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                                     What’s been happening?
                                     Welcome to the wavesncaves sixth newsletter.

                                     Births and Weddings seem to be the flavor of the times.

                                     Adelle and Aaron have had the safe arrival of their first first borne,
                                     Eddie Smith! Steve and Kelly Parkinson have also decided to tie
                                     the knot later this year. Congratulations go out to all!

                                     Harvest and Christmas are finally behind us. As we reflect on the
                                     year gone by we see a number who have joined the class of Open
                                     Water certifications, cav/sink certifications and two that have
                                     achieved their Cave and Penetration ratings. We have invaded
                                     both NSW and SA as we dived at Batemans Bay and Whyalla, and
                                     the Southern Coastline has been raided with many photo’s taken!
 Welcome to our sixth newsletter!    With a new year starting, hopefully for many this means that things
                                     will start to quieten off , and some weekends can be spent relaxing
 In this edition:                    at a few good dive sites!
  - Middle Ear Barotrauma
  - Movie Review (into the blue)     This newsletter includes a writeup of a Cairns liveaboard trip, as
  - Dealing with Deco                well as a trip to Whyalla earlier this year to see the cuttlefish. Also
  - Giant Cuttlefish in Whyalla      included is some information on Middle Ear Barotrauma and some
  - Cairns Liveaboard                ‘interesting’ ideas on how to pass the time on those longer decom-
  - Featured Divesite (middle isl)   pression stops.
  - Past Events
  - Upcoming Events                  2007 has given us some interesting diving experiences, and many
                                     new friendships formed. Let’s see what 2008 will bring us!

  Fox hunting takes on a whole new

Page 1
 Middle Ear Barotrauma
                                         Prolonged effort can cause ve-                  Did you know...
 (Ear Equalizing)
                                         nous engorgement of the tissues
                                         around the Eustachian tubes. It                 Early cave divers used to
 Most of us have had problems at                                                         carry snorkels! It was be-
 some part of our diving with ears       can also cause a decrease in
                                         venous return to the heart and                  lieved that the snorkel could
 not wanting to equalize. While                                                          be used to breathe from air
 these sort of problems mainly           can lower blood pressure if the
                                         effort is prolonged.                            pockets in caves in the
 occur when learning to dive, it                                                         event that one ran out of air
 can also rear it’s ugly head on                                                         whilst still underwater in a
 other occasions depending on a          Dr Edmond Kay (an expert medi-
                                         cal practitioner for the ear) who               cave!
 variety of circumstances.
                                         is also familiar with diving had
 This column contains some               the following to say about the
 commonly known as well as               valsalva maneuver:                            displayevent.asp?rid=789
 some not so commonly known
                                         Students can become confused about            Additional information is avail-
 information about Middle Ear            the actual pressure needed to achieve
 Barotrauma Prevention. Just                                                           able online also from
                                         middle ear equalization when well             http://faculty.washington.edu/
 remember though, we are not             meaning friends remind them not to
 medical professionals. All this                                                       ekay/index.html
                                         blow too hard.
 information has been gleamed
 from personal experiences and           This advice is certainly prudent when a       Additionally, when performing
 other sources (such as the inter-       student is under water and experienc-         the valsalva maneuver most
 net. If it’s on the internet, it must   ing middle ear squeeze. Unfortunately,        people tend to tilt their head
 be right… right?) Seriously             for the squeamish individual, and espe-       down. Instead, tilting your head
                                         cially if a marginally patent Eusta-          right back when you perform it
 though, one should of course            chian tube is present, this limits the
 always consult their doctor if                                                        will cause the eustation tubes to
                                         ability of some to pressurize adequately      stretch and equalize easier.
 they are experiencing any un-           at anytime during the dive.
 usual symptoms or problems
 when diving, and not take this          Pressurization of the middle ear can          You can try this at home. With
 information as medical advise,          and should be vigorous on the surface,        your head bowed forward, pinch
 but rather as information of what       when no negative pressure gradient is         your nose, and blow out gently—
 others have found helpful.              present across the middle ear. This           but not enough to ’pop’ your
                                         means that it is possible (and desirable)     ears. Now, as you’re holding that
                                         for an individual to pre-pressurize the       pressure, start to raise your head
 Firstly, as a refresher, middle ear     middle ear and to inflate the Eusta-
 barotrauma is caused when the                                                         until you tilt it right back. You
                                         chian tube prior to descent.                  may notice as you tilt back your
 diver is unable to ‘clear’ the
 space from the middle ear and                                                         ears will pop. This little example
                                         Pressurization of the middle ear pro-
 through the eustachian tube.            vides a pillow of air behind the tym-         simply demonstrates that ears
 This diagnosis is usually made          panic membrane, protecting the "ear           equalize easier with the head
 on the basis first of discomfort,       drum" (TM) from barotrauma." As               tilted back.
 and then pain in the ear.               descent occurs, more air can easily
                                         enter an inflated Eustachian tube and         It is also handy to note that it is
                                         pass into the middle ear, if pressuriza-      much easier to equalize in an
 There are many ways to clear            tion begins early in the dive.
 this area, and we will explorer a                                                     upright position. (Diving head
 few common ones, and then                                                             first into the water can make it
                                         If the Eustachian tube is allowed to
 venture into some less com-                                                           harder to equalize than descend-
                                         collapse at any time during descent due
 monly known techniques.                 to squeeze, the pressure to re-inflate it     ing feet first).
                                         becomes greater. For this reason, I
 Amongst the easiest and sim-            always recommend that individuals             Other simple techniques to
 plest of the techniques is the          practice pressurization of their middle       equalize include swallowing,
 valsalva maneuver. With the             ears prior to diving in order to test their   yawning and the head tilt.
                                         Eustachian tubes for patency, and to
 nose pinched closed, pressure is        perform middle ear pressurization be-
 increased in the chest by at-                                                         However, one of the best meth-
                                         fore beginning actual descent to cush-        ods that I have seen todate, that
 tempting to exhale. Cheek mus-          ion the ears against trauma..
 cles should be kept tight and                                                         appears to work well, even when
 retracted (not puffed out). This is                                                   all the other methods have failed
 the most commonly taught                                                              is the Lowry Technique.
                                         For those interested in this, it
 method, but does have some              can be watched online by visiting
 disadvantages.                                                                        This is a combination of a pres-
                                                                                       surization technique (similar to

