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SECDEF commissions Hampton Roads midshipmen and cadets by liuhongmei


									                     ALUMNI NEWSLETTER
                          SPRING 2010

Lieutenant Commander                          Upon completion of training, he reported to
                                              USS Cape St George (CG-71), home ported
    Charles L. Perry                          in Norfolk, VA as OI Division officer and
                                              Assistant Operations Officer. In 1998 he
                                              transferred to the USS Harry S. Truman
                                              (CVN 75) as Assistant Damage Control
                                              Assistant. In July’00 he transferred to
                                              NROTC Hampton roads in Norfolk, VA as
                                              an Instructor of Naval Science.

                                              Upon completion of Department
                                              Head/Tactical Action Officer training in
                                              October 2003, he reported to USS Stephen
                                              W. Groves (FFG-29) in Pascagoula, MS as
                                              Chief Engineer. In May’05 he transferred to
                                              Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit Four
                                              Zero One in Portsmouth, VA.

                                              Lieutenant Commander Perry transferred
                                              ashore in April’ 07 to Commander Naval
                                              Beach Group Two staff in Little Creek, VA.

                                              Lieutenant Commander Perry is authorized
                                              to wear the Navy Commendation Medal (3
                                              awards), the Navy Achievement Medal (3
                                              awards), as well as various unit and
                                              campaign awards

   Executive Officer of the USS ROOSEVELT         COMMANDER CRAIG A. HILL
Lieutenant Commander Charles Perry is a       COMMANDING OFFICER RIVERINE
native of D’Iberville, Mississippi. He is a         SQUADRON ONE
1995 graduate of the Norfolk State
University with a Bachelor of Science         A native of Baltimore, Maryland,
Degree in Mathematics. He also holds a        Commander Hill graduated from Old
Master’s in Education from Old Dominion       Dominion University in 1993 and earned his
University. He was commissioned in Dec of     commission through the Naval Reserve
1995 and attended Surface Warfare Officers    Officers Training Corps Unit, Hampton
School in Newport, RI.                        Roads.
 As a division officer, CDR Hill served as     and Todd Lewis for selection & promotion
Electrical Officer and Combat Information      to Captain in fiscal year 2011.
Center Officer in USS BRISCOE (DD 977)
and Navigator in USS SIMPSON (FFG 56).                      Polar Plunge
During these tours, he completed
deployments to both Middle East Forces and     6 Feb 2010-- The 18th annual Polar Plunge
Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean.           was held in Virginia Beach and was a huge
                                               participation success for the Hampton Roads
After graduating from the Naval                NROTC Unit. Last year we were able to
Postgraduate School with a Master of           raise over $7,000. For the 2010 Polar
Science in Systems Engineering, CDR Hill       Plunge, we set our sights at raising $15,000.
returned to sea, serving as Operations         While this goal was not ultimately reached,
Officer in USS STUMP (DD 978) and USS          we did come close. And as the saying goes,
CAPE ST. GEORGE (CG 71). While                 'Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you
serving in CAPE ST. GEORGE, the ship           will land among the stars!’ A total of
participated in combat operations in support   $12,232 was raised to support the Special
of Operation Iraqi Freedom in both the         Olympics by the Unit as 84 of our members
European and Central Command theaters.         braved the cold and took the plunge with
                                               support from many of our other members
 Ashore, he served as Requirements Officer     who donated to their cause. As a Unit,
for the ZUMWALT-Class Destroyer                Hampton Roads NROTC, took second place
program in the Surface Warfare Directorate     in the large group division in total money
of the Office of the Chief of Naval            raised as well as number of personnel
Operations.                                    plunging. We would like to recognize the
                                               top three monetary contributors to Polar
 Returning to sea, CDR Hill served as          Plunge and Virginia Special Olympics. The
Executive Officer in USS ROSS (DDG             top contributor was Chris MacDonald with
71), deploying to the Central Command          an astounding $425 raised and donated. The
theater as part of NASSAU Expeditionary        second place contributor was Jordan
Strike Group. In September 2008, he            O'Campo with $390. Finally, with a tie at
assumed duties as Chief Staff Officer,         third place, were Lisa Brodsky and John
Destroyer Squadron TWO SIX.                    Holmes with $365 each.

