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Vol. 33
No. 6

                                Syllabus       AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES OF NURSING

                                           AACN Awards the 2007 BSN Champion Award to the Univer sity
                                           AACN Aw         2007              Aw    to         ersity
                                           HealthSystem Consortium
                                           HealthSystem Consor tium
                                                The Board of Directors of AACN has awarded the association’s 2007 BSN Champion
                                           Award to the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC). This top honor was created to
                                           recognize organizations and practice settings that place a high value on registered nurses
                                           (RNs) prepared in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree programs. UHC, an alliance
                                           of 97 academic health centers and 153 affiliated hospitals, was selected for their commitment
                                           to supporting BSN-prepared nurses and furthering the professional development of these
                                                “AACN has been a leading advocate for preparing a highly educated nursing workforce
                                           and for improving patient care through education,” said AACN President Jeanette Lancaster.
                                           “We are pleased to be joined in this important work by the University HealthSystem
Carolyn Williams Receives Sr.
Carolyn           eceives
                 Receiv Sr.
                                           Consortium whose members have shown continuous support for baccalaureate-prepared
Bernadett          Award
Bernadette Armiger Award
                                           nurses through their research, publications, and recruitment preference.”
                                                In February 2001, two UHC staff members and four chief nursing officers collaborated
At AACN’s Fall Semiannual Meeting,
                                           on an article titled “Documenting Chief Nursing Officers’ Preferences for BSN-Prepared
Carolyn A. Williams (right) received the
                                           Nurses,” which was published in the Journal of Nursing Administration. The authors found that
association’s Sr. Bernadette Armiger
                                           71% of CNOs at UHC facilities perceived a difference in practice between baccalaureate and
Award from AACN President Jeanette
                                           associate degree-prepared nurses, particularly related to critical thinking skills. The majority
Lancaster. For the full article on this
                                           of CNOs called for recruiting more BSN-prepared nurses to work in academic health centers.
presentation, please go to page 6.
                                                Following that publication, AACN formed a strategic partnership with the UHC out of
                                           a mutual desire to create a better educated RN workforce. The partnership is focused on two
                                           objectives: 1) expanding capacity in BSN programs and 2) developing a post-baccalaureate
  Inside...                                residency program. The first objective was met in 2003 with the release of a joint UHC-
                                           AACN white paper titled Building Capacity through University Hospital and University School of
      10 Questions with                    Nursing Partnerships. In this document, the authors address how to structure an education-
      Ann Tourangeau                       practice partnership to expand baccalaureate student capacity at schools of nursing.
                                                To meet the second objective, AACN continues its work with the UHC on a national
      McGovern Lectureship                 post-baccalaureate residency project. This program was designed to enhance the student’s
      Award                                transition to practicing nurse and to increase the retention rate of new nurses. To date, 36
                                           partnerships in 24 states have been established by AACN and UHC members to offer the
                                           residency. Evaluation data show a dramatic decline in turnover rates and an increase in job
      Innovations Award                    satisfaction rates among residency graduates. The turnover rate of new graduates who have
      Presented to University              completed the residency in 2006 is 9.7% compared with the national average of 27.1% as
      of Portland                          reported by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
                                                “Nurse executives with the UHC clearly understand the link between baccalaureate
                                           nursing education and quality patient care,” said Dr. Lancaster. “This organization’s ongoing
      AACN Board of Directors              support for BSN-nurses echoes the calls from government authorities, national nursing
      Actions                              organizations, health care foundations, Magnet hospitals, and minority nurse advocacy
                                           groups for a more highly educated nursing workforce.”
      Opportunities                             AACN presented the 2007 BSN Champion Award to UHC Senior Vice President
      and more...                          Roberta Graham and Director of Operational Benchmarking and Nursing Leadership Cathy
                                           Krsek at its Fall Semiannual Meeting on Sunday, October 28. For more information about the
                                           UHC, see

                      Circle, Suite      Washingt
           One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                            1
           News & Information
                                                  AACN and Har tford Institute Salute Award Winners
                                                  AACN         tford Institute Salute Aw
                                                           Hartf                            Winners
    McGovern Lectureship
                                                       For the past 10 years, AACN has
    Award                                         collaborated with the John A. Hartford
                                                  Foundation Institute for Geriatric
                                                  Nursing on several projects, including the
                                                  annual Awards for Excellence in
                                                  Gerontological Nursing Education. On
                                                  October 28th, at AACN’s Fall Semiannual
                                                  Meeting in Washington, D.C., the two
                                                  organizations presented the 2007 awards.
                                                       Presenting the awards were Jeanette
                                                  Lancaster (AACN president) and Barbara
         Dr. Paul Farmer was awarded              Krainovich-Miller (associate dean for Academic Initiatives of the College of Nursing at
    AACN’s John P. McGovern                       NYU, representing the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing).
    Lectureship Award at the Fall                      Winners were announced in two distinct categories. These two categories
    Semiannual Meeting in                         exemplify AACN’s and the Hartford Institute’s collaborative effort to promote the
    Washington, D.C. in October. Dr.              highest standards for gerontologic nursing education.
    Farmer is show here during his                     The first award, the Baccalaureate-level Curricular Innovation Award went to The
    presentation. Dr. Farmer is a                 University of Portland School of Nursing. Representing The University of Portland
    founding director of Partners In              School of Nursing were Karen Cameron and Joanne Warner.
    Health, an international charity                   The second award, Geriatric Nursing Faculty Champion, went to Laurie Kennedy-
    organization that provides direct             Malone of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). Accompanying
    health care services and undertakes           Dr. Kennedy-Malone to the podium was UNCG’s dean, Lynne Pearcey, who
    research and advocacy activities on           nominated her for the award.
    behalf of those who are sick and                   Next year’s award applications will include two additional categories
    living in poverty.                            (Advanced Practice Level Curricular Innovation and Outstanding School of
                                                  Nursing Communications Award). Details will soon be posted on AACN’s Web
                                                  site, and applications will be due in spring 2008.

Baccalaureate Essentials Regional Meetings
Baccalaureate            Regional Meetings
      A series of regional meetings will provide stakeholders the opportunity to review and provide feedback regarding the draft
Baccalaureate Essentials document, including the end-of-program competencies for baccalaureate nursing education. AACN
members, faculty, students, practicing nurses, and representatives of other healthcare and education organizations are invited to
attend. A draft document is posted on the AACN Web site (
It is highly recommended that participants review the document prior to attending the meetings.
Day One
8:00 – 9:30 am: Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.: Opportunity to learn about the revised document and to give feedback on the end-of-program competencies for baccalaureate nursing
education. Dr. Patricia Martin, Chair of the Task Force on the Revision of the Essentials for Baccalaureate Nursing Education, will present an overview of
the draft document and the work of the task force.
Day Two
8:00 – 8:30 am: Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.: Opportunity to give feedback on clinical education for baccalaureate nursing and on quality indicators for baccalaureate nursing
Baccalaureate Essentials Regional Meeting Dates and Hotel Meeting Locations
•     Tucson, AZ- January 15-16, 2008 – Sheraton Tucson
•     Nashville, TN- March 13-14, 2008 – Hilton Nashville Downtown
•     Boston, MA- April 24-25, 2008 – Royal Sonesta Boston (Cambridge)