Page 2
 the valsalva maneuver) while           them descend, but it is important
 swallowing simultaneously.             not to let this put you off diving    Have you visited our
                                        when you first start out!.            website lately?
 However—with this method it is
 important not to blow hard.!           When I did my open water              Our ever changing website
 Unlike the valsalva maneuver           course, the only way I could          contains a number of video
 that requires a reasonable             equalize was to swallow sea wa-       clips of different dive sites,
 amount of pressure, this tech-         ter everytime I decended a cou-       as well as an ever increas-
 nique requires far less. One           ple of feet.                          ing number of diving photo-
 starts by pinching their nose                                                graphs.
 shut, and keeping their mouth          This was very uncomfortable for
 closed while attempting to blow        me, but I was determined to get
 out gently, and then at the            certified. I thought that I would     Please feel free to post
 same time while blowing—               never be able to descend fast         some diving photographs up
 swallow.                               with the problems I was having,       on the site yourself!
                                        but a few open water dives later,
 As crazy as it sounds, this can        and I found it started to get eas-
 be done with a little practice, and    ier and easier, to the point where    Our Waves n Caves news-
                                        I now hardly have to consciously      letters as well as the
                                        equalize at all. If there was hope    Warrnambool Sub Aqua
    Normally the best ap-               for me, there is sure to be hope      newsletters can also be
    proach to descending is             for you.                              found on our website.
    not to equalize, but to
    pressurize. ...                     At last, if you’re one of these
                                        people where nothing seems to         Our buoyweather account is
                                        work, and you’ve been diving—         still online. If you do not
 this maneuver moves a fair             as a last resort, it may be benefi-   know the password to ac-
 amount of air through the eusta-       cial to check out special ear         cess the 7 day forecast,
 chian tube into the middle ear,        plugs.                                please sign up to the mailing
 normally pressurizing the inner                                              list and request it there. (If
 ear, rather than just equalizing.      Note—normal ear plugs and div-        you require assistance,
                                        ing do not mix! The outside           please feel free to email
 And this brings us to another          pressure can force them into          adam @wavesncaves.com
 note regarding equalization. Nor-      your ear and cause severe dam-        for assistance.
 mally the best approach to de-         age, however there are some
 scending is not to equalize, but       ear plugs specifically designed
 to pressurize.                         for diving.                           The latest information on
                                                                              upcoming dives, including
 The difference is that when            One such type are called ‘Doc’s       the interactive dive calendar
 equalizing, you’re always              Pro Plugs’. These ear plugs al-       can also be accessed via
 ‘Catching Up’ to the pressure.         low water into your ear, but do       our website.
                                        so in a way that your inner ear is
 The opposite approach is to            normally pressurized ‘ahead’ of
 pressurize and keep ahead, so          the water in your ear—just            If you’ve got an idea or sug-
 the first pressurization (or equali-   enough to assist your equalizing      gestion for the website,
 zation) should occur on the sur-       and making it a little easier.        would like to submit a news-
 face before the head is placed                                               letter article, or would like to
 under the water.                       While it is certainly better to use   advertise on our website, or
                                        the other techniques (and re-         newsletter, please feel free
 Keeping ahead of the equaliza-         member—equalizing normally            to let us know!
 tion helps reduce pain and dam-        gets easier the more you dive), if
 age that can be caused by              you’re one of the rare people
 equalizing after pain is felt, and     who continue to have problems,
 also can make it easier to equal-      and would like to look at some
 ize when one may not be able to        other alternative solutions that
 equalize ‘normally’ (or when           are less commonly known, it
 playing “catch up”).                   may be worth checking out those
                                        ear plugs. A search through
 There are many different meth-         google for ‘doc’s pro plugs’ will
 ods that one can use to help           get you more information.

Page 3
 Movie Review -                        istic from a diving point of view,
     Into The Blue (2005)              although some of the free div-
                                       ing / breath holding scenes may
                                       be slightly longer than the aver-
 Set in the beautiful tropical wa-     age freedive.
 ters of the Bahama’s, four young
 divers discover a legendary ship-     It’s the best diving flick that’s
 wreck rumored to contain mil-         been released recently, and
 lions in gold at the bottom of the    gives a breath of fresh air since
 sea, they believe their dream of      that terrible movies like “Open
 buried treasure has come true.        Water” and “Adrift”!
 But nearby on the ocean floor, a
 sunken plane full of illegal cargo           _______________
 threatens their find.
                                       Warrnambool Sub Aqua
 The friends make a pact to keep       Club
 quiet about both discoveries so
 they can excavate the shipwreck
 before a rival treasure hunter
 uncovers their secret and beats
 them to the gold. But their plan
 goes awry when they realize
                                                                            Melbourne’s new ship!
 dangerous smugglers are al-
                                                                            If you’re like me, you’ve probably
 ready closing in on the missing
                                                                            been wondering what’s been
 plane, and one of the friends
 makes a fatal decision that           The Warrnambool sub aqua club        happening with the Canberra—
                                       plan dives for every weekend,        when are we going to be able to
 quickly turns the treasure hunt-
                                       which range widely in the skill      dive on this new site.
 ers into the hunted.
                                       levels involved, so there’s some-
                                       thing for everyone!                  It has been confirmed that Mel-
 Starring Paul Walker and Jes-
                                                                            bourne will get this new ship as
 sica alba, this is no B grade
                                       The Warrnambool sub aqua             an artificial reef, but the dates of
 movie. It contains plenty of un-
                                       newsletters are on our website,      the sinking are yet to be set.
 derwater footage, including
 scuba and free diving in the          and dates are listed on our main
                                       page, as well as our calendar.       Tenders for the sinking of the
                                       Why not check them out, and          ship have been closed, and the
 This movie contains a descent
 story line, a couple of twists,       join them for a few dives?           Victorian Artificial Reef Society
                                                                            (VARS) is now calling for volun-
 some action and a romantic twist
                                       If going, make sure you let the      teers to help with the project.
 which makes it good for both the
 girls and the guys to watch.          mailing list know your plans, as
                                       there may be other interested        We will be sure to keep you
                                       people who would come with           posted as to the status of this
 Unlike some other diving movies,
 this keep relatively close to real-   you.                                 new wreck dive, and new infor-
                                                                            mation will be added to our web-
                                                                            site as more information be-
                                                                            comes forthcoming.