 CDR Hill has been awarded the Meritorious     To speak specifically of the event itself, it
Service Medal (two awards), Navy and           was truly a polar plunge. The wind was
Marine Corps Commendation Medal (four          blowing over 20 miles per hour with gusts
awards) and the Navy and Marine Corps          over 30mph and snow coming down in
Achievement Medal (two awards) in              heaps. Plungers leapt into 38 degree water to
addition to numerous campaign and unit         be greeted immediately upon exiting the
awards.                                        water by a blustery 35 degree air
                                               temperature. The tide at the time of the
                Promotion                      plunge was about two hours from high tide.
                                               Swells averaged at 6 to 8 feet. There were,
Congratulations to Commanders James            however, no unchecked hazards. There were
Raimondo, Malcolm Potts, Leonard Remias        emergency medical teams on station to treat
                                               any injuries or possible cases of
hypothermia. In addition to that, there were   online. The National Personnel Records
teams of US Navy Seals in the water to         Center (NPRC) has provided the
guard against anyone being washed away.        following website for veterans to gain access
After all was said and done, everyone that     to their DD-214’s online:
plunged was definitely cold, but had a
wonderful time supporting the Virginia         This may be particularly helpful when a
Special Olympics. Again we would like to       veteran needs a copy of his DD-214 for
extend a job well done to everyone that        employment purposes.
participated this year. We will see you all
out at the Oceanfront in 2011.                 NPRC is working to make it easier for
                                               veterans with computers and Internet access
                                               to obtain copies of documents
                                               from their military files. Military veterans
                                               and the next of kin of deceased former
                                               military members may now use a new online
                                               military personnel records system to request
                                               documents. Other individuals with a need
                                               for documents must still complete the
                                               Standard Form 180, which can be
                                               downloaded from the web site.

                                               Because the requester will be asked to
14 Mar 2010-- ODU Naval ROTC’s LT Bill         supply all information essential for
Burke has been selected by the Naval           NPRC to process the request, delays that
Service Training Command (NSTC), which         often occur when NPRC has to ask veterans
oversees all NROTC units nationwide, as its    for additional information will be
2009 Officer Instructor of the Year.           minimized.

LT Burke has served at both Hampton and        The new web-based application was
Old Dominion Universities as a recruiter,      designed to provide better service to these
advisor and instructor. He is currently the    requests by eliminating the records center
Officer in Charge at ODU.                      mailroom and processing time. Additional
                                               documents and services such as awards and
In May, LT Burke will represent NSTC in        medals eligibility, replacement medals,
Washington, DC, in competition for Naval       benefits and claims, health and medical
Education and Training Command’s 2009          records, etc., can be provided by NPRC
Officer Instructor of the Year.                upon request.

Congratulations LT Burke and good luck in                  Bulldog Challenge
                                               13 Mar 2010-- Marines and Midshipmen
           DD214 is now online                 from Hampton Roads NROTC Unit earned
                                               1st place honors in the 14th Annual Bulldog
Storekeepers, Postal Clerks unify to support   Challenge at the Citadel Academy in
global mission its official, DD-214s are now   Charleston, SC on 13 March 2010. All
                                               teams who entered on behalf of the
Hampton Roads NROTC successfully                Bryan Mausteller – Ensign - 1390
finished the six mile course, which consisted   Steven Nye – 2LT
of multiple obstacles and challenges to         Francisco Pietri – 2LT
include pull-ups, tire flip, casualty carry,    Adam Reddick – Ensign - 1390
rope climb, low-crawl and a trip through the    David Renke – Ensign - 1390
murky swamp. However, GySgt Jeffrey             Rento Samano – Ensign - 1390
Lancaster, OC Emanuel Richardson, Petty         Sarah Shields – Ensign - 2900
Officer Joe Fusco, and Midshipmen Will          Corinne Sims – Ensign - 5100
Spencer made up the winning four man team       Andrew Spilsbury – Ensign - 1160
completing the demanding course in just         Tammy Spitzer – Ensign - 1160
over 81 minutes. Congratulations to the         Jason Tabanan – Ensign - 1160
winning team and to all participants for        Sarah Louk – Ensign - 2900
representing Hampton Roads Consortium in        Karen Widman – Ensign - 2900
a truly professional manner.                    Andrew Will – Ensign - 1390
                                                Brandon Zoss – Ensign - 1170
                                                Pablo Yepez – Ensign - 1160

                                                         Old Dominion University

                                                      ODU Alum Buzzes Campus In
                                                         Homecoming Flyover

