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					                                                chapter 1

                               “I Perceive”
                     “I am an old man and have known a great many
                         troubles, but most of them never happened.”
                                                          —Mark Twain

   was lying flat on my back in the grassy outfield, trying to come
   around. I had drifted back from my third-base position for the
   Little League team White Sox into shallow left field to catch a fly
ball. I had missed the ball with my glove and instead caught it with
my forehead.
    I remember hearing, “Son, you’ve got to keep your eye on the
    Little comfort when your head is killing you and your ego is
dead with embarrassment.
    Around that time, I walked into my fourth-grade classroom, sat
down at my desk, and pulled out my notebook paper and pencil
just as Mrs. Wheeler ordered. It was time for math, and having
announced that, she flipped on the overhead projector. More math
problems, but for some reason, I couldn’t make them out. Assuming

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section one / “I PERCEIVE the POSITIVE at Work”

  that this then-new technology wasn’t functioning correctly, I asked
  Mrs. Wheeler, “Would you please focus the problems on the
  screen? I can’t see them.”
       “Well, you’re sitting right under them. I don’t know why you
  can’t,” she said. “Stop trying to get attention and just do your work,
       Yet another blow to my already crucified ego.
       Now fast-forward 30-something years. I’m sitting in my favorite
  recliner, trying to read a book and not doing so well.
       “There’s not enough light in this room,” I told my wife. “And
  have you noticed how small they’re making the print these days?
  Must be a cost-cutting move to save paper.”
       I played yo-yo with the book trying to get it the right distance
  for me to read, discovered I couldn’t, and said, “My arms must have
  shrunk from all those hot showers during my teenaged years.”
       The last vestiges of my ego snuck away in middle age.
       I caught two more fly balls with my forehead before they
  figured it out. I can still remember the first fly ball I squeezed into
  my glove, breathing a sigh of relief after they figured it out.
       I saw my grades go from A’s to C’s before they figured it out. I
  can still feel that sense of justified explanation when I walked into
  Mrs. Wheeler’s classroom after they figured it out.
       I noticed that I was reading a lot less before I figured it out. I can
  recall today that sense of magical wonder when I could read again
  with no difficulty.
       What did we figure out? My perception was off. I needed
  glasses in fourth grade. Later, I needed bifocals.
       What about your mental perception of how your business is
  going? How do you know when that is blurry?
       Discovering how you perceive your company is the first step to
  enjoying a work positive lifestyle in a negative world. Sometimes it
  can take a while to figure it out, can’t it? Sometimes we don’t want
  to figure it out.

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                                                               chapter 1 / “I Perceive”

    Living in a negative world, our first reaction is to blame our
economic problems on this negative world, much like I experienced
with my vision.
    “Son, keep your eye on the ball.”
    “Stop trying to get attention and just do your work, Joey.”
    “There’s not enough light in this room.”
    It’s so easy to just stop right there and not figure it out; blame an
economic downturn on the negative world, and settle for less than
our businesses can be.
    Instead, let’s figure it out.

   Ponder Your Work Positive Life for a Moment . . .
   . . . and remember one work experience you had when
   you realized that your perception wasn’t what you thought
   it was. What was that like for you? What did you learn about how
   you do business?

     Knowing how to perceive the positive in this negative world
is the first step to actually enjoying the benefits of a work positive
lifestyle expressed through your company. Perception is the
mental dynamic of a positive life in your business. You choose
the thoughts you focus on as they relate to your business, be they
positive or negative. Let’s look at how we perceive our businesses,
the obstacles to perceiving them positively, and then how we can
perceive a positive business life and be successful.

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