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Retrospect Restoration
                            January 15 - March 26, 2011
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                                                 ANNUAL EXHIBITION FUND SPONSORS
           Cowles Charitable Trust          Dorothy Chao Jenkins          Mark & Lynn Hollis          Ron & Becky Johnson
            The Reitzel Foundation   The Hazelle Paxson Morrison Foundation   BCI Engineers & Scientists   Summitt Consulting, Inc.

800 East Palmetto Street               Lakeland                   T 863.688.7743                 
Located on Lake Morton behind Lakeland Public Library. Hours: Tue. - Sat. 10AM - 5PM; Sun. 1-5PM; Closed Mon.
                                           Contents                                                                     Volume 13 Number 1
                                                                                                                          WINTER 2010

Cultural Arts Council
Member Organizations:
                                            Arts In Education ............................................. Pages 4-5
                                            Bach Festival of Central Florida ............................. Page 38                           Inside...
                                            Bartow Art Guild .................................................Page 8
Arts on the Park                            Bartow Performing Arts ....................................... Page 16
The Bach Festival of Central Florida        Bok Tower Gardens ............................................ Page 17
Bartow Art Guild                            Calendar of Events ........................................ Pages 18-22
                                            Citrus Lakes Chorus ..............................................Page 6
Bok Tower Gardens
                                            Cultural Arts Council Directory & Map ...................... Page 15
Citrus Lakes Chorus                         Explorations V Children’s Museum.......................... Page 30
Davenport School of the Arts                Florida Dance Theatre ........................................ Page 11
Explorations V Children’s Museum            Florida Southern College...................................... Page 12
                                            Frostproof Art League ...........................................Page 9
The Florida Air Museum at Sun ’n Fun        Haines City Community Theatre ............................. Page 33
Florida Dance Theatre                       Imperial Symphony Orchestra ........................... Pages 24-25
                                                                                                                                             Page 10
Florida Southern College                    Lakeland Community Theatre ................................ Page 26
                                            Lake Wales Arts Center ....................................... Page 32
Frostproof Artist’s League & Gallery        Lake Wales Little Theatre .................................... Page 41
Haines City Community Theatre, Inc.         Platform Art .................................................... Page 10
Historical Lake Wales Society               Polk Arts Alliance............................................... Page 14
                                            Polk County Historical Museum .............................. Page 28
Historical Society of Fort Meade
                                            Polk County Tax Collector - Kids Tag Art .................... Page 31
Imperial Symphony Orchestra                 Polk Museum of Art ............................................ Page 29
Lakeland Art Guild                          Polk State College ............................................. Page 13
Lakeland Choral Society                     Ramon Theater ................................................. Page 43
                                            Ridge Art Association .......................................... Page 23
Lakeland Community Theatre                  Southeastern University....................................... Page 36                           Page 12
Lake Wales Arts Center                      The Lakeland Center .......................................... Page 39
Lake Wales Little Theatre                   Theatre Winter Haven...........................................Page 7
                                            Tuesday Music Club ............................................ Page 40
Lois Cowles Harrison Center                 Warner Southern College ..................................... Page 41
  For The Visual & Performing Arts
Platform ART
Polk County Historical Museum
Polk Museum of Art
Polk State College                                              A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
Polk Theatre                               Editor:              Meri Mass
Ridge Art Association                                           Executive Director, Polk Arts Alliance
Ridge Music Teachers Association                                                                                                             Page 13
Ridge Woodcarvers Club
Rochelle School of the Arts
Southeastern University
Symphony Guild of Winter Haven
Theatre Winter Haven
The Lakeland Center
The Tuesday Music Club
Warner Southern College
For information on the Cultural Arts
Council please email Jennifer Beam at                                                                                                        Page 39
Bok Tower Gardens, Polk Arts Council
Chair -

Front Cover:       Scene from
The Nutcracker by Florida Dance
Theatre. See Page 11.
                                                      Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of
Back Cover:                                           Cultural Affairs, the Florida Arts Council, The Central Florida Visitors Bureau
Top Left: Humberto Calzada Exhibit, Polk              and the National Endowment for the Arts
Museum of Art.
Top Right: Florida Dance Theatre.                                                                                                            Page 40
Bottom Center: Scene from Spamalot,
Lakeland Center.
                                                       Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
                                   from the desk of the
                                       As the Polk Arts Alliance enters its 2010-2011 new fiscal year, I’m excited to
Board of Directors                 begin our Cultural Arts season as president of the Polk Arts Alliance. We look
                                   forward to a season of great events, foremost are: the Cultural Arts Recognition
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                Program (CARP) celebration on December 14th, the 5th Annual Race for the Arts
                                                                                                                                    Mike LaPan
                                   on March 5th, and working on creating a month long Cultural Arts Celebration in
           MIKE LaPAN              Polk County starting in October 2011 in conjunction with National Arts month, just
                                   to name a few. There are so many wonderful events throughout Polk County, we are so fortunate to
      MARTHA ROE BURKE             have such a rich and valuable cultural arts community and I’m looking forward to helping promote
           Vice President          and expand Polk County as the Cultural Arts Destination.
        MANDY SANDERS                  I have many ideas to share and focus on over the next year starting with showcasing the
            Co-Treasurer           evolution of the Polk Arts Alliance that started as a vision, and has expanded in just few short years.
        SUZETT WELLING             I pledge to work towards bringing to reality an organization that serves not only the Arts but serves
            Co-Treasurer           as a beacon for all of the Cultural Arts organizations within Polk County for all artists, arts educators
                                   and arts groups.
             Secretary                 We expect to provide a unified voice towards celebrating the cultural arts and the important role
                                   it plays in economic development, community sustainability and education as well as leisure and
         JENNIFER BEAM             entertainment. The responsibility to preserve and grow the cultural arts community is the
     Cultural Art Council Chair
                                   responsibility of the citizens who understand the importance the arts brings to every community and
      CINDY HARTLEY ROSS           on all levels by getting the attention and recognition of our politicians and business community. On
           Past President          the State level the Florida cultural arts appropriations has fallen from #2 to 49th in the country in
                                   just a few short years! This is a very dangerous and egregious position and it is up to us to create a
          DIRECTORS                unified voice and support the arts and funding for all of us.
        ROBERT CLANCEY                 In these difficult economic times we need to support and remain cognoscente of the importance
            DAN CLARK              the Cultural Arts play in providing the quality of life we have come to enjoy and expect in Polk
          KARL HESSER              County.
       LISA KAISER HICKEY              I would also like to take this opportunity to thank immediate past president, Cindy Ross, whose
           LEN JORDAN              dedication and passion guided the Alliance through some rough times, stayed focused on the
        CINDY RODRIGUEZ            mission and kept us on course, as well as taking on the arduous task of editing and improving
                                   Art-i-facts Magazine every issue and doing a great job!
          EX OFFICIO
          BOB ENGLISH              Mike LaPan
        County Commissioner
     School Board of Polk County     FOR                   I N F O R M AT I O N                                                  ON
            MERI MASS

Art Resource Council
          SUE BENTLEY
       REBECCA BRANDON                            PLEASE CALL
         DR. ANNE KERR
            BRIAN KIER                                 OR EMAIL
           DOUG SMALL
            EDIE YATES                                           740 E. Main St. • Suite 1 • Haines City


                                                          Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
           2010-2011 SEASON

Nurturing the Arts                                                              Holiday Concert
                                                                                        The Symphony Guild continues its holiday
    The Symphony Guild of Winter Haven,
    a non-profit organization, proudly enters its                                       tradition of offering the spectacular
    twentieth season of “nurturing the musi-                                            “Holiday Concert!” The joy of the sea-
    cal arts.”                                                                          son will be upon us all as a program
    It is our mission to bring the symphonic                                            of classics and favorites will be offered.
    experience to as many citizens in our com-                                          Featuring the Imperial Symphony
    munity through a series of concerts and                                             Orchestra, the holiday concert is sched-
    activities during our performance
                                                                                        uled for Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:00
    season.The Symphony Guild has established
    student scholarship programs at Polk State                                          pm at the Polk State College Fine Arts
    College, enabling qualifying students the                                           Theatre,Winter Haven Campus.Tickets
    opportunity to continue their educational                                           $15.00.Valet parking wil be provided.
    pursuits. Our cultural tradition continues

          ine                 Roses                             Champagne                                 Shamrocks
    through the 2010-2011 season.

    To swing into our new season, the                                                   We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with
    Over-55-Dance-Band will be presented                                                “Champagne & Shamrocks ” on Friday,
    in concert on Theatre Winter Haven’s                                                March 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm, with the
    stage, on Tuesday, October 5, 2010.While                                            Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.Winter
    you tap your feet in your seat or dare to                                           Haven will really be dressed in green as we
    dance in the aisle, you will be entertained                                         present our 17th annual fund raiser con-
    galore listening to the big band dance                                              cert. With free champagne at your table,
    favorites of the 30s, 40s and 50s! This                                             elegant hors d’oeuvres and delectable
                                                                                        desserts will be served to perfection! This
    evening will begin at 6:30 pm with a mem-
                                                                                        event will be held at Nora Mayo Hall. Main
    ber social and wine tasting in the Ridge Art                                        Street Winter Haven will co-produce this
    Association’s gallery, followed                                                     event.Tickets $100.00.

                                                                      Young People’s Concert
    by the concert at 7:30 pm. Guild members                                            Valet parking wil be provided.
    will receive complimentary tickets based
    on the level of membership renewal. Non-
    member tickets are $15 per person.

                                                                                        Concluding our season will be the “Young
                                                                                        People’s Concert” Sunday, May 1, 2011,
                                                                                        featuring the Harrison Arts Center
                                                                                        Symphony Orchestra presented as a free
                                                                                        community event to the public.We not
                                                                                        only salute the Harrison Center’s orches-
                                                                                        tra in performance, but also support the
                                                                                        educational opportunity it affords our
                                                                                        youth as a county-wide performing arts
                                                                                        high school. Concert time will be 3:00 pm
                                                                                        at Polk State College Fine Arts Theatre,
                                                                                        Winter Haven campus.

                                Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
    What’s New in the Arts!
    The Ramon Theater Lives on as                                               ome
                                                                            Welc ember!
    the Heart of Downtown Frostproof                                       New
        The entire town lined up outside The Ramon Theater shortly after its creation in 1925 and continued
    to support it until the 1960’s. Now, thanks to the Frostproof Chamber of Commerce, the theater once
    again serves as the heart of downtown in 2010. The Chamber purchased the antiquated theater and
    restored it with three matching fund grants awarded by the state and an additional grant from the Polk County Commissioners.
    The theater is equipped to show movies, though it mostly functions as a place of celebration and play. From weddings,
    concerts, mystery dinner shows, and galas, The Ramon Theater hosts a variety of events sure to entertain.
        Two of the most successful programs include the Theater’s murder mystery dinner shows and its live music series. The quarterly
    dinner shows feature a new theme every time. Mayor Kay Hutzelman has said that the actors get so into character that she felt
    moved to start a collection of costumes for use in other upcoming events. Audience members should prepare to be stumped; the
    colorful actors have been known to fool even professional detectives. Shows include an appetizer, dinner, dessert, and beverage.
        According to Chamber director Eddie Hutzelman, the music series is every bit as theatrical as the mystery dinners, with musicians
    such as Dwight Icenhower performing as Elvis Presley and Elton John in the same night on January 29th, 2011, and MoonDancer
    bringing a rhythmic mixture of jazz, swing, and blues to Frostproof on the evening of February 12th, 2011. Additionally, on March
    12, 2011 the Ramon Theater welcomes back The Repeatles, a 50’s and 60’s cover band that played a nearly sold out show last year.
    All concerts cost $20 at the door, but if you purchase ahead of time the tickets cost only $15. The Ramon Theater also offers a full
    music series ticket for $75. For a complete listing of the seven musical programs for this coming season, call the Ramon Theater at
    1-863-635-7222 or the Frostproof Chamber of Commerce at 1-863-635-9112.
        The theater brings to Frostproof a center for the creative arts. Yet, all residents of Polk County
    would enjoy a visit to The Ramon. The historic spirit of the vaudeville stage lingers on and leaves
    an impression upon any visitor, making the theater much more than an old building that houses
    local music and performances. The Frostproof Chamber, to the benefit of Polk County, has
    preserved an important vestige of theater history.

    Rediscover Arts on the Park
        One of the oldest buildings in downtown Lakeland now offers one of the freshest perspectives to the
    community. Christine Boring, executive director of Arts on the Park, is overseeing the clean up and repairs
    of the 98-year-old building. The gallery, once a shoe store, has several rooms tucked away beyond the famous spiral
    staircase in the center of the main floor. The rooms upstairs provide a Members Gallery and the Sunlight Gallery which may also be
    used for classes or special events. In 2011, several classes will be held in both the upstairs and downstairs galleries. Additionally,
    Christine will expand the gallery’s hours. Arts on the Park is currently open from 11:00 to 4:00 Tuesday through Saturday. Chris-
    tine wants to stay open into the evening and offer live music to the dinner crowds on weekends. The Artist’s Showcase, which runs
    through the end of December, will feature many evenings with extended hours.
        Christine’s fresh perspective for the gallery also largely benefits the contributing artists in the Lakeland and Polk communi-
    ties. Artists may participate in juried monthly art shows. Arts on the Park is the only gallery in Lakeland offering juried monthly art
    shows. Christine feels that the juried shows are “a great way for emerging artists to get their feet wet in the art world.” They also
    allow established artists to stay connected to the local art community. The shows help artists build more than just resumes. They
    also gain confidence and a chance to earn a cash prize awarded during Lakeland’s First Friday events. The next juried show takes
    place in February, because in January, the winners of the 2010 fine arts show will exhibit their work for the month. All artists 18 and
    up are encouraged to participate. Those younger than 18 may participate in the gallery’s yearly high school show.
        Christine explains that many notable artists who started their careers at Arts on the Park went on to win awards at other shows.
    Some artists have even hosted their own shows, including Carol Frye, Gregory Jones, Tara Milliken, and Tom Mack, to name a few.
    Whether they are now involved with other galleries, teaching, or running a guild, all of these artists share a common experience of
    personal growth through their connection with Arts on the Park.
        The year 2011 looks promising for Arts on the Park. With repairs underway, the promise of extended hours and juried art shows,
    the community anticipates a new look at their favorite old gallery. In the meantime, Christine and the Board of Directors look for-
    ward to striving toward “something we have not done before.”

    Polk County
    Hall of Fame
                  Daniel E. Stetson Installed as
                  President of Florida Association of Museums
                     Daniel E. Stetson, the Executive Director of Polk Museum of Art, was installed as the President of the Florida As-
                  sociation of Museums (FAM) during their annual conference in September. Not only is Stetson the first Polk County arts
                  representative to be the President of FAM, he is also the first art museum director to be appointed to that position,
                  which is a two-year term.
                     FAM is a not-for-profit professional organization for Florida’s museums and museum professionals. The mission of
                  the Association is to represent and address the needs of the museum community, enhancing the ability of museums to
                  serve the public interest. The Association encourages excellence in its members by promoting communication through
                  which its members share information and resources, effect legislation and promote support of museums.

                                                           Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                                                                                  Arts In Education
Arts In Education
Ilene Fins Brings Theatre to
Polk State College’s Lakeland Campus
   Polk State College welcomes Ilene Fins as a new adjunct theatre professor to its
Lakeland Campus. Fins will utilize her eclectic background in professional directing,
teaching, and stage combat to expand Polk State College’s theatre program. Currently,
Fins is the dean of theater as well as an acting instructor at Harrison School for the Arts.
Her work with Polk State College begins with the class Acting 1 Fundamentals, the first theatre class at the
college’s Lakeland campus. Fins spends her summers teaching in Seattle at the Seattle Children’s Theatre.
Her experience inspires students; she encourages those without an acting background to take her classes to
explore the subject. Polk State College hopes to eventually stage plays in Lakeland in
addition to Winter Haven.
Editorial by Lauren Anderson

Davenport School of the Arts Named
Music Demonstration School for 2010-2013 Term
   The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has named Davenport School of the Arts (DSOTA) a Music
Demonstration School from 2010 to 2013. Only six other schools in Florida share the title. DSOTA earned
the same honor on two previous occasions, from 2003-2006 and again from 2007-2010.
   Winners must prove themselves technically and philosophically; the schools must possess strong
performance records along with comprehensive music education programs. For the next three years,
DSOTA will open its campus to host various teachers and school board officials. To fulfill the title, the
school will work with the observers to discuss ideas on how to improve music education.

