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									                           The City Beautiful

                     GARBAGE, TRASH and
                     RECYCLABLE PICK-UP

                     City of Coral Gables        First Class
                     P.O. Box 141549               Presort
                                                U.S. Postage
                     Coral Gables, Florida          PAID
                     33114-1549                  Miami, FL
The City Beautiful
               The City Beautiful
GARBAGE                                                                      Please do not include plastic wrap, plastic bags, nozzles, rubber or
                                                                             styrofoam items.
Residents receive two pick-ups of garbage per week. Up to two 30             Aluminium: Rinsed out soft drink and beverage cans.
gallons of garbage must be placed in an accessible area above                Metal Cans: most clean metal cans such as vegetables, juices, pet
ground, to the rear of each residence. Garbage includes materials            food, etc... Unsuitable items will be left in your container, all
such as food scraps and household materials including grocery                materials will be picked up once a week, usually on the same day
bags, magazines and food packaging materials that are unsuitable             scheduled for trash. See map.
for recycling. To be assured of a pick-up, residents are asked to
place these items in their garbage cans no later than the evening            TRASH/YARD WASTE
before their regularly scheduled pick-up day. Please insure that
any sharp objects such as broken glass and needles are made safe             Residents receive one pick-up of up to I cubic yard of combined
for handling. Do not place containers out past the front wall of             trash and yard waste per week. Larger piles are subject to an
your home as the City provides backyard collection service as a              excess waste fee. Trash including materials such as cardboard, any
means of keeping unsightly cans out of the public view.                      metal (swings, bicycles, small appliances) rubber, tires, plastic and
                                                                             small furniture items must be placed on the parkway abutting each
RECYCLING                                                                    residence no earlier than 6 p.m. the evening before the scheduled
                                                                             pick-up. Trash items such as stacks of books or magazines, should
Residents are issued a 14 gallon red container in which all recy-            be boxed or tied. See map for regular pick-up days. Please do not
clable items are to be stored. To be assured of a pick-up, residents         place trash or yard waste against the trunks or on top of the root
are asked to put out materials for recycling on the evening before           systems of parkways trees. The City does not pick-up soil, rock,
the regularly scheduled pick-up. Recycling containers should be              concrete blocks, roofing material or other construction debris.
left in an area easily accessible and near the garbage cans. Do not          Yard Waste such as palm fronds, leaves, hedge trimmings and tree
place the recycling bins out near the street as City workers provide         branches that are generated by landscape maintenance activities
rear yard collection service as a means of keeping these unsightly           may be placed on the parkway at any time during the week.
containers out of the public view.
                                                                             SPECIAL       PICK-UP       CHARGES,         EXCESS        WASTE
THE MATERIALS BEING COLLECTED                                                FEES,
                                                                             The following items require a special charge or excess waste
Phone Books: Picked up from your trash pile on regular trash pick-up         removal fee:
day.                                                                         Large trash piles-with more than I cubic yard. Large appli-
Aerosol Cans: Empty aerosol cans are now included as a recyclable            ances-Washers, dryers, refrigerators, water heaters. Furniture and
material.                                                                    heavy or large bulky objects.
Pager: Newspaper only. No book, magazines or grocery bags .
Advertising inserts are acceptable. Glass: Rinsed out bottles and jars;      Call 305-4 6 0-5346 for special pick-ups, missed pick-u p s
all kinds and colors. Discard all lids.                                      o r Information regarding waste collection or t e l e p h o n e
Plastic: Rinsed out soft drink bottles, milk, juice and water jugs, deter-   book re c y c l i n g .
gent and bleach bottles with a I or 2 recycling symbol on the bottom.

             COMPLIANCE             WILL        BENEFIT          THE

             The City’s Code Enforcement Division strictly
             enforces the City's ordinances in order to preserve the
             safety and beauty of its neighborhoods The following
             actions will result in Civil Citations and fines
             Depositing trash earlier than 6 p.m. on the evening
             before your scheduled pick-up will result in a Civil
             Citation and a fine ranging from $75 to $250.
             If the trash includes hazardous materials, including
             household chemicals, paints or other poisons, thecita-
             tion will carry the maximum fine Hazardous materials
             must never be included with the regular tras h and

             Residents may only place trash on the swale immedi-
             atly abutting their property. Dumping trash anywhere
             else is a violation and carries a fine up to S250

             Property owners will be held responsible for trash
             abutting their property even if it is there as a result of
             illegal dumping If you observe a vehicle illegally
             dumping debris take down its tag number Call the
             Police Department at        305-44-1600 and Code
             Enforcement Division at 305-460-5226


             Residents can help avoid contamination by reducing
             was I e a n d knowing how to dispose of household
             hazardous mdterials. Here are some suggestions

             Sweep don't wash, any fertilizers, or soil off driveways
             and walkways Also avoid overuse of fertilizer, and
             never apply before rain To dispose of small quantities
             of latex or water based paints stuff the can loosely
             with newspaper, let dry reseal and discard in the trash.
             Oil-based and lead paints pesticides and households
             chemicals, including drain ind oven cleaners, window
             cleaners, (or any other toxic material can be taken to
             the Metro-Dade        Department of Solid Wa s t e
             Management Collection in your area after calling ,and
             Making an appointment at 305-597-1708

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