                                                By Steve Daniel

                                                Homecoming is the time when former
                                                students traditionally visit their alma mater
                                                for football games, reunions and parades,
                                                but one alumnus in particular made a
                                                spectacular return trip to Old Dominion the
MAY 2010 NEW ENSIGNS & SECOND                   afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 7.
                                                Decorated naval aviator Capt. Kenneth
Marie Banks – 2LT                               Whitesell, from Carrier Air Wing One at
Lisa Brodsky – Ensign – 1160/70                 Oceana Naval Air Station, offered his own
Jade Calhoun – Ensign - 1160                    special salute to ODU’s first football
Diana Cozzens – Ensign - 2900                   homecoming in the form of a flyover in one
Jordan Crockett – 2LT                           of two Navy Hornet jets prior to the kickoff
Thomas Cryer – 2LT                              of the Monarchs’ game against North
Michelle Ferricher – Ensign - 2900              Carolina Central.
Joshua Fisher – 2LT
Lindayle Frederick – Ensign - 1390              Whitesell, who earned his bachelor’s degree
D’Ana Goodfellow – Ensign – 1160                in mechanical engineering in 1983, is the
Joseph Harris – Ensign - 1190                   commander of the air wing and a former
Earl Hill – Ensign - 1170                       Navy ―Top Gun.‖ He has accumulated more
Cristin Kock – Ensign - 2900                    than 2,800 flight hours in the F-14, more
Brad Kuharik – 2LT                              than 900 hours in the F/A-18F and over 880
Geoffrey Lancaster – 2LT                        arrested landings.
                                                 Dick Whalen, the university’s director of
                                                               ODU President John
                                                               Broderick presented a
                                                 military affairs, arranged for the pregame
                                                               commemorative Naval ROTC
                                                 flight, with the help of ODU football
                                                               to Capt. Kenneth
                                                 Capt. Mike Barea, a former squadron mate
                                                                and the ’83, after Lt.
                                                 of Whitesell,WhitesellNROTC’s he Cmdr.
                                                 Jeremy Jameson.fellow aviators Lt.
                                                               Griffin Hetrick and Cmdr.
                                                 ―This was a unique treat for ODU’s
                                                               Liam Bruen returned to
                                                 homecoming crowd,‖ said Whalen. ―The
                                                               Foreman Field at S.B.
                                                                of two Stadium following
                                                 participationBallard ODU alumni provides
                                                               their pregame long history of
                                                 evidence of the university’sflyover.
                                                 involvement with our armed forces.‖
                                                               Photo: Chuck Thomas
                                                 According to Whitesell, Carrier Air Wing
                                                 One has been busy preparing for a late fall
                                                 2010 deployment as part of Carrier Strike
                                                 Group 12, embarked in the USS Enterprise.
Another ODU alumnus, Cmdr. J.J.
Cummings, the head of Strike Fighter             Cummings, who was in command of Strike
Squadron 11 at Oceana, which supplied the        Fighter Squadron 11 (VFA-11) until March
other jet, observed the flyover from the         17, 2010, said he took part in other flyovers
stadium.                                         during the past year, but that the ODU
                                                 assignment was unique in that he
Cummings, who holds a master’s in                commanded the squadron that did the
education from ODU (2006) has more than          flyover at his alma mater.
3,500 total flight hours and 663 carrier
landings.                                         ODU Looks To Build On “Special First
After the flyover, Whitesell returned to
Foreman Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium – by       Coach Bobby Wilder announced in February
a decidedly different, and slower, mode of       the signing of 19 student-athletes to National
transportation. He, Cummings and one other       Letters of Intent to play football for Old
pilot who took part in the flyover were then     Dominion beginning this fall. The 2010
recognized on the field.                         recruiting class includes 11 athletes from
                                                 Hampton Roads. Additionally, ODU added
―It was a surreal experience to be able to fly   five scholarship players in January, three of
over Foreman Field and the campus,‖              whom are expected to provide needed help
Whitesell said. ―It was a unique vantage         to the defensive unit.
looking down at a crowd of Old Dominion
football supporters during homecoming, an        ―Once again, I am very pleased with our
event I could not have foretold until a few      recruiting class,‖ said Wilder. ―The majority
years ago.                                       of the student-athletes in this class played
                                                 multiple positions on special teams, defense
―The growth of the campus is just as             and offense. This will be a benefit to our
confusing for me on the ground as it was         program in the future as our coaching staff
seeing it from 1,000 feet overhead.‖
evaluates the young men when they arrive         were local redshirt freshman wide receivers
on campus.‖                                      Reid Evans (Phoebus High School,
                                                 Hampton) and Nick Mayers (Landstown
The Monarchs begin spring workouts March         High, Virginia Beach).
26 and the annual spring game is set for
April 24.                                        Redshirt freshman punter Jonathan Plisco
                                                 (Woodside High, Newport News) also had a
The 2010 schedule features home games            standout year and was named to three All-
against Jacksonville, William & Mary,            America FCS teams, including the
Gardner-Webb, Cal Poly, Georgia State,           Associated Press first team. He averaged a