Florida Dance Theatre’s Season of Giving
    Carol Erkes, Artistic & Founding Director of Florida Dance Theatre, along with Associate Director/Resident
Choreographer Freddie De Jesus and a company of professional dancers from around the world, have been
enriching Polk County for the past seventeen years. The company will continue to perform for the community
to welcome in 2011, most notably The Nutcracker. Perhaps even more importantly, the dancers will continue
to teach and inspire children through their instruction in classes at the Academy and their participation in
various outreach and educational programs.
    The Dance Extensions program, a summer camp and scholarship training program funded by the George
W. Jenkins Fund from within the Community Foundation of Greater Lakeland, provides children with
opportunities to build self-confidence, discipline, and develop interpersonal relationships with other
children. In 2010 alone, 33 students were awarded scholarships for two classes a week at Florida Dance
Theatre for an entire season. The scholarships cover all expenses, from leotards to tights to shoes. For the
11th consecutive season, Publix Super Markets Charities has funded scholarships for children ages 6 through
18. Carol wants all children, regardless of economic background or level of experience to “be allowed that
joy that comes from your heart, your soul,” that is, the joy that comes with dancing.
    Yet, Florida Dance Theatre’s giving spirit and glamorous dancers deflect attention from a company that
survives mostly on the enduring passion of artists, all of whom must take supplementary jobs because of
minimal salaries. Even Freddie De Jesus must divide his time as a choreographer and assistant director. Carol
has said that “the company wouldn’t exist without his choreographic vision and artistry.” Carol also admitted
that although she has volunteers, she is the only person in the office and sometimes ends up working fourteen
hour days. With a laugh Carol explained that “when I leave here, I don’t go sit by the pool and eat bonbons,
I’m at the computer looking for grants to write, trying to keep our heads above water.” As for the dancers,
Carol dreams of one day being able to provide them with enough income so that their sole focus may be as
dancers. Until then, performers such as Mai Okubo of Japan continue to make do even though they are far
from home. Carol explained that in addition to attracting dancers from Japan, Florida Dance Theatre’s
reputation has attracted dancers from New York, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, and Canada (last season)
as well. They have all packed up and moved to Polk County to be a part of the professional dance company.
                                                        Now, the community may give back to one of the
                                                    organizations that offer so much to its children and residents.
                                                    Support Carol, Freddie, and the dancers as they perform
                                                    “The Nutcracker” at the Polk Theatre in Lakeland on
                                                    December 11th and 12th and in Bartow on December 18th,
                                                    as well as “Dancin’with the Big Band” on February 6th at
                                                    Polk State College.

                                                   Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
    message from the
    Executive Director                                                                         Citrus Lakes Chorus
                                                                                               You are warmly invited to hone your
                                 Tis’ the Season! A very busy and                           singing skills and enjoy some vintage music
                            exciting holiday season is upon us.
                                                                                            Americana at Polk County’s Citrus Lakes
                                                                                            Chorus. We meet Mondays at the big First
                            This is the place to be with so many
                                                                                            Methodist Church, 72 Lake Morton Drive,
                            great events throughout Polk County by                          Lakeland, FL in their state-of-the-art Adult
                            all of our cultural arts council members.                       Choir room.
                            The winter season exemplifies world                                We have just begun to prepare new music
                            class arts, entertainment, educational                          for our big gala spring concert. This means that
                            facilities and programs that surround us,                       seasoned and new members all begin together
                            enriching the quality of life we experience                     at the same starting line. We will be singing in
                            in Polk County.                                                 our fancy outfits at various functions in Polk
        Meri Mass                                                                           County during the year, especially during the
                                  The Polk Arts Alliance began its new                      fall, winter, and spring months.
    fiscal year 2010-2011 in October with a very productive and
                                                                                               We can help you with voice placement if you
                                                                                            have some doubts about what voice you sing.
    motivated strategic planning session facilitated by our new board
                                                                                            We are learning together all the time about
    member, Martha Roe Burke. There is such great enthusiasm                                how to sing better.
    and excitement that comes with a new fiscal year and I am                                  These are a great bunch of guys. You
    grateful for the insight, wisdom and contributions of our board                         will enjoy the camaraderie. Learn more at
    of directors. The 2011 objectives include the determination                    or from
    to develop the image of Polk County as the “Cultural Arts                               the president, Alton Smith, 863 815-9783.
    Destination” (that we are); bring global awareness to all that
    Polk County has to offer in the arts and cultural tourism. We can                         1413 Hammock Shade Drive • Lakeland, FL 33809-2315
    create a cultural arts branding because of the vast, world class                                Phone: 863 815-9783 • Fax: 863 815-9783
    venues that exist right here in our backayrd!

        As the county’s cultural arts agency, PAA will be (and has
    been) working with the other county and state arts agencies to
    bring our state funding back for arts and education to a level
    closer to where it once was and it should be, with all we have
    to offer in Florida. Times are tough but we need to recognize
    the arts for their business and ecomonic impact, cultural
    enrichment, jobs, tourism and community sustainability. We need
    to be recognized and appreciated for what we have to offer in
    our communities that enhance and defines our “Quality of Life.”

         A new year is also a difficult time when board members (and

                                                                                  Lake Wales Arts Center
    friends) roll off the board and go on their way venturing into new
    areas. They will be missed by me. The three I will greatly miss
    (although they are not going far!) is past president for two years,
    Cindy Hartley Ross, who was an inspiration in energy, vision
    and editor of Artifacts and is a great friend. Past President Jane

                                                                                Michael Crews Gallery Open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Patton who had such patience and guidance with all the events
    and obstacles I was faced with and was always there for me with
    direction and help at anytime. And Nancy Hoyt, who I consider an
    advisor and friend, possessing such wisdom and knowledge of                               Local and National Fine Arts Exhibitions
    the cultural arts in Polk County. Nancy is one of several key                           Updike Hall Live Concert Performance Series
    figures in the creation of the PAA and it would not exist if it were                   Lake Wales Chorale - Lake Wales Youth Chorale
    not for Nancy. I only hope I can move forward with the same
                                                                                          Summer ArtsCamp - Adult Art Classes - Lectures
    grace and wisdom these three women have so patiently
                                                                                                   Rental Space for Special Events
    administered in everything they do. The Polk Arts Alliance exists
    because of their vision and determination. We all Thank-YOU!

    Meri Mass                                                                       
                                                                                           1099 SR 60 East, Lake Wales, FL • (863) 676-8426

                                                              Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
         Reality Theatre
If you’re already familiar with people of history, do you think you’d more                  Funny Girl - Barbra Streisand took on the role of comedian Fanny Brice and asked that you please not
likely enjoy a play that puts them in it? Does notoriety become a pointer              rain on her parade. It certainly didn’t for Barbra. She won both the Tony and Oscar for Best Actress. And yes,
to literary success? In a musical, does the success of the song guarantee              that’s how she spells it.
the success of the script?                                                                  Sunday in the Park With George - Imagine someone writes a Pulitzer-prize winning musical about
      In the fugitive art form known as “theatre,” where the effect is imme-           the painter, George Seurat. Imagine that someone is Stephen Sondheim.
diate and the memory short-lived, there have been a reservoir of pro-                       A Touch of Rosemary - (Clooney, that is. George would be proud).
ductions centered on historical figures or popular groups. But the victory                  Nine (Federrico Fellini) - Actually loosely based on the movie 81/2 loosely based on the director’s life
of the play is never guaranteed by lives lived or music made. Picking a                that launched a film in which Daniel-Day Lewis sang loosely. That’s based on attendance.
person as your subject may be seem a leap closer to picking a winner as                     Fiorello - LaGuardia. How many New Yorkers had an airport named for them?
a play. Put a known player in the drama and you’re already on first base,
for the writer he may hope, for the audience it may be.                                Other musicals:
                                                                                       American Song - (Woody Guthrie)                                   Ring of Fire - (Johnny Cash)
Reality Theatre, we might call it.                                                     Barnum                                                            The Unsinkable Molly Brown
     Shakespeare included over 100 at-the-time-dead people in his                      George M! - (George M. Cohan)
stories---Caesar, Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, Richard and a boatload of
the Henrys. Did that make a difference to his audience? Musicals have
                                                                                       NO NOTES, JUST NOTABLES
                                                                                            The Diary of Anne Frank - This Pulitzer prize-winning play, based of course, on the diary of a young
been launched around existing and defunct groups or their music.                       Holocaust victim. Her father, Otto Frank, found the diary on the floor of their Amsterdam hiding place,
Do the notes and the notable engender greater appeal? The famous                       scattered among the items pilfered by the Nazis. Anne had the last word here.
and the infamous have become songsters and hucksters onstage.                               The Miracle Worker (Helen Keller) - As inspiring a subject as there ever was. As moving a production
Hum along with history and you have less work to do, right? In the                     as there ever could be.
end, does the production more likely triumph because we may come                            A Man for All Seasons (Sir Thomas Moore) - He lost his head for opposing the king but England
armed with historical presumptions or gleeful tunes in our heads?                      gained a martyr. The actor gained an Oscar.
     Here are some shows that have succeeded. Many of the titles are                        Frost/Nixon - Humpty Dumpty came crashing down. You may only remember the movie with Frank
self explanatory, others require a mordant word or two. Witness a few                  Langella as Nixon, but he first began the role on Broadway. You may have forgotten the President.
of the hits:                                                                                Copenhagen - In 1941 German physicist Werner Heisenberg went to Copenhagen to see his Danish
THE MUSICALS                                                                           counterpart, Niels Bohr. Together they had revolutionized atomic science in the 1920s, but now they were
     Jersey Boys (The Four Seasons) - Oh what a night! You couldn’t                    on opposite sides of a world war.
find a 5th row ticket to this show for a year--unless you were willing to                   Golda’s Balcony - A one woman show about a singular woman, Golda Meir, the prime minister of
pay $300. And it’s still running.                                                      Israel, who could have given the order for another Holocaust and chose peace.
     Forever…Patsy Cline - She may have died in a plane crash in                            The Farnsworth Invention - Two visionaries who raced to invent the television in a script by the
1963 but there are at least two musicals that celebrate her longevity.                 writer who brought us The Social Network, A Few Good Men and West Wing. The man loves a good battle.
This is one of the most performed plays ever about a musical icon.
     Gypsy - (Rose Lee) The saga of the ultimate stage mother. Let her
                                                                                       Other non-musicals
                                                                                       Give ‘em Hell, Harry - (Harry Truman)                        Bully - (Teddy Roosevelt)
entertain you…with three revivals times on Broadway and a made-for-                    Murder in the Cathedral - (Thomas Becket)                    Sunrise at Campobello - (FDR)
TV movie with Bette Midler.                                                            Inherit the Wind - The so-called “Scopes Monkey Trial”       Abe Lincoln in Illinois
     Million Dollar Quartet (Johnny Cash, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee                 with giants Clarence Darrow & Wm Jennings Bryan            The Lark (Joan of Arc)
Lewis) - The only time these four gathered at Sun Records Studio,                      Good Night and Good Luck (Edward R. Murrow)                  The Elephant Man
where they all began, in a rousing tribute still on Broadway. It’s a                   Camping with Henry & Tom (Henry Ford & Thomas Edison)        Tru (Truman Capote)
quartet of testosterone giants.                                                        The Lion in Winter - Henry and Eleanor embrace in battle for Vincent (Van Gogh)
     Rain, Beatlemanianow, etc. Tribute shows to the world’s most                        which son will carry the sun. A play, a movie, a classic.  Amadeus (Wolfgang, that is)
popular group keep coming back-eight days (shows) a week. Rain,                        The World of Carl Sandburg                                   Will Rogers Follies
titled on a Beatles’ song, is also currently on Broadway.                              The Belle of Amherst (Emily Dickinson)
     Assassins - Just when you thought it was safe to see a musical,                   And one of the most recent? The Lady With all the Answers - Her real name was Eppie Lederer. Readers
this show brought to the stage -in song- killers and would-be killers of               knew her as Ann Landers. A one-woman show about a million other Americans with problems before
American presidents. Join Squeaky Fromme, Lee Harvey Oswald and                        Paris Hilton and the Internet.
John Wilkes Booth in Stephen Sondheim’s dance of death. It’s brilliant.
     Buddy! (Buddy Holly) - This show ran for nine years in London. Do
the English really like Peggy Sue more than we do?
                                                                                       There are more, to be sure.
                                                                                            Flops?? Yep, the songs of Paul Simon found no audience in a show called Capeman, based on a New
     Evita - Andrew Lloyd Webber puts Cuban revolutionary Che Gue-                     York crime. Another crime? The Beach Boys had a loser called Good Vibrations, which was neither good
vara and Argentinean pants-wearing Eva Peron together in a musical                     nor caused any critic to vibrate. It closed after 11 weeks and lost more than money for the group. Mack
of ambition and arrogance. Don’t Cry for Andrew, he’s a gazillonaire by                & Mabel, centered around the great film director Mack Sennet and composed by the tunesmith who
now.                                                                                   penned Hello Dolly and La Cage au Faux--- lasted eight weeks.
     Annie Get Your Gun - (Annie Oakley). She shouts. She shoots. She                       There are, of course, others, but it’s too painful to recall…..
sings. They say There’s No Business Like Show Business--unless you’re                       Now, you could write a musical about the ultimate historical person in the western world. You might
mounting the new Spiderman musical for 60 million.                                     call it Jesus Christ Superstar, or Godspell. Then you’d be at least on second base looking at home.
                                                                                       Norm Small

                                                                                              Theatre Winter Haven has some real theatre onstage with
                                                                                                           Run for Your Wife - Dec. 2-19 and
                                                                                                       Pump Boys and Dinettes Jan. 13-Feb 6.
                                                                                                      Full disclosure: all characters are fictional
                                                                                                  but guaranteed to be entertaining nevertheless.
                                       Chain O’Lakes Complex • 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd. • Winter Haven, FL 33880
            Administrative Offices: 299-2672 • Box Office: 294-SHOW • Fax: 291-3299 • •

                                                                         Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
    The Bartow Art Guild programs for the new year                         Bartow Bloomin’ Arts Festival
    will feature Rick Olivo giving an art critique for
    the January 17th meeting. In February the meet-
                                                                           March 5-6, 2011
    ing will be held on Monday February 21st in                            The Polk County Historical Courthouse and sur-
    the art room of Bartow High School and will be                         rounding streets will be filled with artists and
    presented by the art students of Tony Piekarski.                       their tents displaying their artworks and vying
    On March 21st Karen DeMichael will give a dem-                         for $15,000 in prize money and purchase awards.
    onstration on printmaking. The meetings are held                       This year’s show will be Saturday and Sunday
    in the adult lounge at the Bartow Civic Center                         March 5-6 and will also feature the popular quilt
    except for the February meeting and program. All                       show on the second floor of the old courthouse.
    the programs are open to the general public and                        The car show will be held on Saturday along
    the art guild always welcomes visitors.                                Broadway Avenue. There is a garden show and
                                                                           plant sale that will be going on all weekend too.
    The Bartow Art Guild has a wonderful website
                                                                           The deadline for entries is December 31st, 2010.
    where members and their paintings are listed.
                                                                           An entry form can be downloaded from the Bar-
    Also all events are noted along with special links
                                                                           tow Art Guild website:
    pertaining to the arts. There are downloads to
    events too. The site is: www.bartowartguildcom.
                                                                           The guild is now selling a packet of gallery cards
                                                                           featuring the artworks of guild members. The
    Dimension V Exhibit                                                    set can be found for sale for $20 at all art guild
    The Dimensions art exhibit will be held at the                         events. These gallery cards are beautifully
    Polk County Historical Courthouse from March                           reproduced and printed by
    1st through April 29th. This exhibit features the                      Lara Fredrericksen,
    artworks of guild members with a special theme.                        guild Vice President
    This year’s theme is “Art from the Heart.” Tara                        and official
    Milliken is the chairperson for the event.                             photographer.