              One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930
                         Circle, Suite      Washingt
       News & Information
                                       Record Attendance at Fall Semiannual Meeting
                                              Att           Fall            Meeting
      Courses for
ELNEC Courses for 2008
                                                                                         Nearly 500 people attended AACN’s
     Nursing faculty will have an                                                    Fall Semiannual Meeting at the Fairmont
opportunity to attend the 2nd                                                        Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C.
annual End-of-Life Nursing                                                           in October. The attendance was an all-
Education Consortium (ELNEC) as                                                      time high for any AACN meeting.
a pre-conference to the AACN                                                         Attendees were treated to four days of
Master’s Education Conference.                                                       stimulating program sessions,
The course will be held at the                                                       networking opportunities, group
Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach,                                                      discussions, and presentations. On
CA on February 20-21, 2008. This                                                     Sunday, attendees had the opportunity to
course is open to undergraduate        visit with almost 30 exhibitors and, at the end of the day, enjoy a full “Thanksgiving”
and/or graduate nursing faculty, as    banquet with their colleagues.
well as to clinical adjunct faculty.
For more information on this
course, go to:                 Membership Aw    Presented to
                                       Individual Membership Award Presented to John Lantz
     Other ELNEC Courses to be             John Lantz, PhD, MSN, RN, was presented with an Emeritus Membership award
offered in 2008 include:               by AACN President Jeanette Lancaster at AACN’s Fall Semiannual Meeting in
                                       October. Dr. Lantz recently retired as dean at the University of San Francisco.
•   ELNEC-Geriatrics, February 6-          Dr. Lantz first became involved with AACN in 1975. Since then he has been an
    8, Pasadena, CA (grant-            enthusiastic supporter of AACN and the important impact the association has had on
    funding available for California   advancing nursing education and the nursing profession. He participated in
    nurses)                            numerous task forces and committees and did so in a consistent and conscientious
                                       manner. He was active in AACN’s Spring and Fall meetings and spoke at the
•   ELNEC-SuperCore, March 12-         Executive Development Series and the Summer Seminars. He was elected to the
    14, Pasadena, CA                   Nominating Committee in 2002 and most recently served on the Executive
                                       Development Series Subcommittee.
•   ELNEC-Critical Care, April 21-
                                           Under Dr. Lantz’s leadership, the University of San Francisco was an early
    23, Pasadena, CA
                                       adopter of the Clinical Nurse Leader.
•   ELNEC-Geriatrics, May 5-7,             Dr. Lantz is seen by many as a strong voice for small liberal colleges. He has been
    Pasadena, CA                       a member of the AACN-sponsored mentor program and has served as a mentor for a
                                       number of aspiring deans.
•   ELNEC-SuperCore, June 25-
    27, Chicago, IL

•   ELNEC’s 50th Course                AACN Faculty Training: Enhancing Gerontology Content in
                                       AACN Faculty Training:              ontology Content
    Celebration, June 28, Chicago,     Baccalaureate Courses
                                       Baccalaureate Courses
    IL                                      AACN is accepting online applications for the upcoming Faculty Development
•   ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative         Institutes offered through the Geriatric Nursing Education Consortium (GNEC).
    Care, July 9-11, Pasadena, CA      GNEC is an innovative national initiative to enhance geriatric content in senior-level
                                       baccalaureate courses. Administered by AACN, this program provides nursing
•   ELNEC-Critical Care, October       educators with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to ensure that the "best
    9-11, Washington, DC               geriatric practices" are imbedded in baccalaureate curricula and subsequently in the
                                       clinical care provided by newly educated nurses. Using a "train-the-trainer" approach,
     For more information and/or to    nurse faculty attending the GNEC institutes are expected to serve as leaders and
register, go to:                       mentors by sharing their new expertise with colleagues. This program is generously or             funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation.
contact Pam Malloy at                       The next two institutes are scheduled for February 27-29, 2008 in San Antonio,                  TX and October 14-16, 2008 in St. Louis, MO. Please note the change in dates for the October
                                       2008 institute originally scheduled for October 8-10, 2008.
                                            For more information or to apply, see

                    Circle, Suite      Washingt
         One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                      3
       10 Questions…with Ann Tourangeau

                                                               1. At what point in your life did you become interested in a
                                      Ann Tourangeau,          career in nursing?
                                      PhD, RN, is an                It was not until I was finishing high school that I decided I
                                      associate professor at   wanted to be a nurse. Though at that time I had a career in
                                      the Lawrence S.          accounting planned, I was also very attracted to the possibility of
                                      Bloomberg Faculty of     working with and caring for people. It was that notion that sparked
                                      Nursing, University of   my interest in a nursing career. I quickly changed my plans to
                                      Toronto. Her cross-      include nursing education preparation.
                                      appointments include:    2. When did you become interested in nursing research,
                                      full member, School of   specifically nursing outcomes research?
                                      Graduate Studies;
                                                                     Development of my love for and interest in nursing research
                                      adjunct scientist,
                                                               started when I was completing my Master of Nursing degree at the
                                      Institute for Clinical   University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the late
                                      Evaluative Sciences;     1980s. I most enjoyed my research and statistics courses. My thesis
                                      and co-investigator,     research was an experimental study testing the effectiveness of
Nursing and Health Services Research Unit.                     group reminiscence therapy (versus current events group therapy or
     Dr. Tourangeau’s research and teaching are within the     no treatment) on levels of self-esteem and depression in elderly
domain of Science of Nursing Administration. She works         institutional care patients. Once I was engaged in that research, I
in the area of nursing outcomes research, particularly         was hooked! When I completed my Master of Nursing degree, I
related to macro outcomes like hospital mortality,             returned to service as a hospital administrator / leader for another
readmission to hospital, and length of stay that are of        decade. During those years, I struggled to engage in research
particular interest to administrators, health care leaders,    activities but because it was not the main focus of an administrator
and policy makers. Dr. Tourangeau incorporates data from       role, I found I never had enough time or support to engage in
large administrative and clinical databases to answer          research. I also felt that I needed more education to become an
questions related to the contribution that nursing care and    outcomes researcher. I returned to university to complete my PhD
nursing work environments make to these patient and            between 1997 and 2001. Since then in my current role as professor at
organizational outcomes. She also uses survey methods to       the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of
collect primary data, particularly related to nurse work       Toronto in Toronto, Canada, my major focus has been engaging in
environments. She has expertise in risk adjustment             outcomes research and the development of future nurse scientists
                                                               and scholars.
methods used in outcomes research to account for
differences in patient characteristics across units of         3. Is there any significant difference between professional
analysis used in a study. Dr. Tourangeau also is involved in   nursing in Canada and the United States?
program evaluation research examining outcomes related               There are a number of differences in professional nursing
to the implementation of specific focused interventions        between our two countries. Health professions are regulated at the
such as a nursing leadership development intervention.         provincial level in Canada rather than at the federal level.
     Dr. Tourangeau holds a Career Scientist award from        Consequently, there are also differences across Canadian provinces
the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for a        and territories. For example, I live and work in Canada’s most
five-year term between 2003 and 2008. She holds cross          populated province, Ontario. In Ontario, entry to practice as a
appointments with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative        registered nurse requires baccalaureate nursing education
Sciences in Ontario and the Effectiveness, Utilization and     completion. Previously, registered nurses might have received their
Outcomes Research Unit.                                        nursing educational preparation from a college at what we call the
     She teaches course content related to management          diploma level. This is no longer possible in the Province of Ontario.
and leadership in health services, research, and               However, several other Canadian provinces continue to have two
development / evaluation.                                      methods of preparation for the professional registered nurse – both
     Dr. Tourangeau received her BSN, MN, and PhD              diploma (college) preparation and university baccalaureate
degrees from the University of Alberta. For more               educational preparation. In Ontario, we also have nurse
information about her program of research and current          practitioners who are educated at either the baccalaureate or
funded studies, please visit the following website: http://    graduate level.                           4. In your article published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing
                                                               (Vol. 57, 1, pp. 32-44, January 2007), you and your coauthors
                                                               report that, “Hospitals with higher proportions of
                                                                                                              Continued on pg. 5