Savannah State and VMI. ODU will go on           nation-leading 44.84 yards per punt. The
the road to play Campbell, Monmouth,             left-footer booted 57 punts with 18 going 50
Hampton and Presbyterian.                        yards or more; 26 landed inside the
                                                 opponents’ 20.
―With William & Mary and Cal Poly on the
schedule, there are two Top 25 opponents         Long snapper Dustin Phillips (Woodland,
for us to face, giving us another challenge as   Calif.) was named to the College Sporting
we prepare to enter the CAA and the              News’ FCS All-America team. A redshirt
nation’s toughest FCS conference in 2011,‖       sophomore, Phillips snapped the ball to
Wilder said.                                     Plisco and to field goal and extra point
                                                 specialist Drew Hareza.
ODU’s first football season since 1940
couldn’t have been scripted much better: a       ODU Honors Five Distinguished Alumni
9-2 record, the most wins ever by a Football
Championship Subdivision team, new               The Old Dominion University Alumni
traditions such as the Monarch March and         Association presented Distinguished Alumni
sellout crowds. It was, according to Wilder,     Awards to five graduates at the first Alumni
―a special first season.‖                        Honors dinner, held Nov. 5 as part of
                                                 Homecoming Week festivities.
The Monarchs finished third nationally in        The awards are given to ODU graduates in
scoring offense, averaging 35 points per         recognition of outstanding service to the
contest and scoring 28 touchdowns in 39 red      community, state, nation or mankind, or for
zone opportunities, and ranked 18th              outstanding accomplishments in their
nationally in total offense. ODU was also        profession. The 2009 recipients are:
second nationally in sacks allowed and ninth
among all FCS schools in fewest turnovers.       Marcia Bartusiak (M.S. ’79), Physics – An
                                                 award-winning science writer and author,
Quarterback Thomas DeMarco was both the          she is also a visiting professor in the
team leader and leading scorer, rushing for      Graduate Program in Science Writing at
892 yards on the season (5.5 yards per carry)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
and scoring 17 touchdowns on the ground.         Bartusiak is currently working on a book
                                                 about the discovery of the modern universe
DeMarco, a redshirt sophomore from Palm          and is the author of three previous books.
Desert, Calif., completed 137 of 255 passes
for 1,921 yards and 21 touchdowns, with          Jodi Gidley (M.S. ’94) Mechanical
only four interceptions. His favorite targets    Engineering – Senior vice president of Mid-
Atlantic Operations, AGL Resources, and
president of Virginia Natural Gas, she has     Lt. Jason Redman ’04, U.S. Navy, Founder
more than 20 years’ experience in the          Of Wounded Wear – Alumni Service awards
natural gas industry. Gidley was the first
woman to be named vice president,              Ben Bailey, the host of Discovery Channel’s
operations, at Virginia Natural Gas.           ―Cash Cab,‖ who attended ODU from 1987-
Luke Hillier ’94, Business                     90, and Jean Siebert, President and Owner
Administration/Financial Management –          of Siebert Realty – Honorary Alumni
The founder and CEO of ADS Inc. and            awards.
Mythics Inc., he heads one of the nation’s
leading special operational equipment and        ODU Alumni Reunions, Military Style
logistics solutions providers. ADS Inc. has
annual sales over $900 million and more        Alumni reunions can take place
than 250 employees in its East and West        unexpectedly, and in unusual locations. That
Coast operations.                              was the case for some ODU military alums
                                               that discovered their common bond last
David Twardzik ’72, Business                   year.
Administration/Management – Assistant
general manager of the NBA’s Orlando           Several recent graduates, in fact, found
Magic, he has more than 33 years of            themselves back together in a classroom as
professional basketball experience as a        part of the Army’s flight school at Fort
player, coach and front-office executive.      Rucker, Ala. Last year, four ODU Army
Prior to his appointment as assistant GM in    ROTC grads were selected for the Army’s
2005, Twardzik spent two seasons as            Aviation Branch and were at various stages
director of player personnel for the Magic.    of the yearlong course. Following
                                               completion of the course, each aviator
Renée Warren, Criminal Justice and Speech      receives assignment to an aviation unit
Communication – She is co-president of
Noelle-Elaine Media Inc., an event
management, media relations and video
production company in New York. Warren
and her business partner, Kirsten Poe Hill,
are co-authors of ―You Buy the Peanut
Butter, I'll Get the Bread: The Absolutely
True Adventures of Best Friends in
Business‖ (2009).
The Alumni Association also presented the
following awards during the Alumni Honors
                                               From left: Walker, Hicks, Zahm, Sines and
Alton ―Jay‖ Harris ’87, ESPN SportsCenter
                                               Benjumea. Pictured on the flight deck
Anchor – Outstanding Achievement award
                                               The alumni were assigned to Maj. Mike
Peter G. Decker Jr. ’56, Senior Partner with
                                               Sines’ unit for training, and discovered
Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub &
                                               during a welcoming event that he is also a
Neskis, P.C.
                                               1998 ODU graduate. Second Lt. Steve
Walker ’08, 2nd Lt. Ben Zahm ’08 and
Warrant Officer 1 Greg Hicks ’08 are all                 Norfolk State University
members of the Virginia National Guard’s
2-224th Aviation Regiment, which was            TIM REID, the Emmy-nominated actor,
selected for deployment to Afghanistan in       director and producer, has been a mainstay
2010. They are joined in the photo above by     in the entertainment industry for the last
2nd Lt. Chris Benjumea ’09, who was             three decades. He starred as "Venus
scheduled to enter active duty and receive an   Flytrap," on the popular CBS television
assignment following his training. After a      series "WKRP in Cincinnati" from 1978 -
deployment to Iraq with the 25th Infantry       1982. Twice he has been nominated for the
Division out of Hawaii, Sines was assigned      NAACP Image Award for "Best Actor in a
as the executive officer for the 1-145th        Comedy" for his popular characters. Reid
Aviation Regiment at Fort Rucker.               has had many starring roles over the years in
                                                several television series, including "The
                                                Richard Pryor Show," "Simon

