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Brush Holders


 Brush Holders

 Types and Variants

         Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik GmbH
Types and Variants

                     Single Brush Holders

                     Applicable in commutator
                     machines, large variety of
                     types, different pressure
                     systems, sheet metal and
                     cast designs

                     Plug-in Brush Holders and Elements

                     Special brush holders for
                     turbo generators, safe brush
                     change during running
                     machines, simple brush wear
                     control, plug-in elements for
                     pilot exciters, simple and
                     multiple types
Tandem Brush Holders              Double Clamp                     Leg Brush Holder                Flange Brush Holders
                                  Brush Holders

Preferably for large machines,    For slipring machines,           For slip-ring rotor machines,   Simple and multiple types
for heavy operating conditions,   sheet metal and cast designs,    simple and double leg design,   of flange brush holders out
for tangentially broad carbon     adjustable for different         with one or two-piece brass     of brass plate or gravity die
brushes, independently work-      slipring diameters, with and     shim, legs out of brass plate   casting, different pressure
ing pressure devices for both     without pressure adjustment,                                     elements
brushes                           with and without phase

Multiple Brush Holders            Row Holders                      Current Leads                   Tubular Brush Holders
                                  with Wear Leveling

More compactly designed           Application preferably for row   Application for adjustable      Use in small motors, simple
as single holders, shorter        holders, pressure balance at     clutches, bronze brushes        brush change, brush box out
commutator possible,              a row holder by means of a       for unlubricated operation,     of brass profile or sheet metal,
attachment slot before the        directed counter acting force    textural brushes for wet run,   insulated with laminated
brush boxes                       by a spring forced frame,        oil-tight installation          paper or plastic-repressed,
                                  extension of the brush                                           plug-in connection, soldering
                                  service life                                                     groove or screw connection


Clamps of all kinds               Insulated attaching studs            Rocker ring                 Clearance pieces and shims
for holder attachment             with laminated paper and
Information Hotline              Please do not hesitate to contact
                                 us if you have any questions about
                                 Schunk Brush Holders as well as

                                   Application Technology
                                   Test and Laboratory Equipment
                                   Test Stands
                                   CAD/CAM/PLM Design/Development

Other Products                     Contacts and Flexibles
and Services                       Systems for Power Transmission
                                   System Assemblies
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                                   3D Measurements

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                                 Telefax:      +49 (6 41) 8 03-139



Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik GmbH

Hauptstrasse 97
35435 Wettenberg

Telephone: +49 (6 41) 8 03-0
Telefax:   +49 (6 41) 8 03-139

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