The Computer by liwenting


  By Mitchell 2ES
Who invented the computer and
The modern age computer.
What is the computer used for?
Data Storage.
Interesting Facts.
The Computer and Me.
Who invented the computer
    and when (the early years)?
 1837: Charles Babbage invented the first
 stored program mechanical computer.

 1939: John V. Atanasoff and Clifford
 Berry invented the Atanasoff-Berry
 computer which was considered as the first
 electronic digital computer.

 1943: The E.N.I.A.C. (Electronic Numerical
 Integrator And Computer) made in the USA
 is the first functionally useful electronic
 general –purpose computer.
The modern age computer
1960:the computer as we know
it today was invented by John
What is the computer used
Storing data, emailing,
listening to and
downloading music,
skyping, watching
videos, checking the
news and weather,
buying and selling,
schooling, viewing
photos, making
websites, running
machinery, surfing the
net, drawing and
 adjusting photos,
making movies, playing
games, writing stories.
      Data Storage
1950s:hard disc drive
1970s:floppy disks
1990s:rewritable CDs
2000s: DVDs
2000s :USB sticks
    Interesting Facts
1945:The first electronic computer
(E.N.I.A.C.) used so much power, that all
the lights in the nearby town dimmed every
time it was switched on. It weighed in at
about 30 tonnes. Compared to:
2008: Mac book Air is an ultra thin laptop
that fits in a bag and weighs just 1.4kg.
The first computer BUG was actually a
moth that got trapped inside a computer in
1945. Perhaps it was looking for a BYTE!
     The computer and me
I find the computer very useful for :

  Looking at the weather.
  Catching up on television shows I have missed.
  Researching on GOOGLE.
  Looking at ‘Games Spot’ for games to download for
  my Nintendo D.S. and Wii.
  Listening to songs on iTunes.
  Watching videos on YouTube.
  Doing projects.
  Playing games.
 Book: Ask Me Anything
Written by Kim Bryan, Lisa Burke, Dougal
 Dixon, Susan Kennedy, Jim Pipe, Carole
 Stott, Richard Walter, Claire Watts.
 Published in Great Britain 2009 by Dorling
 Kindersley Ltd

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