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									                                      FORSYTH COUNTY COURSE SYLLABUS

COURSE TITLE:           9th Grade Literature and Composition

TEACHER NAME:              Anna Krause                         E-MAIL:

ROOM:         East Hall, 1323                                  PHONE: 770-781-2264               EXT: 101323

Course Description:
This course content will focus upon a wide range of genres in literature with an emphasis on literary analysis. The integrated study
of composition will include basic research skills and expository and persuasive writing with an emphasis on technical writing.
Sentence structure and grammar usage will be included throughout the writing process and integrated with speaking, listening and
vocabulary skills. Extensive reading, public speaking and presentations skills are also included in this course. A state mandated
End of Course Test is required and counts 15% of the student’s overall course grade.

Georgia Performance Standards are the guidelines for this course as determined by the state of Georgia. Students and parents may
find a copy of these course standards at

Learning Resources/Textbook:
   Elements of Literature published by Holt 2010. We will have a set of these textbooks available in the classroom.
   Selected novels

     With the emergence of technology as a tool for learning, South Forsyth High School will be utilizing various resources
     to assist with instruction, including ANGEL, online textbooks, and interactive websites. In addition to these web based
     instructional tools, this course will also have a classroom set of textbooks. Should you feel that your child would
     benefit from having a textbook at home in addition to the classroom textbook, please contact your child’s teacher.

Required Units and Assignments:

                Units                              Possible Novels or Other Works                                 Writing
            Short Stories                             Heroes, Gods, and Monsters                              Technical Writing
       Mythology and the Epic                                Alas, Babylon                                     Research Paper
              the Novel                                          Night                                       Persuasive Writing
                Poetry                                        The Chosen                                     Expository Writing
        Shakespearian Drama                                  Ender’s Game
             the Memoir                                     Fahrenheit 451
        Research and Writing                               A Separate Peace
                                                     The Odyssey and/or the Iliad
                                                          Taming of the Shrew
                                                      Edith Hamilton’s Mythology
                                                          Myth and Folklore

Throughout the above units, the teacher will facilitate the strengthening and acquiring of skills relating to literary analysis, vocabulary
acquisition, and communication through clear writing and speaking.

Availability for Extra Help:
Students are encouraged to seek extra help as soon as it is needed. Extra help can be arranged before or after school on most days.
Students are encouraged to consult teachers at appropriate times to schedule appointments.

Makeup Work:
All missed work and assessments are the responsibility of the student when they are absent from school. A student who is absent
on the day before a scheduled assessment will be responsible for completing the assignment on the scheduled day and time.
Students who have been absent more than two consecutive days (including the assessment day) will be given five (5) school days to
make up the assessment and/or other assignments. This does not include major projects, research papers, etc., where the deadline
has been posted in advance. The teacher has the discretion to grant a longer period of time to make up work if there are
extenuating circumstances.

Grading Calculations:
Course Average = 42.5% (1ST Sem. Course Work) + 42.5% (2ND Sem. Course Work) + 15% EOCT or Final Exam
1ST & 2ND Semester Course Work = 60% Summative + 40% Formative

Concept of formative assessment:
Grading Policy:
A = 90 – 100
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 – 79
Failing = Below 70

*Formative Assessments include, but are not limited to homework, class work, practice tests, essay drafts, and sections of projects,
research papers, and presentations.

*Summative Assessments include unit tests, final projects, final essays, final research papers, and presentations.

Exam Exemption: a student may exempt the final exam at the end of the year if he or she has a 90 average or above in the class.
This does not include the mandatory EOCT test.

English Department Late Work Policy:
Per SFHS English Department policy, fifteen percent (15%) of an assignment’s score will be deducted for up to three school days
following the missed due date; “school days” refers to days of the week when school is in session, not only days when a class
meets. After three days, the assignment will earn no credit. The formative assignment grade will be determined by quality of the
work less deducted points or percentage. No formative assignments will be accepted after the summative assessment connected to
the previous formative assignment(s) is administered.

The English Department follows SFHS make-up policies as outlined in the SFHS student handbook. Summative-level projects,
research papers, and essays that are not submitted by the designated date will have 30 points (or 30 percent) deducted if the
assignment is submitted one day late. The assignment will not be accepted if submitted later than one day after the established
deadline. One-day late assignments can receive a maximum score of 70%.

Technological difficulties are not considered a legitimate excuse for late work. Computers are available for student use
weekdays 7:30am to 4:00pm in the media center. Students are also welcome to send work through email or ANGEL if they are
experiencing printer problems. Files must be submitted in a format accessible by SFHS software. Students will not be given
exceptions for corrupted files or
files incapable of being printed by SFHS equipment.

All work submitted by students must be reflection of each student’s individual thoughts, opinions, and collective effort. Cheating
and/or plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated in any form. Plagiarism includes but is not restricted to copying class work or
homework; looking at another student’s paper; using signs/sign language/signals to communicate answers; using notes of any kind on
a test or quiz; using electronic devices during class and excessive editing by someone other than the student. Students will be given
a zero for the assignment cheated upon; parents will be notified; ISS or other punishment will be given. Refer to the SFHS Student
Handbook for further details.

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