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Ruspidge Early Learners Newsletter September 2007 Registered


									         Ruspidge Early Learners NEWSLETTER – December 10
Important Dates/What’s On:-
W/c 14th February – Parent Meetings
Friday 18th February – Last day of half term
Monday 28th February – First Day of Spring 2 Half Term

Welcome Back!

Emergency Closures – Bad Weather
In the event of severe weather causing us to close the setting the radio stations to listen to are:
Severn Sound 102.4FM and Radio Gloucester 104.7FM.
There is also a web address to view the list of schools that are closed: ; or
We are not actually listed on the websites and the radio stations will not guarantee that they will read our
name out so the rule of thumb is – if St Whites school is closed so are we.
As for fees – if we are closed due to the weather – fees are not payable.
If we are open, but you decide not to bring your child then fess are applicable.
I will also try and put an announcement on our website – and on our Face
Book page!/group.php?gid=148347658522069

Parent Meetings – Week Commencing 14th February 2011
We are doing the parent meetings slightly differently this time and will be offering time slots during sessions
as well as a limited number of evening times. Please see separate sheet for more information.

Body Shop Catalogues
Body Shop have got their January Sale on at the moment. If you would like to place an order please ensure
that your orders and money are handed in by the end of the week.

40th Anniversary
This year is very special for us, there has been a playgroup in Ruspidge Memorial Hall (under various names)
for 40 years – we do plan to celebrate this fact later on in the year so please look out for information on
upcoming events – also if you have any ideas on the type of things you would like us to do contact Karen Jones.
We would also like to make up a scrap book so if you or someone you know has any stories/pictures of
themselves, their children or as a member of staff, again please contact Karen.

End Of Session
Please can you ensure that you collect your child on time. Also if you have any questions or issues you would
like to discuss with the staff can you do this either at the start of a session or arrange a time to come back.
We don't wish to appear rude but we only have a limited time to clear away before other users are trying to
get in.

Up to now any children that wear nappies and have needed to be changed, we have done and disposed of the
soiled nappies ourselves. From now, these nappies will have to be returned to you. This is not us (or even the
hall) being funny but we have discovered is a legal requirement – dirty nappies are classed as ‘personal waste’
and as such cannot be disposed of in the hall bins. We will have procedures in place so that the nappies are
double bagged and are kept out of the reach of the children – more details will follow.

Hats & Coats
Please ensure that you provide your child with appropriate clothing for the weather. Unless it is absolutely
pouring with rain we endeavour to take the children outside at every session, so they need to be appropriately

Book Bags
We have been asked by a parent about the possibility of offering book bags for children to put in their
artwork and drawings to bring home. Before we go ahead we would like to gauge interest to see if it is worth
our while. We have sourced some bags and have decided that we would keep them plain (so the children could
use them once they started school), we would have red ones (of course) and would probably offer them for
sale at about £4. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

Some children have still not be provided with daps, please can you ensure that this is rectified by next term.
Please can you also ensure that you change your child into their daps at the beginning of the session before
you leave the hall. Please also ensure that your child does still come in shoes
Tiddler’s Coffee Morning
We are planning to start a new coffee morning for parents with younger children. These will be held in the
lower hall on a Monday morning between 9.30 – 11.00am. The cost will be £1.50 per adult. We are hoping to
be able to arrange visits from ‘professionals’ – for example – health visitor; breast feeding expert – as well
as having more informal sessions with maybe a few catalogues from Avon/Bodyshop etc. The main point of
these sessions is for parents to get together and share experiences.
These sessions will start after half term on Monday 28 th February.

Fund Raising:
We participate in the following schemes:

      Tesco Vouchers for Schools                               Sainsburys School Vouchers
      Nestle Box Top Vouchers                                  Morrisons Let’s Grow

Yellow Moon –
This is a catalogue/web site that sell craft items, educational toys and books. If you order anything from
this site we get cash back, please remember to use our source code – SRU10262. Thank you for your
We are now registered with the above site. They are linked to hundreds of high street retailers. If you
access a website through easyfundraising they offer us cash back (amount and % depends on retailer), so if
you are looking to do some online shopping, please check this site out first and help us raise much needed
funds. Thank you to Claire Dobbs (Reuben’s Mum) for letting us know about this site.

If you know of any other schemes that we have not mentioned above, please let Karen Jones know so we can
look into it and see if it is of any benefit to us, thank you.

                                   Playgroup’s Contact Numbers:
         Karen 825902 / Emergency Contact Number 07946 597742 (in Playgroup hours)
     Use your newsletter to spread the word. If you have any useful articles for the newsletter
             which you might think other parents would benefit from please let me know.

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