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					 The London Street FoodBank is serving over a million calories to person’s
 homeless and low income a week and was started to help grow an InfoBank                                                                             How to Donate
  on homelessness and other poverty related services called: The Sock Book.
                                                                                               EveryonesHome.org.uk is the parent company pending registration for charity status
                                                                                               (07095688) of 'The Sock Book' and the ‘London Street FoodBank’.
                                                               Barbers, Benefits Advice,       To donate by Cheque or Money Order, please write to 7 Garden Court, Upminster, Essex, RM14
                                                                   Bullying Advice,            1EY made out to EveryonesHome.org.uk.
                                                                 Campaigns, Clothing,
                                                                 Community Housing
                                                                                               To donate by Visiting your Bank, please use our account in the name of
                                                                 Projects, Counselling,
                                                               Daycentres, Debt Advice,        EVERYONESHOME.ORG.UK with Barclays Bank PLC
                                                                  Domestic Violence            Sort code 20-72-89 Account number 23121992 … Our local Barclays Branch is
                                                               Advice, Drugs & Alcohol         36-38 South Street, Romford, RM1 1RH.
                                                                Advice, Ex-Offenders,
                                                                Floating support, Food,        To donate by PayPal, please send an email to sockbook@gmail.com and we'll send you back a
We’re always aiming to improve:
                                                               Furniture, Health Advice,       secure payment link.
                                                                Homelessness Advice,
* The Sock Book Website:                                       Housing Benefit Letting         To donate by Standing Order, please give/send the following to your bank or building society, or
Where’s the help for people, what is it really,                  Agents, Housing Co-           by sending it to us at The Sock Book, 7 Garden Court, Upminster, Essex, RM14 1EY
and how does it stack up against all the talk                  Operatives, Housing and
out there often masquerading as help.                          Training, Internet Access,                     Standing Order Form: Please consider a small £4 or more regular donation.
                                                                 Jobseeking, Laundry,
* The London Street FoodBank:                                  Legal, Media, Mediation,         To: The Manager of ............... Bank                       Your Bank’s Name:
We’d like to offer hot drinks this winter, and                 Medical, Mental Health,
                                                                Outreach, Relationship
work more collaboratively with the people who,                                                  Please pay: Barclays Bank PLC, in the                         Your Bank’s Address:
                                                                 Advice, Rent Deposit
have to use the service to in turn help themselves              Scheme, Safe Keeping,
                                                                                                Account Name of:
by helping others.                                              Sexual Health Advice,           EVERYONESHOME.ORG.UK
                                                                  Showers, Pavement             Barclays Bank, 36-38 South Street, Romford,
Unfortunately this takes both time, money,                      Magazine Stockist lists         RM1 1RH                                                       Your Bank's Post Code:
and quite a bit of effort – so if you could please              and Live London Food            Sort code: 20-72-89
support us with any of the above –                             Maps etc. Have your say,         Account number: 23121992                                      Name of Account to be Debited:
please get in touch! The details are below.                    and add your knowledge
                                                                                                The sum of [£...................] (figures)
                                                                                                [........................................] (words)            Your Account Number:
                               http://www.sockbook.org – The Sock Book                          per week/month.
                             an Open Info-Bank about Homelessness Services                                                                                    Your Sort Code:
                                                                                                Commencing on (Date:.................)
                                              Opening on
                                                                                                and continuing until further notice.                          Your Full Address:
                                  WorldHomelessDay(.org) – 10/10/2010
                                                                                                Everyoneshome.org.uk (07095688)
                             'The Sock Book' InfoBank and London Street FoodBank is             administers the ‘London Street FoodBank’
                         administered by everyoneshome.org.uk. pending charity registration.
                                                                                                and 'The Sock Book' InfoBank. Two new                         Your Post Code:
                                  sockbook@gmail.com | enquiry line 07846 238051                very simple services to help up the debate
                                                                                                and action against homelessness and hunger                    Your signature(s):

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