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					              2801 West St. Germain Street, St. Cloud  phone 320-656-8890  

          What is A ReStore?
          A ReStore is a retail home improvement center that sells quality new (surplus) and used
          donated building materials. ReStore merchandise is donated and sales revenue supports the
          mission of Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity. The ReStore relies on volunteers and
          donations to be successful.
          Who donates to the ReStore?
          Anyone can donate. Often donors are contractors, home builders, lumber yards,
          remodelers, hardware stores, and other local companies and individuals.
          Why would I donate to the ReStore?
          Donating to the ReStore is an alternative and cost effective way to dispose of
          materials that would otherwise be taken to the landfill. In Minnesota alone, over 6
          million tons of useable building materials have been kept out of landfills. Beyond
          these economic and environmental benefits, donating to the ReStore can have tax
          advantages, eliminate the cost of storing or restocking excess merchandise, and all
          proceeds support the mission of Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity.
          How can I donate?
          Donations are now accepted Thursdays 3 PM– 6 PM, Fridays 9 AM– Noon, Saturdays
          9 AM– Noon. Bring donations to 2801 West Saint Germain Street, St. Cloud. Please
          reference the other side of this flyer for a complete list of accepted materials.
          Where is the ReStore and why have I never heard about it before?
          Although there are over 700 independent ReStores around the country, it is new to
          the Central Minnesota area. The future ReStore will be located at 2801 West Saint
          Germain Street, St. Cloud. The ReStore has begun accepting donations and will open
          to customers in early summer.
          What is Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity (CMHFH)?
          CMHFH is a non-profit organization that builds homes and provides mortgages for low
          income families who would not qualify for traditional financing. We are dedicated to
          engaging the community and eliminating poverty housing.
          Where can I get more information?
          Please visit the ReStore website at, contact
, or call (320) 656-8890.

                    ReUse          ReBuild
            The ReStore Generally Accepts:
Appliances:                                                                Hardware:
    Must be in clean and 100% working condition with all knobs,                Must be in good condition and no rust.
     trays, burners, cords, and shelves.                                        Preferably separated by type/style bagged to sell separately.
    No rust or missing pieces.                                                 Blinds, new in box unopened only.
    Refrigerators, 8 years or newer.                                           Hand tools and power tools in good working order.
    Electric/Gas stoves, 5 years old or newer.                            Lumber/Plywood/Trim:
    Water heaters, 3 years old or newer.                                       Must be 6’ or longer/full lengths of lumber 16’ max.
    Microwaves, 5 years old or newer.                                          Free of rot, nails, and screws.
    Dishwashers, 3 years old or newer,                                         Full and 1/2 sheets of plywood 4 x 4 minimum.
    Washer/Dryer, 5 years old or newer.
    Air conditioning (central and window type), 5 years old or newer.     Paint:
    Fireplaces, gas inserts only 3 years old or newer in excellent con-        New, unused, unopened cans.
     dition.                                                                    Stains and varnishes; unopened and new.
Cabinets/Countertops:                                                      Plumbing Fixtures:
    Must be free of rot and undamaged.                                         Must be clean and in useable condition (no cracks or rust).
    Only complete cabinets with all doors and drawers.                    Roofing:
Doors:                                                                          Shingles must be in complete packages (no partial bundles).
   Must be in good condition free of holes, rot, cracks, or separating.        Roofing materials accepted on case to case basis.
   Hardware should be removed and bagged (in Ziploc bags).              Tub/Sinks:
   Storm doors less than 10 years old with all parts.                    No rust, yellowing, or chipping.
   Please contact about commercial doors.                                Cast iron accepted with no scratches inside basin or on edge.
Drywall:                                                                  Cultured marble sinks/countertops accepted case by case basis.
 Full or half sheets 8’ & 12’.                                          Windows:
 No watermarks or broken corners.                                        Dual pane windows only (no single pane).
Electrical Fixtures:                                                      No cracked or missing windowpanes, no fogged windows, no
 Light fixtures must be 100% working condition (all bulbs re-              damaged/cracked seals.
    moved).                                                               Storm windows are not accepted.
 Must be clean and no rust.                                              Window Sashes accepted.
 Electrical parts, wire, and hardware with electrical wiring ac-        What we do not accept:
    cepted.                                                               Bedding/linens
 No fluorescent lights or bulbs.                                         Blinds/window treatments
Flooring:                                                                 Carpet pad
 New carpet and linoleum accepted.                                       Clothing
 Used carpet; no odors, tears, or stains. 10’ x 10’ min. size.           Commercial appliances/fixtures
 Vinyl; unused and clean. 6’ x 6’ min. size.                             Cubicle office systems/furniture
 Ceramic tile accepted; minimum 6 pieces, no broken, cracked, or  Electronics, Mattresses/box springs
    chipped/cut pieces.                                                   Paint (open/used)
Furniture:                                                                Pesticides/Herbicides
 Antique items: roll top, dining, lamps, hardware                        Shower Doors/curtain rods
 Chairs, dinette sets, tables, couches, etc.                             Single paned windows/storm windows
 Undamaged, no stains, no orders, etc.                                   Toilets (not low flow)
                                                                          Wood burning fireplaces/stoves

Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity is a 501 (c) 3, tax related questions should be directed to your tax professional

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