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									s su e 35 	                              AmericAn cAnoe AssociAtion
winter 2009	     	                       nAtionAL sAiLing committee

 2. Spring ScheduleS                 10. A SteAmer for the home,
                                      Frank Stauss
 4. AnnouncementS
                                     10. 2009 rAce reSultS
                                     17. WchA ASSembly
 6. lAzy leeboArdS from foAm
                                     18. cAnoe SAil meeting minuteS
     WingS, Larry Haff
                                     19. remembering BoB HaLSey
 9. AcA nAtionAl SAiling committee
                                     20. remembering BoB HaLSey
                          AcA Atlantic Division sailing schedule 2010
                           AcA camp, Lake sebago, sloatsburg, nY

sailing workshop	 Saturday,	June	19	         10	am-4	pm
	       An	opportunity	for	novice	and	experienced	sailors	to	learn	the	techniques	of	cruising	class	sailing,	
using	a	paddle	instead	of	a	rudder.		Co-sponsored	by	the	Sailing	Committee	and	the		Sheepshead	Canoe	Club.

“Free sail”																			Sunday,	June	20		 10	am-4	pm
       Sailing	Canoes	will	be	rigged	and	available	for	interested	or	want-to-be	sailors	to	take	out	on	the	
       water.		Give	it	a	try	–	you’ll	enjoy	it!		(Sponsored	by	Sheepshead	Canoe	Club)		

Lady Bug trophy	–Divisional	Cruising	Class	Championships
	     Saturday,	July	3	   10	am	and	2	pm
	     Sunday,			July	4	   11	am

sebago series race #1	-	Cruising	Class	(Sponsored	by	Sheepshead	Canoe	Club)
	     Sunday,			July	11	    11	a.m.	

ADK trophy	-	Cruising	Class	-	Two	sailors	to	a	boat
	           Saturday,	July	17	  10	am	and	2	pm
												Sunday,				July	18	 11	am

“Free sail”	–	(Sponsored	by	Sheepshead	Canoe	Club)			
													Saturday,	July	24	 10	am-4	pm		
sebago series race #2	-	Cruising	Class		(Sponsored	by	Sheepshead	Canoe	Club)
												Sunday,			July	25	  11	am

sebago series race #3	-	Cruising	Class		(Sponsored	
by	Sheepshead	Canoe	Club)
	      Sunday,		Aug.	8	     	      11	am	

John Komp trophy	-	Cruising	Class		
	     Saturday,	Aug.	14	  10	am	and	2	pm
	     Sunday,			Aug.	15	  11	am

Divisional championships	
		c class (5 meter)					Saturday,		Aug.	21	 10	am		
(first race)
	        AcA class 				Sunday,			Aug.	22	   10	am		
(first race)
wilkinson trophy	-	National	Cruising	Class	Championships
	        Saturday,	Sept.	4	    10	am	and	2	pm
	        Sunday,			Sept.	5	    11	am

Contacts	for	more	information:			
Joanie	Krilla	 201-825-9350	
Sherrie	Winkworth	at	or	973-252-3484		
                                                                                Canoe Sailor 35 page 2
                               Canoe Sail Calendar 2010
may 2, Annual bob celifarco canoe Sail get-together, nJ State park, Spruce run, clinton, nJ,
meet at noon at the cartop boat launch, newbies welcome! camping available, Wetsuits advised.
m. Vogel, e-mail:, 215.453.9084

havre de grace, md. date to be determined. cruise near the Susquehanna river, don Kerr e-mail:

June 12-13 tentative, union lake, millville, nJ. 9 am meet. delaware Valley div. 5 meter and AcA
class championships championship races. John depa e-mail:, tel: 609-

June 11 -13, maine canoe Symposium, camp Winona, bridgton, me 04009. learn to sail a canoe,
workshops on land and water., tel (207) 647-3721 Adv. registratn

July 10-11, ohio-penn div. 5 meter and AcA class championships. Sam-myers regatta,
pymatuning Sailing club, www. dan reiber e:mail: danreiber@ tel:440.461.8511

July 14-17 Wooden canoe heritage Assembly, franklin pierce college, rindge, nh 03461 www. marilyn Vogel e:mail:

July 22-23, thursday-friday, canoe Sail cruise-camping in the Adirondacks - Stillwater reservoir,
old forge-inlet, ny north of route 28. herkimer county, camping and canoe sail cruise, larry haff (508) 981-1302

July 25- week. Sugar island canoe sail race week starts. American canoe Association
encampment. canoe sail instruction is available as well as cruising, camping in the beautiful 1000
islands. the island is located near gananoque, ontario, canada, 2 hours north of Syracuse, ny,.
contact: m. Vogel e:mail:

September 17,18,19, 2010 5 meter and ACA Class National Championships
lake Wallenpaupack, pA contact: tom uebel:

                                                 left, welcome to John Allen sailing	his	c58 at
                                                 lAke SebAgo
                                                 We	are	happy	to	welcome	John	Allen	who	will	sail	
                                                 at	Lake	Sebago!

                                                     Canoe Sailor 35 page 3
 Ohio-penn	Division	bob	halsey	Trophy.	
                                        A     n   n    o    u    n    c    e    m     e    n   t    s
 We	regret	the	passing	of	bob	halsey	
 this	past	August.	See	pages	19	and	20.

 race rules from	us sAiLing,	
 15	maritime	Drive,	pO	box	1260,	
 portsmouth,	ri		02871                                       2010 New Trophy for the
                                                        ACA Class Around Sugar Island
  Hardware Parts -- you can use
 parts for a Sunfish and a Laser for          Thanks	to		Larry	haff,	top	left	photo,	holding
 the gooseneck, blocks, rudder and            the	trophy.		
 other fittings. dealer locations from        Above: the new AcA round Sugar island trophy
                                              is from Australia. the trophy depicts two AcA
 Vanguard: www.teamvanguard.                  sailing canoes arriving at a mark with the Sugar
 com                                          island shoreline and trees in the background.
                                              certain parties will be very happy to see that the
 •ApS (Annapolis performance Sailing)
                                              canoes have no rudders (or paddles for that matter).
                                              the drama is further enhanced - upon detailed
                                              inspection it is evident that one canoe is on starboard
                                              tack and the other on port tack and that a collision is
                                              imminent i hope this trophy inspires more canoeists
                                              to battle for its possession this summer.

                                                       canoe sailor subscriptions:
                                                       $5 year
                                                       pay to charles sutherland
                                                       2210	Finland	road,	
                                                       Green	Lane,	pA	18054		USA
above: Souped up and ready to go, new mys-     Submit articles for the next issue of canoe Sailor
tery boat in the Delaware Valley Division.
                                              to marilyn Vogel, editor , 2210 finland road, green lane,
                     Canoe Sailor 35 page 4   pA 18054 or e-mail to
   for SALe                                                       ACA SAIL: 44 sq. ft. lateen
                                                                    the price is now            $299 uS.
                                                                  plus postage.
                                                                  Includes free rig plans,
                                                                  Canoe Sailor newsletter
                                                                  for 1 year
                                                                  and other information.