                                                & Simon," "Frank's Place," "Snoops," "Save
                                                Our Streets," and the hit WB series "Sister,
                                                Sister." For the past three seasons he can
                                                also be seen guest starring on Fox
                                                Network’s, ―That 70’s Show‖.

                                                Reid, born in Norfolk, Virginia, graduated
                                                from Norfolk State University in 1968 with
                                                a B.S. in Business/ Marketing and launched
                                                his career as a marketing representative for
                                                DuPont. However, he soon set his sights on
Pictured on the flight deck of the USS          the world of Showbiz and set off on a
Donald Cook last fall while en route to         national road tour with comedian Tom
conduct counter-piracy operations, are (l-r):   Dreesen. After an international tour with
Lt. Jody Bronaugh (M.E.M. ’08), Ensign          Della Reese, he settled in Hollywood and
Rachel Jarvis ’07, Lt. Nathan Diaz (M.B.A.      began his television career.
’07), Lt. j.g. Matthew Lorge ’05 and Lt.
Cmdr. J. Lee Bennett ’02.                       Reid has written for several of the shows
                                                that he acted in, including "WKRP in
Five other ODU graduates are permanently        Cincinnati," "Simon & Simon," "Frank's
stationed on the USS Donald Cook, a guided      Place" and "Snoops," in which he co-starred
missile destroyer that recently conducted       with his wife, Daphne Maxwell Reid. Reid
counter-piracy operations as part of            has also produced several of his popular
Operation Ocean Shield off the Horn of          television series such as "Frank's Place,"
Africa. The Navy ship, stationed out of         "Snoops" and "The Tim & Daphne Show,"
Norfolk, was assigned to the Standing           in which the Reids co-starred and co-
NATO Maritime Group from August to              created. He received producing nods as a
December 2009. The alums discovered their       nominee for the Cable Ace Awards and the
ODU ties during casual conversation,            Producer's Guild Awards for the Family
according to Lt. Cmdr. J. Lee Bennett ’02,
executive officer.
Channel/BET movie "Race to Freedom: The        Underwood, Debbi Morgan and Michael
Underground Railroad."                         Beach, was directed and produced by Reid
                                               and released through New Millennium
In 1988, he received two Emmy                  Releasing. His African-American history
nominations for "Best Actor in a Comedy"       project, ―American Legacy Television‖ has
and for "Best Producer of a Comedy Series"     received numerous awards over the past five
when he starred in CBS' "Frank's Place"        years. American Legacy Collection Vol. 1 is
with his wife Daphne. He also received both    available on line at Reid
the NAACP Image Award and the Viewers          also created several cable television shows,
for Quality Television Award for "Best         and licensed some of his other content, for
Actor in a Comedy."                            the launch of cable network’s TVOne in
                                               January of 2004. ―For Real‖, the latest film
 Reid founded Tim Reid Productions, Inc. in    directed by Reid was produced by his studio
1989, and through its association with         and released by New Millennium Releasing.
Proctor & Gamble, executive produced the       To complete the circle, Reid has created
critically acclaimed 1998 CBS movie            Obsidian Home Entertainment. At its
―About Sarah,‖ starring Mary Steenburgen,      eleventh-year anniversary, New Millennium
Kellie Martin, and Diane Baker for which he    Studios is at a pivotal place in the history of
received a Christopher Award. In 1990, he      American independent studios with a proven
co-founded United Image Entertainment          track record for quality and success in the
through which he produced four                 creation, production and distribution of
independent films. For his critically          African-American niche entertainment.
acclaimed feature film, "Once Upon a
Time…When We Were Colored," he                  Through the years, Reid has felt a deep
received producing recognition as "Best in     responsibility to give back to the community
Show" by the Houston International Film        and as a result of his tireless efforts and
Festival and he also won the "Directorial      generosity, has been honored by many
Award" from the Ft. Lauderdale                 organizations. In 1991 he was inducted into
International Film Festival. In 1999, he was   the National Black College Hall of Fame. In
given the ―Oscar Micheaux Award‖ by the        1996, he received a Doctor of Humane
Producer’s Guild of America for outstanding    Letters from Norfolk State University. In
lifetime achievement. In September of 2008,    1998 he was named ―Virginian of the Year‖
―Tim & Tom, An American Comedy in              by the Virginia Press Association and
Black And White‖ his autobiography (co-        received a Doctor of Humane Letters from
written with Tom Dreesen and Ron               Virginia State University. In 2000, he
Rapoport) will be released by the Chicago      received a Doctor of Humane Letters from
University Press.                              Central State University and in 2001, from
                                               Medgar Evers College of CUNY. In 2003 he
In 1997, Reid took a giant step and brought    received a Doctor of Humane Letters from
together investors to build his own film       St. Augustine College and a Doctor of Laws
studio. As Founder and President of New        from Bethune-Cookman College. Reid has
Millennium Studios in Petersburg, Virginia,    also raised scholarship funds annually
Reid is setting the stage toward becoming a    through the ―Tim Reid Celebrity Weekend‖
major player in the business of independent    of golf & tennis for The Tim Reid
movie making. NMS' first feature               Scholarship Foundation, now in its 20th
production, "Asunder," starring Blair          year.
                                               Non Refundable after August 1, 2010
                                                           Hampton University

