On the night of October 7th_ 2000 by niusheng11


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    That night Adrian drank too much
 Adrian Heideman went out partying with
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responsible people saw years7old. late. the
           and partied too hard
            dangers of alcohol
Drugs and
A Reality Check
     What it is, how it affects us, and the
      dangers associated with it
     Short term effects, long term effects and
      why its not as safe as everyone thinks
Other Drugs:
     Serious issues related to their use
  Alcohol: What is it?
The main ingredient contained in
alcoholic beverages is ethanol,
which can damage parts of the
body including the brain, nerves
and heart muscle.
Long-term use can lead to brain
damage, depression and death.
          What is equal to what?
12 oz Beer = 4 oz Wine = 1 oz Liquor

      =                      =
         The effects of Alcohol vary depending
         on many factors

         Main factors:
             amount consumed in a given time period
             drinker's size, sex, body build, and metabolism
             type and amount of food in the stomach


     On average, 3 to 4 drinks makes you legally
      intoxicated and more importantly “impaired.”
     7 or More Drinks in an hour can kill you

     On average, 2 to 3 drinks makes you legally
     6 or more drinks in an hour can kill you
Consequences of Drinking
  Statistics
  DUI’s

  MIP’s

  Alcohol Poisoning = a trip to

   Enloe Medical Center
     Alcohol is the leading cause of death
      among teenagers, because of traffic
     16 % of teenagers have had “blackouts”
     Teenagers who start drinking before age
      15 are FOUR times as likely to become
      alcohol dependent as those who begin at
      age 21
MIP = Minor In Possession
    Occurs when someone under 21 has an
     open or unopened container of alcohol

The punishment in Chico is:
  • Drivers License is revoked for 1 year
  • Pay around $300 in fines
  • Assigned 30 hours of community
  service (picking up trash on the freeway)
DUI = Driving Under the Influence
 If you are under 21 it is illegal to have a .01
 Blood Alcohol Level (WHICH IS NOT EVEN
 ONE DRINK). If you are caught you...

    Get Jail Time
    Community Service
    Get put on Probation
    Attend Alcohol Classes
    Have to pay HUGE fines sometimes upwards of
    Alcohol Poisoning
Signs someone may be in trouble
   Cant talk clearly
   Has passed out and will not wake up
   Doesn’t respond to pain (pinch them)
   Slow breathing
   Cold, clammy and sometimes bluish
What everyone thinks it is…
     As safe as cigarettes.
     Not addicting habit forming
     Safe because its all natural
The Real Deal…
     10 times worse for you than cigarettes
     Psychologically addictive
     Not safe at all because it can be laced with other
Short Term Effects
     Short term memory loss
     Temporary loss of coordination & skill
     Reduced or impaired comprehension
Long Term Effects
     Loss of motivation & social inhibitions
     Screws up your lungs, smokers cough
     Paranoia, depression, other psychological
What is it?
   MDMA ( a very powerful and serious drug)
   Synthetic drug that is manufactured in laboratories
   Almost always in a pill form

Harmful effects:
   Increases heart rate & blood pressure
   Puts holes in your brain
   Severe depression & anxiety
   Leads to Parkinson's disease later in life
What is it?
   Type of mushrooms that grow on cow feces
   Very powerful mind altering drug
   Mushrooms are cut and dried then eaten
Harmful Effects:
   People often times have bad trips and end up
    hurting themselves while on the drug
   It’s a poison, it destroys the liver
      Toxic affect of drinking 5 liters of Jack Daniels
   Can kill a person very easily in minimal doses
What is it?
      Man made chemical that causes very powerful
      Usually dropped onto small pieces of paper and taken
       orally (placed and absorbed on your tongue)

Harmful Effects
      Alters chemical composition of the brain.
      Very unpredictable outcome.
      Does permanent damage to the brain.
    Thank You
   And be careful
from the Chico State Marketing Association

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