                                                 r t Guild 1240 E. s s e
                                             Athe Bartow ArtC -l a Main St., Bartows

                         Monday Mornings                                                      Thursday Morning
           10 am-noon - Serendipity. Get together for all artists           9:30 am-12 noon. Watercolor lessons with Martha Post.
               in any medium to paint, chat and discuss art.                Advanced beginners learn to further develop their skills
                                                                             and appreciation of watercolor painting. Classes will
                         Tuesday Afternoon                                     begin on Thursday, September 2. Call Martha at
           3 pm-6 pm. Kappy Williams holds art class for young                            533-2884 for information.
          children ages 7-14. Call Kappy at 533-2600 to register.
                Classes will start on Tuesday, September 7.                                 Thursday Afternoon
                                                                              3:00-6:00 pm. Kappy Williams teaches children’s art
                          Tuesday Evening                                      for age 7-14. First class will begin on September 2.
             6:30-8:30 pm. Beginning adult watercolor class.                           Call Kappy at 533-2600 to register.
                Call Kappy Williams to register and for a
                        supply list at 533-2600.                                        Submitted and written by: Martha Post 533-2884

                                                            Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
Frostproof                                                                   AR T LEAGUE
  The busy Winter Season is fast approaching                              exhibit the entire month of March. Anyone
  and our friends and members are putting                                 with old or new quilts is welcome to bring
  final touches on art work for the January                               them in for this show.
  and February shows.                                                         Frostproof Photography Club has its
      January features our annual Fine Arts                               annual show during the month of March
  Show. Entries will be accepted on Jan.                                  also. Again, please call for the show
  3rd and 4th with the reception being held                               information.
  Sunday afternoon on the 9th. Please call the                                Several new classes and instructors
  Gallery and request a flier with the rules                              will be added to our schedule. Bob Diehl
  and entry information. Diane Lescard is the                             will be teaching ceramics, Mariela Freire,
  Chairman for this event and looks forward                               watercolors, and Martha Neher will be
  to seeing all the beautiful works of Art.                               teaching beading. Cathy Futral will be
      February will once again be our 3-d                                 back in February for a series of watercolor
  Art and Decorative Painting Show. Susan                                 classes.
  Ashenbrenner will be chairing the show                                      December and January mean the end of
  this year. Entries will be accepted on                                  one year and the beginning of a new one.
  Wednesday, February 2 during regular                                    We will celebrate Christmas on December
  hours. For more information please call                                 12th with a party and an original created
  the Gallery for a brochure.                                             ornament exchange. On January 16th
      March features three great events.                                  will be our annual members meeting and
  The Annual Wearable Art Show will be                                    election of our Board of Directors and New
  on March 8 at 1:00 PM. The theme will be                                Officers for the year.
  Baubles, Bangles and Beads. Members are                                     For more information regarding our
  already preparing for the show as I write                               Gallery, classes, or shows, please call
  this. Kay Hutzelman is the chairperson.                                 863-635-7271 or visit us at 12 East Wall St.
      Our annual Quilt display will be on                                 in downtown Frostproof, Florida.

                                                                                       Florida Fiduciary
                                             DISCOVER!                                      INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
 Experience a hands-on, fun-filled adventure in learning
 on three floors of kid-powered exhibits and programs!                                                                  Dan Clark
                                                                                                                  Investment Advisor
Dec. 20-30 & Jan 3.   Out of School Holiday Camps
                      (Excluding Weekends & Dec. 24)
                                                                                                    116 S. Tennessee Ave., Suite 110
February 26, 2011     Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration                                                            Lakeland, FL 33801
March 26, 2011        A Night at the Museum Gala ...                                                                   863.688.0900
                      Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity!                                                              888.483.9641
109 North Kentucky Avenue • Lakeland, FL 33801-5044                                                                863.688.0373 Fax
    (863) 687-3869 •

                                            Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
                  P.O. Box 1034 • Lakeland, Florida 33802

                                                                      PechaKucha Night Lakeland
                                                                      Friday, January 21, 2011 ~ Location: To be announced
                                                                      Doors open: 7:20pm ~ Presentations: 8:20pm ~ $5 entry at the door

                                                                      PechaKucha Night is a social/networking event for creative individuals. Presenters show
                                                                      20 images for 20 seconds each on a visually or mentally stimulating subject. Entry fees
                                                                      only cover the cost of the event. Any proceeds remaining after the event will be donated
                                                                      to Platform Art.

     Platform.5 Youth & Art: Shaping Your
     Community for a Greener Future
     Saturday, February 5, 2011 from 5pm to 8pm
     Oasis Community Church ~ 3330 Winter Lake Road, Lakeland
     Admission: Students FREE (thru grade 12) ~ Adults: $5 suggested donation

     Join us for our popular annual event that features visual art, short films, fashion and a mix
     of performances given by kids for kids.
                                                                                                         Learn more about Platform Art at:
     Platform.5 Youth & Art Program & Event                                                  
     The Platform.5 provides a mechanism for Platform Art, Inc. to reach children in grades
     K-12 through a program that has many of Platform Art’s unique qualities, while remaining
     age appropriate. Platform.5 serves students, teachers, and families from our diverse geo-
     graphic region. Last year 30 schools participated and over 1,000 students were impacted
     by producing artwork in their classrooms. Teachers selected works to show at the juried
     show and in some schools, multiple students produced a collaborative piece, such as a
     large mural. Platform.5 project’s underlying philosophy is one of inclusion.

     National studies have proven that arts instruction and engagement in the arts by students
     improves academic performance, leadership skills, self-esteem and instills a desire to
     achieve. Platform.5 provides just such an experience. The program is embraced by
     students, teachers, community leaders and local business, and is seen as a valuable
     supplement to existing Polk County School District and private school arts curriculum.

                                                                      Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
D anc       atre
      e The                                                                                                                   Photos by Christine Guzzetta

    ~ The Nutcracker ~                                                                        Publix Super
Florida Dance Theatre celebrates the holidays with its annual clas-
sic performances of “The Nutcracker.” Open auditions were held in
                                                                                              Markets Charities
September for dancing roles which include the party scene, soldiers,                          Funds Scholarships
mice, sheep, and of course, Mother Ginger and her children. The                               at Florida Dance Theatre
young dancers chosen have the unique opportunity to work closely
with the professional dancers of Florida Dance Theatre and to see all                         Another Big Thank You goes to Ms. Carol
of the hard work, discipline, and dedication necessary for a success-                         Barnett and Publix Super Markets Charities for
ful production. It is a wonderful and exciting learning experience for                        the 12th consecutive season. This season they
them as well as a great chance to perform. For some, this may be the                          awarded $10,000 for student scholarships for
only time they get to perform for a live audience and to appreciate                           training at the Academy of Florida Dance
the feeling of a job well done.                                                               Theatre. Their continued generosity and
                                                                                              support over the past 11 years has allowed for
The performances are part of the Polk Theatre Performance series
and will be held on Saturday December 11th at 7:30 p.m. and on                                over 300 area children to receive full or partial
                    Sunday December 12th at 2:00 p.m. along with 2                            scholarship awards for dance training. Over the
                      “special” children and senior performances on                           years, several of these students have gone on
                        Thursday Dec. 9th & Friday Dec. 10th & Friday                         to pursue their professional careers with
                          at 10:30 a.m.                                                       companies including the Joffrey Ballet, Ballet
                                                                                              Met, Memphis Ballet, Ballet Magnificat, the
                                   For public performance informa-                            Smuin Company, and Hartford Ballet. Many
                                      tion call the Polk Theatre at
                                                                                              students have also received scholarships to
                                       682-7553. For morning “spe-
                                                                                              various colleges including Florida State, Gaucher
                                       cial” performances call Florida
                                                                                              College, and Southern Methodist University.
                                     Dance Theatre at 802-0399.
                                                                                                  The Auditions were held on Friday
                               Florida Dance Theatre is thrilled to                           November 5th at the studios of Florida Dance
                          have their “Nutcracker” performances as a                           Theatre. Scholarships were awarded to students
                       part of the Bartow Chamber’s Performing Arts                           ages 6 through 18 for the remainder of the
                      Series. The program will be held on Saturday,                           2010-2011 academy season, November 15th
                     December 18th. Call the Bartow Chamber for                               through May 2011.
                     more information 533-7125.                                                   An additional $5,000 was awarded to the
                                                                                              professional company of FDT for General
                                                                                              Support which will go towards company
                           305 West Main • Lakeland, Florida 33815                            dancers’ ballet and pointe shoes and
                        863-802-0399 •

                                          Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
     A Season For The Arts

                                      Florida Southern College       gative, process-oriented approach expands the tradition of       February 11: Faculty Showcase
                                      is proud to be host this       the landscape genre. Working simultaneously with textiles,       The College’s music faculty comprises an extraordinarily
                                      winter to a spectacular        digital photography, drawing, and painting, her work spans       gifted group of musicians who perform throughout Central
                                      sampling of music, theater,    two and three dimensions. Opening reception: 7 p.m. Janu-        Florida with leading symphony orchestras and small cham-
                                      art, and stimulating lec-      ary 21 in the Melvin Gallery.                                    ber ensembles. Join them as they showcase their collective
     tures. The Festival of Fine Arts continues its longstand-                                                                        and individual talents in this evening of musical favorites.
     ing tradition of presenting world-renowned performing           January 25: Robert Fleitz, piano                                 Show time: 7:30 p.m. in Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.
     artists who share the stage with the College’s talented         Seventeen-year-old prodigy Robert Fleitz, a Lakeland
                                                                     native, began studying piano with his father at age four. He     February 18-March 18: “Sam Romero and Gil
     students and faculty.
                                                                     currently studies in the pre-college division of the Juilliard                                Rocha: We Are Not Related”
          This year’s exciting visiting artists – including the
                                                                     School in New York City. An alumnus of the Bowdoin               Gil Rocha and Sam Romero, both 2007 graduates of the
     Grammy-nominated Eroica Trio, The Florida Orchestra
                                                                     International Music Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, and      School of the Art Institute of Chicago, are interdisciplinary
     with guest pianist Stewart Goodyear, and Lakeland’s own
                                                                     the piano master class program at the Banff Centre, he won       artists whose works have become project-based. They
     piano protégé Robert Fleitz – create a “Celebration of the
                                                                     first place in the Piano Division of the 2008 Bach Festival      will display paintings and sculptures as well as a series
                                                                     Society of Winter Park’s young artist competition. Show          of photographs and videos from Romero’s recent project,
                                                                     time: 7:30 p.m. in Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.                titled “Guera.” Opening reception: 7 p.m. February 18,
                                                                                                                                      with an artist talk and lecture at 6 p.m. in the Melvin
     	 Among	the	outstanding	offerings	you’ll	find	on	FSC’s	         February 5: Eroica Trio                                          Gallery.
     campus this winter:                                             The most sought-after trio in the world, the Grammy-
                                                                     nominated Eroica Trio electrifies audiences with powerful        February 19: Florida Orchestra
     November 18-21 & December 2-5: The Crucible
                                                                     and passionate performances. After winning the prestigious       Founded in 1968, the Florida Orchestra is one of Florida’s
     The Department of Theatre Arts presents Arthur Miller’s
                                                                     Naumburg Award, the Eroica Trio was chosen by Carnegie           leading performing arts institutions and among the best
     gripping drama, which uses the historical backdrop of the
                                                                     Hall to represent the United States in touring many of the       in the nation. Stefan Sanderling conducts the Florida
     Salem witch trials as an allegory to 1950s McCarthyism
                                                                     great halls of Europe. Pianist Erika Nickrenz, violinist         Orchestra, with guest artist Stewart Goodyear performing
     and an exploration of guilt by association. The Crucible
                                                                     Susie Park, and cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio have recorded         Gershwin’s high-energy and blues-laced Concerto in F. The
     won the 1953 Tony Award for “Best Play” and has become
                                                                     eight critically acclaimed CDs. Show time: 7:30 p.m. in          program also features a new work by Osvaldo Golijov and
     a central work in the canon of American drama. Show
                                                                     Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.                                   Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8. Show time: 7:30 p.m. in
     times: 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; 2:30 p.m. matinees in
                                                                                                                                      Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.
     the Loca Lee Buckner Theatre.
                                                                     February 10: “I Can’t Believe All That                           February 24: Orchestra Concert
     December 4: Christmas Gala                                                         Happened in Polk County!”                     Conductor Arthur Pranno leads a dedicated group of music
     Ring in the holiday season with sacred and secular music        On the occasion of Polk County’s 150th anniversary, na-          students performing selections from a rich repertoire of
     performed by the College’s talented student ensembles and       tive son Canter Brown, Jr., will tell tales of some of the       orchestral music, including works of Gustav Mahler
     soloists. Every year our patrons remind us that the Christ-     extraordinary people and events in the county’s history.         in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the
     mas season begins with “the Gala.” Show time: 7:30 p.m.         He promises to name some of the county’s more colorful           composer’s death. From pieces for elegant strings to those
     in Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.                               saints and scoundrels while underscoring the diversity of        forbooming brass, this concert is sure to delight any
                                                                     Polk’s experience. Without a doubt, his hometown of Fort         orchestral music fan. Show time: 7:30 p.m. in Branscomb
     January 13:                                                     Meade will come into play, too. One of Florida’s leading
     “Calm, Creative Communications in Crisis”                                                                                        Memorial Auditorium.
                                                                     historians, Brown is executive vice president and chief
     FSC alumnus Gary Noesner spent 30 years with the FBI,           legal officer at Fort Valley State University in Georgia. He
     the last 10 as chief of its Crisis Negotiation Unit, Criti-     has written 10 books and numerous articles on Florida and
     cal Incident Response Group. He led law enforcement’s           Southern history. The Florida Lecture Series event begins                THEATER & CONCERT TICKETS
     response to prison riots, right-wing militia standoffs, reli-   at 7 p.m. in the Hollis Room.                                          are available at the Branscomb Box Office
     gious zealot sieges, terrorist embassy takeovers, airplane                                                                                     between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
     hijackings, and overseas kidnappings involving American         February 10-12 & 17-19: Jekyll & Hyde                                         Monday through Friday and
     citizens. In September, he published Stalling for Time, a       The FSC Department of Theatre Arts presents Steve Cuden
     memoir about his involvement in some of the nation’s most       and Frank Wildhorn’s Broadway-smash musical, which is              6 to 7:30 p.m. on show dates. Call 863.680.4296
     high-profile FBI cases from the last three decades. The         based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story of the bril-        or e-mail
     Florida Lecture Series event begins at 7 p.m. in the Hollis     liant Dr. Henry Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll’s experiments with human
     Room.                                                           personality create a murderous counterpart, the infamous                        MELVIN ART GALLERY
                                                                     Mr. Hyde. Show times: 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; 2:30             is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through
     January 21-February 11: “Kelly Sturhahn”                        p.m. matinees in the Loca Lee Buckner Theatre.                       Friday when the College is in session, as well
     FSC assistant professor of art Kelly Sturhahn exhibits a                                                                            as during selected Festival of Fine Arts events.
     selection of her work from the past five years. Her investi-

                                                                                   Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                                999 Avenue H, NE • Winter Haven, FL 33881 • 863-297-1000 •

                                                     Retired Musicians Still
                                                     Performing with PSC Band
    How many times have you heard that someone has retired, but you soon find out he’s in-
volved in another job? That’s the situation with Roger Hewitt, the director of Polk State Col-
lege’s Over 55 Show Band. He couldn’t let his baton gather dust for very long.
    In 1988, Roger – then a recent retiree – had an idea of forming a group of retirees into a
band that would perform music for fellow retirees. Given the demographics of Polk County, it
turned out to be a tremendous hit with the community. The Over 55 Show Band, composed of
musicians ranging in age from 42 to 80, have been performing monthly “Big Band” concerts at
Polk State’s Winter Haven campus and at area venues for 22 years.
    This successful run would not have started without Roger Hewitt. He decided to see if he
could form a band composed of area senior citizen musicians. “I put these fliers up announcing
my plans and the response was incredible! I had more players than I could deal with,” Roger
recalled. So he divided the performers by their addresses and created the Over 55 Show Band
composed of Polk County residents and the Snowbird Band made up of musicians who live in
Florida during the winter.
    After the Over 55 Show Band performed its first concerts at the college the word spread
through the retiree community like wildfire and they soon had a problem. Too many audience
members showed up! There were more people than the Fine Arts Theatre could safely handle.
Roger explored the possibility of holding their concerts at other venues and then someone sug-
gested that instead of asking the audience for donations, they should have tickets and charge
admission. That solved the problem. “What a great problem to have!” he said.
    Roger retired after spending 20 years as a successful band director at various schools in Illi-
nois. His first retirement was short lived. He needed to stay busy and he got a job as a salesman
on a bread route. In 1983, he was named salesman of the year and the bread company awarded
him with a trip to Florida. He fell in love with Florida and soon retired again. He and his wife,
Katie, moved to Lakeland in 1983 and left the cold Midwest winters behind them.
    Five years later, Roger came out of retirement again and was hired as the director of the col-
lege’s jazz band, which is composed of traditional age students. Later that year, he developed              Over 55 Show Band
the Over 55 Band. The group has turned out to be an extended family.                                       Performance Schedule
    “The band is filled with good people and they have become good friends,” Roger said. The               The Over 55 Show Band will
group rehearses every Thursday in the Fine Arts building. “They come here and they all get                 perform in Polk State Col-
into different discussions. It’s like a bunch of magpies. I say, ‘Let’s play.’ And they say, ‘Don’t        lege’s Fine Arts Theatre on the
bother us. We’re talking.’ ”                                                                               Winter Haven campus:
    “The guys have a great sense of humor. Somebody will say something and someone will                    • Dec. 11 and 12 at 2 pm
add something and soon we’re all in hysterics!” One of the things that ties them together is they            (A Jazzy Christmas)
are a great bunch of musicians, Roger said.                                                                • Jan. 22 and 23 at 2 pm
    At 80 Roger is thinking about retiring again, but then again…. At one point he says he is re-          • Feb 26 and 27 at 2 pm
tiring and later he says, “When I retire I don’t know what I’ll do.” But he has decided to lighten         • April 9 and 10 at 2 pm
his load a bit and no longer is the director of the Snowbird Band, which performs at mobile                • May 22 at 2 pm
home parks. Don Pipkin is now the director of that group.                                                  Tickets are $8 and are only
    Roger continues to focus on the Over 55 Show Band. He selects the numbers and the musi-                available in advance by calling
cal arrangements for the various concerts throughout the year. Each performance is new and                 297-1050. Proceeds from the
                                                                                                           monthly Polk State concerts go
unique (except for the Jazzy Christmas concert). There is one number that the Over 55 Show
                                                                                                           to the PSC Foundation and are
Band performs at the beginning of every concert. It seems to be both the group’s and Roger’s               used for scholarships.
signature piece, “Strike Up the Band!”
                                                  Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
          The Drive Is On...
          TO SUPPORT THE
                   This year at renewal time, choose a Florida State of the Arts license plate
                           and help fund important programs in Polk County including
                                   the visual arts, theatre, music and dance.
                  Already renewed your tag? Simply visit your local tag office, turn in your
                current plate and receive your new one on the spot for a small handling fee.
             Patrons of the arts tag may claim a $20 tax deduction for the charitable donation.
                                                      SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!
                      Invest in Polk County’s Cultural Arts!