                    Circle, Suite      Washingt
         One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                       4
          10 Questions…with Ann Tourangeau

baccalaureate-prepared nurses tended to have lower 30-day               characteristics of nurses and other health care providers in my
mortality rates. Our findings indicated that a 10% increase in          studies and test for relationships between educational preparation
the proportion of baccalaureate prepared nurses was associated          and the outcomes of interest.
with 9 fewer deaths for every 1,000 discharged patients.” Were
you surprised by these findings?                                        7. Did your study look at the outcomes for nurses who had less
                                                                        than a baccalaureate degree?
     We were not at all surprised to find such a strong relationship
between the proportion of baccalaureate-educated nursing staff               We incorporated four different levels of nursing personnel in
and the outcome of mortality. The complexity of patients on acute       our study: registered nurses with baccalaureate or higher
medical units is so very high that highly educated nursing staff are    educational preparation, registered nurses with diploma (college)
required to effectively care for these patients and their families.     educational preparation, registered/licensed practical nurses, and
Acute medical patients are not only complex but often unstable          unlicensed assistive personnel. For acute medical patients,
and unpredictable. Nurses who can not only complete                     hospitals with the lowest mortality rates tended to be those that
psychomotor skills but who can critically think to predict patient      employed not only a higher proportion of registered nurses to care
problems and either prevent them or solve them are required to          for these patients (as opposed to registered practical nurses or
prevent unnecessary death for these acute medical patients.             unlicensed assistive nursing personnel) but also those that
Clearly, educational preparation of the nurse has an impact on          employed baccalaureate educated nurses. Hospitals that chose to
outcomes such as mortality for complex and unstable patients.           employ higher proportions of registered/licensed practical nurses
However, one challenge for hospitals is competing priorities:           and higher proportions of unlicensed assistive personnel to care for
balancing cost with quality outcomes. Registered nurses cost more       acutely ill medical patients tended to have the highest mortality
money in salary and benefits than do other categories of nursing        rates.
personnel such as registered / licensed practical nurses and            8. Based on your research, how vital would you say educational
unlicensed assistive nursing personnel. Further, baccalaureate-         background is to the roles performed by the professional nurse?
educated nurses usually cost more than diploma educated
                                                                             Based on our research and that of others like Dr. Aiken and
registered nurses.
                                                                        colleagues, I would conclude that the higher the complexity and
5. How did your findings compare with those of Linda Aiken’s            instability of patients, such as those cared for in acute care settings,
(from her JAMA article, September 24, 2003)? Did you                    the higher the need there for baccalaureate or higher educated
collaborate at all with Dr. Aiken on this study?                        registered nurses to care for these patients. To try to separate the
     Though we did not collaborate directly with Dr. Aiken and          psychomotor and critical thinking/judgment knowledge and skills
her associates on this project, we have learned much from her as        that these patients require is probably not in the best interests of
we undertook this project. Our findings are complimentary to            acutely ill patients and may lead to unnecessary and avoidable
those of Dr. Aiken and colleagues. They studied educational             death. I advocate that acute care hospitals hire and retain
characteristics of nurses working with surgical patients in a           baccalaureate educated nurses to care for their complex and
sample of hospitals in Pennsylvania and found that hospitals            unstable patient populations to promote best patient outcomes.
employing higher proportions of baccalaureate (or higher)               9. What current studies are you involved in?
educated registered nurses to care for these surgical patients had
lower mortality and failure-to-rescue rates. In our study, we                I am currently leading four research studies as principal
examined the educational characteristics of nurses caring for           investigator and am working as co-investigator on seven other
acutely ill medical patients and found that hospitals employing a       studies. For example, I am currently leading studies to explore
larger proportion of baccalaureate educated nurses to care for          determinants of three outcomes in institutional long-term care
these patients had lower 30-day mortality rates for these acutely ill   (location of discharge, satisfaction with care, and length of stay),
patients. Both studies have similar findings with different patient     study the impact of a leadership development intervention on
and nurse populations. This strengthens the hypothesis that             organizational outcomes in nursing homes, explore structures and
complex and acutely ill hospitalized patients require                   processes of nursing care in home care, and explore determinants
baccalaureate-educated nurses to care for them if a hospital is         of nurse intention to remain employed in Canadian hospitals.
interested in minimizing unnecessary patient death.                     10. Do you have any suggestions on how more nursing students
                                                                        can be recruited into research/faculty careers?
6. Are you planning any followup studies on the impact of
education on practice?                                                       One strategy that we have used at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg
                                                                        Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto includes offering
     My program of research focuses on outcomes and the
                                                                        undergraduate and master level students early fellowship
determinants of these outcomes. If it makes theoretical sense to
                                                                        opportunities to actively engage with us in our research programs.
consider educational preparation as a potential predictor of
                                                                        These opportunities expose students to the joys, challenges, and
outcomes, it is included as an important variable to be studied.
                                                                        realities of research and often develop into longer term mentoring
Although educational preparation is seldom the only predictor of
important outcomes, I usually investigate the educational

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             One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                               5
      News & Information
                                                                                 Innovations Award Presented
                                                                                 Innov       Aw        Presented
Carolyn A. Williams Receives Sr. Bernadette Armiger Award
Carolyn A.           eceives
                    Receiv Sr. Bernadetttte         Aw                                      ersity
                                                                                        Univer          ortland
                                                                                 to the Univer sity of Por tland
   At AACN’s Fall Semiannual Meeting, Carolyn A. Williams, PhD, RN,                   At the AACN Fall Semiannual
FAAN received the association’s Sr. Bernadette Armiger Award. The award is       Meeting, a new honor created by the
presented annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions       AACN Board of Directors – the
to AACN and its goals, to nursing education, and to the advancement of the       Innovations in Professional Nursing
nursing profession.                                                              Education Award – was presented to the
   Dr. Williams has had a distinguished career in nursing, highlighted by her    University of Portland, with a special
deanship at the University of Kentucky (1984-2006), where she continues          recognition to a colleague who inspired
today as a Professor. Prior to arriving at Kentucky, Dr. Williams served on      this new honor: Dr. Terry Misener. Dr.
faculty at Emory University and The University of North Carolina.                Misener was the dean of the University of
   Dr. Williams’ service to AACN has been extensive, dating back to 1986         Portland until his sudden death in May.
when she was the assistant editor for Research for the Journal of Professional        The Innovations Award was
Nursing. Dr. Williams also has actively engaged in committee work for the        developed to recognize pioneering
Association. She has served on several AACN committees such as the               educational initiatives launched by
Doctoral Conference Committee (1989-1993) and the Nominating Committee           AACN member institutions. Individual
(1993). In 1996, Dr. Williams was elected as member of the Board of              schools are doing creative work around
Directors. In 1998-2000 she served as President-elect, and in 2000-2002 she      re-envisioning traditional models for
served as President.                                                             nursing education and embracing
   Dr. Williams also has played a leadership role in the establishment of the    programmatic change. AACN wants to
AACN-UHC Nurse Residency Program, which seeks to create a better                 cast a spotlight on this important work
educated workforce in clinical settings.                                         and give schools a platform on which to
   Dr. Williams served as chair of the Futures Task Force, which was             influence colleagues and the future of
instrumental in recommending significant structural and organizational           nursing education.
changes for AACN. She also chaired the Doctor of Nursing Practice Road                Dr. Misener was a well-known and
Map Task Force.                                                                  respected colleague in AACN. He was an
   Dr. Williams is a member of the American Academy of Nursing and served        AACN Board member, chair of the
as President of the Academy in 1983-1985. She also served on the Board of        Membership Committee, and a champion
Directors of Sigma Theta Tau International and has been an active committee      for the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). In
member in the Southern Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing.              her remarks during the presentation of
   When Dr. Williams retired from her deanship, she clearly had left her         the award, Dr. Jeanette Lancaster, AACN
mark on nursing, nursing education, and AACN in particular. Dr. Williams         president, noted that “Terry was a man of
has lived Sr. Armiger’s legacy of service to AACN, in the advancement of         courage, vision, and heart who was very
nursing education and practice. She is the exemplary role model for service      proud of his life’s work as a nurse and
to our profession.                                                               nurse educator.”
   The Sr. Bernadette Armiger Award honors the distinguished service of               Dr. Joanne Warner, the interim dean
AACN’s third president (1972-74). As president of AACN, Sr. Bernadette was       at the University of Portland School of
instrumental in forming the alliance between AACN and the American               Nursing, described Terry as “our brilliant
Nurses Association, as well as the Interorganization Committee for               spark plug with the faculty providing the
Implementation of Nursing's Role in Health Care Delivery, which brought          engine, energy and power behind our
together the presidents and executive directors of AACN, ANA, and the            work.” The faculty and leadership of the
NLN. She also established AACN's connections with the Association of             University of Portland have led by
Academic Health Centers, the Association of American Medical Colleges,           innovation on several fronts, including
and the Coalition for Health Funding. In addition, Sr. Bernadette made           the following:
significant contributions to nursing in both the academic and professional
arenas. To this day, AACN enjoys the benefits of the relationships formed        1) Faculty gained national acclaim for the
during her term.                                                                 development of the Dedicated Education
   To honor her distinguished service, and to recognize and encourage efforts    Unit (DEU). The DEU is an innovative
toward the advancement of nursing education and practice, AACN                   clinical partner education model that
established the Sister Bernadette Armiger Award in 1982.                         responds creatively to the current
                                                                                 challenges of clinical education.
                                                                                                      Continued on pg. 7

