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					                                       Vacancy Announcement:
                                   Full-time position of IT Assistant

    The Parliamentary Development Project for Ukraine (PDP-II) is seeking to immediately fill the full-
    time position of IT Assistant for the Kyiv Office. PDP- II works with elected members and staff of
    the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the President’s
    Administration, the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and individual ministries, research and
    educational institutions, and civil society organizations. PDP II provides consultations, produces publications,
    conducts seminars, workshops, and training sessions for improved law-making, greater transparency, more
    effective public participation in the legislative processes and for improved legislative policy development.
    PDP-II is a USAID project implemented in Ukraine by the John Glenn School of Public Affairs of the Ohio
    State University under contract with Indiana University. The project has been operating in Ukraine since 1994
    and the current phase is planned to operate through July 2013.


    The PDP-II IT Assistant will be responsible for providing support to the PDP-II staff for all IT and technical
    office equipment use and maintenance issues. This includes providing support to PDP II specialists, trainers
    and consultants working in Kyiv and Crimea as well as for field trainings and events. The IT Assistant will be
    responsible for providing IT support as needed to ensure effective and efficient work of PDP II Offices and
    may also be called upon to assist in support of IT efforts for partners and counterparts.

    Responsibilities include:

    Work under the direct supervision of the PDP II ITC Manager to provide support to ensure successful
    operation of all IT and technical office equipment ;

   Assist the PDP II ITC Manager to

            o    Backup (reserve copies) of working files on each computer.
            o    Conduct maintenance, servicing and repair of office equipment.
            o    Update programs on computers and network
            o    Check each computer for viruses.
            o    Clean computers and other equipment.
            o    Defrag and checking for errors each computer.

                o Train staff on new IT tools;

    Work with the PDP II ITC Manager and PDP II Events and Training Manager to ensure that appropriate
    resources are in place for all training and other public events;

   Assist the staff

                o in operation of IT equipment during public events and training;
            o    to compile tables and graphs, and format documents.

                o to appropriately maintain e-files, scan, fax, copy – etc.

                o to maintain databases of library of all PDP-II training materials, translations, and other

   Participate in all work plan development, performance monitoring and project reporting activities.

   Other duties as assigned.


    At minimum the successful candidate will have:

       Excellent computer skills and Internet research abilities

       Some experience working in an office environment

       Demonstrated ability to work on multiple tasks and to take initiative

       Demonstrated ability to work in a team setting

       A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

       Strong knowledge of English is preferred

    Candidates should fill in the application form here.

    Applications received before 5pm July 20, 2011 will receive priority consideration.