 Join                                                                              MEMBERSHIP FORM
The Arts
                                                                            q Yes!
                                                                                                                  I would like to support
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          The Polk Arts Alliance?
      We are the Chamber for the arts.                                      City: _________________________________________________________________

     The mission of the Polk Arts Alliance is to cultivate an               State: ______________________ Zip: _____________________________________
     environment in which all the arts flourish. The PAA will
     accomplish this through coordination, promotion, advocacy,             Phone: ________________________________________________________________
     education and economic development. If you enjoy arts and
     cultural activities and believe that they are important to our         Email: ________________________________________________________________
     quality of life in Polk County, please consider joining us as
     a patron of the arts. The Polk Arts Alliance and our cultural           To join, simply send this completed form indicating your membership level
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     arts community need your support.
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      q Gold Patron            $500   q Under $50,000                 $35   and educational activities available in Polk County.
      q Silver Patron          $250
                                      q $50,000-$99,999               $50
      q Bronze Patron          $125
      q Family                  $60   q $100,000-$199,999            $100      INVEST IN THE CULTURAL ARTS!
      q Individual              $35   q $200,000-$499,999            $150
      q Artist/Educator         $30
                                                                             863-804-0494 • Email:
                                      q Over $500,000                $200
      q Senior/Student          $20                                             

                                                       Cultural Arts Council Directory & Map
                                                                                                            PAA Cultural Arts Member Organizations
1 - BARTOW                                               5 - HAINES CITY                                     Imperial Symphony Orchestra                            Ridge Woodcarvers Club
                                                                                                             P.O. Box 2623 • Lakeland, FL 33806           
Bartow Art Guild                                         Haines City Community Theatre, Inc.                 863-688-3743 •
P.O. Box 1644 • Bartow, FL 33831                         801 Ledwith Ave. • P.O. Box 1452                                                                           Rochelle School of the Arts
863-534-1877 •                    Haines City, FL 33845                               Lakeland Art Guild                                     1501 N. Martin L. King Ave. • Lakeland, FL 33805
                                                         863-421-1893 •            P.O. Box 353 • Lakeland, FL 33802
Joe Tedder Tax Collector’s                                                                                   863-646-8264 •                Southeastern University
Office/KIDS Tag Art                                      6 - LAKELAND                                        The Lakeland Center
                                                                                                                                                                    1000 Longfellow Blvd. • Lakeland, FL 33801-6034
                                                                                                                                                                    863-667-5000 •
Bartow, FL 33830 • 863-899-8200                                                                              700 W. Lemon St. • Lakeland, FL 33801
                                                         Arts On The Park
Polk Arts Alliance                                       115 North Kentucky Ave. • Lakeland, FL 33801        863-834-8111 •               The Tuesday Music Club
                                                                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 2524 • Lakeland, FL 33803
1350 E. Main St., Ste. A2                                863-680-2787 •        Lakeland Choral Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 727 • Bartow, FL 33831
863-804-0494 • 1-866-POLKART                             Bach Festival of Central Florida                    P.O. Box 3157 • Lakeland, FL 33802
                                                                                                             863-682-3305 •
                                                                                                                                                                    7 - LAKE WALES
                                                         P.O. Box 2764 • Lakeland, FL 33806                                                                                                                                       Historical Lake Wales Society
                                                         863-299-2555 • 863-439-3055                         Lakeland Community Theatre                             325 S. Scenic Hwy. • Lake Wales, FL 33853
Polk County Historical Museum                                  Lake Mirror Theatre • 121 S. Lake Ave.                 863-678-4209 •
100 East Main Street • Bartow, FL 33830                                                                      P.O. Box 2603 • Lakeland, FL 33806
863-534-4385 •                  Citrus Lakes Chorus                                 863-603-7529                                           Bok Tower Gardens
                                                         1413 Hammock Shade Dr. • Lakeland, FL 33809                       1151 Tower Blvd. • Lake Wales, FL 33853
2 - DAVENPORT                                            863-815-9783 •
                                                                                                                                                                    863-676-1408 •
                                                                                                             Lakeland Montessori
Davenport School of the Arts                             Explorations V Children’s Museum                    Middle School                                          Lake Wales Art Center
8 W. Palmetto St. • Davenport, FL 33837                  109 N. Kentucky Ave. • Lakeland, FL 33801
                                                                                                             P.O. Box 3528 • Lakeland, FL 33802                     1099 S.R. 60 E. • P.O. Box 608
863-421-3247 •          863-687-3869 •
                                                                                                             863-398-9569 •        Lake Wales, FL 33859
3 - FORT MEADE                                           Florida Air Museum at Sun ’n Fun                    Lois Cowles Harrison Center                            863-676-8426 •
                                                         4175 Medulla Road • Lakeland, FL 33807
Historical Society of Fort Meade                         863-644-2431 •                  For The Visual & Performing Arts                       Lake Wales Little Theatre
                                                                                                             750 Hollingsworth Rd. • Lakeland, FL 33801             411 N. Third St. • P.O. Box 3428
1 N. Tecumseh Ave. • P.O. Box 1021
Fort Meade, FL 33841                                     Florida Dance Theatre                               863-499-2855                                           Lake Wales, FL 33859-3428
                                                         305 W. Main • P.O. Box 831 • Lakeland, FL 33802                                                            863-676-1266
                                                                                                             Melvin Gallery (FSC)
4 - FROSTPROOF                                           863-802-0399 •          863-680-4743                                           Ridge Music Teachers Association
Frostproof Art League & Gallery                          Florida Southern College                            Platform ART                                           42 Hickory Hammock Rd. • Lake Wales, FL 33859
P.O. Box 654 • 12 E. Wall St. • Frostproof, FL 33843     111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr. • Lakeland, FL 33801                                                            863-676-9791 •
                                                                                                             863-838-2262 •
863-635-7271                                                      863-680-4117 •
                                                                                                             Polk Museum Of Art                                     Warner Southern College
                                                                                                             800 East Palmetto Street • Lakeland, FL 33801          13895 Hwy. 27 • Lake Wales, FL 33859
                                                                                                             863-688-7743 •                  863-638-7225 •

                                                                                                             Polk Theatre                                           8 - WINTER HAVEN
                                                                                                             139 S. Florida Avenue • Lakeland, FL 33801
                                                                                                             863-682-7553 •                      Polk State College
                                                                                                                                                                    Cultural Events: 863-297-1050
                                                                                                                                                                    Ridge Art Association
                                                                                                                                                                    210 Cypress Gardens Blvd., SW • Winter Haven, FL 33880
                                                                                           27                                                                       863-291-5661 •
                                                         Polk City                                     17   Providence
                     98                                                                                                                                             Symphony Guild of Winter Haven
                                                                                             Davenport                                                              56 Fourth Street, NW • Winter Haven, FL 33881
                                                                                                      2           Poinciana                                         863-293-5214
              Kathleen                                                                                                                                              Theatre Winter Haven
                                                                                                                                                                    210 Cypress Gardens Blvd., SW • Winter Haven, FL 33880
                                                                 Lake Alfred                 5 Haines City                                                          863-294-7469 •

                                          Auburndale                  92
                                                         Inwood             Winter Haven
                               6 Lakeland
                 Winston                               570                  8 Dundee

               Medulla            Highland
                                                                                                                                                                Are You Missing?
              Willow                                                       Wahneta
               Oak                                                                                                                                                     We are creating a new Arts Map and
                                                                                                     7 Lake Wales                                                   welcome your input. If you are not “on
                                                       1 Bartow                                                                                                      the map” or information is incorrect,
                                                                                                                   Fedhaven                                              please contact Polk Arts Alliance
                                                                                       Crooked                                         Nalcrest
                                                                                      Lake Park                                                                   
                                                                                                                   Park               Indian Lake
                                                                                                     27                                                        60
                                                             17                                                                         Estates
                                                                  Fort Meade                                     Frostproof
                                                             3                                              4


                                Bowling Green

                                                                                 Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
     Bartow Performing Arts Series
     Offers Season of Variety
     Holiday dance, gospel music, twin pianists,
     hog wild art and a comedy about widows:
     That’s Entertainment!
          And that’s Bartow Performing Arts Series’ fourth season, running December
     through April with something for every taste, from classic to emerging art.
          BPAS, a Bartow Area Chamber Foundation program, opens this
     season Dec. 18, with “Nutcracker Suite” at 7:30 p.m. in the Bartow
     Elementary auditorium. Florida Dance Theatre presents “The Nutcracker,”
     a favorite holiday tradition that transports the audience to the beautiful Land of
     Snow and the majestic Garden of the Sweets.
          “Leap of Faith” on Jan. 29 will feature hand-clapping, toe-tapping
     music featuring community choirs celebrating faith, family and heritage.
     This program also is at 7:30 p.m. in the Bartow Elementary auditorium.
          Identical twins? Identical baby grand pianos? That means a visit
     from Mark & Clark, energetic entertainers who have performed all over
     the world from sold-out shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City to cruise
     ships to a circuit in Florida to Europe and Asia. The duo has produced
     gold albums in five countries and performs selections from Elton John
     and Billy Joel to Ferrante & Teicher.
          Mark & Clark are scheduled at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 26, in the
     Bartow Elementary auditorium.
          For something completely different, Platform Art, a local area arts
     and entertainment organization, will present “Hog Wild” at 7:30 p.m.
     March 26 at Polk County Historical Museum. An eclectic mix of visual arts
     — paintings, film, sculpture, photography — plus fashion, music and
     performance art was a hit last season and returns with
     a new theme for the 2010-11 season.
          Polk County’s Historic Courthouse is the setting for a motorcycle-themed
     event “that will intrigue, stimulate and excite.” It’s all the arts in one place at
     one time.
          BPAS presents its first non-musical play to end the season on April 30
     and May 1 back at Bartow Elementary auditorium. “The Cemetery Club” is a
     bittersweet comedy about three Jewish widows from Queens as they learn
     to move on with their lives after losing their husbands. Performances are at
     7:30 p.m. on April 30 and 2:30 p.m. on May 1.
          All of this entertainment comes at a price, so sponsors are essential
     in presenting a season of performing arts. Donations from individuals,
     businesses and organizations keep arts in the community, enhancing the
     quality of life and also positively impacting the economy, Chamber of
     Commerce Executive Director Jeff Clark explains.
          Tickets for the 2010-11 season go on sale Wednesday, Oct. 20, and unlike
     most other things in life, the price hasn’t gone up. General admission tickets are
     $15 per show. Senior (55 or better) tickets are $12 per show and students K-12
     are $10. A child not yet in school is free with a paying adult.
             Season tickets offer savings when purchased before the opening show
     in December. General admission adult tickets for the season are $50 for all five
     shows, $35 for seniors, and $25 for students. This is a $25 savings for the five-
     show season.
             For more information on the Bartow Performing Arts Series, tickets or
     sponsorships, call the Bartow Chamber of Commerce or the Bartow Area Chamber
     Foundation at 533-7125.

                                                 Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                                          Discover 365
                                                                           days of fun
                                                                          in your own

                                              Christmas at Pinewood
                                              Holiday Home Tour
                                              November 26, 2010 - January 2, 2011

                                              Designers deck the halls of the 20-room Pinewood Estate mansion
                                              during our holiday home tour with this year’s theme, “Christmas
                                              Memories.” Visitors return year after year to enjoy the spirit of one
                                              of Central Florida’s favorite holiday events while also enjoying a
                                              day of relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season at
                                              one of America’s finest gardens!

