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					                        LVMA Classroom Wish List
Our LVMA families have blessed us with many wonderful gifts over the years during
the holiday season or at the end of the year. Of course, these gifts are not necessary, but
they are much appreciated. We thought we might provide a classroom wish list for
parents who wish to further invest in the school during the gift-giving season. Parents
who choose to use this wish list can purchase an item or contribute a monetary gift
toward a specific item. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

Montessori Services:

R148           Peace Begins With You                 $9.95
LC07           Small Floor Table                     $115.00
PL39           Mirror Polishing Activity             $67.50
PL16           Wood Polishing Activity               $85.00
Q18            Carpet Sweeper                        $49.95
W37            Scrub Board                           $15.95
PL13           Folding Activity                      $34.50
PL41           Nut Cracking Activity                 $27.50
V54            Peg Loom                              $19.95
A101           The Dot                               $14.00
L417           Vegetables Cards                      $18.95
L413           Fruits Cards                          $18.95
L335           Garden Flowers Cards                  $18.95
SC23           Butterflies                           $5.95
SC21           Ladybugs and Other Insects            $5.95
SC283          Pulley Model                          $31.95
W42            Clothesline Stand                     $34.95
L738           Booklet Rings                         $4.25
E115           Loop-to-Loop Parachute                $35.95
Y32            Blindfold (any color)                 $4.75
J42            Small Plastic Jar Set of 5            $1.95

Bruins Montessori

20.0           Smelling Bottles                      $60.00
20.1           Tasting Exercise                      $45.00
31A            Addition Working Charts               $78.00
32A            Subtraction Working Charts            $68.00
33A            Division Working Charts               $62.00
34A            Multiplication Working Charts         $70.00
35C            Bead Stair Tray                       $6.00
35D            Double Bead Stair Tray                $10.00
65             Circles, Squares & Triangles          $75.00
133            Roman Arch                            $50.00

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