Unit Plan for Short Stories - For Students by liwenting


									Schmidt Unit of Instruction: Short Stories
1. Unit Goals (long range-how does this unit fit with year-long goals?)
     a.    Students will demonstrate general understanding of literary texts
     b.    Students will understand the plot of a literary text
     c.    Students will interpret literary texts
     d.    Students will understand and identify conflict
     e.    Students will learn new vocabulary

2. Specific ways to relate goal(s) to curriculum (team/department, system and state frameworks)
      a. EL.HS.LI.03 Identify and/or summarize sequence of events, main ideas, and supporting details in literary
      b. EL.HS.LI.04 Predict probable future outcomes supported by the text, including foreshadowing clues.
      c. EL.HS.LI.05 Analyze interactions between characters in a literary text (e.g., internal and external conflicts,
            motivations, relationships, influences) and how these interactions affect the plot.
      d. EL.HS.LI.06 Identify themes in literary works, and provide support for interpretations from the text.
      e. EL.HS.LI.07 Infer the main idea when it is not explicitly stated, and support with evidence from the text.
      f. EL.HS.RE.08 Understand, learn, and use new vocabulary that is introduced and taught directly through
            informational text, literary text, and instruction across the subject areas.
      g. EL.HS.RE.10 Determine meanings of words using contextual and structural clues.

3. Characteristics of the students for whom this unit is intended (needs in the cognitive, social, emotional and
   physical areas)
      This unit is designed for 10th grade English students. Some students are on IEP’s and their needs will be met
      according to specifications in the IEP and some students are ELL and will receive accommodations as needed.

4. Student’s Present Level of Performance and Knowledge (Do the students have the adequate knowledge to
   complete the unit successfully? What prerequisite skills must the students have to complete the unit content?
   Include technology skills.
       Students should have prior knowledge of the elements of the plot structure. This will be reviewed to ensure
       all students have understanding of the different elements of the structure.
5. Classroom Layout and grouping of students (Where will the learning take place? How will the room be
   organized? How will students be grouped (whole group, individuals, pairs, small groups, etc.)
       The classroom consists of 34 desks in 6 columns of 5 desks and one column of 4 desks. The English classes
       range from 28 students to 30 students. During appropriate times, students will move desks into groups of
       four or five.

6. Introductory procedures (How will you introduce the unit and the goals?)
   a. The goals of the unit will be written on the white board under the title “English 10 Goals”. I will review with
       the students the goals of the unit before we begin.

    b. The unit will be introduced through a power point presentation of the elements of plot.

7. Materials and media (any resource, persons or materials: be as specific as possible. Identify resource, its
   availability, how it is to be used and why.

     Resource                Availability                   How Used                               Why
LCD projector         Located in classroom         Present images from             Visual for students for taking
                                                   Computer and Document           notes, giving directions,
                                                   Camera                          completing worksheets
Computer              Located in classroom         PowerPoint Presentations        Provides visuals and written notes
                                                   and show websites               for students to further
                                                                                     understanding of new concepts.
Document Camera        Located in classroom         Present directions,              Allows students to be provided
                                                    vocabulary activity, quick       with a visual of directions,
                                                    writes, worksheets, notes        vocabulary, activities, notes and
PowerPoint             Disc to be loaded on         Notes for Elements of Plot       Build student understanding of
(Elements of           computer                                                      the elements of plot
Literature Power
Notes CD)
Elements of Plot    Document on computer-           For students to take notes       To introduce students note taking
Two Column Note     will be printed for             from the PowerPoint              skills
Taking Worksheet    students to take notes on
Elements of         Classroom Set of 35             Students will be reading a       Literary Texts are located in this
Literature 4th      textbooks located in the        variety of literary texts from   book.
Course Text Book    classroom                       this textbook
Plot Structure      Document on computer            Students will use this           To show understanding of plot
Diagram             and will be copied for          worksheet with the text          and applying the diagram to the
                    students to use as a            they are reading and             story
                    worksheet                       diagram the plot of the story
Vocabulary Terms    Document on computer            Worksheet to be completed        Students will use this worksheet
Worksheet           and will be copied for          in class                         to show understanding of the new
                    students to use as a                                             words from the text
Quick Write Writing Document made on                Used with Document               To connect to students’ prior
Prompt              computer and printed            Camera                           knowledge/ introduce text
                    out to be used with the
                    Document Camera
Character Conflict  Disc to be loaded on            Notes on Character Conflict      Introduce new terms to students
(Elements of        computer                                                         and help them understand the
Literature Power                                                                     different conflicts so they can
Notes CD) Power                                                                      analyze the text.
Character Conflict  Document made on                After reading text (teacher      For students to analyze character
Graphic Organizer   computer and printed for        will place copy under            conflicts in the text
                    students to use                 document camera)
Quiz over Plot      Material from Elements          After the Elements of Plot       To measure student
Structure           of Literature Assessment        PowerPoint and notes             understanding of the Elements of
                    book                                                             Plot
Test over Literary  Material from Elements          At the end of the unit           To measure student learning of
Text                of Literature Assessment                                         elements of plot, plot of the story,
                    Book                                                             new vocabulary, and character

8. Visuals (although this is part of the materials and media, I want this to be a specific part of your plan). Identify
   the nine visuals that will be used, their purpose, and design.

                Visual                                 Purpose                                     Design
1. PowerPoint of Elements of Plot       Learn the elements of plot                   PowerPoint
2. Two Column Note Taking               Teach students note taking skills            Fireworks
3. Plot Structure Diagram missing       Students will identify the order of the      Fireworks
elements                                elements of plot
4. Vocabulary Terms Worksheet          Students will learn new vocabulary           Fireworks
5. Quick Write-Writing Prompt          Connect to prior knowledge and excite        Fireworks
                                       the student about the literary text
6. Plot Structure Diagram with         Students will fill in the plot sequence of   Fireworks
elements worksheet                     the literary text they have read
7. Character: Internal & External      Teach students the concept of different      PowerPoint
Conflicts PowerPoint                   conflicts involved in literary texts.
8. Character Two Column Note           Students will define the different           Fireworks
Taking Worksheet                       terms: Internal Conflict, External
                                       Conflict, etc.
9. Character Conflict Graphic          Students will identify the different         Fireworks
Organizer                              conflicts in the literary text and use
                                       examples from the text.

9. Assessment and evaluation of learner understanding (Identify the methods the teacher will use to identify
   student learning levels and needs. Describe when these will be used during the unit)
       a. Quiz over Elements of Plot (Taken after the notes)
       b. Plot Structure Diagram worksheet of story read (after reading story)
       c. Character Conflict Graphic Organizer (after reading story)
       d. Test over literary text which includes elements of plot, plot of the text, vocabulary, character will be
           taken at the end of the unit.

10. Relate assessment instruments to the outcomes stated in the goals.
      a.    Quiz: Students will understand the plot of a literary text
      b.    Plot Structure Diagram Worksheet: Students will demonstrate general understanding of literary texts
          and Students will understand the plot of a literary text
      c.    Character Conflict Graphic Organizer: Students will demonstrate general understanding of literary texts,
          Students will understand the plot of a literary text, Students will interpret literary texts
      d.    Test: Students will demonstrate general understanding of literary texts, Students will understand the
          plot of a literary text, Students will interpret literary texts, Students will learn new vocabulary

* Adapted from Unit Plan at http://edtech.tennessee.edu/~bobannon/unit_plans.html

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