     Learn about our geocaching, children’s activities and more at
             Open 365 Days a Year! • 1151 Tower Boulevard, Lake Wales, FL • (863) 676-1408
                                           Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                     Fall Calendar
     NOW SHOWING                                                Dec. 4: Christmas Concert. Bush Chapel, 7:30 pm.
                                                                Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.
                                                                                                                           Dec. 11: Photos with Santa at the Ramon Theater.
                                                                                                                           Kids/Grandkids. 10am-Noon. Pets with Santa. 1-3pm.
     Through December: Artists Showcase.
     A shopping opportunity with extended hours on the          Dec. 4: Festival of Trees. Ramon Theater, Frost-           5 X 7 Photo - $7.00 . Info at 863-635-7222 or
     following days: Thanksgiving evening from 5-9pm;           proof. Beautifully decorated Christmas Trees for your
     Tues., Dec. 2 and Fri. Dec. 3 - reception awards &         viewing pleasure. 3pm-6:30pm. Cost $1.00 - Info at         Dec. 11: Family Fun Workshop by Polk Museum of
     shopping; Dec. 10 - extended hours. Arts On The Park,      863-635-7222 or                      Art. Lake Wales Public Library, Lake Wales. 10:30am -
     Lakeland. 863-680-2787.                                    Dec. 4: FSC Christmas Gala. Florida Southern               noon. Free. 863-688-5423.
     Through Dec. 12: Art and Design: Unity.                    College. 7:30 pm, Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.           Dec. 11: Snowflake Ball. Ramon Theater, Frost-
     Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                863-680-4296.                                              proof. Dance to Big Band Sounds. 7pm. Cost TBA.
     Through Jan. 2: Student Exhibition: Art Out                Dec. 4-5: PSC Music Student Holiday Concert.               Add’l info at 863-635-7222 or
     Loud: Artwork by Middle School Students.                   2:30pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State         Dec. 11-12: Over 55 Show Band Concert.
     Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                       Tickets: $8. 2pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery.
     Through Jan. 8: Visual Unity 2. Polk Museum                Dec. 4 – Feb. 3, 2011: Pinewood in Watercolor              Polk State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.
     of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                            – Janet King Art Exhibit. 9am-5pm daily. Included          Dec. 11-12: The Nutcracker. Performed by Florida
     Through Jan. 8: Eye See America: Through the               with general admission. Bok Tower Gardens.                 Dance Theatre (see article). Polk Theatre, Lakeland.
     Lens of Joshua Mann Pailet. Polk Museum of Art,  ; 863-676-1408.                     863-802-0399.
     Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                                    Dec. 4: Family Fun Workshop. Polk Museum of                Dec. 11-12: 2010 Florida State Gymnastics
     Through Jan. 30: Photos in Ink. Polk Museum                Art, Lakeland. 10:30am - noon. Free. 863-688-5423.         Championships. Exhibit Hall, (11) 8am-8:30pm,
     of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                            Dec. 4: Don Felder: An Evening at the Hotel                (12) 8am-7pm. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Nov. 29-Dec. 3: Gallery Exhibit - Aids Quilt.              California. Youkey Theatre, 8pm, $75, $43, $35.            Dec. 12: Lakeland Concert Band. Youkey Theatre,
     Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State College,        Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                             2:30pm, free admission. Lakeland Center,
     Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                                Dec. 5: National Youth Cheerleading                        863-834-8115.
                                                                Competition. Jenkins Arena, 9am-4pm.                       Dec. 12: Christmas Merriment & Masterpieces.
                                                                Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                             The Lake Wales Chorale and Lake Wales Youth Chorale
     DECEMBER                                                   Dec. 6-10: Festival of Trees. Ramon Theater,
                                                                Frostproof. Beautifully decorated Christmas Trees for
                                                                                                                           join forces to present a holiday program ranging from
                                                                                                                           traditional to contemporary favorites. 3pm. $10 adults,
     Dec. 1-27: Polk County Kids Tag Art on Exhibit
     at MIDFLORIDA Bank, Highland City, 5301 U.S.               your viewing pleasure. 1-3pm. Cost $1.00. Info at          $5 students. Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 221 S. 4th
     Highway 98 South.                                          863-635-7222 or                      Street, Lake Wales. Info and advance tickets:
     Dec. 1-31: Thomas Mack. Featured in the upstairs           Dec. 6: Imperial Symphony Orchestra. Tickets:              863-676-8426.
     gallery. Arts On The Park, Lakeland. 863-680-2787.         $15. 7pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State       Dec. 12 & 14: Auditions for Swing! 6pm.
     Dec. 1: RAW TV. Bolin Studio, 7pm and 9pm.                 College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                       Lakeland Community Theatre. 863-603-7529.
     Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.           Dec. 6-7: Haines City Community Theatre                    Dec. 13-17: Festival of Trees. Ramon Theater,
     Dec. 1: Holiday Card Party Luncheon. 11:30-                Auditions for “London Suite,” by Neil Simon.               Frostproof. Beautifully decorated Christmas Trees
     3pm. Cost - $15.00. Enjoy a special holiday time with      Auditions will be held at 7pm at the Clay Cut Center       for your viewing pleasure. 1-3pm. Cost $1.00.
     friends and attend this event. A delicious luncheon will   located at 801 Ledwith Avenue in Haines City.              Info at 863-635-7222 or
     give you plenty of energy to play your favorite card or    863-421-1893.                                              Dec. 13: USF Polytechnic Graduation. Youkey
     board games at this Ways and Means Project. Tuesday        Dec. 7: ISO Masterworks No. 3: Home for                    Theatre, 7pm. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Music Club, 421 E. Park Street, Lakeland.                  Christmas. Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm, $40, $30, $20,          Dec. 14: Reflections of Rosemary: Christmas
     Dec. 1-Jan. 2, 2011: Christmas at Pinewood                 Students offer: $20, $15, $10, free parking. Lakeland      Memories with Debby Boone. Youkey Theatre,
     Holiday Home Tour. Additional ticket required for          Center, 863-834-8115.                                      2:30pm & 7:30pm, $65, $40, (evening performance
     holiday home tour. Bok Tower Gardens.                      Dec. 7: Opera Overtures. Preview of upcoming               $125 Front Row Club). Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.; 863-676-1408.                     Metropolitan Opera HD telecast of Verdi’s Don Carlo.       Dec. 14: A Holiday Celebration. Harrison School
     Dec. 1–31: Seasonal Carillon Music. 1pm & 3pm.             1:30pm & 7pm. $5.00. Lake Wales Arts Center.               of the Arts Satin Dolls under the direction of Judy
     Included with general admission. Bok Tower Gardens.        863-676-8426.                                              McLaurin will be performing songs for the holidays as; 863-676-1408.                     Dec. 7 & 10: Home School Workshops. 10am &                 well as students from Rebekah Haubry’s Piano Studio.
     Dec. 2-5: The Crucible. Florida Southern College.          1pm. Sign up for either day. Explorations V Children’s     Meeting is held at the Tuesday Music Club Building
     7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; 2:30 p.m. matinees, Loca      Museum, Lakeland. Call 863-687-3869 for pricing.           at 421 E. Park Street at 10:30, followed by a catered
     Lee Buckner Theatre. 863-680-4296.                         Dec. 9: “The Night Before Christmas Carol”                 luncheon.
     Dec. 2-22: Black & White & Read All Over.                  Charles Dickens creates his popular Christmas story.       Dec. 14-25: Public Ice Skating. Jenkins Arena, $7
     A juried competition. Artist reception: Sat., Dec. 4,      Family entertainment. $25 non-members; $20                 (includes skate rental), $6 (children 12 & under), $5
     6:30-8:30pm. Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven.          members; $5 students. Lake Wales Arts Center.              (with your own skates) Dec. 14-17 – 6pm-8pm. Dec.
     863-291-5661.                                              863-676-8426.                                              18-23 – 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm, 6pm-8pm, 9pm-11pm.
     Dec. 2-19: Run For Your Wife. One of the most              Dec. 9: Theatrical Dance Showcase.                         Dec. 24 – 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm. Dec. 25 – 6pm-8pm,
     popular comedies ever on our stage. A cab driver with      Bush Chapel, 7:30 pm. $5 general admission.                9pm-11pm. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     two wives, two lives and a tight schedule runs into        Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.           Dec. 16: MESSIAH. The Bach Festival of Central
     complications. Cases of mistaken identity ensue as         Dec. 10: Unpland Improv TV. Bolin Studio, 6pm              Florida presents the Christmas portion of Handel’s
     he tries to keep both wives from finding out about the     and 9pm. Southeastern University, Lakeland.                MESSIAH with soloists and orchestra conducted by Dr.
     other. Tickets $20 Adults & $17 Students. Chain of         863-667-5119.                                              Carol Krueger. 7:30pm. $15. Updike Hall, Lake Wales
     Lakes Complex, Theatre Winter Haven. 863-299-2672.         Dec. 10: Christmas Merriment & Masterpieces.               Arts Center. Info and advance tickets: 863-676-8426.
     Dec. 3-5: Sounds of the Season. Fri. 7pm; Sat.             The Lake Wales Chorale and Lake Wales Youth Chorale        Dec. 16-Jan 28: The Nine Majors. The nine 2010
     11am & 3pm; Sun. 3pm. Warner Southern College,             join forces to present a holiday program ranging from      Ringling College of Art & Design Trustee Scholars
     Lake Wales. 863-638-7225.                                  traditional to contemporary favorites. 7:30pm. $10         exhibit outstanding examples from the nine major areas
     Dec. 3-19: The Producers. Thurs.-Sat. 7:30pm;              adults, $5 students. Holy Spirit Catholic Church,          of art & design. Opening reception 5-7pm. Michael
     Sun. 2pm. Lakeland Community Theatre.                      644 S. 9th Street, Lake Wales. Info and advance tickets:   Crews Gallery. Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.
     863-603-7529.                                              863-676-8426.                                              FREE.

                                                                             Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
Dec. 16: George Frideric Handel’s Messiah.
By the Bach Festival Chamber Choir & Orchestra.
                                                          JANUARY                                                    Jan. 11: Tuesday Music Club Member Show-
                                                                                                                    case. National Federation of Music Clubs’ Founders
                                                          Jan. 1-27: Polk County Kids Tag Art on Exhibit
7:30pm. Lake Wales Arts Center, Lake Wales.               at Lake Wales Art Center, Lake Wales.                     Day Celebration will feature talents of some of the                     Jan. 1: MUSEUM CLOSED for New Year’s Day. Polk            members of Tuesday Music Club. Meeting is held at
Dec. 17: George Frideric Handel’s Messiah.                Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743                     the Tuesday Music Club Building at 421 E. Park Street
By the Bach Festival Chamber Choir & Orchestra.           Jan. 1-31: Jacqueline Frierman. Featured in the           at 10:30, followed by a catered luncheon.
7:30pm. Church of the Ascension, Clearwater.              upstairs gallery. Arts On The Park, Lakeland.             Jan. 11 &13: Home School Workshops. 10am-                    863-680-2787.                                             1pm. Sign up for either day. Explorations V Children’s
Dec. 17: Curator tour of the exhibitions Visual           Jan. 1-31: Fine Arts Show Winners Invitational.           Museum, Lakeland. Call 863-687-3869 for pricing.
Unity 2 and Eye See America: Through the                  Meet the artists reception: Fri., Jan. 7, 6-9pm. Uphoff   Jan. 12–Feb. 16: Beginning Drawing (ages 15
Lens of Joshua Mann Pailet. Polk Museum of Art,           Gallery. Arts On The Park, Lakeland. 863-680-2787.        and up) with Ann R. Moore, Session II. Wednesdays,
Lakeland. 12:15-1pm. Free with Museum admission.          Jan. 2: 24K Solid Gold Music Show. Youkey                 3pm-5pm. $125 non-members, $100 members.
863-688-7743.                                             Theatre, 3pm, $45 Platinum, $37 VIP Gold, $33 VIP,        Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.
Dec. 17-18: Christmas at Pinewood Holiday                 $25 General, $18 Bargain, for tickets call                Jan. 13: Afiara String Quartet. Juilliard resident
Home Night Tour & Tammerlin WinterSong                    866-884-0291. Lakeland Center.                            quartet plays Haydn, Halle, Becker and Beethoven.
Concert. 7pm. $38 or 10 percent discount for              Jan. 3: Out of School Holiday Camp. Half-day and          7:30pm. $25 non-members, $20 members, $5 students.
 members; reservations required. Bok Tower Gardens.       full day pricing available. Explorations V Children’s     Updike Hall, Lake Wales Arts Center. 864-676-8426.; 863-676-1408.                    Museum, Lakeland. 863-687-3869.                           Jan. 13: “Calm, Creative Communications in
Dec. 18-Apr. 17: Heavy Metal. Polk Museum of              Jan 3-21: Gallery Exhibit - Goolsby, Lovett,              Crisis.” Florida Southern College’s Florida Lecture
Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                              Peak & Weinman. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery.           Series welcomes Gary Noesner. 7 pm, Hollis Room.
Dec. 18: The Nutcracker. Performed by Florida             Polk State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.           Free. 863-680-3001.
Dance Theatre (see article). As part of the Bartow        Jan. 3-28: Kids Tag Art. License plate art designed       Jan. 13-Feb. 6: 61st Anniversary Fine Arts
Chamber event. 863-802-0399.                              by Polk County 5th graders. Major sponsorship by          Exhibit. Exhibition is open to the public. Artist
Dec. 18: Christmas Cantata by King’s Trail Church.        MIDFLORIDA Bank. Michael Crews Gallery.                   reception: Sat., Jan. 15, 6:30-8:30pm. Ridge Art
Ramon Theater, Frostproof. 7pm. Add’l info at             Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426. FREE.               Association, Winter Haven. 863-291-5661.
863-635-7222 or                     Jan. 4: The Color Purple. Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm,         Jan. 13-Feb. 6: Pump Boys & Dinettes. On a
Dec. 18: Gingerbread House Workshops.                     $45. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                       highway in North Carolina the pump boys sell fuel and
10am-12 noon or 1-5pm. Museum admission of $5             Jan. 4-Feb. 8: Advanced Watercolors (adults)              Double Cupp Diner next door sells food. Between
plus $3 per house. Explorations V Children’s Museum,      with Jan Fetters, Session II. Tuesdays, 9am–12noon.       selling tires and baking pies we get a wonderful dose of
Lakeland. 863-687-3869.                                   $125 non-members, $100 members. Lake Wales Arts           western, rock n’ roll, blues with a nice blend of old-time
Dec. 19: 24K Solid Gold Music Show. Youkey                Center. 863-676-8426.                                     bluegrass, cajun and gospel thrown in. This is a great
Theatre, 3pm, $45 Platinum, $37 VIP Gold, $33 VIP,        Jan. 4 – Feb. 8: Beginning/Intermediate                   combination of laughs and music for everyone. Tickets
$25 General, $18 Bargain, for tickets call                Watercolors (adults) with Jan Fetters, Session II.        $20 Adults & $17 Students. Chain of Lakes Complex,
866-884-0291. Lakeland Center.                            Tuesdays, 1pm-4pm. $125 non-members, $100                 Theatre Winter Haven. 863-299-2672.
Dec. 20-30: Out of School Holiday Camps.                  members. Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.            Jan. 13: Richard Nader’s Rock & Roll Doo Wop
(Excluding weekends & Dec. 24.) Half-day and full day     Jan.4: Opera Overtures. Preview of upcoming               Party featuring Gene Chandler, The Coasters, The
pricing available. Explorations V Children’s Museum,      Metropolitan Opera HD telecast of Puccini’s La            Chiffons and Joey Dee & the Starliters. Youkey
Lakeland. 863-687-3869.                                   fanciulla del West (The Girl of the Golden West).         Theatre, 2:30pm & 7:30pm, $65, $40, (Evening
Dec. 20-23: Gingerbread House Workshops.                  1:30pm & 7pm. $5.00. Lake Wales Arts Center.              Performance: $125 Front Row Club). Lakeland Center,
10am-12 noon or 1-5pm. Museum admission of $5             863-676-8426.                                             863-834-8115.
plus $3 per house. Explorations V Children’s Museum,      Jan. 4-Feb.- 28: Exhibit “Old Time Tool Time.”            Jan. 14-15: Americom Pro Rodeo Classic.
Lakeland. 863-687-3869.                                   Polk County Historical Museum, Bartow. FREE.              Jenkins Arena, 8pm (both nights). Lakeland Center,
Dec. 21: Christmas Concert & Benefit. Theatre             863-534-4386.                                             863-834-8115.
Winter Haven Academy presents a concert with all your     Jan. 6: Louie Anderson. Youkey Theatre, 2:30pm            Jan. 14: Special Performance Series - Laurie
Christmas favorites and a sing along. This is a benefit   & 7:30pm, $65, $40, (evening performance $125 Front       Miller. 7:30pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk
to aid the homeless in this season of giving. Chain of    Row Club). Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                 State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.
Lakes Complex, Theatre Winter Haven. 863-299-2672.        Jan. 7: WWE RAW. Jenkins Arena, 7:30pm. Lakeland          Jan. 14: Exhibition Reception: Retrospect &
Dec. 23: Monty Python’s SPAMALOT. Youkey                  Center, 863-834-8115.                                     Restoration: Paintings by Humberto Calzada.
Theatre, $45. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.              Jan. 8: Family Fun Workshop. Polk Museum of               Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 6:00 - 10:00pm.
Dec. 24: REDUCED HOURS for Christmas Eve: 10am            Art, Lakeland. 10:30am - noon. Free. 863-688-5423.        Lecture at 6pm by Humberto Calzada. FREE for
-2pm. Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.         Jan. 8-Feb. 13: Student Exhibition: Harrison              Members, $10 Non-Members. 863-688-7743.
Dec. 25: MUSEUM CLOSED for Christmas Day. Polk            School of the Arts Senior Exhibition.                     Jan. 14-16: Murder By Natural Causes.
Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.                    Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.               By Tim Kelly. All night performances are 7:30pm, with
Dec. 25: Christmas Day Carillon Concerts. 1pm             Jan 8: Long Shot Band. Original, Classic & Country        Sundays at 2pm. Tickets: Adults $14, Children $10.
& 3pm. Included with general admission. Bok Tower         Music. Ramon Theater, Frostproof. 2nd Annual Music        Lake Wales Little Theater, Lake Wales. 863-676-1266.
Gardens.; 863-676-1408.           Series. 7pm. Cost $15, if purchased prior to Jan. 8       Jan. 15: Lakeland Concert Band. Youkey
Dec. 26: Kwanzaa Celebration. Polk Museum                 or $20 at the door. Purchase tickets online at            Theatre, 2:30pm, free admission. Lakeland Center,
of Art, Lakeland. 1-3pm. FREE admission.         or call 863-635-7222.                863-834-8115.
863-688-5423.                                             Jan. 9: Edward Bok Memorial Carillon Concerts.            Jan. 15-16: The Original Lakeland Gun Show.
Dec. 27: The Moscow Ballet Great Russian                  1pm & 3pm. Included with general admission.               Exhibit Hall, (15) 9am-5pm, (16) 9am-4pm, $11, Free
Nutcracker. Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm, $350 VIP              Bok Tower Gardens.;               parking. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
package, $100, $67.50, $47.50, $37.50, and $27.50.        863-676-1408.                                             Jan. 15-16: Concealed Weapons Classes. Parker
Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                            Jan. 9: Todd Oliver and The Dogs Gone Wild                room, 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm both days, $85. Lakeland
Dec. 31: MUSEUM CLOSED for New Year’s Eve.                Tour. 3pm, $35, $20. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.       Center, 863-834-8115.
Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.               Jan. 10: Forever Plaid. Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm,           Jan. 15-Mar. 26: Retrospect and Restoration:
Dec. 31: Murder Mystery Dinner “Murder on the             $65, $45. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                  Paintings by Humberto Calzada. Polk Museum of
Petulant Express” Ramon Theater, Frostproof. 7pm.         Jan. 10–Feb. 14: Acrylics and Oils (all levels) with      Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.
Cost $30. Celebrate New Year’s Eve and enjoy dinner       Lois Kimball, Session II. Mondays, 9am-12 noon. $125      Jan. 15-Mar. 26: The Big Picture. Polk Museum
and our own cast of characters. Party Favors & Cash       non-members, $100 members. Lake Wales Arts Center.        of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.
Bar. Purchase tickets online or      863-676-8426.                                             Jan. 15: Creative Studies Series: Topic TBA.
call 863-635-7222.                                        Jan. 10-31: Winter Art Classes for Children.              Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 5-7:30pm.
                                                          Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. Fee per class.              $12 Members, $15 Non-Members. 863-688-5423.
                                                          Registration required. 863-688-5423.

