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                                         Appendix F

Application-Level Requirements
Application-Level Requirements List

1. Get user input for selection of foreign currency

2. Enter the amount of foreign currency to be converted into dollars

3. Convert into dollars by dividing the amount of foreign currency by its $1 equivalent

4. Display the amount in dollars

5. Prompt the user to continue with another conversion or exit

Input-Process-Output Chart

Complete the following Input-Process-Output chart for the application using a structured
programming approach.

                  Input                           Process                          Output
                                            Display Menu                Type of currency selected for
                                                                            CurrencyType as integer
Amount of foreign currency to be            Get foreign                            Amount of foreign
converted                                   amount                                currency(validated)
                                                                            ForeignCurrency as real
Amount of foreign currency and              Convert                                 Dollar equivalent
type                                        currency(Divide
CurrencyType                                amount by its
ForeignCurrency                             $1 equivalent)

Calculated dollar equivalent                Display results      Display Dollar equivalent(with
                                                                          user friendly format)
                                                                              USDollar as real
Ask If the user wants to continue           Prompt for      If NO selected Exit control, no
                                            choice(continue output
                                            or exit)        If YES selected, go to first

There are only 4 processes. Be sure to reread my feedback from your original submission.

                                                                                            IT 210
     Hierarchy Chart

     Complete a hierarchy chart for the application above by typing into the textboxes below.

                                 Foreign currency conversion
                                         Main Module

Display menu                   Get              Convert currency           Display results         Prompt choice
                        foreign amount

                                                                                                IT 210

This was a nice effort! However, the processes identified in the IPO chart should
have the same names as the second level modules in the Hierarchy chart. After
reading my explanation below you will need to correct this assignment and repost
it in your Individual Forum for review. It is a part of the Week 9 Final Project and I
want to see that you get the most points possible on that project.

Be sure to make all corrections as these items will be used again for the
Currency Conversion Design due in Week 4. Please read my explanation of the
assignment solution below.

Assignment Week 2:                             Application-Level Requirements
                                 Available     Points
                                  Points       Earned          Comments
  Is the Application-Level         30           30     Please see explanation
   Requirements List                                    below.
 Is the Input-Process-              30           18      Please see explanation
   Output Chart correct?                                  below.
 Is the Hierarchy Chart             30           21      Please see explanation
   correct?                                               below.
Late Penalty 10% per day                          0
                     TOTAL           90           69

The following is an explanation of what was expected for this assignment.

This assignment is part of your Final Project which is to design a currency
conversion application. The first element of the Final Project is to complete a
requirements analysis, an input-process-output chart and a hierarchy chart.

Application-level requirements are simply the things that the application has to
do. For example, with any application, the first requirement would be to present
a series of screens to the user asking them for some kind of input. A description
of how each screen will be used in the application would also be a requirement,
right? Then a description of the purpose of the application, in this project the
purpose is to calculate the currency conversion based on what the user
requested. And, finally the application should probably allow the user to request
another conversion. All requirements of an application need to be defined in an
Application-Level Requirement list.

We’ve completed two input-process-output (IPO) charts so far. So this should not
be too difficult to complete. This is where we need to identify the inputs,
processes, and output(s) of the application. First let’s take a look at the project
description and identify what kinds of processes we’ll need.

                                                                                  IT 210
The Currency Conversion application is a menu-driven program that allows users
to select one of five international currency types, input the amount of a foreign
currency, and then convert the foreign currency to dollars. The program displays
the equivalent dollar amount and returns the user to the menu until he or she
enters another conversion or quits the program.

The first thing that I see is that this is going to be “a menu-driven program” so
that means I will need to Display a Menu. I also see that the user will need to
“input the amount of a foreign currency” so my next process will be to Get
Foreign Currency Amount. After that it says that I will need to “convert the foreign
currency to dollars” and that translates to Convert Currency. The last thing the
application will do is “displays the equivalent dollar amount” so I guess my final
process will be Display Results.

Let’s take a look at each process and determine what the input and output for
each will be.

The Display Menu process does not require any input. The user will start the
application and the menu will be displayed. A prompt will ask the user to select
the currency type that they want to convert to U.S. dollars so the output from this
process will be the currency type selected.

In the Get Foreign Currency Amount process, we will be asking the user to enter
the foreign currency amount so that will be our input into the process. It is
considered input because in this process we will also “validate” the amount
entered to make sure that it is a valid amount (meaning that it should be a real
number greater than zero. Our output will be the validated foreign currency

The third process is where we will Convert Currency. In this process our input will
be the foreign currency amount and the currency type. We will need both of
these inputs in order to convert the foreign currency to U.S. dollars (which will be
the output from the process.

Our last process will be to Display Results. Remember that in order to display (or
output) something from this process it also has to be an input into the process.

A Hierarchy chart (page 37-38 of chapter 2 in your text) describes the
relationships between the modules of a program. A Hierarchy chart always
begins with the Main Module on top. Remember last week we said that the main
module of the program will be controlling the entire process. Below the Main
Module will be the modules that are called from within the Main Module.
Remember in last week’s assignment, there were statements inside the Main
Module that called the Input Data Module, the Perform Calculations Module, and
finally the Output Results Module. Well, the Hierarchy chart is a chart of how
these modules relate to each other and the Main Module.

                                                                               IT 210
The Hierarchy chart for this application will contain a Main Module on the top
level and then a module for each of the processes we identified in our IPO chart.

                                                                             IT 210

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