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					                                          A Tale of Two Cities Project

Directions: Choose one of the options below for your project to go along with our reading of A Tale of
Two Cities this six weeks. Feel free to use your creativity and artistic flair to the fullestl This assignment is
worth half of a major grade. The presentation of your project to the class is worth two daily grades.
Projects are due and presentations begin on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13.

1. Illustrate one of the "scenes" from the story. You may draw, paint, sculpt, or create anything else
   visually stimulating to illustrate the chapter you choose. A quotation from the book must be included
   somewhere on your illustration.

2. Create a movie poster for a new film version of the novel. Include the title, a visually appealing graphic,
   the stars, director, producer, and any other infonnation needed to advertise for the new film.

3. Design costumes for a stage or film production ofA Tale ofTwo Cities. Choose the color schemes, styles
   of clothing, and accessories each major character will wear. Put these together in a type of portfolio with
   drawings. You can even decide which actors will play each part and include swatches ofthe material you
   would like to use to create the costumes. (You could even go so far as to make a full-size costume that
   you wear to class during your presentation!)

4. Make a video interpretation of a scene from the novel. You have a lot of leeway here creatively, but stick
   with the spirit of the novel! (This is the only option for which I will allow you to work with a small

5. Create a map of the areas of France and England -or just Paris -where the story takes place. Include all of
   the pertinent stops along the way. Provide illustrations on your map and a legend of symbols.

6. Imagine that you are going to put on a stage production ofthe novel. Design and construct a set in

7. Write a theme song for either the novel itself or for a character who appears in the story. Make a
   recording of your song and include the lyrics. (For your presentation, you can play it live!)

8. Add an epilogue to the end of the novel-written in Dickens' style, of course! You may make any plot
   twists you want to as long as it does not contradict action that already occurred in the story.

9. Recreate an example of Madame DeFarge's knitting.

10. Imagine that you are Lucie Manette and create a scrapbook ofyour life. Include letters from other
    characters, keepsakes, drawings, love notes, and anything else Lucie would keep. Do not remove any
    facts or events, but feel free to add to her life by imagining things that happened to her outside the
    boundaries of the story. (Ex: include some things from her wedding)

11. Construct a model of a tumbrel, a scaffold, the Bastille, the wine shop, other object or place from the
    novel that you want to create. Be sure you refer to pictures or blueprints if needed so your model is as
    accurate as possible.

    J2. Create a pop-up or children's book ofthe story. Design the pages to depict the major events that
        occur and, on each page, include text from the novel that best represents each scene.

1. Choose one of the characters and create a monologue for them about some event from the novel that
   impacted them personally. (Tum in a written copy, but you'll have to memorize and perfonn it for your

2. Create a newspaper-from a French or English perspective -that includes headlines, pictures, and major
   stories that reflect the events of the Jlovel. (You may also create one that reflects events of the French

3. Create a line of greeting cards to reflect situations from the story -one of apology, two of love, one
   father/daughter, two sympathy, and one friendship. They should be addressed from one character to
   another and should include personal messages that "sound" like the characters who sent them.