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					Cameron Ballet Academy         Ter m 1 2 0 1 1 , Ne ws l e tte r 2
Dear Parents/Students/Friends,
The disastrous Christchurch earthquake has af-        help the cause by way of donating anything
fected all New Zealanders and we hope that            “dance” related (eg a DVD or CD, a book,
your friends and family that live in that region      dance clothing). The item needs to be in new
are safe and well. We are involved in a Fund-         condition and fairly small in size and it needs to
raiser for the Alana Haines Awards on Sunday          reach either Mrs Arkley or Mrs Cameron before
20th March and we are using that event to also        Saturday 19th March. If you think you can help
help our ballet friends in Christchurch. As well      us we would be grateful!
as a separate donation box at the concert, we         We are pleased that all students have settled
are in the process of organising a raffle of all      into their classes and are progressing well. The
dance related items with proceeds from the            students are looking forward to performing for
raffle going to Canterbury Ballet. This full time     your all during Parents Week.
ballet school was severely damaged in the
Quake and needs to be relocated. You can
Parents Week:                                         Second Hand Clothing System:
Parents are warmly invited to view classes dur-       We have accumulated a large quantity of
ing the final week of Term 1, Monday 11th April       second hand gear over several months and our
– Saturday 16th April inclusive.                      cupboard at the Hobsonville Community Hall
Other Dates to Diary:                                 has become overwhelmed. We would still very
                                                      much like to continue this service to parents
Monday 2nd May               Term 2 commences
                                                      and students, however, due to the lack of stor-
Fri 3rd Jun – Mon 6th Jun    Queen’s Birthday         age space we will offer a slightly different sys-
                             weekend,                 tem going forward. We have decided to have
                             NO CLASSES               a “Second Hand Register” where people selling
                                                      pre-loved goods can list their items for sale and
Saturday 2nd July            Cushion Concert
                                                      buyers will be able to contact the seller directly.
Saturday 9th July            Term 2 concludes         All items currently being stored will be available
                                                      for return the week of the 21st – 27th March.
Punctuality                                           The register will be displayed in the waiting area
                                                      with instructions for parents how to list their sec-
We are mindful of the heavy traffic along Hob-        ond hand items.
sonville Road, particularly at peak hour and
understand that students may sometimes arrive         Term 2 timetable change:
a little late to class. Please ensure that students   From Term 2 onwards the following timetable
do not enter the studio while the music is play-      will apply to Tuesday classes with Mrs Arkley.
ing (ie when others are dancing) as this is dis-
ruptive to the class in progress. Instead, they       2.15pm      Pre-School
should organise themselves in the waiting area        2.45pm      Finish
(eg put ballet shoes on etc), then quickly and        3.30pm      Primary
quietly enter the studio when the music has
stopped.                                              4.15pm      Grade 1 (group 1)
                                                      5.00pm      Grade 1 (group 2)
CBA Exam Preparation Seminar:
                                                      5.45pm      Grade 2
All students wishing to sit a Graded Examination
or Presentation in September this year will be re-    6.45pm      Private Lesson
quired to attend a special Preparation Seminar.
Students will be required to attend between           Cushion Concert
two and four classes during this week, depend-
ing on their grade.                                   Saturday 2nd July, 3.30pm
The seminar week has been set (the final week         Please save the date for our annual mid-year
of the July School holidays) so please make a         Cushion Concert. A favourite on the CBA cal-
note of the following dates:                          endar. More details will follow in Term 2.
Monday 25th July – Friday 29th July inclusive.
More details will follow in Term 2.

          w w w.c a me ro n b a l l et . co . n z
Cameron Ballet Academy
                     Ter m 1 2 0 1 1 , Ne ws l e tte r 2

                  ALANA HAINES Australasian awards
                     VARIETY fundraising CONCERT
                      AVONDALE COLLEGE theatre
                       SUNDAY 20th MARCH 2011

                         DANCE SCHOOLS

      Fundraising to give awards to young dancers 11-21yrs, at the
                 AHA Awards at the Bruce Mason Centre
                           22nd -24th April 2011


                    Tickets to the 20th March Fundraiser:
                   $20 Adults, $10 Child/Senior Cit/Student
    For further ticketing info, please contact:
                  For more information on the AHA Awards,
                22nd – 24th April visit

     w w me ro n b a l l et . co . nz

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