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									         Tips for                                       Watch for more FIU GoGreen Tips
                                                                around campus!
         your Home
         or Dorm...
Clean Green – Use natural cleaners instead of
harsh chemical cleaners, it is healthier for you and
the environment.

Conserve Energy        – Keep AC at 75° F - 78° F,
use CFL or LED light bulbs instead of incandescent
and daylight when possible, shut down/off
electronics when not in use - plugging into a
power strip makes this an even easier task!

Conserve Water         – Take shorter showers,
                                                                       Contact Us
turn off the water while brushing teeth, and install
low flow faucets, showerheads and toilets.              We want to hear from you about how you are
                                                        making a green effort. Send us your stories,
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle           – Buy only what             comments, and/or questions to
you need, buy in bulk, reuse items, donate                
unwanted items, and recycle your plastic bottles,
aluminum cans, glass and paper.                                    To learn more, visit
Stop the Junk Mail – You can stop most of
your junk mail, visit

                                                                                          Follow Us On:
Drive Smarter – Check your tire pressure and
inflate to maximum listed (usually 35psi), keep junk
out of the trunk, organize errands into one trip, and
complete regularly scheduled maintenance.

Ride a Bike – Bikes are a great way to get to
work or school. Try it one day a month or week.
FIU Bikes offers free bike repairs every
Wednesday, during Fall and Spring semesters.

Take the Bus       – FIU provides shuttle buses
between campuses, and offers half price student
transit passes for Miami-Dade Transit
GoGreen                                                  GoGreen
                           For your
TIPS                       Office or                     CAMPUS
                                                                           Hot Spots
Buy Recycled           – FIU has a minimum 30%           Butterfly Garden – Uses Florida native plant species which are adapted to South Florida’s climate to
recycled paper content policy. Notebooks, paper,         attract butterflies. Easy to plant in your own yard!
folders, pencils and pens are available in recycled      MMC: SW corner of Panther Garage (PGP), and main entrance of FIU Nature Preserve
content, look for 100% content products!                 BBC: @ the gazebo in front of GH Library, @ the Flagpole, and behind AC2

Reduce Paper Use             – Print double-sided;
                                                         Green Roof       – Planted with native vegetation that helps keep the building cool.
it will reduce your paper usage by 50% so set
                                                         MMC: SIPA, view from west lobby 3rd - 5th floors
printers and copiers to default duplex settings.
Use email, bulletin boards, and document sharing.        AHC 3, Nursing, view from south lobby 3rd – 5th floors, Miami’s first Green Roof!
Submit assignments electronically. Go paperless!
                                                         Nature Preserve        – Provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle with trails running through it
Recycle – Ink cartridges, batteries, paper, light        and many volunteer opportunities!
bulbs, cans and bottles can all be recycled at FIU.      MMC: between the arena and stadium

Shut IT Down        – Completely shut down               Nature Trail – Enjoy nature and get fit by taking a walk or bike ride along the 3-mile path that
computers and electronics at the end of the day!
                                                         showcases beautiful Biscayne Bay and the natural ecosystems around it.
Take the Stairs – Help save electricity, and             BBC: trailhead in front of GH Library
get fitter and healthier in the process!
                                                         Organic Garden           – Edible plants native to south Florida to educate students about biodiversity,
                                                         localized food production, and water conservation. Garden plots available for anyone who would like one.
                                                         MMC: SW corner of FIU Nature Preserve next to the baseball stadium

                                                         Solar House – U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon challenges 20 collegiate teams to design,
                 Tips for your                           build and operate solar-powered houses that are affordable, energy efficient and attractive. FIU has been
                                                         chosen to compete in 2005 and 2011. The 2011 house will become the new University Sustainability office space!
                 Commute...                              EC: east side of main building
                                                         MMC: location to be determined
Buy Green      – For your next car, purchase a
                                                         Wertheim Conservatory & Greenhouse – Display of rain forest plant species from around
hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle
                                                         the world! Open Tuesday-Friday, 9am to 4pm, for self-guided tours.
Carpool     – FIU offers GreenRide, a web-based          MMC: east of ECS and south of Red Garage (PGR)
application that allows users to search for other
carpool members by selecting location, schedules,        Don’t want to go on your own? Sign up for FIU GoGreen eNews to get updates about events to join in with
and lifestyle preferences. Users get priority parking!   others. Sign up today on

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