                   Circle, Suite      Washingt
        One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                              6
          News & Information
Launched in 2003 and continually              3) The Providence Scholarship is an              predominately undergraduate liberal arts
expanded and refined, the model boasts        inspired partnership between Providence          institution, to win approval to launch a
the following outcomes: mutually-             Health System and University of Portland.        doctoral program, specifically the Doctor
supportive partnerships between service       Chosen on a competitive basis of GPA,            of Nursing Practice, which will begin
and education, strong clinical learning,      values, and character, students have full        classes next summer.
fulfilled professional staff nurses fully     tuition paid for their final five semesters in        For all of these accomplishments, the
engaged in teaching, and efficiency in        exchange for a three-year work                   University of Portland truly embodies the
scheduling and use of clinical and human      commitment at the health system. Since           spirit of AACN’s new Innovations Award.
resources.                                    its inception, over $12 million dollars in       Dr. Joanne Warner accepted this honor on
                                              scholarships have helped to fund 280 new         behalf of her institution.
2) The University of Portland and its         nurses.                                               The full criteria for the Innovations
practice partners were among the first                                                         Award will be available soon on the
adopters of the Clinical Nurse Leader role.   4) The University of Portland Learning
                                                                                               AACN Web site. Awards will be
One hundred percent of the school’s first     Resource Center is known for innovative
                                                                                               presented in four categories that mirror
graduating class is CNL-certified, and        pedagogy in simulation. Among their
                                                                                               the Like-School Discussion Groups held at
these graduates are already positively        entrepreneurial products is a Clinical
                                                                                               the Fall and Spring meetings: Small
impacting nurse-sensitive outcomes in         Faculty Development DVD and teaching
                                                                                               Schools, Academic Health Centers
their diverse places of employment.           guide that presents best practices in
                                                                                               (AHC), Private Schools without an AHC,
Almost 60 students are now enrolled in        clinical teaching. Over 100 have been sold
                                                                                               and Public Schools without an AHC.
Portland’s CNL program, including             to nursing schools nationwide.
                                                                                               Each winner will receive $1,000, and all
practicing nurses and those in an             5) The School of Nursing became the first        innovations will be featured on the
accelerated second-degree program.            school at the University of Portland, a          association’s Web site.

    AACN                ors
                  Director         took     follo
                                             ollowing                  meeting      October
The AACN Board of Director s (BOD) took the following actions at their meeting held October
25-28, 2007 in Washington, D.C.:
       2007 Washingt
•   The Board discussed feedback from members to the draft position statement on AACN Guidelines Regarding Faculty Teaching in
    Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Programs. Revisions were made and a final version was prepared for a vote by members at the
    October 29 Business Meeting.
•   The Board approved adoption of the CNL certification entity name to be the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC). The
    BOD also discussed an extension of the waiver time for CNL faculty to take the certification exam. This suggestion was sent
    to the CNC Board of Commissioners.
•   The Board discussed the creation of a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) membership organization. The BOD agreed that this
    organization would not be modeled after the AACN Leadership Networks. Rather, AACN will provide support and guidance
    to enable the formation of an independent organization. At the March 2008 Board meeting, AACN staff will bring a proposal
    for a 3-year plan to support this initiative.
•   The Board approved the signing of a 10-year lease for AACN’s office space at One Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. The lease
    includes an increase in AACN’s existing space.
•   After discussion, the Board approved a suggestion that a future Fall Semiannual Meeting program session be held on the
    challenges facing foreign-born faculty.
•   The Board agreed to renew the association’s contract with Castle Branch, Inc. to offer discounted criminal background check
    services to AACN member institutions.
•   The Board approved a three-year contract with Wheat Government Relations, a government affairs consulting firm which
    has been actively engaged in AACN’s lobbying efforts for more than six years.
•   After discussion about possible initiatives to actively engage more faculty in AACN, the Board asked staff to develop a
    business plan to accomplish this objective.
•   The Board discussed methods of archiving AACN listserv discussions. Summaries of these discussions will be published in
•   The Board asked staff to update the Web site and committee/task force lists to include the RN credential to all individual
    names, when appropriate, following the highest degree earned.