   Into the Blue (2005) movie

Page 4
 Dealing With Deco                     enjoy a brain tease, you can try      available may tickle your fancy,
 (Keeping yourself entertained)        out a Rubik's cube. (Although be      such as the Toypedo, which is
                                       warned—if other divers don't          thrown underwater like a spear,
 Most of us, during our time of        have any entertainment of their       and can glide in the water as far
 recreational diving don't’ have to    own, you may find you have            as 40 feet. Also available are
 worry much about Decompres-           more divers wanting to “help          ’Aquadisks’ which can be thrown
 sion dives, and when we do,           you” than you desire.) Rinsing in     like a Frisbee.
 they’re normally short enough to      fresh water, and applying some
 just wait it out for a few minutes.   silicon spray will go a long way
                                       to keep the cube in good condi-
 But when heading overseas to          tion after a salt water dive.
 places like Vanuatu and diving
 on the President Coolage we           If you don’t like the idea of being
 can run into much longer decom-       alone, or have been traumatized
 pression requirements.                by childhood memories of not
                                       being able to solve the torment-
 So, the question is—what can          ing puzzle, there are other plas-
 one do to stop getting bored on       tic games available to play with a
 those long decompression stops        buddy that you could consider.
 that can take over 1/2 an hour                                              If you’re after a bit more of a
 each.                                 For instance you could try rival-     challenge, you can take up this
                                       ing one of your buddies at a          chance to play a bit of underwa-
 Here we have collated a few           game of Chess, Backgammon             ter tennis.
 ideas you may want to consider        or Checkers. (It would be a good
 during your next overseas trip,       idea to have magnetised pieces        A couple of older rackets and a
 where you may be spending a           to make sure water movement           golf ball tied to a deco line is all
 number of hours in total waiting      doesn’t ruin your game though!)       that you need for this, although
 for your excess nitrogen buildup                                            it’s definitely recommend to take
 to unload.                            For more than 2 people, you           a few spare golf balls, since they
                                       could go to Chinese Checkers,         are negatively buoyant and it can
 In the past, taking down bread or     or consider card games. Special       take some practice to get a rally
 some sort of fish food has pro-       underwater cards are now made         going.
 vided some entertainment, and         for the usual Deck of cards (2’s
 provide some opportunities for        to Aces), and also the popular        Although, if you do decide to go
 some good photographs.                kids game ‘Uno’. Originally de-       with the more active entertain-
                                       signed for pools, bath’s and          ment idea’s you’ll need to keep
 Others have also decided to           Spa’s a lot has to be said for the    an eye on your buoyancy as if
 pass their time by trying to blow     practical use of diving to.           you’re not careful, you could
 bubble rings, or taking a snooze      (Although it is a good idea to        easily lose control with your at-
 while waiting for their deco time     figure out how you are going to       tention on your game.
 to lapse, (although sleeping on       communicate before you get
 deco is not really advisable as       down there).                          Whatever your budget, the good
 there are the obvious associated                                            news is that you don’t have to
 risks involved.)                      The gadget guys and gals              get bored on your next long de-
                                       amongst us, who have a bit            compression stint!
 A safer option would be to con-       more cash to spend may want to
 sider some games which can be         consider an underwater mp3
 used whilst underwater. If you        player to listen to their favorite
                                       music. (Although this can be
                                       used during the dive too).             Did you know...
                                       If you fancy a bit of reading,         Home made rebreathers
                                       there are even some waterproof         were used by cave divers in
                                       novels that have been made for         the UK just after the end of
                                       pool or the bath that can be used      World War II, and well be-
                                       underwater.                            fore cavers took up Open
                                                                              Circuit methods like the
                                       If you’re after a bit more action      common SCUBA regs we’re
                                       than just sitting around, some of      familiar with today!
                                       the underwater kids toys that are

Page 5
 Giant Cuttlefish in                  noon.
 Whyalla (By Adam)
                                      We made our way around
 During July ‘07 Kasey and I were     to the Northern part of the
 fortunate enough to team up with     point. We were told that you
 the rowdy bunch from Warrnam-        don’t see too many cuttle-
 bool and trek across to Whyalla      fish on that side, and need
 in South Australia.                  to be on the south side, but
                                      considering the water was
 Entering Whyalla for the first       nice and calm on the north
 time was an experience for us.       side (and a few of us had
 The red dust from the nearby         just started to wet our gear)
 mining processing plant seemed       we decided to check it out.
 to be on everything. The roads,                                            roundings. The best way that I
 road signs, buildings, every-        Then, it all started—barely off       could think to describe them is
 where, although this was more        the shore, and in a meter of wa-      as living LCD TV’s!
 localized to the North end of the    ter we started spotting the cuttle-
 town.                                fish.                                 We decided to exit the water af-
                                                                            ter some time (most likely be-
 We made our way to the caravan       Camouflaged very well, they ap-       cause we were hungry, as we
 park, where we checked in and        peared to come out of no where.       had plenty of air spare diving in
 unloaded. While we didn’t plan to    If this was the sparse side for       an average of 1 to 2 meters of
 dive until the following morning,    cuttlefish who knows what the         water!), and made our way back
 it wasn’t long before a few of us    other side must be like!              to town. The next important deci-
 got itchy feet and wanted to go                                            sion on the agenda was what to
 for a dip.                           We made our way out to some           eat.
                                      deeper water (approx 3 meters)
 We found out by asking some          but that appeared to be a mis-        The decision was made to in-
 locals that the best place to dive   take. There were some cuttlefish      vade the BBQ are of the camp-
 for Cuttlefish was around 20 min-    out there amongst the seaweed,        ing ground (which was a great
 utes away, at a place called         but the best advantage was in         setup by the way), where we
 Point Lowley.                        the shallows amongst the rocks.       could compare photo’s.

