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                     FISHERMAN’S CLUB

                                   invites you to the

+ early bird entry draw + hourly mystery weight + mystery weight bag of redfin + heaviest carp
                    and heaviest redfin prizes in junior and adult categories

                    With thanks to the following sponsors and supporters

                       Sunday, 20th March 2011
                   Lennox Gardens - Lake Burley Griffin
                           2011 Canberra Carp-Out
                                           TERMS & CONDITIONS
1. Fishing times are from 9:00am to 3:00pm, Sunday 20 March 2011.
2. Weigh station will be located at Lennox Gardens, Flynn Drive, Yarralumla.
3. Weigh station opens 10:00am. All fish must be weighed in by 3:30pm. Fish not in the roped off
   weigh station area by 3:30pm will not be accepted.
4. No refunds will be given, however, a substitute entrant(s) will be accepted.
5. Eligible species are Carp, Goldfish and Redfin. Native fish will not be weighed in.
6. Competitors will be given an entry ticket upon payment of entry fees.
7. Entry ticket must be shown when weighing in fish or collecting prizes.
8. Mystery weight prizes will be awarded to the fish equal to or closest in weight to each mystery
   weight. In the event of a tie, the fish weighed in earliest will receive the prize.
9. All prizes will be awarded. Winners must be present. Presentation from 4:00pm.

                                              PRIZE CATEGORIES
$6,000 STACERBOAT PACKAGE Major Mystery Weight Prize – Carp Only
                 5 x Hourly Mystery Weight Prizes (for Carp weighed in each hour)
                                 1 x Mystery Weight Prize for bag of Redfin
           (One bag per entrant, including fish weighed in for Heaviest Redfin (Total catch of Redfin per Entrant)

                                                       Junior boy
                                     Heaviest Carp                 Heaviest Redfin
                                                       Junior girl
                                     Heaviest Carp                 Heaviest Redfin
                                     Heaviest Carp                 Heaviest Redfin
                                               $500 Early-Bird Draw
                             For entries received on or before Friday 11th March

                                                    ENTRY FEES
         $20.00 Family (up to 2 adults and 2 children under 16, $5.00 additional family child)
                                       $15.00 per adult (16 years or older)
                                            $10.00 per child (under 16)
  Early Bird Entry receives a $5 discount + free raffle ticket per entry form for a Hobie Kayak
          - 50% of profits will be donated to the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group -
            - 50% of profits will be used for native fish stocking in Canberra’s lakes -

                                        FOOD, DRINK & ACTIVITIES
                   - Sausage sizzle, soft drinks, coffee, ice creams available for sale -
            - Fishing rods and reels will be available to hire for $5.00 on a “first in” basis -
                         - Casting Competition - Fishing Tips - Tackle Displays -

      0405 721 118
                   Canberra Fishermen’s Club, PO Box 325 Civic Square ACT 2608
                                              2011 CANBERRA CARP-OUT
                                                                           ENTRY FORM
ENTRANT(S) DETAILS                                            (If Early Bird Raffle Ticket No. ___________)                          Male / Female                  Entrant #
                                                                                                                                        M or F                  (office use only)
Adults:                                       1.
Children:                                     1.
Additional children:                          1.

                                                                     CONTACT DETAILS
     Family Name:

     Phone:                                                                                            Mobile:


     Suburb:                                                                                            Postcode:


                                 Early Bird (register before 11 March 2011)                   Cost (register after 11 March 2011)                Number                Total
            Family                              $15.00*                                                    $20.00
            Adult                                    $10.00*                                                  $15.00
            Child                                     $5.00*                                                  $10.00

                                        Please let us know where you heard about the Carp-Out
 MIX 106.3               Tackle World Store                       CFC or Carp-Out Website                                Word of mouth
 Direct Mail             Capital Chemist                          Longpark Meats Store                                   Other ___________________________
             - Entries (with payment) will be accepted at Tackle World Canberra, Capital Chemists and Longpark Meats -
              - Post entries (with cheque/M.O. to:                     Canberra Fishermen’s Club, PO Box 325 Civic Square ACT 2608-
                 - email entries to (EFT payment details @ -

                                              EARLY BIRD CLOSES 11 MARCH 2011
                         Entries will be accepted on the day, but will be at the discretion of the organiser
    Please read the conditions below and acknowledge that you understand and agree to abide by the conditions by signing
    where required
    Participants, competitors and observers:
                   1.    acknowledge that fishing and boating are activities which contain elements of risk and danger;
                   2.    acknowledge that the decision to participate in the Competition is theirs alone;
                   3.    accept full responsibility for their own safety and the risks and consequences of participating in the event;
                   4.    hold Canberra Fisherman’s Club Inc., Tackle World and its associated sponsors and suppliers blameless;
                   5.    release and discharge Canberra Fisherman’s Club Inc, Tackle World and its associated sponsors and suppliers from any liability; and
                   6.    Indemnify Canberra Fisherman’s Club Inc, Tackle World and its associated sponsors and suppliers for any claims, actions, suits and court proceedings brought
                         against it or any of them arising from the conduct of the event.

I agree to abide by the terms and conditions and agree to indemnify the Canberra Fisherman’s Club Inc, Tackle World and its
associated sponsors and suppliers. I acknowledge that I enter at my own risk.

Print Name: _____________________________________________ Date:____________________________________

Signed:      _______________________________________________________

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