                       Circle, Suite      Washingt
            One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                        7
CALIFORNIA STATE                              Bakersfield, CA 9331099                      •   Candidates with a minimum of 18
UNIVERSITY, BAKERSFIELD                       (661) 654-3229                                   doctoral credits will be considered
                                                                                               for Assistant Professor.
Positions Available for Nursing               Incomplete applications will not be
Faculty                                       considered.                                  Submit a letter of application and a CV
                                                                                           to: Posting #F0818
Endowed Professor, Gerontology/               CSUB fosters and appreciates ethnic          Eastern Michigan University
Medical Surgical (Tenure Track): Ten          and cultural diversity among its faculty     202 Boone Hall
month, tenure track, associate                and students and is committed to             Ypsilanti, MI 48197
professor or professor for Fall 2008.         increasing the diversity of its faculty to
Ph.D. in Nursing or related academic          reflect the diversity of the campus          Women and members of minority
area; the ability to teach courses in         community. Applications from men,            groups are encouraged to apply. EMU
related areas of expertise; evidence of       ethnic minorities, veterans, and             is an equal opportunity employer
reviewed research in area of                  individuals with disabilities are            committed to faculty, staff, and student
Gerontology and other areas of                welcome.                                     diversity.
expertise; and a commitment to a
quality nursing education program are
                                              EASTERN MICHIGAN                             LOUISIANA STATE
Nursing Department Chair, Professor           UNIVERSITY                                   UNIVERSITY HEALTH
(Tenure Track): Twelve month, tenure                                                       SCIENCES CENTER SCHOOL
track professor for Fall 2008. Ph.D. in       Instructor or Assistant Professor            OF NURSING (NEW
Nursing or related academic area; the         Sought for Nursing Position                  ORLEANS)
ability to teach courses in related areas
of expertise, evidence of a                   Eastern Michigan University invites
                                                                                           LSU is inviting applications as the
distinguished record of teaching and          applications for a tenure-track position
                                                                                           school reorganizes to become a center
scholarly achievement appropriate to a        in nursing. Specialty area of interest is
                                                                                           for excellence
tenured faculty appointment at the rank       community health. Rank is available
of professor; and a commitment to a           depending upon applicant's experience
                                                                                           •   Associate Dean for Professional
quality nursing education program are         and qualifications. Position is available
                                                                                               Practice, Community Service &
required.                                     pending funding.
                                                                                               Advanced Nursing Practice
                                              The School of Nursing is one of four
                                                                                           •   Associate Dean for Nursing
Application deadline January 15, 2008         schools in the College of Health and
                                                                                               Research, Scholarship & Science
or until position filled. Equal opportunity   Human Services. The School offers
                                                                                           •   Associate Dean for Undergraduate
employer that fosters and appreciate          both undergraduate and graduate
                                                                                               Baccalaureate Nursing Program
ethnic and cultural diversity.                programs. Eastern Michigan University
                                              is located in southeast Michigan and
                                                                                           About the Positions:
For full position descriptions, visit our     has more than 23,000 students. For
                                                                                           The Associate Deans are responsible
website:         more information contact the Nursing
                                                                                           for ensuring that academic standards
open_fac.shtml                                Search and Screen Committee at:
                                                                                           are met. The Associate Deans are also
                                              (734) 487-2310.
                                                                                           responsible for ensuring the
Submit a letter of application,
                                                                                           achievement of the School of Nursing
curriculum vitae, copies of transcripts, a    Qualifications:
                                                                                           and Health Sciences Center mission
written description of teaching               • A master's in nursing and Michigan
                                                                                           and strategic initiatives in their
philosophy and research plans, and               nursing license are required.
                                                                                           respective areas of responsibility.
three letters of recommendation to:           • A doctorate in nursing or related
Dr. Kathleen Gilchrist, PhD, FNP-C,              field preferred.
                                                                                           Minimum Qualifications:
RN, CCRN, PHN                                 • Teaching experience preferred
                                                                                           • Earned doctoral degree and
Chair Search and Screening                    • Evidence of an active scholarly and
                                                                                               eligibility for licensure in Louisiana
Committee                                        research agenda preferred
California State University, Bakersfield
9001 Stockdale Highway                                                                                            Continued on pg. 8

                       Circle, Suite      Washingt
            One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                    8
•   Progressive experience in the           NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE                        SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY
    administration of undergraduate &
    graduate nursing programs               NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE invites                Nurse Educator Family Nurse
•   A record of scholarly activities,       applications for two tenure-track           Practitioner
    community service and teaching          positions in Nursing beginning August
•   Successful instructional, budgetary     2008. 1. Adult Health Instructor            Applications are invited for a full-time,
    and human resource management           teaching adult health/critical care         9-month, tenure track faculty position in
•   Skills in negotiation and               courses with advanced practice              our Nursing Program. Please visit the
    communication within and between        opportunities in the College’s Wellness     University website for more information
    disciplines and communities             Center. 2. Mental Health Instructor         at http://
•   Commitment to collaboration             teaching mental health nursing and/or
    between University/School and           selected senior-level nursing courses.
    health care agencies                    For both positions a Ph.D. or ABD in
•   A record of active support of faculty   Nursing or a related field is preferred,
    in their pursuit of excellence in       but a Masters would be considered.          TEMPLE UNIVERSITY
    teaching, scholarship, and              Preference will be given to candidates
    professional development                with teaching experience in BSN and/or
                                                                                        Temple University, Department of
                                            MSN programs and/or 1. Clinical
                                                                                        Nursing, located on a large urban
The School of Nursing:                      practice as an ARNP or 2. Recent
                                                                                        academic health
The School currently enrolls over 700       clinical practice. Private, co-ed liberal
                                                                                        center campus has a full-time Tenure
students and offers the following           arts college on 100-acre campus in
                                                                                        Track or Clinician Educator faculty
degrees:                                    Orange City, Iowa. Approximately 1350
                                                                                        position beginning in January or
Bachelor of Science in Nursing              students and 78 full-time faculty. The
                                                                                        September 2008. The program is
Master of Nursing                           successful candidate will have a strong
                                                                                        CCNE accredited and is recognized for
Doctor of Science in Nursing                Christian faith and a commitment to
                                                                                        its urban mission and academic
Support Services include Faculty            Christian liberal arts. Northwestern
                                                                                        nursing center. The Position is a
Development & Nursing Multimedia            College is affiliated with the Reformed
                                                                                        leadership role and will include
Center                                      Church in America but open to student
                                                                                        teaching in the graduate NP program
                                            and faculty of other orientations. Two-
                                                                                        with some undergraduate teaching.
Letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and   term calendar, solid contemporary
                                                                                        MSN in psychiatric-mental health
names and addresses of three                curriculum. Ranked as a top-10
                                                                                        nursing with national certification
references should be sent to:               Midwestern comprehensive college by
                                                                                        required. PhD or equivalent preferred.
Demetrius J. Porche, DNS, PhD(c),           U.S. News & World Report magazine.
                                                                                        Rank and salary
APRN                                        To apply submit applications,
                                                                                        commensurate with experience. Please
Dean and Professor                          curriculum vitae, references and copies
                                                                                        mail or fax letter of application, current
LSU Health Sciences Center                  of transcripts to: Dr. Jasper Lesage,
                                                                                        CV, copies of transcripts and three
School of Nursing                           VPAA/ Northwestern College/ 101 7th
                                                                                        letters of reference to:
1900 Gravier Street; Box G4-1; New          St. SW/ Orange City, IA/ 51041. Email
                                                                                        Jill B. Derstine, EdD, RN,
Orleans, LA 70112-2262                      to: or apply online
                                                                                        FAAN, Chair                           at
                                                                                        Temple University, College
Email for more detailed information         employment. Review of applications will
                                                                                        of Health Professions
                                            commence immediately. Applications
                                                                                        Department of Nursing
The LSU System is an EEO/AA                 will be accepted until the position is
                                                                                        3307 North Broad Street
employer                                    filled. AA/EOE.
                                                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19140
                                                                                        Fax number: (215) 707-3758
Application Deadline: Until positions
are filled
                                                                                        Temple University is an Affirmative
                                                                                        Action Equal Opportunity Employer

