattle, WA 98113 and
list in the corner "Reference for Presenter " and your name.

Reference letters must be posted or emailed by August 1st, 2011.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 20th Annual Women of
Wisdom Conference!

Women of Wisdom Conference Committee

We prefer to receive the application by email for efficiency of our work process.

Email to by August 1st to :

Please list the name of the presenter in the subject box.

You can also mail by Aug. 1st to: Women of Wisdom Foundation
                                    PO Box 30043
                                    Seattle WA 98113

If you email your proposal we will confirm that we received it. If you don’t hear from
us, please try again or contact us.

Please include your $35 membership or if you prefer to not be a member, include the
$40 application fee. You can apply for membership on our website: