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									Webquests Involving Problem-based Learning
     Title              URL                       Grades                                Problem Posed                                          Student Roles
Our Class Pet http://www.teacherw English,        2, 3, 4   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pet turtle? Or a gerbil, Animal Expert, Habitat
              eb.com/IN/PNC/Cas Languag                     toad, or fish tank? Maybe you already have a pet at home. Having a pet is a Helper, Budget Keeper,
                                   e arts,                  big responsibility. Pets require a lot of care. They usually need a special pet and Pet Caregiver
              sady/index.html                               house to live in, food, water, and many other things. Can you think of anything
                                                            else you might need to know before getting a new pet? Well you are about to
                                                            find out!!! Our class will soon be adopting a new class pet and you get to
                                                            help! Your team gets to investigate four possible pets and choose the one you
                                                            feel is best for the whole class.

Take Me on     http://oncampus.rich Mathema        3, 4     Spring Break! Don't you just love the sound of those two words? Every school Bargain Hunter and Trip
Vacation!      mond.edu/academic      tics,                 year we look forward to that week long trip we will take with mom, dad, and our Planner
                                    Languag                 siblings. Summer vacation is your chance to forget about school and have fun.
               s/education/projects                         This summer, you can't wait to go on vacation! The trip is almost three weeks
               /webquests/vacation e Arts,                  away. You and your family are so excited you can hardly wait! In your
               /                                            excitement, you and your brother decide to take a walk down to the ice cream
                                                            shop. As you walk out the front door you spot a note on the refrigerator. You
                                                            go to read the note from your parents giving you two responsibility for planning
                                                            your vacation. Good luck! We know that this is a big responsibility, but we
                                                            know you can do it.

Chocolate     http://collier.k12.fl.u English/    3, 4, 5   Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Inspector Chips. I am on a mission, and I Researcher and Scientist
Chip Cookies: s/weblessons/cooki Languag                    will need your help. It has come to my attention that "Chocolate Chip Cookies"
                                       e Arts,              may be harmful to your health. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies… they
To Eat or Not ewq/index.htm                                 are America's favorite cookie. Does this mean we all stop eating them? We will
to Eat!                                                     need to work together as a team to gather clues that will lead us to facts and
                                                            help us solve this mystery. Your teacher will provide you with a folder and
                                                            other materials that you will need.
Exploring      http://www.thedalles Social         4, 5     Five new employees have been hired at the Northwest Travel Agency. You are     Teams are assigned
Oregon         .k12.or.us/staff/dh/lh Studies               each to learn about Oregon, so you are able to guide your customers into       regions: Eastern Oregon,
                                                            wonderful trips around Oregon. Your boss is asking each of you to specialize   Central Oregon, Willamette
               ughitt/webquests/ex                          in an area of Oregon. During your training you are to develop a PowerPoint     Valley, Coastal Area, and
               ploring_oregon.htm                           presentation** of your area that can be shown to special customers to help     Southern Oregon
                                                            them decide where to go on their trip. You have the choice of three sets of
                                                            customers: an older couple, a young couple or a family.
A Creative    http://studenthome.      Math      6, 7, 8   The year is 2073 A.D. and the President of the United Nations has drafted you Historian, Abacus
Encounter of nku.edu/~webquest/                            (because of your famous mathematical brain) to join a team of mathematical       Operator, and Numbers
                                                           consultants to travel to Zonetia, a recently discovered planet in a neighboring System Analyst.
the Numerical gabbard/index.htm                            galaxy. King Zoppo (he's the green guy on the Home page) of the Zony Tribe
Kind                                                       on Zonetia insists that his primitive society cannot begin to make technological
                                                           advancements unless they have guidance to develop a brand-new base 4
                                                           number system to fit the Zonies' two-fingered hands. In order to best
                                                           preserve Zony culture, King Zoppo, in his wisdom, has requested that the new
                                                           number symbols be different than those used on Earth. Because King Zoppo
                                                           knows that Earthlings spent thousands and thousands of years developing the
                                                           current U.S./European number system, he wants you to use your experience
                                                           to assist him in leading his people through an efficient process, instead of
                                                           leaving them to build their own number system slowly, through trial and error.
                                                           There's no time to waste!

Franchise        http://projects.edtec Mathema   6, 7, 8   Many people choose to quit their jobs and try opening their own restaurants.       Project Manager,
                 h.sandi.net/memori      tics              This can sometimes be a very risky business. People choose to open a               Accountant, Investor
                                                           business that is already well known. This is called a Franchise. In this lesson,
                 al/franchise/index.ht                     your class will investigate different franchises and decide which one is best to
                 m                                         invest in. In this unit you will complete a presentation to the class convincing
                                                           them to invest in your chosen franchise.

Aboriginal       http://www.teachers. English,   6, 7, 8   There has been much discussion lately on the news and in the newspapers        Historian, Reporter,Health
Studies          ash.org.au/wattle/ab Languag              about whether the Australian Government should make a formal apology to the Worker, Anthropoligist,
                                       e Arts,             Indigenous people of Australia for the Government policies of the past which   Librarian
WebQuest         studs/index.htm                           have affected them. The Prime Minister has requested a group be appointed to
[Australian]                                               help advise himself and other central community representatives on how
                                                           Australian people view saying "Sorry" to the Aboriginal People. You have been
                                                           appointed to that Advisors group. The question to be answered by your team
                                      Studies              is: Should the Prime Minister and the Government say "sorry" to the Aboriginal
                                                           People? Why/why not?