 Shortly afterwards we were           The camera’s came out as photo        While the caravan park wasn’t
 unloading our gear at a carpark      opportunities abound. These           within walking distance from any
 near the Santos plant. The water     creatures weren’t quite what I        good dive spots, it was very well
 looked choppy, but the waves         had expected. They were much          setup. There was a good play
 didn’t seem too bad. A few of us     more….. well gracious I guess is      area for the kids, a great BBQ
 boys geared up and made our          the best way to describe them.        area, and it was right on the
 way down from the carpark to                                               beach.
 the waters edge.                     Most allowed us to get well
                                      within reaching distance from         The proximity to the beach got
 Those waves looked smaller           them, and a few even allowed us       Jeff interested, as he kept pon-
 from the carpark, didn’t they        to pet their undersides.              dering whether the tide would be
 guys!                                                                       right when the wind was right for
                                                                             him to take off and land in his
                                      The camera’s came out as               trike from there.
 None of us were game to ques-
                                      photo opportunities abound.
 tion our decision as we started to
 make our way into the water. All     These creatures weren’t quite          After a good night sleep, we
 this male testosterone around,       what I had expected                    were going back to Point Lowly
 well—no one was going to be                                                 for our second dive. We
 the first to give up.                                                       checked out a few locations, but
                                                                            the wind was still pretty stong,
 However, at about knee deep in       By far, one of the most fascinat-     coming in from the south, so we
 water, someone questioned the        ing things about these creates        decided on the same sheltered
 dive, and within moments, every-     was their ability to change colors    dive spot as the previous day.
 one was agreeing it was time to      and create patterns instantly
 get out. This seemed like a          along their skin, as well as to       None of the girls had been for a
 good way to spend the after          manipulate their skin into various    dive yet, and us guys were inter-
                                      shapes to blend into their sur-       ested in trying to beat each oth-

Page 6
 ers photographs, so it wasn’t           Because we were swimming              where we had a good time telling
 long before we were geared up           amongst the weeds, the cuttle-        all sorts of stories and tales.
 and back in the water.                  fish changed their skin texture
                                         adding more wrinkles and ‘leafy       The following morning greeted
 These creatures really were             bits’ to blend into the environ-      us with quite windy conditions,
 magnificent. Normally when div-         ment more. As they came across        and after an early trip down to
 ing, you may get to see a cuttle-       more smoother environments            the local boat ramp, we found
 fish or two, but these were much        such as rock, they would smooth       that we would not be doing a
 larger, and also much more com-         out there skin.                       boat dive that day.
 fortable with us divers. (Maybe
 they had something else on their        Now there’s an ability that           Gary, Linda and myself decided
 minds, after all this was the           women would kill for! To be able      to go for another dive back at the
 breeding season)!                       to remove wrinkles from their         cuttlefish, where we practiced
                                         skin!                                 our cuttlefish handling tech-
 Different cuttlefish behaved dif-                                             niques. We were able to hold
 ferently to us. Some ignored us,        After some more photographs           and pat a number of these cre-
 others were a little warey of us.       and video footage, I decided to       ates, without them getting con-
 Then there were some that               exit, finding out that I had just     cerned about us.
                                         missed a pack of dolphins that
                                         came swimming within meters           Spending this amount of time in
                                         from where I was!                     the water with them gave me
                                                                               quite a new respect and awe for
                                         Nevermind—if I had have seen          these creatures that I didn’t have
                                         them, I probably would have mis-      previously. They really are won-
                                         taken them for sharks and ruined      derful and graceful creatures.
                                         the inside of my drysuit!
                                                                               Later on that morning, we made
                                         So, next it was back to town to       a split decision to leave a day
                                         check out some of the other local     early, and go for Rapid Bay in-
   Some cuttlefish eggs at Whyalla
                                         attractions. We had a charter         stead,, where we were hoping to
                                         boat booked for tomorrow, so          get a good dive in on the jetty
 would swim away from us, that           firstly, we decided to find the lo-   the following Morning.
 we’d follow with the camera to          cal dive shop and fill up our
 get some motion footage. How-           tanks (although most of us still      However, whilst making our way
 ever, as soon as they came              had over 1/2 a tank left, but best    through Adelaide, some of the
 across a female, they completely        to be topped up when we go a          girls decided that they wanted to
 forgot about us, and immediately        bit deeper.                           go shopping instead, which
 started to court the female.                                                    pulled Parko and Doug out of
                                                                                 the equasion.
 We also found if you looked           We were able to hold and pat a
 carefully under rocks and             number of these creates, without          Gary, Linda, Layland, Kasey
 ledges, you could find the cut-       them getting concerned about              and myself pushed on where
 tlefish eggs, which looked a          us!                                       we came into the local town-
 little like lightbulbs stuck to the                                             ship that evening. However,
 roof of the rock or ledge.                                                      we completely forgot about the
                                                                               start of the SA school holidays,
 Once again, we swam out                 We then made our way to the           and getting accommodation
 deeper, where we saw what ap-           local shopping center (which is       ended up being a bit of a prob-
 peared to be older cuttlefish.          no where near the CBD), and           lem., but were able to get sorted
 However, it wasn’t really age.          found some lunch.                     out later on.