                                                                  from m. Vogel,
                                                                  2210 finland road,
                                                                  green lane, pA 18054

                                                              3 cAnoe HuLLs For sALe
                                                              Dragonfly	hull,	new,	super-cored	layup,	-29	lb,	
                                                              17’6”	X	35.5	“		Larry	Zuk:	(	978)	369-6668
                                                              mohawk mold for fiberglass Ultima with
                                                              one bare hull, $1000, Fast	hull	in	weather,	18	1/2	
                                                              feet	long.		Victor	barnet,	e-mail:		
mad	river	Canoe,	Kevlar	Northwoods	with	Class	C	    
rig	-	in	good	condition.	Pictured above.                      Mohawk is not building in fiberglass anymore.
- a fully battened McDowell sail - large decked flota-
tion	chambers.	a	little	over	17’	long,	29	years	old.		         unused mohawk ultima hull only: $450
New rails two years ago. $1000.00. Waitsfield, Vt .           Jim	botamer,	294	Crocker	St.,	Amherst,	Oh		44001
Jim	henry:	<>			802	496	2084

 For sALe
 	 AcA sail $225,	never	used.	Contact:	Jim	
 henry,	e-mail:

 	Jim	(above) has	the mold	for mad river	
 northwoods canoe, about 17” 4 “ in Waitsfield,
 VT	(excellent	for	canoe	sailing!)
                                                          For sALe, 	pictured above,Hull,	
 also	Dwyer	take-apart	slotted	mast and boom	             cold	molded,	with	rudder	and	leeboard,	hull	needs	a	
 never	used,	$150                                         patch	of	epoxy,	comes	with	an	ACA	sail	slightly	used.	
                                                          Needs	mast	and	boom	and	hardware.	$700.	rod	minch-
 sail:	red,	white	and	blue	sleeve	Lateen	sail.	it	        er:	e-mail
 looks	like	a	Snark	sail,	long	foot,	44	sq	ft.,	no	
 battens,	like	new.			marilyn	Vogel:	215.453.9084	or	
                                                          	ACA	sail	-	only	been	used	a	few	times.	$100+shipping.		
                                                          John	Gaasland	<>		photos	
                                  Canoe Sailor 35page 5
                                    Lazy Leeboards from Foam wings
                                                      Larry Haff

i’ve	always	had	a	fascination	with	leeboards;	not	sure	why.		i’m	not	convinced	that	the	design	of	a	leeboard	is	
extremely	important	to	performance	of	sailing	canoes	since	the	variety	of	shapes	and	sizes	of	leeboards	used	by	
the	winning	boats	doesn’t	seem	to	have	a	consistent	theme.		however,	i’ve	been	discouraged	by	how	much	work	
it	requires	to	make	a	decent	leeboard.		One	of	the	greatest	men	of	the	20th	century,	Sir	Winton	Churchill,	was	once	
asked	late	in	his	life,	by	one	of	his	biographers,	to	what	he	contributed	his	success?		his	reply:	“Conservation	of	
energy,	young	man,	conservation	of	energy”.		So	in	my	hopes	of	emulating	that	great	man,	i	have	dedicated	some	of	
my	time	to	the	art	of	minimizing	the	labor	of	leeboard	construction.	

Lots	of	great	minds	have	already	contributed	their	time	and	efforts	to	this	endeavor.			i	had	evolved	to	preferring	
the	technique	of	shaping	either	solid	planks	of	cedar	or	roughly-airfoil	–shaped	laminated	layers	of	marine	plywood	
with	a	power	plane	and	belt	sander.			These	generally	end	up	being	1	to	2	six-pack	jobs	with	giant	piles	of	sawdust.		
My disappointment in this approach has been the difficulty of obtaining a perfect, consistent, symmetrical airfoil
shape,	since	it	depends	upon	eyeballing	the	curve	with	a	reference	template.		An	alternative	approach,	using	a	router	
with	a	custom	jig,	sounds	appealing	(Langford,	“Another	Approach	to	Shaping	Foils”,	Duckworks	2009;	and	“Using	
A	router	to	make	a	Leeboard”	by	James	Schroeder,	Canoe	Sailor	#15,	June	1998)	but	still	seems	to	involve	a	lot	of	
energy	and	more	sawdust	than		should	be	strictly	necessary.	

Commercial leeboards, centerboards, and rudders often use fiberglass-laminated foam cores. I reasoned if I only had
such	cores,	it	would	appear	to	be	a	simple	job.			

Google	to	the	rescue!			Since	leeboards	and	centerboards	are	simply	airfoils	(wings),	i	googled	“foam	wings”.		Up	
popped, the website for Flying Foam, a company which makes foam wings for model aircraft.
These	are	cut,	not	molded,	using	a	computerized	control	hot	wire.	They	can	make	any	shape	up	within	the	maximum	
size	of	the	block	their	cutter	can	hold.	

Flying	Foam	makes	custom	foam	airfoils	up	to	52	inches	in	chord	(width)	and	96	inches	long.			These	airfoils	
are	cut	from	several	different	types	of	foam;	the	ones	most	relevant	to	boaters	are	epS	(expanded	polystyrene)	
and	Surfboard	foam,	and	in	different	weights	from	1	to	2	lbs/cubic	foot.		An	e-mail	exchange	with	Flying	Foam	
indicated	that	they	have	made	some	foam	foil	centerboards,	for	example,	the	international	Swift	Solo	Class	and	
recommended	making	the	boards	from	the	foils	made	with	Surfboard	Foam.	

For	smaller	boats	such	as	sailing	canoes,	the	more	interesting	foils	are	probably	the	ones	that	can	be	purchased	
“stock”	rather	than	“custom”,	since	stock	airfoils	are	less	expensive	and	delivered	quicker.		“Stock”	includes	26	
different	airfoil	shapes	in	different	thicknesses,	up	to	12	inches	in	chord	and	up	to	36	inches	in	length	(i.e.,	an	order	
for	72”	gets	you	two	36”	pieces).		So	if	you	only	need	36”	of	length,	the	72”	order	will	get	you	two	full	length	
foils,	but	if	you	want	longer,	you	will	have	to	order	custom	or	butt	two	stock	sections	together).	The	stock	foils	also	
include	tapered	sections.	if	you	wanted	a	48”	long	tapered	leeboard	and	only	wanted	to	order	“stock”	sections	you	
would	probably	need	to	order	a	non-tapered	section	for	the	top	part	and	a	non-tapered	section	for	the	bottom	part	of	
the	leeboard.		Surfboard	foam	airfoils	are	not	available	as	“stock”	so	i	ordered	epS	foam	instead,	as	two	24”	pieces	
(48”	total)	of	constant	chord	1.3	lb.	epS	NCAA	0008	symmetrical	airfoil	(8%	of	chord	maximum	thickness).		epS	is	
less rigid than the surfboard foam but I reasoned that all the strength would reside in the fiberglass laminations, not
the	core,	so	there	was	little	to	be	gained	by	spending	more	on	a	more	rigid	custom	core.	

