Insurance and Collision Procedures Quiz by niusheng11


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                          Insurance and Collision Procedures
Ture or False
 1. Medical payments insurance covers injury expenses for occupants in an insured vehicle
    regardless of who was at fault.

 2. Liability insurance covers the damage you cause to other vehicles, people, or property.

 3. If you are involved in a car accident and it was your fault, your collision insurance would

 4. If it was your fault in a crash and there were injuries in the other car, your own insurance
    company always pays for others.

 5. Collision insurance pays the cost of repairing the owner’s car when the other driver is at
    fault in the collision.

 6. Your premium rate is mostly based on your driving record, age, and type of vehicle.

 7. Selecting a higher deductible will usually result in a higher premium.

 8. It’s always a good idea to call the police at the scene of a collision.

 9. When you know it’s your fault, go ahead and admit it as you exchange information.

 10. If the police are at the scene, they will take care of filing all the paper work involved.

 11. Insist on seeing their proof of insurance that they are required to carry in their vehicle.

 12.Married people, country dwellers and females will generally pay less than males, city
    people, and singles.

 13. Owning an economy car with an anti-lock braking system is one way of reducing your

 14.What part of your insurance pays for a tree falling on your car during a storm?
 15.After about 7 years of car ownership, most people will _________________ the
    Comprehensive insurance on the car.

 16.In some states, with this type of insurance, the driver’s insurance policy only covers their
    own damages or injuries: ___________________________

 17. This pays for injuries in the event of a hit and run collision or if those who hit you have no
    insurance: _______________________

 18. The amount you usually pay to an insurance company every six months is called a:

 19. The amount to agree ahead of time to pay toward the repair of the vehicle: ___________

 20. The first thing you should do if involved in an accident is to: _________________

 21. In a collision, you should aid the injured only if you are : _____________________

 22. If you feel the slightest discomfort after the collision, its important that you seek


 23.If your school books are stolen from your car, your ______________________ insurance
    will cover the cost for any amount above the deductible.

24. What are the consequences if you do not have enough “coverage” for your insurance limits?

25. Explain what a “Deductible” is as it relates to car insurance.

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