                       Circle, Suite      Washingt
            One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                  9
Chair, Department of Nursing
The University of Virginia’s College at Wise,
a four-year, public liberal arts college in
Southwest Virginia: Tenure-track position of
Chair, Department of Nursing. Available fall
2008. CCNE accredited and approved by           The University of Portland invites inquiries, applications and nominations for the
                                                position of Dean of the School of Nursing that will be available on June 1, 2008.
the Virginia State Board of Nursing.
The Department offers a pre-licensure           The University of Portland School of Nursing is dynamic and innovative,
                                                providing national leadership in clinical advancements such as the Dedicated
baccalaureate program in nursing at the
                                                Education Unit clinical teaching model, clinical simulations and clinical
Wise campus and the RN to BSN track for         partnerships. It is the largest single site undergraduate nursing program in
registered nurses on the Wise campus            Oregon with over 600 students in the B.S. program. The graduate program has
and in Abingdon, 50 miles from the              57 students enrolled in the Clinical
campus. Successful candidates should            Nurse Leader program, an alternative entry masters program and a Doctorate
have a vision for nursing and health care       of Nursing Practice program with an FNP and integrative health focus
                                                beginning in May 2008. The School is approved by the Oregon State Board of
in a rural area. Chairs serve on the
                                                Nursing. Its baccalaureate and graduate degree programs are accredited by
Council of Academic Chairs and are              the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.
responsible for the budget, curriculum,
faculty and student scholarship, and            The Dean reports to the Provost and serves as the academic and
teaching excellence. The Chair and              administrative leader of the school responsible for faculty development,
nursing faculty collaborate with area health    curriculum review, planning, budget, and faculty and staff appointments.The
                                                successful candidate will have demonstrated leadership capabilities in
care agencies for enhanced learning and
                                                teaching, research and professional service, the commitment to work with
health care quality.                            faculty to lead a School recognized for the
Requirements: Experience in academic            premier quality of its graduates and the ability to direct excellence in the on-
                                                going programs and new DNP. Minimum requirements include an earned
administrative and teaching, a doctorate in
                                                doctorate in nursing, or related field; a distinguished record of teaching and
nursing or a related field, and RN licensure    scholarship that would warrant faculty appointment at senior rank;
or eligibility in Virginia required.            understanding and support for the Catholic mission of the University and the
Preference will be given to candidates with     School of Nursing; and eligibility for Oregon licensure as a registered nurse.
a background in teaching, curriculum            Previous experience in higher education administration, the ability to establish
development, assessment, grant writing,         links between the University and public and private health care facilities, and
                                                proven success in external fund development is highly desirable.
and student recruitment. Rank and salary
commensurate with qualifications.               Founded in 1901, the University of Portland is a private Catholic teaching
Application: Nominations and letter of          university and particularly welcomes candidates who desire to work in such an
                                                environment. The University is the only private comprehensive university in
application should be sent to: Nursing          Oregon and consists of a College of Arts and Sciences, the Pamplin School of
Search Committee, Office of Human               Business, and the Schools of Nursing, Engineering, and Education. Enrollment
Resources, The University of Virginia’s         is approximately 2,900 full time undergraduates and 700 graduate and part-
College at Wise, 1 College Avenue, Wise,        time students. Applicants should submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae,
VA 24293. Include a curriculum vitae,           five letters of recommendation, and three additional references to: University of
names and contact information of three          Portland, Dean of Nursing Search Committee, 5000 North Willamette Blvd.,
                                                Portland, OR 97203-5798 or electronically to Kathy Robb,
references, transcripts of all college work.
Review of applications will begin               Consideration of applications will begin immediately and applications will be
immediately and continue until the position     accepted until the position has been filled.The University of Portland is an
is filled. For more information, call Human     Equal Opportunity Employer striving to employ personnel at all levels who will
Resources at 276-376-1067 or visit our          enhance and support our educational mission and purpose.
web page at
                                                To view the full job description and application procedures please visit UP online
UVA-Wise is an Equal Opportunity/               at and click on faculty positions. A background
Affirmative Action Employer committed to        investigation check is required before final hiring procedures can be completed.
excellence through diversity.

                       Circle, Suite      Washingt
            One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                 10

           Circle, Suite      Washingt
One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930   11
Research College of Nursing invites applications for the position of Associate Dean for Academic
Programs. Rank is commensurate with experience. Salary and benefits are competitive.
Responsibilities: The College of Nursing seeks a dynamic individual who is committed to excellence in
nursing education. The Associate Dean provides leadership in a broad range of internal and external
administrative activities including faculty development, oversight of the undergraduate and graduate
curricula, assessment of program outcomes, and engagement of qualified faculty. She/he conducts faculty
evaluations for continuing appointment and rank promotion, evaluates student advisement, coordinates scheduling of courses, and
serves as a resource related to instructional strategies and other aspects of the faculty role. The Associate Dean collaborates with the
Dean in strategic planning and resource allocation and budget development to support the academic programs. The Associate Dean
reports directly to the President/Dean of the College.
                                                                Consideration of applications will begin immediately and continue until
Qualifications: Earned doctorate in nursing or a related        March 15, 2008. Interested candidates should submit a letter of
field; Master’s in Nursing; eligibility for licensure in        application, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to:
Missouri; demonstrated experience at the department
chair/coordinator level; ten years of teaching experience       College of Nursing Search Committee
at the baccalaureate level; graduate teaching experience        Dr. Sharon Snow, Search Committee Chair
desired. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills; a            Research College of Nursing
collaborative management style; a strong respect for            2525 E. Meyer Boulevard
students, faculty and staff; and a commitment to a              Kansas City, Mo 64132
diverse, service-oriented, intellectually active and unique     Email:
partnership in learning.                              

                        Circle, Suite      Washingt
             One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                                      12

           Circle, Suite      Washingt
One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930   13
                                                              Faculty Search

                                                              Director of Educational Outreach
                                                              Department of Nurse Anesthesia

                                                                The School of Allied Health
                                             Professions, Department of Nurse Anesthesia, VCU is
                                             conducting a search for an immediate need to fill a
                                             Director of Educational Outreach position. The
                                             Department sponsors both Master’s and Doctoral
                                             degree curricula for nurse anesthetists. We invite
                                             applications for a full-time, 12-month non-tenure track
                                             faculty member. This individual will have administrative
                                             and teaching responsibilities. Applicant must be a
                                             Registered Nurse with a minimum of a Bachelor’s
                                             degree. Current licensure to practice as a professional
                                             nurse in Virginia is mandatory. Preference will be given
                                             to individuals with experience in adult education,
                                             critical care nursing, distance education, simulation
                                             technology, scholarship and alumni development.

                                             Primary responsibilities include planning and
                                             coordinating continuing education endeavors and
                                             supporting distance education programs within the
                                             Department. Salary and rank are commensurate with
                                             qualifications and experience. Annual salary range is
                                             $50,000-$65,000. Review of applications will begin
                                             December 1, 2007. Please send letter of application,
                                             vitae, and three letters of reference to:

                                             Suzanne Wright, MSNA, CRNA, Chair, Search
                                             Virginia Commonwealth University
                                             P.O. Box 980226
                                             Richmond, Virginia 23298-0226

                                             Virginia Commonwealth University is an Equal
                                             Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer.
                                             Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities are
                                             encouraged to apply.