Three	days	after	ordering	the	cores	off	the	web	they	arrived.		Surprisingly,	one	obtains	the	foil	sandwiched	between	
the	remaining	upper	and	lower	pieces	left	over	from	the	solid	block	from	which	is	was	cut,	which	for	the	lack	of	a	
better term I call the upper and lower “molds” (see figure). The left-over “molds” turn out to be quite useful.

Since	i	wanted	a	48’	long	leeboard,	it	was	necessary	to	join	the	two	24”	sections	by	butting	them	lengthwise,	by	
encasing both in a layer of fiberglass. I used 10 ounce/square yard-weight fiberglass cloth, which was flexible
enough	to	wrap	completely	around	the	core	so	that	both	sides	could	be	glassed	at	the	same	time.			First,	the	
two	halves	of	the	bottom	sections	of	the	“mold”	were	taped	together	and	placed	over	a	sheet	of	waxed	paper	or	
parchment paper. Waxed paper was then put into the bottom section of the mold to prevent the fiber glassed foil
from	bonding	to	it.	One	side	of	each	of	the	two	sections	of	the	foam	foil	was	then	coated	with	epoxy,	covered	with	
fiberglass cloth, saturated with resin and put into the mold abutting each other. The mold acted as a jig to hold the

                                                                                  Canoe Sailor 35 page 6
two sections of the foam foil together and to keep them perfectly aligned. The fiberglass was then brought up around the
leading	edge	of	the	foil	to	cover	the	upper	layer	of	the	foil	and	saturated	with	resin.			After	removing	any	excess	epoxy,	
the	upper	layer	was	covered	with	another	sheet	of	wax	paper	and	the	upper	mold	was	added	to	sandwich	the	foam	core	
between	them,	and	allowed	to	cure.		After	curing,	the	molds	were	removed	and	excess	epoxy	removed	with	sharp	scissors,	
a	Surform	tool,	and	sandpaper.	

After the first layer had cured, the foam core was pretty rigid and the molds don’t have to be used any more, although
laying the foam core in the bottom mold (don’t forget the wax paper) is convenient. After the first layer, I added one, then
two additional layers of fiberglass layers at a time to just one side at a time. It is convenient to cut off the excess fiberglass
when	partially	cured	with	scissors,	otherwise	if	completely	cured	a	sharp	knife	is	needed.		Four	layers	of	10	ounce/square	
yard fiberglass cloth on each side appeared to give adequate strength and rigidity (time will tell). An additional few layers
of thick fiberglass mat were layered at the top 8 inches of the board to supply additional strength at the point where the
leeboard	bolt	is	to	hold	the	board,	to	prevent	it	becoming	crushed	under	load.		The	trailing	edge	of	the	layup	was	then	
trimmed back about ¼ inch with the Surform tool to provide a slightly squared-off edge. The layup was finished by
applying	two	coats	of	epoxy	resin	with	10%	graphite	(optional)	using	a	plastic	edger	instead	of	a	brush	to	give	a	smooth	
slippery finish, and sanding after cured as needed to remove any remaining lumps. For appearance sake, graphite or
epoxy	color,	or	painting	is	recommended.	

Since	at	this	point	the	bottom	and	top	ends	of	the	foil	have	exposed	foam	on	the	ends,	i	deemed	it	a	good	idea	to	cap	the	
bottom	of	the	foil	with	wood	for	abrasion	resistance.	i	traced	out	and	cut	a	½	inch	thick	piece	of	white	oak	to	the	shape	
of	the	foil	and	bonded	it	onto	the	foil	with	epoxy	thickened	with	colloidal	silica.		After	curing,	this	was	then	shaped	as	
desired	with	a	sander.	The	top	was	capped	similarly	solely	for	appearance	sake.			A	5/8”	inch	hole	was	bored	and	a	sleeve	
of	½	inch	i.d.	aluminum	tubing	was	inserted	and	bonded	with	colloidal	silica	thickened	epoxy	to	provide	a	bearing	for	the	
½ inch leeboard bolt, and the leeboard was finished. Because the graphite is slippery, red rubber is advised between the
leeboard	and	leeboard	bracket	to	provide	adequate	friction	to	hold	the	board	at	the	desired	position.	A	handle	can	be	added	
to the board, which I skipped because I find handles aren’t needed and tend to foul the mainsheet.

So	now	i	have	a	leeboard	with	a	perfect	airfoil	shape	without	doing	any	shaping	and	very	little	sanding!		A	fair	amount	
of fiberglass lamination was needed, but this involved mostly waiting for it to cure. Note that for those who want to try
them,	you	could	also	order	asymmetrical	airfoils.		This	approach	allows	for	very	easy	experimentation	in	airfoil	shape,	
thickness,	tapering	etc.	due	to	the	wide	variety	of	foil	shapes	available.		The	tapered	foils	would	be	good	for	rudders.		
I also tried a second approach of converting the leftover “molds” into real molds by fiberglassing the foam and coating
it with wax and mold release compound. I was successful in applying five layers of fiberglass cloth saturated with
graphite/epoxy	mixture.		i	concluded	that	this	approach	is	a	lot	more	laborious	and	doesn’t	make	sense	unless	one	
wants	to	make	a	lot	of	leeboards	from	a	single	mold.		i	haven’t	tried	yet	laminating	both	halves	together.		One	technical	
difficulty I haven’t fully solved yet is what material to use to fill the voids of the two halves. I tried using slow cure
epoxy	but	even	the	slow	cure	went	“off”	due	to	heat	generation.		maybe	someone	else	would	like	to	try.		if	you	do	this	
approach, keep in mind that in using molds, the mold defines the maximum, outer thickness of the leeboard, while when
using the foil the fiberglass makes the foil thicker. Keep this in mind when you specify the thickness of the foil you want
to	order.	