                                                            Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
     Jan. 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday                    Jan. 27: Band of the Air Force Reserve. Youkey              Feb. 1-28: Members Show. Reception: Fri., Feb. 4,
     Carillon Concerts. 1pm & 3pm. Included with                 Theatre, 7:30pm, free admission. Lakeland Center,           6-9pm. Uphoff Gallery. Arts On The Park, Lakeland.
     general admission. Bok Tower Gardens.                       863-834-8115.                                               863-680-2787.; 863-676-1408.                      Jan. 27-30: Murder By Natural Causes. By Tim                Feb. 1: 82nd Anniversary Dedication Day
     Jan. 18: Moonlight Carillon Concert. 7:30pm.                Kelly. All night performances are 7:30pm, with Sun-         Carillon Concerts. 1pm & 3pm. Included with
     Half-price admission after 5pm. Bok Tower Gardens.          days at 2pm. Tickets: Adults $14, Children $10. Lake        general admission. Bok Tower Gardens. ; 863-676-1408.                     Wales Little Theater, Lake Wales. 863-676-1266.   ; 863-676-1408.
     Jan. 19: Michael Bolton: One World One Love                 Jan. 27-Apr. 21: 12-week Watercolor Art                     Feb. 1: Petula Clark, Youkey Theatre. 2:30pm
     2010 Tour. Youkey Theatre, 8pm, $100, $60, $40.             Classes with Owen Jolly. Thursdays - call for times.        & 7:30pm, $65, $40, (Evening -$125 Front Row Club).
     Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                              $220 or 10 percent discount for members; reservations       Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Jan. 19: An Evening with Mark Lowry.                        required. Bok Tower Gardens.                                Feb. 2: RAW TV. Bolin Studio, 7pm and 9pm.
     Polk Theatre, 7:30 pm. $25 Orchestra & Loge,      ; 863-676-1408.                      Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.
     $15 Mezzanine & Balcony. Southeastern University,           Jan. 28: An Evening with Merle Haggard. Youkey              Feb. 2: Lakeland Chamber of Commerce Annual
     Lakeland. 863-667-5119.                                     Theatre, 8pm, $79, $47, $39, $29. Lakeland Center,          Dinner. Exhibit Hall, 6:30pm. Lakeland Center,
     Jan. 20-22: Florida Winter Square Dancing                   863-834-8115.                                               863-834-8115.
     Festival. Exhibit & Sikes Hall, 8am-11:30pm.                Jan. 28: View & Review: Critiquing Emerging                 Feb. 3-Mar. 10: Western Views. Painting, drawing
     Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                              Artists. 6-8:30pm. Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland.            and sculpture with a Pacific Coast perspective. Opening
     Jan. 21-23: Murder By Natural Causes.                       $15 per piece for Artists, $5 Audience. Cash bar. Artists   reception 5-7pm. Michael Crews Gallery. Lake Wales
     By Tim Kelly. All night performances are 7:30pm, with       MUST pre-register. 863-688-5423.                            Arts Center. 863-676-8426. FREE.
     Sundays at 2pm. Tickets: Adults $14, Children $10.          Jan. 28: Unpland Improv. Mi Casa Café, 7pm and              Feb. 4: Steven Sternberg - Ramon Theater
     Lake Wales Little Theater, Lake Wales. 863-676-1266.        9pm. Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.       2nd Annual Music Series. 7pm. Award winning
     Jan. 21: Student Reception: Harrison School                 Jan. 29: Beyond the Art of the Humberto                     songwriter and pianist. Boogie-Woogie, Blues,
     for the Arts Senior Exhibition. Polk Museum of              Calzada exhibition. Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland.           Ragtime and Neo-Classical. Tickets: $15 if purchased
     Art, Lakeland. 6pm. Free admission. 863-688-5423.           1-2pm. Free with Museum admission. 863-688-5423.            prior to Feb. 4 or $20 at the door. Purchase online
     Jan. 21: Contemporary Ensemble.                             Jan. 29: Elton John & Elvis. Dwight Icenhower      or call 863-635-7222.
     Bush Chapel, 7:30pm. Southeastern University,               with The Repeatles. Ramon Theater, Frostproof. 2nd          Feb. 4: Special Performance Series - Clarinet Is
     Lakeland. 863-667-5119.                                     Annual Music Series. 7pm. Cost $15, if purchased prior      King. 7:30pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk
     Jan. 21: PechaKucha Night Lakeland. Doors                   to Jan 29, or $20 at the door. Purchase online www.         State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.
     open 7:20pm. Presentations begin 8:20pm. A social/ or Call 863-635-7222.                      Feb. 5: Family Fun Workshop. Polk Museum of
     networking event for creative individuals. Lakeland         Jan. 29: Super Science Saturday. Walk-in science            Art, Lakeland. 10:30am - noon. Free. 863-688-5423.
     location to be announced. $5 entry at the door. Proceeds    fun from 10am-1pm. Museum admission of $5 plus              Feb. 5 - May 22: Women’s Views. Polk Museum of
     benefit Platform Art.                  $3. Explorations V Children’s Museum, Lakeland.             Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.
     Jan. 21-Feb. 11: “Kelly Sturhahn.” Florida                  863-687-3869.                                               Feb. 5: Eroica Trio. Florida Southern College. 7:30
     Southern College’s Melvin Gallery. Free.                    Jan. 29-31: Gator Cutlery Club. Exhibit Hall East,          pm, Branscomb Memorial Auditorium. 863-680-4296.
     Jan. 22-23: Over 55 Show Band Concert.                      (29) 11am-5pm, (30-31) 10am-5pm both days, $4, $6           Feb. 5: Platform.5 Youth & Art: Shaping Your
     Tickets: $8. 2pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery.           two day pass. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                Community for a Greener Future. 5-8pm. Annual
     Polk State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.             Jan. 30: Thanks for the Music - ABBA. Celebrate             Platform Art event featuring visual art, short films,
     Jan 22: The Nelons. Gospel Sing by Spradlen                 New Year with Lakeland Community Theatre and                fashion and performances given by kids for kids.
     Promotions. Ramon Theater, Frostproof. 7pm. Cost            Theatre Winter Haven as they combine their artistry and     Oasis Community Church, 3330 Winter Lake Road,
     $10. In advance at Ramon Theater, 15 E. Wall St., or at     talents to present this ABBAsolutely fabulous musical       Lakeland. Students FREE (through grade 12) - Adults
     the door. Info 863-635-7222 or        event! One show only at Historic Polk Theater. Tiered       $5 suggested donation.
     Jan. 22: The 11th Annual Gathering of Angels -              Seating - $30, $20, $15. Tickets available ONLY at The      Feb. 5-Mar. 31: Discovering Beauty in
     Beach Boogie Bash. Theatre Winter Haven’s largest           Polk Theatre. 863-683-7553.                                 Gardens and Wild Places – Allen Rokach Digital
     fundraiser of the season is now in its 11th year. Featur-   Jan. 30: Singing Tree. Unique duo of hammered               Photography Exhibit. 9am-5pm daily.
     ing dining, dancing, desserts and a silent acution. The     dulcimer and double-bass play a variety of Celtic, folk,    Included with general admission. Bok Tower Gardens.
     auction will include jewelry, travel and art. Music will    traditional and original music. 2pm. $25 non-members,; 863-676-1408.
     be provided by the Boca Band. 7-11:30pm. Tickets $75.       $20 members, $5 students. Updike Hall, Lake Wales           Feb. 5: American Cheer & Dance Academy.
     Nora Mayo Hall, Theatre Winter Haven. 863-299-2672.         Arts Center. 864-676-8426.                                  Jenkins Arena. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Jan. 22: Family Fun Workshop by Polk Museum                 Jan. 30: Special Performance Series - Puccini to            Feb. 5-6: Miami Cat Fanciers Association Cat
     of Art. Location TBA. 10:30am-noon. Free.                   Broadway. 2pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk         Show 2010. Sikes Hall. (5) 12pm-7pm, (6)
     863-688-5423.                                               State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                  9am-4:30pm, $7, $5 Seniors with coupon. Lakeland
     Jan. 23: Music at Pinewood Concert Series:                  Jan. 30: Thank You for the Music. The music of              Center, 863-834-8115.
     Pianists Duo Turgeon. 4:30pm. $25 or 10 percent             ABBA. Joint performance: Theatre Winter Haven &             Feb. 6: “Dancin with the Big Band.” 2pm. Florida
     discount for members; reservations recommended.             Lakeland Community Theatre. 2pm at the Polk Theatre,        Dance Theatre professional dancers are joined by the
     Bok Tower Gardens.;                 Lakeland.                                                   Big Band Sounds of Rob Arnold & The Continentals at
     863-676-1408.                                               Jan. 31-Feb. 18: Gallery Exhibit - Black History            Polk State College in Winter Haven. 863-802-0399.
     Jan. 24: Faculty Recital by Young-Ah Tak. First             Month. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State           Feb. 6: ISO Masterworks Cookie Concert.
     Presbyterian Church, 7:30pm. Southeastern University,       College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                        Youkey Theatre, 3pm, $7 advance, $10 at door.
     Lakeland. 863-667-5119.                                                                                                 Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Jan. 25: Robert Fleitz, piano. Florida Southern                                                                         Feb. 7: Faculty String Recital. First Presbyterian
     College. 7:30pm, Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.                                                                         Church, 7:30pm. Southeastern University, Lakeland.
     863-680-4296.                                               FEBRUARY                                                    863-667-5119.
     Jan. 25-26: Snowbird Extravaganza. Jenkins                  Feb. 1-20: Polk County Kids Tag Art on Exhibit              Feb. 7: After School Art. Polk Museum of Art,
     Arena and Conference Center, 9am-5pm, free admis-           at Polk Musuem of Art, Lakeland.                            Lakeland. 4:30-5:30pm. FREE for Members,
     sion. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                        Feb. 1-Mar. 10: Spring Art Classes for Children,            $5 Non-Members. 863-688-5423.
     Jan. 26: RAW TV. Bolin Studio, 7pm and 9pm.                 Teens, and Adults. Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland.            Feb 8: Opera Overtures. Preview of upcoming
     Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.            Fee per class. Registration Required. 863-688-5423.         Metropolitan Opera HD telecast of John Adams’
     Jan. 26-29: The Road To Mecca. By Athol Fugard.             Feb. 1-3: The Road To Mecca. By Athol Fugard.               contemporary masterpiece Nixon in China. 1:30pm
     Performed by Polk State College Theatre. Tickets: $8.       Performed by Polk State College Theatre. Tickets: $8.       & 7pm. $5. Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.
     7pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State             7pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State             Feb. 8: Special Event “Polk Proud 150.”
     College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                        College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                        Polk County Historical Museum, Bartow. FREE.
                                                                              Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
Feb. 8: The Sounds of Music. Southeastern                Feb. 14-Mar. 20: The Sound Of Music. The hills             Feb. 19: Karaoke Cabaret. 7pm. Additional details
University Singers under the direction of Dr. Daniel     are once more alive with THE SOUND OF MUSIC                TBA. Ramon Theater, Frostproof. Check for updated
Gordon will sing. International Guest Concert Pianist    as we bring this family favorite back to our stage. See    info on or call 863-635-7222.
Julian Toha will perform favorite selections from his    it with all the beautiful music and the wonderful love     Feb. 19: Live at the Gardens! Concert Series:
repertoire. Meeting is held at the Tuesday Music Club    story. It has been called “Truly one of the greatest mu-   Victoria de Lissovoy Jazz Quintet. 7:30pm.
Building at 421 E. Park Street at 10:30, followed by a   sicals of all time.” - Vanity. Chain of Lakes Complex,     $25 or 10 percent discount for members; reservations
catered luncheon.                                        Theatre Winter Haven. 863-299-2672.                        recommended. Bok Tower Gardens.
Feb. 8-9: Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance.           Feb. 15: ISO Masterworks No. 4: All in the       ; 863-676-1408.
Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm (both nights, (8) series          Family. Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm, $40, $30, $20,             Feb. 20: Polk County Bridal Exhibit &
performance, (9) non-series performance) $45.            Student offer: $20, $15, $10. Lakeland Center,             Marketplace. Sikes Hall, 1-5pm, $8.
Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                           863-834-8115.                                              Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
Feb. 8 & 10: Home School Workshops. 10am-                Feb. 16: The Music Man. Youkey Theatre,                    Feb. 20: Special Performance Series - Tribute to
1pm. Sign up for either day. Explorations V Children’s   7:30pm, $45. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                Harry James. 2pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery.
Museum, Lakeland. Call 863-687-3869 for pricing.         Feb. 16: RAW TV. Bolin Studio, 7pm and 9pm.                Polk State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.
Feb. 10: “I Can’t Believe All That Happened in           Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.           Feb. 21: After School Art. Polk Museum of Art,
Polk County!” Florida Southern College’s Florida         Feb. 16-Mar. 20: The Young Artist’s Show.                  Lakeland. 4:30-5:30pm. FREE for Members,
Lecture Series welcomes Canter Brown, Jr. 7pm,           This annual exhibition celebrates the creativity of Polk   $5 Non-Members. 863-688-5423.
Hollis Room. Free. 863-680-3001.                         county middle and high school art students. Public is      Feb. 21–Mar. 28: Acrylics and Oils (all levels) with
Feb. 10: Teresa Walter. Internationally                  invited to join us 6:30-8:30pm on Sat. Feb. 19 for the     Lois Kimball, Session III. Mondays, 9am-12 noon.
acclaimed virtuoso pianist with a spectacular program    opening reception and awards ceremony. Ridge Art           $125 non-members, $100 members. Lake Wales Arts
celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Franz Liszt.        Association, Winter Haven. 863-291-5661.                   Center. 863-676-8426.
7:30pm. $25 non-members, $20 members, $5 students.       Feb. 17: Moonlight Carillon Concert. 7:30pm.               Feb. 21: Presidents Day Carillon Concerts. 1pm
Updike Hall, Lake Wales Arts Center. 864-676-8426.       Half-price admission after 5pm. Bok Tower Gardens.         & 3pm. Included with general admission. Bok Tower
Feb. 10-12: Jekyll & Hyde. Florida Southern    ; 863-676-1408.                     Gardens.; 863-676-1408.
College, 7:30pm Thurs.-Sat.; 2:30pm matinees in the      Feb. 17-19: Jekyll & Hyde. Florida Southern                Feb. 21-22: Haines City Community Theatre
Loca Lee Buckner Theatre. 863-680-4296.                  College, 7:30pm Thurs.-Sat.; 2:30pm matinees in            Auditions for “The Premature Corpse,” by Mike
Feb. 11: Unpland Improv TV. Bolin Studio,                the Loca Lee Buckner Theatre. 863-680-4296.                Johnson. Auditions will be held at 7pm at the Clay Cut
6pm and 9pm. Southeastern University, Lakeland.          Feb. 18: Curator tour of the exhibitions                   Center located at 801 Ledwith Avenue in Haines City.
863-667-5119.                                            Retrospect and Restoration: Paintings by                   863-421-1893.
Feb. 11: FSC Faculty Showcase. Florida Southern          Humberto Calzada and The Big Picture. Polk                 Feb. 22–Mar. 29: Advanced Watercolors (adults)
College. 7:30pm, Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.          Museum of Art, Lakeland. 12:15-1pm. Free with              with Jan Fetters, Session III. Tuesdays, 9am-12noon.
863-680-4296.                                            Museum admission. 863-688-7743.                            $125 non-members, $100 members. Lake Wales Arts
Feb. 11-13: Showbiz Talent Competitions.                 Feb. 18: Florida Dance Theatre. Performing at              Center. 863-676-8426.
Youkey Theatre, (11) 4pm, (12) 9am, (13) 8am.            South Florida Community College (Avon Park). Back          Feb. 22–Mar. 29: Beginning/Intermediate
Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                           by popular demand, the professional company returns        Watercolors (adults) with Jan Fetters, Session III.
Feb. 12: MoonDancer - Ramon Theater 2nd                  for a full evening of dance including favorites from       Tuesdays, 1-4pm. $125 non-members, $100 members.
Annual Music Series. 7pm. Eclectic, professional         their vast repertoire and some exciting new works.         Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.
jazz, swing and rhythm & blues band led by vocalist/     863-802-0399.                                              Feb. 22: Opera Overtures. Preview of upcoming
pianist Cathy DeWitt. Tickets: $15 if purchased prior    Feb. 18-19: fX Concert. Bush Chapel, 7:30pm                Metropolitan Opera HD telecast of Gluck’s classic
to Feb. 12 or $20 at the door. Purchase online           Fri/Sat, 2:30pm Saturday. $5 general admission, $3         tragedy Iphigénie en Tauride. 1:30pm & 7pm. $5.00. or call 863-635-7222.               seniors & students. Southeastern University, Lakeland.     Lake Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.
Feb. 12: Dinner Theater. Time: 6:30-9pm. Cost            863-667-5119.                                              Feb. 23: The Russian National Ballet Theatre
- $25.00. Come ready to enjoy an evening filled with     Feb. 18-19: FHSAA Wrestling Finals. Jenkins                presents Swan Lake. Youkey Theatre, 8pm, $65,
terrific food and entertainment by the Young Americans   Arena, for more information:                $45, $35. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
touring group from Warner University for our annual      Lakeland Center.                                           Feb. 23-26: FHSAA Girls Basketball Finals.
dinner theater held at the Tuesday Music Club Building   Feb. 18-20: Collectorama. Exhibit Hall, (18-19)            Jenkins Arena, for more information:
at 421 E. Park Street . This Ways and Means Activity     10am-6pm, (20) 10am-4pm, $4, free parking.                 Lakeland Center.
helps earn monies for use of our TMC projects and        Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                             Feb. 23–Mar. 30: Beginning Drawing (ages 15
Scholarships.                                            Feb. 18-20: NexStar Dance Competition.                     and up) with Ann R. Moore, Session III. Wednesdays,
Feb. 12: Xtreme Champions Cheer and Dance.               Youkey Theatre. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.             3pm-5pm. $125 non-members, $100 members. Lake
Jenkins Arena, 12pm-6:30pm. Lakeland Center,             Feb. 18-27: London Suite by Neil Simon performed           Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.
863-834-8115.                                            by Haines City Community Theatre. Performance will         Feb. 24: FSC Orchestra Concert. Florida Southern
Feb. 12-13: Suncoast Gun Show. Exhibit Hall, (12)        be 8pm Friday & Saturday evenings and 2:30pm               College. 7:30pm, Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.
9am-5pm, (13) 9am-4pm, $8 Adults, kids free 12 &         Sunday matinees. Ticket price: $10.00. Clay Cut            863-680-4296.
under. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                    Center, 801 Ledwith Avenue in Haines City.                 Feb. 24: Michael Amante. Youkey Theatre, 2:30pm
Feb. 12-13: PSC Music Student Concert. 2:30pm.           863-421-1893.                                              & 7:30pm, $65, $40, (evening performance: $125 Front
FREE. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery. Polk State         Feb. 18-Mar. 18: “Sam Romero and Gil Rocha:                Row Club). Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.                     We Are Not Related.” Florida Southern College’s            Feb. 25: Unpland Improv. Mi Casa Café, 7pm and
Feb: 14: Valentine’s Day Carillon Concerts. 1pm          Melvin Gallery. Free.                                      9pm. Southeastern University, Lakeland. 863-667-5119.
& 3pm. Included with general admission. Bok Tower        Feb. 19-Apr. 10: Student Exhibition: Creative              Feb. 25: The Joy of Photographing Flowers
Gardens.; 863-676-1408.          Youth: 12th Congressional District Competi-                Audio-Visual Presentation & Lecture with
Feb. 14: A Romantic Valentine Evening of                 tion. Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.          Allen Rokach 6-8pm. $10 or 10 percent discount for
Viennese Music & Dining at Pinewood Estate.              Feb. 19: Family Fun Workshop by Polk Museum                members; free for workshop participants; reservations
6:30pm. $180 per couple or members $165 per couple;      of Art. Polk City Library, Polk City. 10:30am-noon.        required. Bok Tower Gardens.
reservations recommended. Bok Tower Gardens.             Free. 863-688-5423.                              ; 863-676-1408.; 863-676-1408.                   Feb. 19: Creative Studies Series: Topic TBA.               Feb. 25-27: Hall of Fame Dance Challenge.
Feb. 14: After School Art. Polk Museum of Art,           Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 5-7:30pm.                    Youkey Theatre. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
Lakeland. 4:30-5:30pm. FREE for Members,                 $12 Members, $15 Non-Members. 863-688-5423.                Feb. 25-27: Hymn Fest. Fri. 7pm; Sat. 11am &
$5 Non-Members. 863-688-5423.                            Feb. 19: Florida Orchestra. Florida Southern               3pm; Sun. 3pm. Warner Southern College, Lake Wales.
                                                         College. 7:30pm, Branscomb Memorial Auditorium.            863-638-7225.
                                                         863-680-4296.                                              Feb. 25-27: MUSEUM CLOSED for The Gala. Polk
                                                                                                                    Museum of Art, Lakeland. 863-688-7743.

