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									To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you very much for asking me to write a testimonial about the BM Conveyancing service. I was a
little skeptical at first when given the concept of the online solicitors but in reality this has really helped my
business in a number of ways. Firstly the ease of use is paramount as both the broker firm and the client
can have regular contact with the solicitor firm without the necessity of being on hold or anticipating when
their next meeting is. By being online both the clients and broker firm are able to keep track of events
24/7 which has proved really useful for my clients who work the same hours as solicitors and also shift

The progress charting both projected and actual allows a lot of question clients have to be answered and
gives them perspective on how the process works and length of time it will take. The system of reviewing
the solicitors performance really helps in selecting good reputable solicitors and I have been able to forge
a really good relationship with a particular firm who offer a quality service at a very competitive price. Also
if there any issues there is a back up team are a very good in resolving these.

The system of breaking down the quotation is key as some clients like to know what they are paying for
and it is really transparent which makes us look more professional.

Finally the main benefits to us as the brokers is that we can retain control on the clients buying process
and also provides us with an additional income which can help in these difficult times.

I find, all in all, that using BM Conveyancing has helped both my income levels and the service I can offer
to my clients as a whole.

Kind regards,
Andrew Burton BA(HONS) CeMap 
Independent Mortgage Adviser 
Franklyn Alexander LLP 
109 London Road, Headington, Oxford, Oxon. OX3 9HZ 
Tel: 01865 744299 
Fax: 01865 744409 
Mob: 07811 847926


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From: frank arevalo
Sent: 26 November 2010 14:38
To: Felton, Sacha (Mortgage Sales)
Subject: BM Conveyancing

You recently asked me to pen my thoughts on your conveyancing service. 
In a nutshell, it’s excellent. Apart from adding to our income stream, it is an easy system to use which 
means we can immediately give our clients a quotation that we know is accurate and correct. In fairness, 
we have rarely had to make contact with the conveyancer as it seems to go through very swiftly. On the 
few occasions we have had to ring them they have been efficient and helpful. 
All in all, a great service 
Frank Arevalo 
Premier Choice 
The Barns, Upper Campsfield Road, Woodstock, Oxon  OX20 1QG 
Tel – 01993 812 636  Mob – 07710 926 487  Fax  ‐ 01993 812 470  Email –  


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