Foam Core ordered from
epoxy	and	hardener	(i.e.	West)
Graphite	powder	(optional;	i.e.	West	Type	423)
Colloidal	Silica	thickening	agent	(i.e.	West	Type	406)
Fiberglass	cloth,	10	ounce/square	yard	or	heavier
½	inch	i.d.	aluminum	tubing	or	nylon	bushing	
heavy	Fiberglass	cloth	or	mat	for	leeboard	thwart	area	(optional)	
epoxy	plastic	spreader
Surform	rasp
hardwood	for	cap
Wax	paper	or	parchment	paper

Lazy	leeboards	from	foam	wings.doc			
Figure	1.		Schematic	of	Cross-Section	of	Flying	Foil	as	received.		
(note:	“mold”		contours	actually	exactly	match	the	foil	contours).	

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                            Canoe Sailor 35 page 8
           National Sailing Committee Officers 2010, American Canoe Association:

Chairperson:	  	                         Larry	haff,	15	Smith	St.,	Westborough,	mA	01581		e:mail:									
               																																(508)	981-1302																							
Vice	Chairperson:			                     Larry	haff,	15	Smith	St.,	Westborough,	mA	01581		e:mail:
Secretary:			                    marilyn	Vogel,	2210	Finland	rd,	Green	Lane,	pA		18054		(215)	453-9084

Treasurer:			                    Charles	Sutherland,	2210	Finland	rd,	Green	Lane,	pA		18054		(215)	453-9084

measurer-master	of	records:			Larry	Zuk,	189	prairie	St.,	Concord,	mA		01742			(	978)	369-6668
Open	Canoe	measurer:		         Larry	Zuk,	189	prairie	St.,	Concord,	mA		01742			(	978)	369-6668
historian:			                  Larry	Zuk,	189	prairie	St.,	Concord,	mA		01742					(	978)	369-6668

Your Division cHAirpeopLe
New	england	Division:		          Larry	haff,	15	Smith	St.,	Westborough,		mA		01581				e::
Northern	New	York:		             Chuck	Durgin,	4	millard	Ave.,	binghamton,	NY	13905	(607)	723-4122		or		
Delaware	Valley	Division:			     John	Depa,	124	east	Schuylkill	road	,	Little	egg	harbor	Twp.,	NJ	08087-1132			 	
	                                e-mail:,	Tel:	609-294-2213
Atlantic	Division:			            Joan	Krilla,		141	raintree,	mahwah	NJ	07430	               Tel:	201.825.9350		      	

Ohio-penn:			                    	Dan	reiber,	874	beechers	brook	rd.,	Cleveland,	Oh	44143			         	       	       	
midWest	Division:			             roger	Corinth,	127	provider	St.,	Gwinn,	mi	49841	e-mail:
Appeals:					                    	Dan	reiber,	874	beechers	brook	rd.,	Cleveland,	Oh	44143		
AmericAn cAnoe AssociAtion			memberShip
	     	       	   	      		ACA, 1340	Central	park	blvd.,	suite	210,	
                           Fredericksburg,	VA		22401	
                           telephone: 540.907.4460 fax: 888.229.3792

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                                                          Canoe Sailor 35 page 9
                 A steAmer For tHe Home	                                   2009 International Canoe
by Frank Stauss                                                            Sugar Island -
From	mainsheet,	April	2009,	page	3,	newsletter	of	the	Delaware	river	
Chapter,	Traditional	Small	Craft	Association	                              Sunday - “Around Sugar race” -
                                                                           1 chris maas - Angel of Attacks
      it	is	inevitable	that	the	need	for	home	improvement	                 2 del olsen - donkey
sometimes	 gets	 in	 the	 way	 of	 boat	 building.	 in	 our	               3 Willy clark - Kaito
                                                                           4 Sam moore - blue meanie
household,	mary	and	i	try	to	redo	or	refresh	one	room	                     5 chris moore - Wonk
each	year.	in	January	2007	mary	thought	we	should	strip	the	               6 John Kells - mayhem
wallpaper	from	our	powder	room	and	paint	the	walls.	After	                 dnf david clark - Alice (tried to go between
many	days	of	trying	to	think	up	excuses	to	not	tackle	the	job,	            island 47 and Sugar. hit a rock)
i	conceded	that	it	should	be	done.
                                                                           blown out, way too aggressive conditions
The first part of the job called for striping off the old wallpaper.
i	had	an	old	steamer	that	i	have	used	with	success	over	the	years.	        tuesday - Crane Trophy
Unfortunately,	on	this	job	it	lasted	for	about	20	minutes	before	          1 chris maas - Angel of Attack
                                                                           2 oliver moore - uncle Walter
refusing	to	steam	anymore.	i	guess	it	was	older	than	i	thought.	
                                                                           3 chris moore - Wonk
OK,	off	to	home	Depot	to	buy	another	steamer.	At	the	Orange	               4 John Kells - mayhem
Giant,	 i	 discovered	 that	 my	 old	 steamer	 is	 no	 longer	 made.	 i	   5 bill beaver - lust puppet
checked	 what	 was	 available	 and	 purchased	 one	 that	 i	 thought	      6 Willy clark - Kaito
would	work	well	for	me.                                                    dnf del olsen - donkey

                                                                           Championship Series race 1
         back	home	and	once	again	on	the	job,	i	was	quite	                 1 chris maas - Angel of Attack
impressed	with	my	new	purchase.	it	reALLY	produced	steam.	                 2 oliver moore - uncle Walter
                                                                           3 John Kells - mayhem
Lots	and	lots	of	steam!	So	much	steam	that	it	got	me	thinking	             4 del olsen - donkey
--	it	would	be	an	excellent	source	of	steam	for	bending	wood.	i	           5 chris moore - Wonk
would	soon	need	to	steam-bend	some	wood	for	the	boat	i	was	                6 bill beaver - lust puppet
working	on	at	the	time.	i	never	liked	the	tea	kettle	and	propane	          7 Willy clark - Kaito
burner	setup	that	many	people	use	as	a	source	for	steam.	While	            dnS Sam moore - blue meanie
this	method	produces	all	the	steam	that	you	need,	it	means	                dnS david clark - Alice
                                                                           dnS george Saunders - mostly harmless
that you have an open flame in your workshop or garage. The
wallpaper steamer produces steam BUT no open flame. I liked                Wednesday - Mermaid Trophy
that	idea.	i	tried	it,	and	it	worked	perfectly.                            1 chris maas - Angel of Attack
                                                                           2 del olsen - donkey
                                                                           3 oliver moore - uncle Walter
                                                                           4 John Kells - mayhem
			 The	steamer	i	use	is	the	Wagner	705	power	Steamer.	                    5 Willy clark - Kaito
it	has	1500	watts	of	power	and	uses	one	gallon	of	water.	                  6 chris moore - Wonk
The	steam	time	with	one	gallon	of	water	is	1	hour,	25	                     7 david clark - Alice
minutes.	it	has	an	11	foot	hose	that	i	run	to	my	steam	                    8 Sam moore - blue meanie
pipe	(i	use	pVC	pipe	as	my	steam	box.)	The	steamer	is	
                                                                           Championship Series race 2
also	equipped	with	a	thermal	safety	fuse.	if	the	steamer	                  1 chris maas - Angel of Attack
should	run	out	of	water,	the	power	will	shut	off	before	                   2 del olsen - donkey
it	gets	too	hot.	The	cost	of	this	 steamer	is	approximately	               3 John Kells - mayhem
$55.                                                                       4 oliver moore - uncle Walter
                                                                           5 chris moore - Wonk
Safe,	easy	to	use,	and	effective	--	and	you	can	steam	wallpaper	if	        6 Willy clark - Kaito
the	need	should	arise.	The	perfect	boat	building	tool.                     7 david clark - Alice
                                                                           8 Sam moore - blue meanie
                                                                           dnS bill beaver - lust puppet
Frank is past president of Delaware River Chapter of TSCA
                                                                           dnS george Saunders - mostly harmless
Builder of ADK guideboat and other small craft             Canoe Sailor 35 page 10
Thursday	-		“Around the island race	match	2”	
1	Oliver	moore	-	Uncle	Walter	
2	Sam	moore	-	blue	meanie	
3	bill	beaver	-	Lust	puppet	
4	Willy	Clark	-	Kaito	
5	David	Clark	-	Alice	
6	Chris	moore	-	Wonk	
Butler trophy	
1	Oliver	moore	-	Uncle	Walter	
2	Chris	maas	-	Angel	of	Attack	
3	John	Kells	-	mayhem	
4	Willy	Clark	-	Kaito	
5	bill	beaver	-	Lust	puppet	
6	David	Clark	-	Wonk	
7	Del	Olsen	-	Donkey	
DNF	Sam	moore	-	blue	meanie	
DNS	Chris	moore	(cut	his	foot	during	the	2nd	Around	
the	island	race)	