                                                           Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
     Feb. 26: The Gala. Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland.           Mar. 6: Mardi Gras Nationals. Jenkins Arena,          Mar. 18-20: Star Systems. Youkey Theatre, (18)
     6pm-12am. $350 per person. Reservations required.          10:30am-5:30pm. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.        3pm, (19-20) 8am. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     863-688-7743 x240.                                         Mar. 7: Harlem Globetrotters. Jenkins Arena, 7pm.     Mar. 18-20: Bach Festival Weekend of Baroque
     Feb. 26: Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration.                   Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                        Opera & Instumental Music. Florida Southern
     10am-3pm. Activities included w/admission while            Mar. 10: Frank Sinatra Jr. Sinatra Sings Sinatra.     College.
     supplies last. Explorations V Children’s Museum,           Youkey Theatre, 2:30pm & 7:30pm, $65, $40,            Mar. 19-20: Lakeland VW Classic. South Parking
     Lakeland. 863-687-3869.                                    (Evening: $125 Front Row Club). Lakeland Center,      Lot, 9am-5pm, $5 plus 1 can of food, Parking fee for
     Feb. 26: The 3rd Annual Season “An Evening of              863-834-8115.                                         event is $2. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Dance” featuring the professional company of Florida       Mar. 11-13: Prime Time Dance Competition.             Mar. 19 & 20: The Central Park Art Festival.
     Dance Theatre and favorite works performed by dance        Youkey Theatre. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.        Downtown Winter Haven. Ridge Art Association.
     students of All Saints Academy. Matinee & evening          Mar. 12: Annual Art of Woodcarving Show &             863-291-5661.
     performance. 863-802-0399.                                 Competition. 9am-4pm. $4 per person, kids under       Mar. 24: St. Johns River City Band: Satin Swing.
     Feb. 26: Tammerlin - Ramon Theater 2nd                     12 & Scouts in uniform FREE. First Presbyterian       7:30pm. $25 non-members, $20 members, $5 students.
     Annual Music Series. 7pm. Tammerlin places their           Church, 175 Hollingsworth Dr., Lakeland.              Updike Hall, Lake Wales Arts Center. 864-676-8426.
     own stamp on folk/roots music, with their mix of clever                         Mar. 25-27: Starpower National Talent
     originals and traditional songs from both sides of the     Mar. 12: “Paint the Town Red!” Gala to benefit the    Competition. Youkey Theatre, (25) 5pm, (26-27)
     Atlantic. Tickets: $15 if purchased prior to Feb. 26 or    Lake Wales Arts Council programs. Red tie optional.   8am. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     $20 at the door. Purchase online                           Elegant buffet, dancing, silent auction. 7pm. Lake    Mar. 26-27: Citizens Bank 40th Annual Lake or call 863-635-7222.                 Wales Arts Center. 863-676-8426.                      Wales Art Show. On the shores of Lake Wailes.
     Feb. 26-27: Digital Photography Workshop with              Mar. 13: Gould Piano Trio with Clarinetist Robert     10am-5pm. For information call the Lake Wales Arts
     Allen Rokach: 7am-6pm. $350 or 10 percent discount         Plane. 2pm. $25 non-members, $20 members, $5          Council, 863-676-8426.
     for members, includes February 25 audio-visual             students. Updike Hall, Lake Wales Arts Center.        Mar. 26-Apr. 17: 40th Annual Lake Wales Student
     presentation; reservations required. Bok Tower             864-676-8426.                                         Art Show. Michael Crews Gallery. Lake Wales Arts
     Gardens.; 863-676-1408.            Mar. 13: Polk Senior Games. Jenkins Arena, 1pm,       Center. Awards Sunday afternoon, April 17.
     Feb. 26-27: Over 55 Show Band Concert.                     free parking. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.          863-676-8426. FREE.
     Tickets: $8. 2pm. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery.          Mar. 14-18: Spring Break Art Camp for Children.       Mar. 26-27: 2011 Florida State Gymnastics
     Polk State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.            Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 9am-4:30pm. Fee for     Championships. Jenkins Arena, 8am both days.
     Feb. 27: American Cheerpower. Jenkins Arena,               the week. Registration Required. 863-688-5423.        Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     10am-5:30pm. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                Mar. 15: Opera Overtures. Preview of upcoming         Mar. 26-27: Buckler’s Art & Craft Fair. Exhibit
     Feb. 27: Sunday Musicale. Time: 3pm. Cost: Free.           Metropolitan Opera HD telecast of Donizetti’s Lucia   Hall, (26) 10am-5pm, (27) 10am-4pm, $6, $1 Children
     Donations accepted. Invite your friends and neigh-         di Lammermoor. 1:30pm & 7pm. $5. Lake Wales Arts      4-12, Admission is good both days with a hand stamp,
     bors to attend our Sunday Musicale where we offer          Center. 863-676-8426.                                 free parking. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     examples of some of the types of programs we offer at      Mar. 17: The Wizard of Oz. Youkey Theatre,            Mar. 29: An Evening with Marvin Hamlisch.
     our regular meetings. A wide variety of music will be      7:30pm, $45. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.           Youkey Theatre, 2:30pm & 7:30pm, $65, $40,
     presented to interest everyone. This will be held at the   Mar. 17-19: Original Sewing & Quilt Expo.             (Evening: $125 Front Row Club). Lakeland Center,
     Tuesday Music Club Building at 421 E. Park Street.         Exhibit Hall & Sikes Hall Conference Center,          863-834-8115.
     Feb. 27: Music at Pinewood Concert Series                  8am-5:30pm, $10, for more information
     with Pianist Joseph Schwartz. Dedicated to Mrs.  
     Marilyn Newell. 4:30pm. $25 or 10 percent discount         Lakeland Center.

                                                                                                          Art Classes
     for members; reservations required. Bok Tower
     Gardens.; 863-676-1408.
     Feb. 28: After School Art. Polk Museum of Art,
     Lakeland. 4:30-5:30pm. FREE for Members,
     $5 Non-Members. 863-688-5423.
     Feb. 28-Mar. 25: Gallery Exhibit - PSC Faculty
                                                                                                              Year Round in
     Show. FREE. Winter Haven Fine Arts Gallery.
     Polk State College, Winter Haven. 863-297-1050.
                                                                                                           Watercolor & Acrylics
     Feb. 28: Masterworks Concert. First Presbyterian                                                           All Levels
     Church, 7:30pm. Southeastern University, Lakeland.

                                                                                                                                        Mal Surrency
     Mar. 1: An Evening with The Oak Ridge Boys.
     Youkey Theatre, 7:30pm, $65, $39. Lakeland Center,
     Mar. 2-5: FHSAA Boys Basketball Finals.
     Jenkins Arena, for more information:
     Lakeland Center.                                                                                 Sharon Haeusler
     Mar. 3: Disney Live presents Mickey’s Magic
     Show. Youkey Theatre. Lakeland Center,

                                                                                                              Visual Concepts
     Mar. 4: The Inspirations. Youkey Theatre, 8pm,
     $18. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.
     Mar. 5: Applause Talent Dance Competition.
     Youkey Theatre, 8:30am. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                                                      4640 Cleveland Hts. Blvd.
     Mar. 5: LRMC presents Cookin’ Men.
     Sikes Hall. Lakeland Center, 863-834-8115.                                                                       863-646-7166
     Mar. 5: Student Reception: Creative Youth:
     12th Congressional District Competition.                                                                For a class schedule call or go to
     Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland. 11am. Free admission.
                                                                            Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                                                          Upcoming Exhibitions
                                                                                          CALL FOR ARTISTS:
                                                                                          The Black and White and Read All Over Show
                                                                                          December 2 to December 22
                                                                                             Ridge Art once again presents Polk County’s premier Black
                                                                                          & White Show to challenge artists and delight art patrons.
                                                                                          This exhibit features original artworks by area artists that
                                                                                          are black, white and shades of gray only.
                                                                                             RAA is issuing a call to artists for this challenging show.
                                                                                          All fine arts media – painting, drawing, mixed media, collage,
                                                                                          photography and sculpture – created in the past two years
                                                                                          are eligible as long as they are done in black, white and
                                                                                          shades of gray ONLY.
                                                                                             Receiving for this show will be held 10 a.m. to 4 p.m on
                                                                                          Friday, November 19 and 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday,
                                                                                          November 20. A Judge’s Critique will be held 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                             The Black and White and Read All Over Show will be open
                                                                                          to the public Dec. 2 to 19 in the Ridge Art Gallery. An Artist’s
                                                                                          Reception will be held 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. December 4 in the
                                                                                             For more information or for a full prospectus call the
                                                                                          office at 291-5661.

Currently on Display                                                                      CALL FOR ARTISTS:
                                                                                          The 61st Anniversary Fine Arts Exhibition
                                                                                          January 13 to February 6
                                                                                             RAA is issuing a call to artists for our annual Fine Arts
 AVIATION EXHIBITION                                                                      Exhibition. All fine arts media – painting, drawing, mixed
 at Winter Haven Municipal Airport                                                        media, collage, photography and sculpture (no crafts)
     Ridge Art Association and The City of Winter Haven present artist                    created in the past two years are eligible. Entry fees are
 interpretations of flight in The Aviation Exhibition open during normal                  $35 for non-members and $25 for members, for up to three
 airport operating hours through May 1, 2011 at the Winter Haven                          pieces.
 Municipal Airport, 2073 U.S. Highway 92.                                                    Receiving dates are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, January 7
                                                                                          and 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Sharp!) Saturday, January 8. A
                                                                                          Judge’s Critique will be held, 3 p.m. Saturday. The public is
 IT STARTS IN THE PARKS:                                                                  invited to attend.
 A Winter Haven City Hall Exhibition                                                         Walt Bistline is this year’s judge. Bistline is the artist in
    The City of Winter Haven and Ridge Art Association offer another                      residence at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.
 collaborative exhibit with It Starts in the Parks. This juried exhibit                      The exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday,
 featuring scenes from Winter Haven’s public parks will continue                          January 13 through February 6. The reception and awards
 through June 2011 at Winter Haven City Hall, 431 Third St. N.W.                          ceremony for the artists will be held 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on
                                                                                          Saturday, January 15. The public is invited.

 The Central Park Art Festival
 The Central Park Art Festival will be held March 19 & 20, 2011, in
                                                                                          CALL FOR ARTISTS:
                                                                                          The Young Artist’s Show
 downtown Winter Haven. The Second Annual Battle of the Bands will                        February 16 to March 20
 be held March 19, 2011 in Central Park during the Central Park Art
 Festival.                                                                                   This annual exhibition celebrates the creativity of Polk
                                                                                          County middle and high school art students and provides
 WATCH THIS SPACE...                                                                      them the opportunity to win cash prizes.
                                                                                              Senior art students who enter a portfolio of 10 pieces
 for updates on renovations to our future gallery and offices in a                        compete for a $1,000 art scholarship.
 city-owned building located at 245 W. Central Ave. in downtown                              All artwork must be submitted through a school art
 Winter Haven.                                                                            teacher in Polk County. RAA allows each art instructor to
    During the summer the building received a new roof. Also, two new                     enter the artwork of 10 students.
 air conditioning units were installed after the existing models were                         Sponsors for this exhibition include Raysway McDonald’s,
 stolen.                                                                                  Ken Rogers Pediatric Dentistry, Polk State College Community
    Renovations will be in full swing during January 2011. Our wish list                  Foundation and Mrs. William Fuller.
 includes: lockers, kitchen cabinets, wood flooring in any amount, and                       The public is invited to join us 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday,
 new carpet to cover the gallery walls.                                                   February 19 for the opening reception and awards ceremony.

                                         Office and gallery hours are 12:30 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
                      The gallery is also open to coincide with Theatre Winter Haven productions one hour prior to show time.
                      The office and gallery are currently located inside the Chain O’Lakes Complex, 210 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
                          For more information, call the gallery at 863-291-5661 or visit our website at

                                                     Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
            November 5, 2010      “Pops By The Lake,” Lake Mirror Amphitheatre

            November 9, 2010      Masterworks #2 - Back for Seconds, Youkey Theatre
                                         Overture to Egmont                                       Beethoven
                                         Concerto #1 for Piano                                    Tchaikowsky
                                             Young-Ah Tak, piano soloist
                                         Pines of Rome                                            Respighi

            December 7, 2010      Masterworks #3 - Christmas Concert, Youkey Theatre
                                          Featuring Florida Dance Theatre, local artists and the ISO performing seasonal favorites.