                                         The afternoon was quite enter-        The following morning greeted
                                         taining as we trusted Gary with       us with a beautiful day. Travel-
                                         the directions. While normally        ling to the jetty was magnificent
                                         good—Whyalla is a town with a         as we drove through the pictur-
                                         difference, and we kept on get-       esque hills.
                                         ting lead on the ‘alternate’ and
                                         ‘scenic’ routes.                      We geared up and made our
                                                                               way to the water, but it wasn’t
                                         That evening we went out for tea      long into our dive that we real-

Page 7
 ized this wasn’t going to be the        Past Events
 best of dives. The recent king
 tide had stirred up the water, and
 visibility was limited to less than     Nov 30th—Dec 1st
 2 meters—but we did get to res-
 cue an abalone from a crown-of-         A quick ‘sneak’ trip to Mt Gam-
 thorns, and boy did it move when        bier allowed Freddy and Adam to
 it was free!                            fit in a night dive Friday at ’The
                                         Pines’ followed by an early dive
 The day was not wasted how-             the following morning at Engle-
 ever, as we made the most of            brechts East where they met up
 our time driving through the            with Andrew. A lesson about ‘not
 beautiful countryside of this pen-      following the light’ was learned         December         28th—29th
 insula, and checking out some of        by the newest rated diver at this
 the local towns.                        site.                                    Warrnambool was invaded by 2
                                                                                  from Horsham and 1 from Mel-
 The weekend was over. We did-           December 14th-15th                       bourne. Friday evening con-
 n’t get to do as many dives as                                                   sisted of a great dive behind
 we had hoped, but the trip was          Two keen divers from Horsham             Middle Island, where an impres-
 well worth it. Seeing the giant         went down to Warrnambool Fri-            sive cave was found.
 cuttlefish in so greater numbers,       day evening to catch up with the
 and in a relaxed mood (well, one        Warrnambool gang, and took the           Saturday followed with the local
 where they weren’t worried by us        club boat to Hopkins Reef.               club boat being taken out for two
 anyway) was great.                                                               dives. One on the La Bella reef
                                         Many ‘Port Jackson’ sharks were          to (attempt) to catch crays, and
 Getting away for this weekend           found at the North end of the            the second trip out to see the La
 was a great decision. Yes—we            reef. A few sweep were caught            Bella Wreck.
 may have put a few extra km’s           by a couple with spear guns, and
 on the clock of the ol’ car, but it     a great dive was had by all, al-
 was well worth it.                      though a warmer dive would               November and December have
                                         have been made by one if they            been a quieter months, with
 It was the first time that Kasey        didn’t leave their drysuit under-        many kept busy with work, har-
 and I had gotten to meet the            garment back in Koroit. A morn-          vest and Christmas. However,
 Warrnambool mob, and we really          ing dive followed a night out at         January has started with a
 enjoyed staying in Whyalla with         ‘Fasta Pasta’ behind the old             splurge on diving, many taking
 them.                                   Aquarium, where another lesson           advantage of some superb con-
                                         was learnt about the benefits of         ditions on the weekends and
                                         following your BWRAF checks              heading to the coast. We’ll have
     ____________________                before entering the water.               more in the next newsletter!

Looking for Accomodation?
Whether you’re chasing it for a night, a weekend or a week, this spacious 3
bedroom house with good size living areas and fully furnished, located in
Wimmera Street Mt Gambier may be what you’re looking for.

It includes and outdoor entertainment area at the back with facilities for div-
ing gear to be hung up on. Perfect for scuba divers visiting the Mt Gambier
region, whether to dive in caves or the nearby sea.

It also makes an excellent place to stay while doing your CDAA course!
Prices start at $20 / head / night.

For bookings, contact Kelvyn or Paula Ball

Ph: (03) 5384 2259
Mob: 0428 842 259 / 0427 842 259
Email: freddy145690@bigpond.com

Page 8
 Upcomming Events                      May 10th—Queenscliffe                 over on the Nullabor plains.
                                                                             Cave rating is required for this
 Jan 12—Bakers Cave                    Queenscliffe has a lot to offer,      trip. (Those not yet cave rated
                                       including the Lonsdale wall and       and interested in this sort of div-
 Bakers cave is open this week-        the J-Class submarines. This          ing should consider getting en-
 end at Mt Gambier. Contact Fe-        weekend we hope to visit the          dorsed early to make sure they
 Freddy for more info.                 area, weather permitting .            don’t miss this fantastic life ex-

 Jan 26-27—The Shaft                   April 19th—Treasure Hunt

 Freddy is guiding ‘The Shaft’ in      A treasure hunt will be held at       October 17th—Catch N Cook
 Mt Gambier. This would be a           Port Mac this weekend. Great
 great opportunity to take advan-      fun for all levels of experience!     Cray season will be back into the
 tage of this long weekend and         Entry $10. Register between           swing, and we’re sure that their’s
 visit the Mount. Contact Freddy       8:00 & 9:00 at John’s shop in         more than just a couple that will
 for more information.                 Port Mac.                             be ready for the great hunting
                                                                             and the feeding experienced
                                                                             found with these unique crea-
 Jan 26-27 Feb 2-3—OW Course           June 7th—Loch Ard                     tures. There has been talk of
                                                                             holding a catch n cook this
 Open Water Course. Theory and         Weather dependant, some hope          weekend over at Port Mac-
 Pool Training in Horsham will be      to dive the Loch Ard wreck down       Donald.
 held the first weekend. Open          near Port Campbell this week-
 water diving 2nd weekend at the       end. More details will follow on
 Coast (location TBA). Any inter-      our website and mailinglist as
 ested students should contact         the time draws closer.                Unplanned Events
 Adam ASAP.
                                                                             Unplanned diving events happen
                                       July 5th—Mt Gambier                   almost on a fortnightly basis,
 Jan 27th—Cray Comp                                                          with trips all over the coast! This
                                       Kilsbys and possibly the shaft        trips, normally decided within a
 A cray competition is being held      will be open this weekend. Other      week of the dive are communi-
 at Port Mac. Entry $10. Register      dive possibilities include Pics,      cated between divers on the
 between 8:00—9:00am at John’s         One-Tree, Little Blue, Pines,         waves n caves mailing list.
 Shop.                                 Englebrechts, Allendale and
                                       Ewens, depending on numbers,          If you are not on the mailing list,
                                       experience and interest.              then you are most likely not in
 March 23rd—Easter Weekend                                                   the know of the majority of the
                                                                             dives that take place.
 Talk about spending part of the       August 8th—HMAS Canberra
 Easter break at Mt Gambier is in                                            If you would like to be on the
 the air. More information will fol-   Hoping that all goes to plan, the     mailing list, send an email to
 low as the date gets closer, ei-      HMAS Canberra should have             adam@waves ncaves.com re-
 ther in the next newsletter, or       been scuttled by now. This brand      questing to be added. The mail-
 online on the website.                new wreck for the Queenscliffe        ing list allows all involved to be
                                       area is sure to be a great attrac-    able to send emails to the list
                                       tion. See website for more de-        members about any indended
 April 12th—Emily Portland             tails as dates or site may change     dives.
                                       depending on whether the wreck
 Some have plans to dive the           is available to dive by this date
 Emily Wreck in Portland this          (or earlier!)
 weekend. The Emily is a tugboat
 that was scuttled 1st Sep, 1999
 in 24m of water, and is in great      Sep 27—Oct 11th Nullabor
 condition for diving. Depending       Trip
 on time, we may attempt a dive
 at Minerva reef to see the marine     A trip will be taking to the middle
 life and hopefully find some fos-     of nowhere to dive some of the
 silized sharks teeth.                 great world renoun cave sites