championship series r3	
1 chris maas - Angel of Attack	
2	Willy	Clark	-	Kaito	
3	bill	beaver	-	Lust	puppet	
4	Del	Olsen	-	Donkey	
5	John	Kells	mayhem	
6	David	Clark	-	Wonk	
DNF	Oliver	moore-	Uncle	Walter	
DNS	Sam	moore	-	blue	meanie	
DNS	Chris	moore	
DNS	George	Saunders	-	mostly	harmless	
Friday	-	No	wind	=	No	racing	
Finals championship result	
1	Chris	maas	-		1		1	1	-			3	pts	
2	Del	Olsen	-				4		2	4	-		10	pts	
3	John	Kells	-			3		3	5	-				11	pts	
4	Willy	Clark	-		7		6	2	-				15	pts	
5	Oliver	moore	-2	4	DNF	-	17	pts*	
6	Chris	moore	-	5	5	DNF	-	21	pts		
7	bill	beaver	-		6		DNS	5	-	23	pts	
8	David	Clark	-	DNS	7	6	-		25	pts	
9	Sam	moore	-	DNS	8	DNS	-	30	pts	                                Above: Trophies for the International (decked)
10	George	Saunders	-	DNC	                                        canoes.
*	Willy	scored	DNFs	as	one	more	than	the	number	of	registered	
boats	mainly	because	it	meant	i	beat	Oliver	(haha)	however,	if	
instead	you	score	a	DNF	as	one	more	than	the	number	of	boats	
that finished the scoring after the top 3 gets reshuffled	
We	also	raced	informally	for	the	Lysak	Cup,	also	known	as	the	
“morning	Series.”	An	actually	trophy	dedicated	to	the	memory	of	
Steve	Lysak	has	been	donated	by	Kim	Clark	and	will	be	awarded	
to	the	winner	of	next	years	morning	series.	
                                                                    Canoe Sailor 35page 11
	        from Willy Clark and John Kells
            sugAr isLAnD c cLAss                                                    rAce resuLts
        cHAmpionsHip series JuLY 28, 2009
Championship                                                                          sUGAr isLAnD
Series 5 meter            Race 1        Race 2        Race 3   Final
Larry Haff                     1              1         1       3
Marilyn Vogel                  2              2         2       6
John Depa                      3              3         3       9
Larry Zuk                   dnf          dns           DNS
        sugAr isLAnD AcA cLAss                                      Gordon Crowe
                                                                    Margaret Whitfield
    cHAmpionsHip series JuLY 27, 2009
                                                                    Chase boat
Championship                                                        Ken Rose
Series ACA Class        Race 1      2     Race 3       Final        Tom Uebel
Marilyn Vogel              2        1             1      4          Larry Zuk

John Depa                  3        2             2      7
                                                                    Tuesday 5 pm
Larry Haff                 1        3             3      7
                                                                    Round Sugar              C Class
Larry Zuk                 dns
                                                                    Larry Haff                    1
                                                                    Marilyn Vogel                 2
                                                                    John Depa                     3

                                                               Sugar Island          Sunday 7.26
                                                               Round Sugar               ACA Class
                                                               Larry Haff                   1
                                                               Marilyn Vogel                2
                                                               John Depa                    dnf
                                                               Larry Zuk                    dnf

             righT: Willy Clark sailing his ic at
             Sugar Island.

                    Canoe Sailor 35 page 12
                      cruising cLAss nAtionAL cHAmpionsHips
                   septemBer 2009, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY
                             roger wiLKinson tropHY
      Cruising Class
   Nationals - Roger         Race
   Wilkinson Trophy          1                Race 2           Race 3              TOTAL
                          Pos.        Pts.     Pos.     Pts.    Pos.      Pts.      Pos.    Pts.
   Tom Uebel                 1         1        1        1       1         1          1      3
   Larry Zuk                 4         4        2        2       3         3          2      9
   Sherrie Winkworth         2         2        3        3       4         4          3      9
   Don Uebel                 3         3        5        5       5         5          4     13
   Joanie Krilla             5         5        4        4       6         6          5     15
   Dave Sherman           DNS          9      DNS        9       2         2          6     20
   Don Crouse             DNS          9      DNF        9       7         7          7     25
   John Allen             DNF          9      DNS        9     DNS         9          8     27

        BoB ceLiFArco tropHY, c cLAss
     DeLAwAre vALLeY Division June 13, 2009                     race results
          union LAKe, miLLviLLe, nJ                             DeLAwAre vALLeY Division

5 meter                Race 1       Race 2   Race 3    Final
Larry Haff               1            1         1      2.25
John Depa                4            3         2       9
Chuck Sutherland         2            5         3       10
Marilyn Vogel            5            2         4       11
Bill Covert              3            4         5       12

              AcA cLAss tropHY
     DeLAwAre vALLeY Division, June 14, 2009
          union LAKe, miLLviLLe, nJ