                                               HAMPTON — President Barack Obama
                                               will be the commencement speaker at
                                               Hampton University in May, the university
                                               announced Thursday.

                                               "We are honored that President Obama has
                                               accepted Hampton's invitation to speak to
                                               our 2010 graduates during our
                                               commencement exercises," HU President
                                               William R. Harvey said in a statement.

                                               Harvey made the announcement to students
The Norfolk Chapter of Norfolk State           in a Town Hall meeting at the campus
University Alumni Association                  student center.

NSU Spartan's Football                         "The reaction was great," said Yuri Rodgers
Vs                                             Milligan, university spokeswoman.
Rutgers University, Scarlet Knights            "Everybody jumped up and cheered."

(Game time to be announced)                    Students quickly spread the word via text
Thursday, September 2, 2010                    messages and Facebook posts, she said.
Cost: $190.00
Ride in a Motor Coach, Snacks and Drinks       Of the president, Harvey said, "his
included One night stay at the Embassy         commitment to leadership, education and
Suites Piscataway Plus Victory Party           service is parallel to Hampton's mission
Hospitality Room.                              from our beginning in 1868.

Visit the Casino in Dover on Friday            "He is an inspiration for our students to
Deposit Due: June 1, 2010 = $75.00 - July 1,   make the world a better place by becoming
2010 = $75.00 -                                the very best leaders, educators, doctors,
August 1, 2010 = $40.00                        lawyers, financial analysts and scientists that
                                               they can be."
For More Information Please Contact
 Heather Johnson Wall                          The commencement exercises will be held
(757) 286-4202                                 May 9.
Alfred Steward
(757) 573-3966                                 Rodgers Milligan said additional
 Vincent Harris                                information about the president's visit to
(757) 477-8667                                 Hampton will be released soon.

Bus leaves from NSU Campus at 5:00 am                         Founders Day
Thursday, September 2, 2010 & return
Friday, Evening September 3, 2010
24 Jan 2010- On January 24 2010, Charlie         activities include serving on the ODU
Company teamed up with Army ROTC’s               Alumni Association board of directors,
Pirate Battalion to pay their respects to the    taking part in various ODU alumni activities
founder of their institution. Both Navy and      and helping out at charity events, such as
Army formed as a single unit to celebrate        those for Saint Gregory the Great and Prince
the life and achievement of the man who          of Peace Catholic churches.
took his dream and transformed it into what
is now Hampton University. We stood in           Class of 03: Lt. William R. Hurd ’03, U.S.
formation and listened to President Dr           Navy, received his master’s degree from the
William R. Harvey as he reflected on our         Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Calif
founder’s visions in 1868, and now we see
how his vision has come to fruition in 2010.     Lt. Monica D. Ormeno: U.S. Navy,
                                                 participated in the Walk to Prevent Suicide
                 Personals                       on Sept. 12 with a team composed of Navy
                                                 psychiatry residents from Naval Medical
Class of 87: Cmdr. Lawrence ―Larry‖              Center Portsmouth. The team raised more
Pemberton ’87 has retired from the U.S.          than $1,400, making it the third-largest
Navy after 21-plus years of active-duty          contributor for the walk. A story was
service. He retired while assigned to the        published on and in the
Office of the Naval Inspector General, as the    Flagship newspaper
assistant for information
technology/communications. Larry was             Cole T. Kracke: I will be ordained as a
recently hired as IT specialist (plans/policy)   Roman Catholic Deacon on May 1 at the
in the Office of the Department of Navy -        Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis
Chief Information Officer as an information      Minnesota for the Roman Catholic
assurance policy analyst. He, his wife,          Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. I
Tracey, and sons, Lawrence, 5, and               anticipate ordination to the priesthood next
Christian, 2, live in southern Maryland.         May.