Page 9
 Cairns Live-Aboard (By

 Shortly after getting our Open
 Water certification, we decided
 that it would be good to go away
 on a holiday where we could ex-
 cersize our new freedom. After
 doing various searches on the
 internet, we found that one of the
 best financially beneficial ways
 to do this was to go on a Live
 Aboard at Cairns. (We did the
 calculations on how much it
 would cost to do day trips, and
 pay for accommodation, meals,
 etc back at Cairns vs a livea-
 board, and the liveaboard came
 up best).

 Being our first diving trip away
 (and second decent holiday           ent to the rugged up clothes we       like.
 since we were married nearly 7       were wearing only hours previ-
 years ago!), we were concerned       ously when in Melbourne. The          One of the things mentioned in
 about a number of things.            mild early evening sea breeze         our briefing was “If you feel
 Weather turning bad, getting the     blew down the street, and the         crook, the best place for you to
 cold or flu, liveaboard cancelled,   whole place had a ‘holiday’ feel      be is outside”. Then—they kept
 etc. So many extra things can go     to it, as many youngsters were        us trapped in the galley for an
 wrong on a dive trip, and let’s      out and about that afternoon. We      additional 45 minutes as they
 face it—we were known to bring       were on holidays! But then            gave us the rest of the briefs.
 bad weather with us wherever         again, we needed an early night,      Much to the disgust of some of
 we went.                             as an early start the next day        the guests who voiced their opin-
                                      was required to make the livea-       ion some time later (after they
 However, none of these ‘bad          board.                                had exited from spending a large
 things’ were to be. We were to                                             amount of time in the toilets).
 have a great time!                   Waking up a bit dazed to the
                                      bedside clock alarm going off         We arrived at our first dive spot,
 We arrived at Cairns one after-      didn’t give the real feeling of       where things started to happen
 noon, where the weather was          ‘being on holidays’, but that was     fast. Dive briefing, and then get
 mild. A little cooler than we were   to soon be all behind us. We          into the water...quick quick quick.
 expecting it, but shorts and t-      quickly packed up our gear, and       Having never been on a livea-
 shirt weather none the less. We      made our way to the front, for        board before, we weren’t sure
 found our nights accommoda-          the courtesy bus to pick us up.       what to expect, but (on this one
 tion, and then made our way to       After 10 minutes, we started get-     anyway), there was a timeline to
 the Pro-Dive shop, where we          ting worried that we may have         stick to. Only so long in the water
 sorted out the gear we would be      been missed, but the bus even-        here, before we had to be out for
 needing for the upcoming days.       tually came. (We were the last        lunch.
 Walking down the street in San-      ones on the pick up, and as it
 dels and shorts was quite differ-    was—it would have been quicker        Upon surfacing we found we had
                                      to walk there).                       the first casualty. One of the di-
                                                                            vers had perpherated his ear
                                      An hour later, we were on the         drum, and the diving was over
                                      boat in the galley, getting our       for him. Luckily (for us), there
                                      first briefing as to the next days,   was another boat nearby going
                                      safety on the boat, etc as we         back to land that afternoon, so
                                      made our way to the reef. After       he could hitch a ride with them.
                                      rounding the point, the wind
                                      picked up, and the sea became         We found out later that if it was-
                                      a bit choppy, causing the boat to     n’t for that, we would have had to
                                      rock a bit more than some would       journey back in (as the doc

Page 10
 wanted to see him ASAP) and           about which animals we could
 then journey back out again,          and couldn’t handle                    The next day started with an
 missing out on good dive time                                                early morning dive before break-
 (and most likely loosing a few                                               fast, (Kasey decided to sleep in
 others through sea sickness).                                                on this, so I buddied up with an-
                                                                              other couple we were getting to
 Our next dive happened soon                                                  know). We found that batfish
 after lunch. Only so long back in                                            loved living just underneath the
 the water, as the boat needs to                                              boat. (Guess they were trying to
 move to our next dive location.                                              grab whatever fell overboard).
                                                                              This day we were greeted with a
 The next dive was our first time                                             number of different experiences,
 that we had the opportunity to                                               including our first turtle signting.
 dive with sharks. (Well, the first
 time we have seen any of the          It felt a bit go go go at times, but   We saw a couple of turtles,
 sharks in our water anyway!)          it was our choice as to whether        shark’s, “nemo’s” (as they were
                                       we went on every dive, or              fondly named), and cod,
                                       missed one or two on the trip,         amongst a whole number of
                                       and relaxed a bit more. Kasey          other fish of which I could go on
                                       decided to sit some out, and           for ages about, but won’t.
                                       have a bit more of a relaxing trip,
                                       whereas for me—being as keen           The dive after breakfast was in
                                       as mustard, I was going on every       the same spot, but we were ad-
                                       dive.                                  vised to dive in a different direc-
                                                                              tion this time.