ACA Class              Race 1       Race 2   Race 3
Marilyn Vogel            1            2        1       3.5
Larry Haff               2            1        2       4.75
John Depa                4            3        4       11
Chuck Sutherland         5            4        3       12
Bill Covert              3            5        5       13

                                                                  Canoe Sailor 35 page 13
                rACe reSuLTS - ATLANTIC dIVISIoN

        cruising cLAss AtL Division cHAmpionsHips 2009
           AcA cAmp, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY
                       LADYBug tropHY
Cruising Class Divisional
Championships -

Lady Bug Trophy                  Race 1       Race 2          Race 3          Race 3      TOTAL
            -2009                 Pos.        Pos.            Pos.            Pts.        Pos.         Pts.
Larry Zuk                             2          1              1               1            1             4
Sherrie Winkworth                     1          2              2               2            2             5
Don Uebel                             3          3            DNS               5            3             11
Joanie Krilla                         4          4              3               3            4             11

                       c cLAss Division AtL cHAmpionsHips 2009
                       AcA cAmp, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY

    c clASS           Race 1               Race 2                       Race 3                       TOTAL
                      Pos.       Pts.       Pos.         Pts.            Pos.           Pts.         Pos.           Pts.
    Tom Uebel          1          1          1            1               1              1            1              3
    John Depa          2          2          2            2               2              2            2              6
    Vogel              3          3          3            3               4              4            3             10
    Larry Haff         4          4          4            4               5              5            4             13
    Bill Covert        5          5          5            5               3              3            5             13
    Joan Krilla        7          7          7            7               6              6            6             20
    Don Uebel          6          6          6            6             DNS             10            7             22
    John Allen        DNS        10        DNF           10             DNS             10             -            30
    Don Crouse        DNF        10        DNF           20             DNS             10             -            30

                                          AcA cLAss AtL Division cHAmpionsHips 2009
                                           AcA cAmp, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY

                             ACA CL              Race 1         Pts              2           Race 3         Pts.         Pos.   Pts.
                             Tom Uebel               1              1               1            1              1          1     3
                             John Depa               2              2               4            3              3          2     9
                             Bill Covert             2              2               3            4              4          2     9
                             Vogel               DNS                7               2            2              2          4    11
                             Joan Krilla             4              4               6            5              5          5    15
    Canoe Sailor 35          Don Uebel           DNS                7               5          DNF              7          6    19
    page 14
                                         seBAgo series
race results                      cruising cLAss AtL Division
AtLAntic Division                 JuLY 12, JuLY 26, Aug. 16, 2009
continued                    AcA cAmp, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY
                    Sebago Series                 Race 1        Race 2      Race 3             TOTAL        FINAL
                                                                                               Pts.         Pos.
                    Sherrie Winkworth                 1             1              1               3            1
                    Joanie Krilla                     2             2              3               7            2
                    Don Uebel                         3             3              2               8            3

                    Top 3 finishers from
                    prior year's Nationals      are	not        eligible

                                   ADK tropHY - two in A BoAt
                            cruising cLAss AtL Division JuLY 18-19, 2009
                            AcA cAmp, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY
                     ADK Trophy - two people
                    to a boat
                                                          Race 1          Race 2       Race 3          TOTAL
                    Joan Krilla and                       Pos.            Pos.          Pos.           Pts.
                      Kathleen O'Sullivan                  2               1             1              4
                    Sherrie Winkworth &

                      Min                                  1               2             2              5
                    Don Uebel

                      (not eligible-no crew))                                             -             -

                                        JoHn Komp tropHY
                              cruising cLAss AtL Division Aug 8-9, 2009
                             AcA cAmp, LAKe seBAgo, sLoAtsBurg, nY

                    John Komp Trophy            Race 1     Race 2          Race 3      TOTAL            FINAL
                                                Pos.        Pos.            Pos.              Pts.       Pos.
                    Don Uebel                     1             2              2               5            1
                    Joan Krilla                   3             3              1               7            2
                    Sherrie Winkworth             2             4              3               9            3
                    Tom Uebel                   DNS             1           DNS               11            4

                                                                                       Canoe Sailor 35page 15
                                             c cLAss nAtionAL cHAmpionsHips
  5 meter and                                   septemBer 26, 2009 (10Knots)
   AcA class                                LAKe nocKAmixon, quAKertown, pA
    national                                        mALLison tropHY
championships,              5 METER
      Lake                  NATIONALS                      Race 1   Race 2   Race 3   points   final
 nockamixon,                Tom Uebel          C200          1        1        1        3       1
                            Larry Haff         C58           2        4        2        8       2
quakertown, pA
                            Bill Covert        232           4        2        5       11       3
 september 26,
                            Marilyn Vogel      M             5        5        4       14       4
    27, 2009 	              John Depa          88            6        6        3       15       5
                            Chuck Sutherland ACA 1085        8        3        6       17       6
                            Dan Reiber         95            3        8        7       18       7
                            Joan Krilla        ACA 1076      7        7        8       22       8
                            Roger Corinth      96           DNF      DNS      DNS      33       9
                            Larry Zuk          ACA 1002     DNS      DNS      DNS      33      10

                                                                           ChAmpiON	TOm	UebeL	
                                                                           holding	the	ACA	Class	
                                                                           Trophy	and	keeper	prize.

front kneeling: Duncan                       AcA cLAss nAtionAL cHAmpionsHips
Mooney, Tom Uebel, Dan                           septemBer 27, 2009 (5 Knots)
Reiber, Joan Krilla,
Marilyn Vogel
                                             LAKe nocKAmixon, quAKertown, pA
Standing: John Depa, Bill                             tom ZuK tropHY
Covert, Larry Zuk, Larry
Haff, Chuck Sutherland,      ACA Class          ACA sail
Roger Corinth                Nationals          number     Race 1   Race 2   Race 3   points   final
                             Tom Uebel          1240         2        3        1        6        1
                             Bill Covert        1261         1        6        2        9        2
                             Marilyn Vogel      1167         4        4        3        11       3
                             Chuck Sutherland 1085           6        1        6        13       4
                             Dan Reiber         1344         3        5        5        13       5
                             Larry Haff         1144         5        2        7        14       6
                             Larry Zuk          1002         8        7        4        19       7
                             John Depa          1420         7        9        8        24       8
 Canoe Sailor 35 page 16     Joan Krilla        1076        10        8        9        27       9
                             Roger Corinth      1183         9        10       10       29      10
Canoe	Sailing	with	the	wooden canoe Heritage Assembly
July	15	-	18	in	the	Finger	Lakes	at		Keuka	College,	Keuka	park,	New	York	14478

This was a great gathering of serious canoe sailors including Doug Fowler who briefly sailed his Rushton, Hugh
Horton in his Bufflehead, Andres from Ontario who sailed his 16x30, Al Bratton, Benson Gray in one of his mint
condition	knock-your	eyes	-out	Old	Towns	,	and	Chris	pearson	from	WChA.	Also,	Larry	Zuk,	Dan	reiber,	John	
Depa,	John	Allen,	Larry	Zuk,	Chuck	Sutherland	and	marilyn	Vogel		had	a	fun	time	trying	out	each	other’s	boats	
and	taking	canoeists	out	sailing.		There	were	at	least	25	sailing	canoes,		at	least	15	were	in	the	water	sailing,	
mostly	Old	Towns.	Some	regular	canoeists	who	are	excellent	sailors	tried	canoe	sailing	to	begin	their	new	hobby	
such	as	Don	Kerr	and	others.	