Class of 96: My husband, LCDR Eric               Class of 04: LT Chip Muser - My tour at
Mason and I graduated from Hampton               with the Shadows of VQ-4 is ending May
University (Charlie Company) in 1996. Eric       24th. It was a successful tour during which
is currently completing his XO tour onboard      time I qualified as an Aircraft Commander,
the USS San Francisco (SSN 711). He'll be        Mission Commander, NATOPS Instructor
transferring to the National Defense             Pilot, and Mission Commander Evaluator.
University (NDU) in Washington DC next           My family and I are transferring to
month.                                           Stavanger, Norway where I will be working
                                                 at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre, a
Class of 98: Erwin R. Sabile ’98, of Virginia    subordinate command of NATO's Supreme
Beach, was one of 40 young businesspeople        Allied Command Transformation based out
in Hampton Roads recognized in 2009 by           of Norfolk
Inside Business’ Top Forty Under 40 special
report, a program that highlights those who      Class of 05: Erin Shank & Bradley Conroy
are successful in their careers and involved     Wayne and Ann Shank of Virginia Beach,
in the community. Erwin is an associate with     Virginia are pleased to announce the
Booz Allen Hamilton. His volunteer               engagement of their daughter, Erin Nuree
Shank, to Bradley Michael Conroy, LT,
USN, son of Patrick and Tamara Conroy
of Leesburg, Virginia.
Erin is the granddaughter of Virginia Hall
of Virginia Beach and the late John
Mercer Hall and Montague Shank of
Virginia Beach and the late Rudolph
Bradley is the grandson of Cindy Wood of
Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Patrick and
Rita Wood of Drumore, Pennsylvania and
John Conroy of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
and the late Rebecca Conroy.
Erin is a 2002 graduate of Norfolk
Collegiate School, a 2006 graduate of the     Class of 06: LTJG Garrett - - Engaged to
University of Virginia where she received     Captain Patrick Mahoney (USMC) and are
a B. A. in History, and a 2007 graduate of    to be married on January 15th, 2011.
Virginia Commonwealth University where        Currently deployed as an ICU nurse at a
she received a B. S. in Nursing. She is       Level 3 hospital in Afghanistan -
currently pursuing a M. S. in Nursing at      Promoting to LT on 01JUN
Old Dominion University in the Family
Nurse Practitioner program. She is            Class of 07: Daniel S. Matthews ’07, a
employed by the Children's Hospital of the    U.S. Navy ensign, along www.riding4hope
King's Daughters as a registered nurse in     with sailors and Marines from the Bataan
the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.            Amphibious Ready Group (BATARG),
Bradley is a 2000 graduate of Loudon          Norfolk, and 22nd Marine Expeditionary
County High School and a 2004 graduate        Unit, Camp Lejeune, N.C., in November
of Old Dominion University where he           departed the 5th Fleet and entered 6th
received a B. S. in Civil Engineering. He     Fleet’s area of operations after traveling
earned his wings as a naval aviator in 2006   through the Suez Canal and entering the
in Milton, Florida. He currently flies        Mediterranean Sea. The BATARG was
Knighthawk helicopters at HSC-28 at           preparing to return to the U.S. as it neared
Naval Station Norfolk.                        the end of a six-month deployment,
The wedding will take place in May in         according to a Nov. 25 Navy news release.
Virginia Beach.
                                                         Blast from the Past

                                              SECDEF commissions Hampton Roads
                                                   midshipmen and cadets

                                              SECDEF commissions Hampton Roads
                                              midshipmen and cadets by Atlantic Fleet
                                              Public Affairs

                                              NORFOLK (NNS) -- Secretary of Defense
                                              William S. Cohen commissioned 21
                                              NROTC midshipmen as Navy and Marine
Corps officers during a ceremony May 15       award because it shows that the commands
on the campus of Norfolk State University.    reached or exceeded the benchmarks set
                                              up by the chief of naval operations," said
The Norfolk State NROTC unit was joined       Garland. "It also shows that they have
by seven Army cadets who received their       grasped the idea of retention, enhancing
commissions as second lieutenants.            the betterment of our Sailors and the Navy.

