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CAMBRIDGE badminton club


									                                                                                              PLEASE PRINT - Detach and complete ONE FORM PER MEMBER and return with your fee to the following ad-

              CAMBRIDGE badminton club                                                        dress:
                                                                                                          CAMBRIDGE BADMINTON CLUB
                                                                                                          PINEBUSH POSTAL OUTLET
               2010/11 SEASON REGISTRATION FORM - SENIOR CLUB                                             P.O. BOX 24010
                                                                  CAMBRIDGE, ON N1R 8E6

Welcome to the Cambridge Badminton Club! Our club has two divisions: a Senior (adults)        NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________
club, and a Junior players club. This form is for the Senior club players.                    ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________

OPEN BADMINTON                                                                                CITY _________________________________ PC _________________PHONE __________________________
The Senior club evenings are Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00-10:00 PM at St. Bene-           E-MAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________________
dict’s high school, in Cambridge. Most nights are Open Badminton, which means you will
play in a social environment in a variety of mixed games. We also run special events and      IN CASE OF EMERGENCY - NAME/PHONE (optional)
tournaments throughout the year for regular club members. The fees include a year-end
banquet ticket. Guests are welcome to come try the club on open club nights for $5 and a
maximum of 5 visits.                                                                          Senior Membership *                                                   $__________             ($130)
                                                                                              Student Membership *                                                  $__________             ($80)
A limited number of Student memberships are available to students ages 16-18. These
                                                                                                       *(includes Open Badminton and Year-End Banquet ticket)
are privileged memberships with some restrictions, and must be sponsored by a Senior
club member. A student membership rate is $80.                                                House League Regular (Before Oct 1, 2010)                             $__________             (add $10)
                                                                                              House League Spare                                                                            (free)
Family rates are available for immediate family in the same household. The first two          Total                                                                 $__________             □ Cash      □ Cheque
memberships at a higher price will pay the regular fee, then 25% reduction in rate for
each subsequent member.
                                                                                              CPR/DEFIB - Are you certified and willing to assist a fellow member if needed?          Yes ____          No ____

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Club, please call Kristopher Webb
                                                                                              I hereby agree that neither the Cambridge Badminton Club nor school facilities will be held liable for any per-
(498-9996) or Janice Hacking (658-2060). Visit our web site for additional information.
                                                                                              sonal injury, loss or damage to property while involved in Badminton.

As we are a non-profit organization, there will be no refunds or transfers of member-
ships.                                                                                        SIGNED __________________________________________________________________________________

HOUSE LEAGUE                                                                                  **ADULT SPONSOR (for Student Members) ___________________________________
Our House League is a co-ed, friendly, and competitive league within the club. This is an     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                              HOUSE LEAGUE
optional activity within the club; you may register for Open Badminton without any re-
quirement to play in the House League. The House League starts in October/November,           Would you like to participate as a regular HOUSE LEAGUE player this season?             Yes ____          No ____
runs mostly on Wednesdays (the gym is shared with the Open Badminton courts) and is
                                                                                              Are you interested in being a TEAM CAPTAIN?                                             Yes ____          No ____
only open to regular club members (no guests) for all calibers of play. Players who sign up
will expect to play every second or third week (on average), must be available to play on     If you cannot participate regularly, are you willing to be a SPARE? (no fee)            Yes ____          No ____
predefined scheduled nights from 7:00-10:00 PM, and need to be available to support
your team the entire season.
                                                                                              NAME ______________________________________________________________________
There is an additional fee of $10 for house league. Fees must be paid before you are put
on a team. Numbers may be limited and preference will be given to returning players.          E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________

Privacy Act                                                                                   PHONE _________________________
Information provided will be used solely for the purpose of the Cambridge Badminton Club.
                                                                                              WORK PHONE _________________________

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