Dan	miller,	curator	of	small	
craft	at	the	Antique	boat	
museum	in	Clayton,	NY,	
organized	the	assembly	around	
the	theme	of	canoes rigged
for sailing. Dan	miller	asked	
Larry	Zuk	to	teach	the	Thursday	
workshop	on	canoe	sailing	and		
Zuk	helped	the	members	improve	
their	rigs.		This	is	generally	the	
more significant contribution to
canoe	sailing	as	well	as	letting	
others	sail	our	canoes	and	taking	
rides.	About	twenty	of	them	went	
sailing	in	their	own	canoes	and	
with	Zuk,	Dan	reiber,	marilyn	
Vogel	and	John	Depa,	with	great	
winds	in	the	mornings.
	evening	Lectures	on	the	
history	of	sailing	canoes	
were	given	by	John	Summers,	curator	of	the	          Above: Chuck Sutherland sailing John Depa’ s Upright Sailor.
peterborough	Canoe	museum,	and	by	Dan	

 The race on Saturday afternoon was interesting. Even the motor boat showing us the course had trouble finding
the	little	red	soap-	bottle	buoys	in	the	waves.		
We	planned	to	follow	the	four	16	x	30’s		but	they	were	swimming	except	for	John	Summers.		Too	much	wind	and	
waves one minute and dead calm the next minute eliminated two of our sailors. Collectively we found the first
buoy. After that the rescue boat came back to show us the second buoy. We helped each other find the 3rd = finish
buoy	near	the	committee	boat.	marilyn	Vogel	and	John	Depa	each	won	a	bottle	of	good	local	wine,	with	a	sail	
canoe	on	the	label.	The	3	rd	race	was	cancelled	the	due	to	dark	threatening	clouds.			

in	2010	the	Assembly	is	in	Nh	near	the	massachussetts	border.						
                                                                                     Canoe Sailor 34 page 17
   2009	 	September	25,		AcA canoe sailing Annual meeting
Weisel	Youth	hostel,	Quakertown,	pA

Chairperson	Dan	reiber	called	the	meeting	together	at	8:10	pm.		
in	attendance:		Dan	reiber,	Charles	Sutherland,	marilyn	Vogel,	Larry	haff,	Larry	Zuk,	Tom	Uebel,	Joan	Krilla,	John	
Depa,	roger	Corinth,	and	Duncan	mooney.

Larry	haff	made	a	motion	to	accept	the	minutes	of	the	last	meeting	as	published	in	Canoe	Sailor	28.	Seconded.	

The	Sail	chair	of	midwest	Division	is	roger	Corinth	from	Gwinn,	michigan.

Election of officers:
motion	by	Larry	haff,	second	by	Tom	Uebel	to	re-elect	Charles	Sutherland	for	Treasurer	and	marilyn	Vogel	for	
secretary.	passed.	
motion	by	roger	Corinth,	second	by	Tom	Uebel	to	elect	Larry	haff	as	Chairman.	passed.	
motion	by	Larry	haff	to	elect	Dan	reiber	to	head	the	Appeals	committee,	second	by	marilyn	Vogel.		passed.		

Since	the	international	Canoes	(decked)	are	part	of	the	USCKT	racing	program,	we	no	longer	need	the	position	of	
Open	Canoe	representative.	proposal	to	eliminate	it,	seconded.	passed.
Larry	Zuk	requests	an	Assistant	master	of	records.	

AcA racing rules of sailing:
There was discussion about conflicts between the ACA and the US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing regarding DNF
and	DNS	Scoring	and	tie-breaking.	Some	regattas	use	the	ACA	rules	and	others	use	the	US	Sail	rules.	The	ACA	rules	
have a .75 point for first place and the US sailing has one point. The ACA rules (page 24) use an extra point for boats
that	do	not	start.
		Tom	Uebel	explained	that	at	a	multi-day	regatta,	by	using	an	extra	point	for	DNS	you	penalize	a	sailor	for	not	
showing	up.	Larry	Zuk	said	that	we	want	to	encourage	people	to	start;	also,	for	an	individual	race,	a	different	system	
can	be	used	according	to	US	Sail	rules.	The	race	instructions	or	Notice	is	supposed	to cover	the	rules	to	be	used.	
motion	by	Larry	haff:	We	will	follow	the	current	US	Sailing	scoring	rules	regarding	tie	breaking,	not	exceptions	
for	each	race.	AcA racing rules of sailing section 3, regattas national and Divisional championship races,
number 6, about points assigned for Finishing places should be eliminated.	Seconded	by	roger	Corinth.	motion	
passed.	This	is	in	effect	NOW.

Discussion	about	ACA	racing	rules	of	Sailing–	Weight	requirements	on	pages	16,	18,	20,	and	22	for	Cruising,	ACA	
and	C	Class:		minimum	with	crew	-	for	3	classes	of	open	sail	canoes.	motion	by	Larry	haff,	second	by	Joan	Krilla,	to	
eliminate	weight	requirement	rule.	passed	unanimously.

Larry	Zuk	will	train	each	division	rep	to	measure	hulls	and	sails	-
Atlantic	Div.,	Tom	Uebel,
Delaware	Valley	Div.,	Chuck	Sutherland,	
New	england	Div.,	Larry	Zuk
Ohio-penn,	Dan	reiber

meeting	adjourned	at			9:22	p.m.
respectfully	submitted,	marilyn	Vogel,	Secretary				

                                      Canoe Sailor 35page 18
Bob Halsey, master of many trades Marilyn Vogel, honored to be his friend

bob	was	a	canoeist	all	his	life,	in	his	heart	and	in	his	sleep.	he	didn’t	just	paddle	a	canoe;	he	designed	and	built	a	
canoe.	Then	he	raced	in	whitewater	and	did	very	well	in	the	1970’s.	bob	traveled	the	canoe	club	circuit	to	do	the	
big	rivers,	the	New	and	the	Gauley,	in	West	Virginia.	his	friend,	hank,	said,	“bob	and	his	son	Dan	must	be	the	only	
people	in	the	world	who	have	ever	rolled	a	Grumman	canoe!”		Skilled	paddlers	often	do	an	eskimo	roll	in	a	kayak	
or	a	closed	canoe	but	who	ever	heard	of	rolling	a	Grumman!	One	of	bob’s	daughters	said	bob	did	an	“ender”	in	a	
kayak	a	long	time	ago	before	it	was	ever	heard	of!	“An	ender”	is	done	by	kayakers	in	heavy	whitewater	by	placing	
yourself	in	your	kayak	vertically	in	a	large	circling	wave.	Ten	years	later,	teenagers	discovered	how	to	do	that.	All	the	
children	and	grandchildren	in	bob’s	large	family	are	very	capable	canoeists	and	campers.	Later,	bob	taught	canoeing,	
and	became	president	of	the	Keelhaulers	Canoe	Club.	After	that	he	went	on	to	become	Chairman	of	the	Ohio-penn	
Division	of	the	American	Canoe	Association	(ACA).