NAVAL STATION GREAT LAKES,                    The Navy is made up of people, and we
Ill., (NNS) -- Six commands and units         need the best and the brightest to maintain
within the Naval Service Training             the Navy of today and tomorrow."
Command (NSTC) domain earned the
fiscal year 2009 Navy Total Force             NSTC supports its commands and
Retention Excellence Award.                   domains in maximizing retention by
                                              providing training, information and
Recruit Training Command (RTC), Great         guidance to make sure commands stay on
Lakes, Ill.; Navy Band Great Lakes, Ill.;     track for retention goals, and Garland said
the Hampton Roads (Va.) Naval Reserve         it's a team effort not only on the part of
Officers Training Corps (NROTC) unit;         NSTC staff but the entire NSTC domain.
the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
(Calif.) NROTC unit; the Auburn               "Retention is more than just the work of
University (Ala.) Seaman to Admiral           Navy career counselors," said Garland.
(STA-21) student training unit; and the       "The commanding officers, executive
University of New Mexico STA-21               officers and the personnel in all our
student training unit all received the Navy   commands play an instrumental role in
Total Force Retention Excellence Award        creating a good command climate and
for meeting or exceeding retention goals      providing valuable information that
for the year.                                 contributes to Sailor retention. If you like
                                              where you are, then you'll most likely
"Your successes represent your                continue to do what you're doing."
command's commitment to the growth and
development of your sailors and will serve    NSTC oversees 98 percent of all initial
as the foundation of Navy Total Force         accessions training for the Navy, with the
effectiveness," said Chief of Naval           sole exception of the officers produced by
Personnel Vice Adm. Mark E. Ferguson          the U. S. Naval Academy. This includes
III, in a naval message to the Manpower,      the Navy/Marine Corps NROTC program,
Personnel, Training and Education domain      Officer Training Command in Newport,
dated Jan 20. "Congratulations and well       R.I., and RTC, the Navy's only boot camp
done."                                        here, as well as the Navy Junior Reserve
                                              Officers Training Corps citizenship
Senior Chief Navy Career Counselor            development program.
(SW/AW) Gene Garland, NSTC's career
counselor, is pleased that multiple NSTC               Cmdr. Roger G. Isom
commands and units earned the award.                   Commanding Officer
                                                     USS WYOMING (SSBN 742)
"I'm proud that six of NSTC's commands
                                              Commander Roger G. Isom, of Monticello
were awarded the retention excellence
                                              Florida, graduated from Jefferson County
High School and enlisted in the U.S. Navy      reported aboard USS CHEYENNE (SSN
in June 1983. After Boot Camp, he attended     773) as the Executive Officer in October
the Broadened Opportunity for Officer          2001. During this tour, the ship completed
Selection and Training (BOOST) Program         an extended nine-month deployment that
in San Diego, CA. In 1988, he graduated        included a Western Pacific deployment (six
from the United States Naval Academy with      months) followed by a U.S. Central
a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace      Command (CENTCOM) deployment (three
Engineering. Following commissioning, he       months) to participate in OPERATION
completed nuclear power and basic              IRAQI FREEDOM. The ship was awarded
submarine officer training.                    the Navy Unit Citation and earned the
                                               Submarine Squadron SEVEN Battle
He reported to his first submarine             Efficiency ―E‖ award.
assignment in February 1990 on USS JOHN
MARSHALL (SSN 611). While onboard              In September 2003, he reported the Joint
MARSHALL, he held several division             Staff at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.
officer billets, and the ship completed her    He was assigned to the J-3 Operations
final six-month Mediterranean deployment.      Directorate as a Maritime Operations
He reported to USS GEORGE                      Officer.
September 1992 followed by USS                 Commander Isom’s personal awards include
TECUMSEH (SSBN 628) in March 1993 to           the Defense Meritorious Service Medal,
support the ships’ decommissioning and         Meritorious Service Medal (two awards),
inactivation.                                  Navy and Marine Corps Commendation
                                               Medal (three awards), Navy Achievement
In August 1993, he was assigned to Naval       Medal (three awards), and several unit and
Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC)         service awards.
Unit of Hampton Roads, VA as a company
officer and instructor. He obtained a Master
of Science degree in Engineering
Management from Old Dominion University
during this tour.

Following completion of the Submarine
Officer Advance Course, he assumed duties
as Navigator and Operations Officer on USS
BALTIMORE (SSN 704) in July 1996. In
October 1997, he reported to USS
NEWPORT NEWS (SSN 750) as Navigator
and Operations Officer. While assigned to
NEWPORT NEWS, the ship completed a
six-month deployment to the Mediterranean
Sea and the Arabian Gulf with the
EISENHOWER Battlegroup.

Following a two year company officer tour
at the Naval Academy, Commander Isom
We were all young once

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