           Circle, Suite      Washingt
One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                14
  The University of Texas-Pan American                              EXPLORE, ENGAGE, EXCEL
       Nursing Faculty Positions                                        AT THE U OF M!
The University of Texas – Pan American (UTPA)
Nursing Department is seeking candidates to apply
                                                                    The University of Minnesota School of
for full-time positions in the growing and                          Nursing is seeking a visionary architect to
expanding CCNE accredited baccalaureate and                         serve as Associate Dean for Academic
master’s programs. UTPA is located in South Texas                   Programs (ADAP) in the school.
which is one of the fastest growing regions in the
nation. The university has an average enrollment of                 This individual will provide leadership to the
17,000 students and is committed to serving the                     school in co-creating a vision, procuring
unique needs of the Texas-Mexico border region.                     resources and creating an environment for
                                                                    creative faculty to build innovative models that
FY 07/08 - 27 Assistant Professor (tenure-track)                    stimulate teaching and student learning. In
Required qualification includes a doctorate in                      addition, we envision that this individual will
nursing or related field. Preferred qualifications                  serve as a thought leader and collaborator
include at least 2 years of clinical experience,                    across the Academic Health Center, University,
previous teaching experience at the BSN level and                   community and nursing profession in
evidence of strong potential for research.                          transforming higher education. The ADAP will
                                                                    report to the University of Minnesota School of
FY 07/08- 28 Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
                                                                    Nursing Dean.
Required qualifications include a doctorate in
nursing or related field and national certification as              Requires: PhD in nursing or a related
a Nurse Practitioner. Continued clinical expertise                  discipline; eligibility for appointment as a
will be expected. Preferred qualifications include at               tenured professor; demonstrated leadership at
least 2 years of clinical experience, previous                      all levels of curricula development,
teaching experience at the BSN and/or MSN level                     implementation and evaluation; demonstrated
and evidence of strong potential for research.                      scholarship in an area of nursing education
                                                                    and the use of technology within the learning
FY 07/08 - 29 Clinical Specialist (non tenure-track)                environment; and eligibility for current RN
Preferred qualifications include at least 2 years of                licensure in Minnesota. Experience in
clinical experience in area of specialty and previous               academic admin, ability to motivate teams, and
teaching at the BSN level. Position is renewable                    a track record of extramural funding are
annually contingent upon reauthorization and                        preferred. Position is a 12-month, annually
funding.                                                            renewable appointment.
Please visit The University of Texas-Pan American,                  See position description and apply online at
Human Resources Employment Opportunity for                , requisition
Faculty website at:                            #146813. Include cover letter and CV with
humanresources/employment/faculty.html for a                        online application. Visit the School of Nursing
complete position announcement.                                     Web site at
UTPA is an AA/EO employer, women, minorities and persons            The University of Minnesota is an equal
with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Texas law requires       opportunity educator and employer.
faculty members whose primary language is not English to
demonstrate proficiency in English as determined by a
satisfactory grade of 500 or greater on the International Test of
English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). This position is
security-sensitive as defined by the Texas Education Code
51.215(c) and Texas Government Code 411.094(a)(2).

                    Circle, Suite      Washingt
         One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                      15

           Circle, Suite      Washingt
One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930   16

Faculty Positions

Three full-time, nine-month, tenure-track
positions are available for specialties in Medical-
surgical nursing preferred. Other specialty areas
may be considered. A master’s in nursing and
current clinical experience is required. A
doctorate in nursing or related area is preferred.
Prior teaching experience in a BSN program is
desirable. Current or eligibility for TN-RN
licensure required. Academic rank
commensurate with preparation and experience.
Send a curriculum vita, TTU faculty application,
list of three professional references with address
and telephone numbers, copies of all college
transcripts, and letter of interest to:
Dr. Sheila Green
Faculty Search Committee
TTU Box 5001
Cookeville, TN 38505
(931) 372-3547
FAX (931) 372-6244
E-mail (
For complete position summary and faculty
application, visit or

                Screening begins
                October 22, 2007
                Open Until Filled


                  Circle, Suite      Washingt
       One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930   17

              A Great Place to Work
    Join the Auburn University Montgomery                                    FACULTY POSITION
             School of Nursing Team!                              The Department of Nursing at The University of
                                                             Scranton invites applications for a full-time, tenure track
Auburn University Montgomery’s School of Nursing is          faculty position for Fall 2008. Responsibilities include
seeking qualified applicants for Psychiatric-Mental          undergraduate and graduate teaching in classroom and
Health and Community Health positions at the                 clinical settings.
Instructor/Assistant Professor level.
                                                             Qualifications: Masters’ degree in nursing with a
Founded in 1967, Auburn University Montgomery                pediatric specialization from a CCNE or NLNAC
(AUM) is the metropolitan campus of Auburn                   accredited program required. Pediatric or family nurse
University, a land-grant institution. Located in the state   practitioner certification desired. An earned doctorate in
capital of Alabama, AUM serves a diverse                     nursing (or related field) is preferred. Rank and salary are
student body of approximately 5,400 students and             commensurate with qualifications.
faculty/staff of 575 in five academic schools: Business,
Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Sciences.               Send letter of intent, CV and three letters of reference to:
Montgomery supports cultural attractions including the       Search Committee, University of Scranton, Department
Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Montgomery Museum of           of Nursing, Scranton, PA 18510-4595.
Fine Arts, and the Rosa Parks Library and Museum,            E-mail inquiries to Screening
among others. The fully accredited School of Nursing         begins January 18, 2008 and will continue until the
offers traditional baccalaureate programs and an RN to       position is filled.
BSN program. A joint MSN program with Auburn                 The University of Scranton is a broadly regional
University (AU) focuses on the preparation of a CNS for      institution of 4,800 undergraduate and graduate students
Education of Diverse Populations. The passing rate on        located in northeastern Pennsylvania near the Pocono
the licensing exam is consistently in the mid-nineties.      Mountains. Recognized nationally for the quality of its
Minimum qualification is a Master’s degree in Nursing in     education, Scranton is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and
the listed clinical area; with significant progress toward   universities in the United States. It is committed to
the doctorate. Doctorate preferred. Recent clinical          providing liberal arts education and strong professional
experience required in the specialty area with teaching      and pre-professional programs in the context of Ignatian
experience at baccalaureate level desirable.                 educational principles, especially the care and
To apply: Interested candidates should send letter of        development of the whole person.
application, curriculum vitae, and the names, addresses,     The University of Scranton is an EOE/ Affirmative
and phone numbers of at least three references to:           Action Employer/Educator. Veterans, minority
                 Search Committee                            persons, women and persons with disabilities are
              AUM School of Nursing                          encouraged to apply.
                  P.O. Box 244023                            The University of Scranton is, by tradition and choice, a
            Montgomery, AL 36124-4023                        Catholic and Jesuit university. The successful candidate
                  (334) 244-3658                             will have an understanding of and commitment to the
                         goals of Jesuit education. A full statement of our mission
        Auburn University Montgomery is an                   may be found at
                EEO/AA Employer                              mission/html.

                    Circle, Suite      Washingt
         One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                           18

           Circle, Suite      Washingt
One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930   19
                       Georgia Southern University, School of Nursing, invites nominations and applications for 4
                       faculty positions (three Assistant/Associate Professors and one nontenure-track Instructor)
                       in the areas of maternal-child health nursing, adult health nursing, critical care nursing,
                       family nurse practitioner and community health nursing.
                       Successful candidates’ responsibilities will include teaching in the graduate and
                       undergraduate programs and service on committees. Tenure tract position responsibilities
                       include scholarship yielding publications. Positions are 9-month appointments; salaries are
                       competitively based on qualifications. For a complete list of required and preferred
                       qualifications, please see our website at
                       position_announcements.html .
 Screening of applications begins October 1, 2007, and continues until the positions are filled. Position start dates
 are August 1, 2008. A complete application consists of a letter addressing the qualifications cited on the website;
 a curriculum vita; and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of at least 5 professional
 references. Applications and nominations should be sent to:
      Jean E. Bartels, PhD, RN, Search Chair
      Georgia Southern University School of Nursing
      P. O. Box 8158
      Statesboro, GA 30460-8158
      Electronic mail:
      Telephone: 912/681-5455
 More information about the institution is at ,
 nursing/ or at Names of applicants and nominees, vitae, and other
 non-evaluative information may be subject to public inspection under the Georgia Open Records Act. Georgia
 Southern University is an AA/EO institution. ADA accommodations arranged upon request.