On	behalf	of	his	A.C.A.	activities,	bob	leased	property	from	the	state	park	system	where	the	pymatuning	Sail	
Club	east	end	is	now.	it	bordered	the	American	red	Cross	property	which	was	used	for	sail	instruction.	When	the	
pymatuning	Sail	Club	took	the	lease	
for	the	red	Cross	property,	they	
also	got	the	lease	for	the	adjacent	
property	from	halsey.	

Later	on	in	life,	bob	took	up	canoe	
sailing.	he	always	showed	up	for	25	
years.	he	traveled	to	New	York,	New	
Jersey,	pennsylvania,	maryland,	
and	Canada	for	sail	canoe	races.	he	
loved	heavy	weather	sailing,	even	in	
his	late	80’s.	At	that	point	he	rested	
up	after	some	big	races	at	Sugar	
island,	home	of	the	American	Canoe	
Association,	on	the	St.	Lawrence	
river.	There	were	times	he	took	
off	in	his	homemade	sail	canoe	and	
scooted	over	the	waves	like	he	was	
air-borne!	he	didn’t	do	any	turkey	
jibes	either,	just	sailed	the	whole	
course	in	his	heavy	weather	stripper	canoe.	

Bob became a leader in the ACA sailing program, writing our first By-Laws, writing action-adventure and how-to
articles	for	the	Canoe	Sailor	newsletter.	he	helped	newcomers	by	supplying	materials	for	making	metal	masts	and	also	
rig	plans.	When	he	turned	eighty	he	said	he	didn’t	want	to	do	all	that	volunteer	work	all	the	time	any	more.	Then	he	
met	his	second	wife,	Ada,	in	the	Line	Dancing	circuit.	Of	course,	they	went	to	national	conventions	for	square	dancing	
and	round	dancing!	They	lived	happily	ever	after.

One of the nicest things about tall, quiet, unassuming Bob was that he could fix anything, on the spot. He repaired
cars,	designed	metal	rudder	brackets	and	whatever	was	needed.	At	the	pymatuning	Sail	Club	one	time,	someone	broke	
their	wood	mast.	At	the	bottom	it	seemed	worn	down,	too	damp	and	useless.	bob	came	in	from	the	morning	race	and	
looked	at	it.	he	said,	“Turn	it	upside	down,	and	use	the	top	of	the	mast	for	the	bottom.	here,	let	me	help	you	with	
that!” After lunch the guys were out sailing just fine.

In his earlier life, after his military service, Bob Halsey was a “Third Mate and first class pilot” on the Great Lakes
iron	ore	steamboats,	head	electrician,	sheet	metal	worker	and	did	the	work	of	an	engineer.	bob’s	family,	with	eleven	
great	grandchildren,	miss	him	terribly,	as	we	all	do.	born		June	.1.		1917.	
                                                                                  Canoe Sailor 35 page 19
some memories of Bob Halsey			by	Dan Reiber		
What	does	the	memory	of	bob	halsey	bring	to	mind?		For	me,	lots	of	good	memories	
involving	the	sport	of	canoe	sailing.		i	remember	asking	him,	“What’s	it	like,	bob,	to	sail	
a	canoe.”		“here,	take	one	of	mine	for	a	spin”	was	his	reply.	So	i	did,	and	got	hooked.		

A	canoe	Sailing	Nationals	was	coming	up	in	a	couple	of	weeks.	i	didn’t	have	a	canoe,	                                      so	
bob	lent	me	one	of	his.	i	think	that	he	had	made	it	himself.	it	was	a	cedar	wood-strip	
canoe.	he	even	coached	me	on	the	nuances	of	how	to	sail	it.	i	didn’t	place	in	any	prizes,	
but	i	may	have	beaten	bob	in	the	overall	standings.	he	coached	me	well!

he	was	truly	a	genuine	guy,	always	there	to	help	you,	steadily	setting	a	good	example.		
He had been the architect for building the sail canoe fleet at PSC. At one point in the 1980s, it was the largest fleet at
the	club.	he	made	sure	that	everyone	was	learning	while	having	fun.	This	was	before	i	became	a	member,	so	some	of	
this	is	what	i	remember	from	what	others	had	to	say.	

You	may	remember	reading	an	article	in	DownWind	about	bob’s	competing	in	the	mug	race,	a	40	mile	all-day	race	
up	the	St.	Johns	river	to	Jacksonville.	This	was	a	grueling	race.	i	know	because	i	sailed	it	once	accompanying	bob,	
each	in	our	separate	canoes.	it	typically	starts	in	light	air	for	half	the	race.		Then	when	you	are	getting	tired,	the	wind	
whips	up	to	white-capping	conditions,	right	on	your	nose.	To	add	to	the	drama,	there	weren’t	many	places	to	exit	the	
race	if	you	needed	to.	i	think	that	bob	competed	more	than	a	half	dozen	times,	in	the	golden	years	of	his	80s!

A	couple	of	years	ago,	Gaye	and	i	visited	bob	and	Ada	in	Florida.	he	took	me	for	a	sail	in	the	mangrove	channels	
near	Naples	where	he	lived	in	the	winter.	he	was	90.		Didn’t	seem	to	me	that	he	was	slowing	down	much.		Then	
last	summer,	he	competed	in	the	Sam	myers	regatta	and	won	the	C-class	Championship	Trophy.		This	trophy	was	
specially	carved	out	of	a	large	block	of	wood	by	a	canoe	champion	from	a	photo	taken	of	bob	sailing	his	homemade	
canoe	in	white-capping	conditions.	[cover photo] Turns out that he was the first person to win it, and then won it again
in	his	last	year	of	racing	sail	canoes.			
What	a	man!	What	an	example!	What	great	memories	he	gave	us	all!		                  Canoe Sailor 35 page 20
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