                                         … and I couldn’t believe             Kasey decided to gear up and
                                         my eyes. There was the               come with me this time, so after
                                         pro-dive boat, a long                a short time at the new destina-
 The first time I saw the shark, I       way off in the distance!             tion, I decided to cut back to
 was off—after it with the camera.                                            where we were at the first dive,
 Click, click, clicking away, I had                                           so Kasey could see the sharks
 tunnel vision on the shark, and                                              and turtles that were there.
 ended up colliding with a school
 of (well... Some other sort of fish   Go diving, get back out again...       After a little while, I decided to
 anyway). Later on, I was to find      Afternoon tea!. Go diving.... Din-     surface, and check out where
 that the camera gave an interest-     ner. Go diving again on the night      the boat was. I surfaced, and
 ing shot with fish right up near      dive.... Evening supper—and            couldn’t believe my eyes. There
 the lens.                             then Bed.                              was the pro-dive boat, a long
                                                                              way off in the distance. I was
 Kasey and I decided to finish our     Yes—I was quite enjoying this          expecting to be in front of it, but
 Advanced Open Water on this           life of dive, eat, dive, eat, dive,    we were in totally the wrong di-
 trip this day, as they could in-      eat, sleep. And then repeat. I         rection, and around 400 yards
 clude it with the trip, and it was    could get used to this! All my         away!
 convenient to ‘get it out of the      favourite things bundled to-
 way’. It also led to us learning      gether!                                Realising that Kasey would

Page 11
 probably get quite anxious if she       After quite some time on the sur-
 knew, (after all the stories about      face, they spotted us, and sent
 other divers getting ’left behind’)     the dingy of shame out to pick us
 I decided to get a compass bear-        up.
 ing—descend, and head to the
 boat before Kasey surfaced too          Although—after we were aboard,
 see where we were.                      I don’t know who was more em-
                                         barrassed. Us, or our instructor
 After some considerable time of         that just passed us for our AOW
 swimming, I surfaced again to           (which included a navigation
 recheck my navigation. We were          course dive less than 18hrs pre-     tom rising from 18m to about 3m
 getting closer, but had only            vious!)                              in depth, with many all sorts of
 made it maybe 1/2 of the way.                                                marine life to look at. At one spot
 Once again, I quickly reset my          It made for some good laughs         we ran into what looked like the
 compass, and descended before           round though. In heinsight, we       whole rest of the group. Divers in
 Kasey could rise.                       should have continued to the         the water everywhere. Seeing
                                         other boat, to see what they         over divers in a small area all
 After another period of focussed        were having for breakfast!           together was kind of funny. Most
 swimmingm , Kasey had 50bar                                                  didn’t even know where they
 left, and wanted to surface. I was      The weather was a bit choppy,        were supposed to be going, and
 hoping we were close enough to          but was nice and calm under-         were wanting to follow everyone
 the boat not to concern her.            neath. Apparently the vis wasn’t     else.
                                         very good (or so the dive mas-
 We made our ascent, and the             ters were saying), but compared      We observed from a distance,
 boat was still a little distance off,   to what we are used to in the        and I had a bit of a chuckle to
 but we had covered 2/3rds of the        south—it was fantastic.              myself, before seeing a ray out
 ground. I thought all was OK,                                                of the corner of my eye, and go-
 until I heard Kasey ask “Which          After dinner that night we got our   ing for some video footage.
 boat is ours?”.                         second (and last) night dive in,
                                         where I saw an octopus under-        We had lunch, and then headed
 I couldn’t believe it! Upon my          water moving about for the first     the journey back to the mainland
 initial surface, I couldn’t believe     time. It was interesting to ob-      where we spent most of our time
 my eyes, but didn’t think that          serve how it moved.                  on the upper deck enjoying the
 their would be 2 identical Pro-                                              breeze and sunrays.
 Dive boats in the same spot!            We also had some fun ‘feeding’
 This other boat must have come          the fish underwater during this
 while we were having breakfast.         dive. We found that by keeping        … a loud cruncy, and
                                         our light focused on a fish under-    the boat sharply jolted
 Anyway—I knew which one was             water would cause another             sideways followed by
 ours. When I surfaced the first         ‘bigger’ fish to come out of the      sraping sounds.
 time, I must have been not more         works and have a feed.
 than 50m from our boat (which is
 what I would have expected).            Talking about feed, it’s about
 We decided to surface swim              time for us to get out of the wa-    Only a coulpe of miles out from
 back. We knew that we were              ter, and have our evening supper     cairns and our nice relaxful trip
 well past our dive timelimit, and       before a bit of lounging around      was interrupted with a loud
 could see a divemaster on the           and then sleep.                      crunch, and the boat sharply jolt-
 top of the boat looking out for                                              ing sideways, followed by scrap-
 us—but in the wrong direction.          The boat was on the move early       ing sounds. We had ran straight
                                         the following morning to get to      into a channel marker, and it was
                                         our next dive spot by 6:00am.        making it’s way down the star-
                                         This was probably the worst dive     board side of our boat!
                                         of our whole trip, with not much
                                         to see at all. The second dive       Being on that side of the boat,
                                         had us heading in a different di-    and seeing the top part coming
                                         rection which was much differ-       straight for us was discombobu-
                                         ent.                                 lating at the least. We scrambled
                                                                              to the other side of the boat to
                                         We were swimming through a           see it scrape by where we were,
                                         maze of coral, with a sandy bot-     and then move on behind us.