Scream           http://teacherweb.co Mathema    6, 7, 8   You’re zooming down the track at more than 100 km per hour, holding on for         Historian, Physist, and
Machine - A      m/MD/OxonHillMS/       tics               dear life, feet pressing the floor of the car. Your heart is in your throat and    Design Engineer
                                                           your stomach is—well, somewhere. You consider it death-defying, yet worth
Roller Coaster   TechEffectScream                          these fascinating sensations of fright. You also consider it worth another long
WebQuest         MachineWebQuest/i                         wait in an endless line! Roller coasters, like other amusement park rides, are
                 ndex.html                                 designed using physics laws to simulate danger. The rides are typically very
                                                           safe. How do physics laws affect roller coaster designs? How does the
                                                           history of roller coaster design affect the technology of their design today?
Where Did My http://www.personal. Art/Music     6, 7, 8    In celebration of the 500th anniversary of your city, the museum commission         Construction workers:
House Come psu.edu/faculty/j/x/jx , Social                 has decided to build a one-half scale model town in the city park, just outside     specialty with roofs,
                                                           the stadium. The idea of the town is to reflect the various and diverse groups      windows, siding, and
From?        z8/Student_Webqu Studies                      of people who built and have lived in the city since it was founded. The            chimneys.
             ests/Durborow/wher                            commission has requested all of the architectural firms in the area donate
             e.htm                                         plans for one house each. Of particular interest are houses that appear to
                                                           have been remodeled and added to as new families moved in or styles
                                                           changed, since these show a building with history. You and your partners will
                                                           research a wide variety of styles, techniques, and details that have been used
                                                           for the construction of houses from early in our history to the present time.
                                                           Using these references, you will work together to create a home design of your
                                                           own and write a report. From this design, you will build a small model of the
                                                           home, for presentation to the commission.

Music          http://www.personal. Art/Music 6, 7, 8      You and your team have been elected by the mayor of the city to be the              Entertainment supervisor,
Adventure      psu.edu/faculty/j/x/jx                      designers for the new park. As a class, we must choose at least 5 "lands",          Architect, Food and
                                                           each representing a different style or age of music. Your team will research,       Beverage Manager,
               z8/Student_Webqu                            design, and create a model or blueprint of your section of the theme park.          Engineer, and Game
               ests/Oswald/WebFil                                                                                                              designer
Art Exhibit!     Art   6, 7, 8, 9   You are a member of an elite group of museum curators for a traveling art           Museum curator
               cnolan/exhibit/                             exhibit that is coming to your school. Your job is to research and acquire the
                                                           artworks you will display in the show. You will be working with two or three
                                                           other museum curators to produce an exhibit with an overall theme of your
                                                           choice. In addition, each curator will be an expert on a different art element or
                                                           principle of design, and will choose three works of art that are good examples
                                                           of their area of expertise. When the exhibit is opened to the public, the works
                                                           of art will be displayed with your research as well as one of your own works of

Who Wants to http://www.personal. Mathema 6, 7, 8, 9,      Who wants to be a millionaire? If you had one million dollars, what would you High School Graduate,
be a         psu.edu/faculty/j/x/jx tics [ & 10, 11,       do with it?Did you know that it is possible for you to become a millionaire     College Graduate,
                                                           during your lifetime? You do not need to win the lottery, win a contest, appear Graduate Student
Millionaire  z8/Student_Webqu CAPP?]           12
                                                           on a game show, or have a job with a large salary. All you need is some
             ests/Neu_Sel_Yar/                             money to invest, time, and a willingness to take some risks. This webquest will
             Questts/Ourquest                              allow you to explore the possibility of becoming a millionaire by investing
                                                           different sums of money in two types of investments, certificates of deposit
                                                           (CDs) and mutual funds.
1776: France    http://projects.edtec   Social         8     "As members of an expedition sent to the New World on July 4, 1776,            Journalist, travel advisor,
Helps           h.sandi.net/langaca     Studies,             students, in groups of three, must submit a recommendation as to France's      researcher
                                        Language             potential role in the revolutionary war."
America Win     d/1776/t-index.htm      Arts
May 4th, 1970   http://brianmckenna Social         9, 10, 11, Students are assigned a specific role as part of a higher education community Students, Administration,
- Kent State    .tripod.com/ksmain. Studies            12     to investigate and make recommendations for a strategic plan at Kent State    Government, Parents
                                                              University after the events of protesting during the Vietnam War.
WebQuest        html

Quickquest      http://www.kn.pacbe Social         9, 10, 11, Students explore the significance of the $7 trillion dollar debt by assuming a Number cruncher, fact
                ll.com/wired/democr Studies            12     specific expert role of number cruncher, fact finder, grant advisor, or budget checker, Growth advocate,
                                                              balancer. Students must develop an argument and provide solutions as part of Budget balancer
                acy/quickquest.html                           a fact-finding committee for politicians.

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