                                      Miami University Regional Campuses
                                         Assistant/Associate Professor
                                                Four Positions

Miami University’s regional campuses in Hamilton and Middletown invite applications or nominations for four
tenure-track positions in Nursing at the assistant or associate professor level – two in community health, one in
adult med/surg, and one in maternal/child or pediatrics. Responsibilities: provide classroom and clinical instruction
for associate degree and baccalaureate students; advise and recruit students; participate in committees; undertake
curriculum development in collaboration with faculty; conduct scholarly and faculty development activities; provide
service to university, community, and profession; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the chair. Require:
master’s degree in nursing; current or eligible for Ohio RN license; appointment as associate professor requires
established record of research/scholarship. Specific position requirements at Middletown Campus: (1) clinical
experience in nursing care of adult clients with medical/surgical health problems, (2) clinical nursing experience in
variety of community settings with clients of various ages; at Hamilton Campus: (1) clinical experience in maternal/
child health or pediatrics, (2) clinical nursing experience in variety of community settings with clients of various
ages. For all positions, desire: doctorate in nursing or related field; teaching experience with associate or
baccalaureate degree students. Information about the regional campuses is available at
(Hamilton) and (Middletown), and information about Miami’s benefits is available on line at To apply: send letter of application specifying position/specialty, curriculum vita, and
three letters of professional reference to: Search Committee, Department of Nursing, 1601 University Boulevard,
Hamilton, Ohio, 45011. Electronic submissions may be sent to Contact phone
number is (513) 727-3266. Screening of applications begins November 15 and continues until positions are filled.
Miami University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Campus Crime and Safety Report is available
on line at - hard copy available upon request.

                    Circle, Suite      Washingt
         One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                        20

                                                                         DEPARTMENT CHAIR AND
•    Department Chair                                                  The University of Wisconsin – Eau
•    Tenure Track Faculty                                              Claire, College of Nursing and Health
•    Lecturer/Clinical Faculty                                         Sciences, is seeking applicants for two
                                                                       full-time tenure track faculty positions
The vibrant and expanding Department of Nursing (DON) at               beginning in the academic year 2008-
Cal State Fullerton seeks talented and enthusiastic                    2009. The Department Chair position is a
applicants for department chair, four tenure track positions,          50% administrator and 50% teaching
and various lecturer/clinical positions. The DON offers an             appointment. Nursing faculty fosters
undergraduate baccalaureate program with both 4-year                   student-centered learning communities in
generic and RN completion options. The RN to BSN option                undergraduate and graduate programs.
has on-campus and distance cohorts. We also offer a                    Expertise preferred in the following areas:
graduate program with concentrations in nurse anesthesia,              Leadership and Management, Psych/
FNP, women's health care (NP and midwifery), leadership                Mental Health, Maternal/Child Health,
(includes entry-level RN path), and school nursing. Existing           and Family or Adult Practitioner.
programs, accredited by CCNE, are recognized as being                  Master’s degree in nursing and progress
innovative, community-based, and student friendly.                     toward a doctorate is required for faculty
                                                                       positions. Master’s degree in nursing and
The following opportunities are available:                             doctorate is required for the Department
                                                                       Chair position. Must have RN licensure
•    Department Chair – a 12-month appointment with                    in the US and eligible for RN licensure in
     responsibilities for leading this department through a            WI. For a complete list of requirements
     continued period of growth and possible transition into a         and full position description, please refer
     School of Nursing.                                                to website:
•    Tenure Track Faculty – Adult Health, Community Health,
     Women’s Health Care/Nurse Practitioner/Midwifery,                 To ensure consideration, completed
     Maternal Child/Pediatrics. Doctoral Degree and                    applications must be received by January
     appropriate experience are required.                              7, 2008; however, screening will continue
                                                                       until positions are filled.
•    Full-Time Lecturers – Several lecturer positions are open         Send letter of application, copies of
     for pre licensure programs with adult health and psych/           transcripts (official transcripts required
     mental health or maternal-child health backgrounds.               for appt), curriculum vita, and contact
     Master’s Degree in Nursing and appropriate experience             information for three references to:
     are required.
                                                                       Lois Taft, DNSc, RN
                                                                       College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Interested candidates can find additional information and
                                                                       University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
application instructions on the Department of Nursing web
                                                                       105 Garfield Avenue
site: or may contact the
                                                                       Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004
Department of Nursing Office by phone at (714) 278-7461.
                                                                       Phone: 715-836-4911
                                                                       Fax: 715-836-4319
Cal State Fullerton is an Equal Opportunity/Title IX/
          530/504/VEVRA/ADA Employer
                                                                       UWEC is an EOE/AA employer

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          One Dupont Circle, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036 • • (202) 463-6930                   21
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                                                                        Advertising Opportunities
                                                                           ertising Opportunities
Fairfield University, located in Fairfield, CT, is committed to
excellence, leadership, and service. The School of Nursing offers       Space in Opportunities is available for
CCNE accredited baccalaureate and graduate degrees in nursing,          advertising position openings,
with graduate specialization in nurse anesthesia, family nurse          availabilities, and consultant and other
practitioner, psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, clinical    services.
nurseleader, and healthcare systems management. Transition to
 DNP is being explored.                                                 All advertising is subject to the publisher’s
                                                                        Publications of the American Association of
Scope of responsibilities will include teaching, scholarship and        Colleges of Nursing (AACN) serve to
service. This individual will assume leadership for curriculum          advance the quality of baccalaureate and
development and evaluation and will serve as a mentor for new           graduate nursing education, promote
faculty.                                                                nursing research, and develop academic
                                                                        leaders. AACN therefore reserves the right
Qualifications:                                                         to unilaterally reject, omit, or cancel any
                                                                        advertisment that is not in the best
• Teaching experience in master’s or doctoral nursing programs.         interests of the objectives and policies of the
• Evidence of leadership in academic programs.                          Association, or that is not in keeping with
• Demonstrated abilities in analytical skills, organizational skills,   the generally scholarly and professional
  critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and strategic      nature of AACN publications. The
  planning.                                                             publication of any advertisement by AACN
• Administrative experience in nursing education, curriculum and        is neither an endorsement of the advertiser
  program design, implementation and evaluation preferred.              nor of the products or services advertised.
• A record that will support appointment at senior rank with tenure.
• An earned doctorate in nursing or a related field.                    AACN promotes equal employment
• Eligibility for Connecticut RN licensure.                             opportunity as required by law, and accepts
• The capacity to articulate and implement a vision for nursing         only advertisements that are not
  education in a Catholic higher education context.                     discriminatory on the basis of race, color,
• Ability to work effectively with diverse groups and individuals.      religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap,
                                                                        sexual orientation, vetran status, or for any
Fairfield University is a comprehensive Jesuit, Catholic university     other reason not related to individual merit.
with an active and pluralistic faculty located in southern
Connecticut, close to many potentially collaborative academic and       Rates: The classified ad rate is $10 per line
health care institutions. Fairfield University is approximately 50      for AACN members; $12 per line for
miles from New York City and 30 minutes from New Haven, CT.             nonmembers (approximately 40 characters
                                                                        and spaces per line).
Salary is commensurate with rank and experience. Candidates
should send a letter of interest and complete curriculum vitae to:      Deadlines: Opportunities is published
Jeanne M. Novotny, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean, Fairfield University,           bimonthly beginning with the January
School of Nursing, 1073 North Benson Road, Fairfield, CT 06824.         issue. Deadline for including, changing, or
                                                                        cancelling ads is the 15th of the month
Fairfield University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action         preceding publication date. Advertisers are
employer. Applicants from under-represented groups are                  invoiced with proof of publication.
encouraged to apply.                                                    Send Copy To: All copy must be
                                                                        submitted electronically, preferably in
              Visit our website at                    Word format to Laura Guetter

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