Page 12
 The solar panel hanging per-         Featured Divesite
 cairously down from the top of          Middle Island Warrnambool
 the marker by an electrical cable.
                                      Middle island is located at the
 The engines stopped, and the         Stingray Bay swimming beach,
 crew were racing around leaning      just off to the east. This is a
 over the sides of the boat trying    shore dive, where the entrance
 to evaluate the damage.              begins between two islands.
 My first thought was if we’re go-    Diving here should only be done
 ing to sink—my camera isn’t in       on good days, as a strong cur-
 the underwater housing, and I’ll     rent can be present between the
 loose all my photo’s!                islands. The best diving condi-
                                      tions are present when the swell
 Thankfully, the hull was not rup-    is coming in from the south east.
 tured, just badly damaged.
                                      The dive site itself is an easy
 After a little while, the boat       dive (on good days), and starts
 started back up again, and we        in a couple of meters of water,
 made our way to the pier at          and extends to around 10m a bit     There is plenty of car parking on
 Cairns, where the mood of the        further out.                        the nearby road (although get-
 crew had changed dramatically.                                           ting a park near the stairs is rec-
 Hardly any of them were talking,     The bottom is mainly rock / reef,   ommended if you’re carrying
 and there were certainly no          and includes a number of large      your dive gear), and the carparks
 smiles that afternoon.               walls (some extending from 10m      can fill up during summer school
                                      almost to the surface), and         holidays as this site is also a
 That evening Kasey and I en-         plenty of swim-throughs to keep     popular site for swimmers to
 joyed catching up with many of       one entertained., including a de-   swim in the protected stingray
 the other’s on the liveaboard for    scent cave around to the left       bay area.
 dinner back in the city. We then     (south).
 had a beautiful stroll back to our                                       A public toilet block equipped
 accommodation where we               This site also includes some nice   with cold showers and changing
 looked out to the sea, and no-       color, and a variety of fish and    rooms are also located within
 ticed one of the channel markers     invertebrates, as well as kelp      walking distance, approximately
 missing it’s light.                  forests, and has some excep-        100 meters along the road to-
                                      tional photo opportunities.         wards town from the stairways.
 We were certainly feeling sorry
 for the next liveaboard patrons,     Middle island itself is home to a
 as it was looking like they were     small colony of fairy penguins.
 not going to have their boat
 available to them.                   Stingray bay is located at the
                                      same area, but extends to the
                                      south (on the east side of the
                                      island) and is a sheltered bay
   Let’s get personal!                from 6 to 12m in depth. On days
                                      where it could be too rough to
   Are there any dives that you
                                      dive behind middle island, the
   would like to do that aren’t
                                      bay is normally sheltered enough
   listed, or any other special
                                      to go for a look..
   requests or achievements
   you’d like to make? Let it be
                                      Middle island is a great site to
                                      take new divers (if the condition
                                      is right) as entry is not overly
   Send your thought into the
                                      difficult, 10m can be achieved
   mailing list, and let everyone
                                      without going out too far, and
   else know what you’d like to
                                      there is plenty to see. Even non
   do to see if we can organise
                                      scuba divers can enjoy this site
   additional dives with others
                                      by choosing to snorkel the area
   who are interested.
                                      between and near the islands.

Page 13
   Dive Quiz
                                                      9) An object is buoyed up by a pressure ___
   So, you’ve been diving                             than that of the water it displaces
   for a while now, but just                          a)     greater
   how much of your                                   b)     equal
   course do you remem-                               c)     less than
   ber?                                               d)     Water has no bearing to it

   1) The deeper you go
   the ___ air/gas you use                            10) Compressed air in a scuba tank filled to
   a)    same amount                                  capacity when compared to normal air has:
   b)    less                                         a)    The same proportion
   c)    more                                         b)    A greater percentage of oxygen
                                                      c)    A greater percentage of nitrogen
   2) Most surface waves and swell are caused         d)    A greater percentage of both oxygen
   a)    By Underwater Earthquakes                          and nitrogen
   b)    By Wind                                      e)    Varying amounts depending on the
   c)    By Boats                                           pressure
   d)    By Large Birds                               f)    Is highly explosive.

   3) The refraction in the water causes objects      11) Wich one of the following factors is the
   a)    To appear Smaller                            same for aire embolism and for decompres-
   b)    To appear Larger                             sion sickness?
   c)    To appear The same as above water            a)     Composition of gas bubbles
   d)    To appear More scarey                        b)     Principal location of gas bubbles in the
   4) At 20 meters depth you are experiencing         c)     Cause of the bubbles
   a)     Three times the surface pressure            d)     time of onset of symptoms in relation to
          (3ATA)                                             the end of the dive
   b)     Double the surface pressure (2 ATA)         e)     Method of first aid treatment
   c)     Four times the surface pressure (4ATA)      f)     Unstoppable flatulation
   d)     The same as surface pressure
   e)     What it takes to be a man.                  12) What does SCUBA stand for?

   5)     Air is mainly compromised of:               13) What does a ‘Thumbs up’ sign mean?
   a)     79% oxygen and 21% nitrogen                 a)   Everythings good
   b)     50% oxygen and 50% nitrogen                 b)   Call the Dive / Return to surface
   c)     21% oxygen and 71% nitrogen                 c)   Up your nose
   d)     21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen                 d)   Where’s your buddy?
   e)     Pollution
                                                      14) Which of the following is not a symptom of
   6) A dive team caught in a rip should              DCS
   a)     Swim down to the bottom                     a)   Nausia
   b)     Swim across the rip parallel to the shore   b)   Dizzyness
   c)     Swim towards the shore                      c)   Pain in muscle joings
   d)     Swim away from the shore                    d)   Itchy skin
   e)     Panic                                       e)   Fatigue
                                                      f)   Headache
   7) A safe descent rate is:                         g)   Vertigo
   a)    18 meters / 60 feet a minute                 h)   Shock
   b)    9 meters / 30 feet a minute                  i)   Twitching of the lips
   c)    1 meter / 3 feet a minute
   d)    It doesn’t matter                                      _________________________
                                                        Breathing Apparatus 13) b 14) i
   8) The correct equasion for Boyle’s law is:          10) a 11) e 12) Self Contained Underwater
   a)    P1V1=P2V2                                      ascent not descent that matters) 8) a 9) b
   b)    Y=MX+B
                                                        1) c 2) b 3) b 4) a 5) d 6) b 7) d (it’s the
   d)    P/V ÷ P/V                                                                           Answers

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          The Year That Was 2007

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