            January 22, 2011      10th Anniversary Opera Celebration, Branscomb Auditorium
                                          Famous scenes from each of the operas performed by the ISO

            February 6, 2011      Cookie Concert - 3:00 pm, Youkey Theatre All in the Family Program

            February 15, 2011     Masterworks #4 - All in the Family, Youkey Theatre
                                          St. Paul’s Suite Mvts. I & IV (strings)                       Holst
                                          Young Artist Winners                                          TBD
                                          Young People’s Guide to the Orchestra                         Britten

            March 22, 2011        Sacred Spaces Concert - The King of Instruments at FUMC (included with subscription)
                                          Adagio                                                  Albinoni
                                          Concerto in g for organ                                 Poulenc
                                              Matthew Corl, organ
                                          Symphony #3 (Organ)                                     Saint-Saens

            April 12, 2011        Masterworks #5 - An Evening of Broadway, Youkey Theatre
                                          A partnership with Lakeland Community Theatre

            April 26, 2011        Plant City Pops, Trinkle Center at HCC

            April 30, 2011        Concert Under The Stars, Bok Tower Gardens

                               w w w. i m p e r i a l s y m p h o n y. o r g
                                   Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                                                                          IMPERIAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

45th Anniversary Courtesy of Craig Advertising, Inc.

                                                  Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
                                                                                     Tel.: 863-603-7529
                                                                            121 S. Lake Ave • Lakeland, FL 33801

                                                                THE PRODUCERS
                                                                            By Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan

                                                    HOW TO BE A FLOP ON BROADWAY
                                                                 or (The Plot of The Producers)
                                                  Step 1: Find the worst play ever written.
                                                  Step 2: Hire the worst director in town.
                                                  Step 3: Raise two million dollars. ... One for Max, One for Leo.
                                                  Step 4: Hire the worst actors in New York.
                                                  Step 5: Close on Broadway, take the two million and go to Rio.

                                                                                  How could it fail!!

                   Or (Don’t miss this amazing show at Lakeland Community Theatre)

     - The Producers was nominated for 15 Tony awards and won a record breaking 12!
     - The original production opened on Broadway on April 19, 2001, starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.
     - It ran for 2,505 performances and spawned a successful London production running for three years, national tours, many
     productions internationally and a 2005 film version.
     - The Producers broke the record for the largest single day box-office ticket sales in theatre history, taking in more than $3
     million. It then broke its own record in 2003 when Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane returned, with over $3.5 million in
     single day ticket sales.
     - The Las Vegas version starred David Hasselhoff receiving top billing as Roger De Bris.
     - The Producers has also been presented professionally in Toronto, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Christchurch, Tel
     Aviv, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Copenhagen, Milan, Budapest, Madrid, Halifax, Mexico City, Prague,
     Stockholm, Bratislava, Vienna, Helsinki, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Caracas, Portugal, Gothenborg, Varde and
     It has been translated into German, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish,
     Slovak, Finnish, Greek, Portuguese and Russian.

                                       December 3-19, 2010
                                                 Lakeland Mirror Theatre Complex
                                                     121 S. Lake Ave. 33801

      TICKETS $20 Adults, $15 College Students w/ID, Children 18 & Under $10
            Call 863 603 PLAY (7529) or online

                                               Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
                 Polk County

        s Museum
       Polk County Historical Museum
             Prepares for 2011
        The winter calendar at the Polk County
     Historical Museum includes the new exhibit “Old
     Time Tool Time” opening in January 2011. The
     display from the museum collection highlights
     fascinating hardware hand tools used by
     craftsmen in manual operations, such as
     chopping, chiseling, sawing, filing, forging,
     and more.

     Polk County will celebrate a momentous
     milestone in 2011, as the county marks its
     150th anniversary, Polk Proud 150. Our
     beautiful fresh water lakes, with great forests,
     fertile lands, exotic plants, and green pastures,
     brilliant in the warmth of the sun and the
     showers of the Peace River Valley and
     surroundings brought a feeling of innate
     pride to the earliest settlers of this land. On
     February 8th, 1861, Florida Governor Madison
     Perry signed legislation creating Polk. This is
     a once-in-a-generation moment to display our
     heritage and our sense of civic pride for one of              Winter Calendar
     the greatest places on earth to live. Join us in                 2010-11
     launching a year long celebration at the museum
     February 8th, 2011.

     The Polk County Historical Museum is located
     at 100 East Main Street in Bartow. The hours                  January 4-February 28:
     of operation are Tuesday–Friday, 9am to 5pm;                 Exhibit “Old Time Tool Time”
     and Saturdays from 9am–3pm. Admission to
     the Museum is free. For more information call
                                                                  February 8: Special Event
     863-534-4386 or visit                     “Polk Proud 150”

                                      Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
Paintings by Humberto Calzada
      Starting January 15, Polk Museum of Art will be home to the paintings of Humberto Calzada,
one of the leading figures from the first generation of exiled artists to have developed outside
of Cuba. Calzada’s paintings of architectural scenes are based on observations and memories of
Cuba, merging historically charged imagery into a modernist pictorial tradition. He combines the
scientific approach of Renaissance perspective, the uncertainty of de Chirico’s piazzas, and the
experience of 20th-century abstraction with nostalgic sentimentality.
      Calzada’s work has been said to carry on the classical Latin American artistic tradition:
dreamlike realism, tension created by the contrast between calm and conflict, and the use of
timeless symbols as a universal language. Throughout his career, he has applied these themes
through architectural imagery. He depicts harmony through the use of natural elements, and he
depicts conflict through the opposition of the ephemeral movement of light and water against the
static force of stone and glass. In his most recent series of works, Calzada adds painted details
over photographs of dilapidated Cuban architecture. By doing so, he visually restores the old
buildings to their original grandeur.
      Humberto Calzada was born in Cuba in 1944 and has lived in the United States since 1960.
In 1966 he received a degree in Industrial Engineering, followed by an MBA in Finance from the
University of Miami in 1968. He began painting in 1972, and since 1976 has dedicated his time
exclusively to painting.
      The exhibition will be on display January 15 - March 26. Concurrent with the Calzada exhibi-
tion, the Museum will also present The Big Picture, an exhibition of the largest paintings from its
Permanent Collection.
      The opening reception will be held on Friday, January 14, 6:00-8:30pm, with a focus
on Retrospect and Restoration. At 6:00pm Humberto Calzada will present an account of his life
as a first generation Cuban-American artist. The reception will follow at 7:00pm. Admission to the
reception is Free for Museum members, and $10 for non-members.

Other Winter Events
      Once again, Polk Museum of Art will host its annual Kwan-
zaa Celebration on December 26, 1:00 - 2:00pm. Kwanzaa is
a celebration of African-American culture, but this party is for                                        800 East Palmetto St. • Lakeland, FL 33801
everyone! Learn about the principles that Kwanzaa is founded                                                863.688.7743 • Fax 863.688.2611
upon: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibil-                                    
ity, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Then,
do a little dancing with the ever-popular Kuumba Dancers and
Drummers of Tampa.                                                                   Polk Museum of Art is located in Lakeland and is the
      February brings The Gala, the Museum’s annual black-tie                         only museum serving Polk County that is nationally
benefit. This memorable evening of dancing, socializing, and                         accredited by the American Association of Museums.
a gourmet dinner is one of the most highly anticipated events                              Museum Summer Hours are 10am - 4pm,
in Polk County. This year, the committee is bringing in a Cuban                        Tuesday through Saturday. The Museum is closed
flair to make the party caliente! A silent auction takes place                              on Sunday, Monday and major holidays.
throughout the evening, featuring items ranging from sports
                                                                                   Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for Seniors age 62 & older,
memorabilia, and great vacation getaways, to gourmet meals,
                                                                                  and FREE for Members, Students (K-College), and Children.
jewelry, and more. The cost to attend is $350 per person, and
advance registration is required by calling 863-688-7743 x240.                               The Museum is wheelchair accessible.
Hurry, though, because space is limited, and The Gala often                             For more information call 863-688-7743 or visit
sells out well in advance.                                                             

                                                Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
          Hands-on Adventures Heat Up
                At Explorations V Children’s Museum
     There won’t be a need to cozy up to a
     warm fire during the winter months because
                                                                 Out of School Holiday Camps will run
                                                                 December 20-30, 2010 and also on January 3,
     Explorations V Children’s Museum will keep the
                                                                 2011, excluding December 24 and weekends.
     sparks flying for children and adults through its
                                                                 Camps are geared for children in K-6th grade
     weekly programming, Home School Programs,
                                                                 with half-day and full day pricing available and
     gingerbread house workshops, Out of School
                                                                 will feature the creation of holiday ornaments
     Holiday Camps, Super Science Saturday and
                                                                 and decorations, food and holiday hands-on
     the 107th birthday celebration of Dr. Seuss
                                                                 fun! Children can be registered for individual
     throughout the winter months of 2010 and 2011.
                                                                 days or the entire nine days. Pre-registration
     Explorations V Children’s Museum hosts                      and pre-payment are required to hold a space
     weekly programming Monday through Friday.                   in camp. Pricing details may be obtained by
     Magical Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wacky                     calling the museum at 863-687-3869.
     Wednesday, Thrilling Thursday and Fun Friday
     offer imaginative educational sessions that                 Gingerbread House Workshops will be
     engage children in reading, school readiness,               held December 18, 20-23 from 10am-12 noon
     culinary and creative arts as well as science               and from 1-5pm. Creating a gingerbread house
     and math. Each day’s session begins at 10:30                at Explorations V has become a “have to”
     am and is included with museum admission.                   family tradition during the holidays so don’t miss
                                                                 out on the creative fun. Pricing is $3 per house
     Home School Programs feature a                              plus museum admission.
     science series and a cultural arts series and are
     held on the second Tuesday and Thursday of                  Participants can experience Super Science
     each month from September to May. Children                  Saturday on January 29, 2011. Museum
     can be registered for either day. Pre-registration          visitors can explore, examine and experiment
     and pre-payment are required to hold a place                any time from 10am until 1pm. Session runs $3
     in class. Sessions are $15 for non-museum                   each plus museum admission.
     members and $10 for museum members if paid
     by the Friday prior to class. Late registration             On Saturday, February 26, 2011 from
     pricing is $20 for non-members and $15                      10am-3pm, Explorations V will celebrate the
     for museum members if not paid by the                       107th birthday of Dr. Seuss. Feel free to dress up
     aforementioned deadline. Winter sessions                    as your favorite Seuss character and party big
     include Kitchen Science and Holiday                         time with “Seusical” activities at the
     Decorations on December 7 and 9, 2010;                      Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration! All
     Reptiles and Machine Sewing on January 11                   activities are included with museum admission.
     and 13, 2011 and Weird Weather and Wood
     Craft on February 8 and 10, 2011.

                                                            Explorations V Children’s Museum is located at 109 North Kentucky
                                                               Avenue in downtown Lakeland. Hours are Monday-Saturday,
                                                             9am-5:30pm. Admission prices are $5 per person. Senior citizens,
                                                               65 and older, are $2.50. General admission (excluding some
                                                           special events) for children under two and museum members is free.
                                                             Details regarding exhibits, camps, programs, parties or field trips
                                    can be obtained by calling 863-687-3869 or emailing

                                                 Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
 MIDFLORIDA Tag-Teams with
 Douglass Screen Printers
                         s Tag Countywide!
 To Take

       BARTOW, Florida, (September 20, 2010) - Art teachers today know that it takes
 money to get beyond crayons and colored pencils when teaching classroom art. Begin-
 ning this 2010 school year, thanks to the Kids Tag Art program and its generous sponsors,
 5th Grade teachers all across Polk County are able to expand their instruction to cover
 a variety of palettes and art forms. And in the process, kids are learning more about
 applied art and how it is used to promote the over 100 Florida motor vehicle specialty
       MIDFLORIDA, this year’s major sponsor, along with other returning sponsors Douglass
 Screen Printers, Polk Education Foundation, and AlphaGraphics have upped the ante
 this school year 2010-2011 for all participating teachers and schools. Because of their
 tremendous support, Kids Tag Art has been successful in attracting participation from 100
 elementary schools in Polk, including the remaining public, charter, and private schools
 who previously were not involved. “MIDFLORIDA is proud to be involved with Kids Tag
 Art as the major sponsor this year,” said Kevin Jones, President and CEO of MIDFLORIDA.
 “This program not only gives children the opportunity to express their creativity, but also
 offers us another avenue of education where we can lend our support and continue our
 dedication to the schools.”
       Kids Tag Art supplies the guideline materials and participating Polk County 5th
 grade art teachers are responsible for selecting their own themes, using their own choice
 of medium, and assisting their students in designs that are best suited for tag art. Five top
 designs are submitted to Polk Museum of Art, who selects two students’ art to represent
 their school on the traveling Kids Tag Art Exhibit for the year. These designs are then
 available for purchase by the public on the Tax Collector website. Parents, family and
 friends can enjoy the opportunity to promote their child’s unique artwork by purchasing a
 screen-printed plastic tag for the front bumpers of cars, wall plaques or holiday gift-giving
 and the money raised goes back into each participating schools’ art programs.
       Knowing the importance of keeping art in our schools, Kids Tag Art is a school
 art program originating here in Polk County by the Tax Collector’s Office to inspire fifth
 grade art students to learn about and design their own specialty plate art and in the pro-
 cess, raises supplemental monies for classroom art supplies. The Tax Collector’s Office has
 hosted Kids Tag Art for the past 5 years and thus far, over $60,000 has been raised for
 classroom art supplies. But this year’s participation is the most number of schools involved
 since the program’s inception. “We are excited to have almost every 5th grader in the
 county designing Tag Art. This program is a win-win-win for all involved and the art keeps
 getting better every year. That tells me we are succeeding in our goal to enhance art
 education in the schools,” stated Joe Tedder, Tax Collector for Polk County.
       Parents of fifth graders should take note that the deadline for purchasing their child’s
 artwork is October 7. After this date, only designs receiving the Awards of Distinction des-
 ignation will be available for purchase on the website. Order forms may be obtained
 from each school’s art teacher now. In November, winning designs will be posted online
 at where tags may be purchased by the general public.

The Kids Tag Art Partners include Polk Arts Alliance, Douglass Screen Printers, Lake Wales Arts Council,
   Polk County Schools, Junior Woman’s Club of Lakeland, Polk Museum of Art, and the Polk County
  Tax Collector’s Office. For more information, call the Tax Collector’s Office at (863) 534-4724.

                                                 Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
     Lake Wales Arts Center
           1099 S.R. 60 E. • PO Box 608 • Lake Wales, FL 33859-0608 • Phone: 863-676-8426 • Fax: 863-676-1117

     New Look for Website
          The Lake Wales Arts Council has a new, re-designed website: www.         experience. Please check the website page for full information. The Each of the areas of Arts Council activities        upcoming dates are:
     – free exhibits in the Michael Crews Gallery, performances in Updike              December 7 – Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdi. Regarded by many as
     Hall, educational outreach and classes, the annual Art Show, the Cho-         Verdi’s greatest opera, it is a wide tapestry of human emotions – love,
     rale and Youth Chorale, building rentals – have dedicated pages to assist     ambition, pride, jealousy – against a background of political intrigue
     visitors and members of the community in finding their special interests      and religious persecution, and filled with some of Verdi’s most inspired
     at the Arts Center.                                                           music.
                                                                                       January 4 – The Girl of the Golden West by Giacomo Puccini.
     Michael Crews Gallery                                                         The only opera by a major Italian composer to be set in the American
          Through December 10: Imágenes de Cuba: Urban Landscapes –                Wild West. The good-hearted girl who runs the saloon (and reads the
     Stunning black-and-white photography from three generations of Cuban          Bible) is in the sights of the scheming sheriff, but she loses her heart to
     artists:                                                                      an outlaw.
          December 16, 2010-January 28, 2011: a special show of nine Trust-            February 8 – Nixon in China by John Adams. Inspired by the his-
     ee Scholars from the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota.            toric meeting between Nixon, Kissinger and Mao Tse-tung, this opera
     Each of the majors of the School will be represented including paint-         has already achieved the status of a 20th century masterwork.
     ing, sculpture, computer animation, illustration, photography & digital           February 22 - Iphigénie en Tauride by Christoph Willibald Gluck.
     imaging, interior design, and motion design. “Meet the Artists” events        Written for Paris in 1779, the opera is based on Euripides’ classic play deal-
     are being scheduled for January. Please check the website for current         ing with the tragic effects on Agamemnon’s family after the Trojan War.
          Feb 2-Mar. 11 – Western Views A variety of artists from the Pacific      Upcoming in March:
     Coast illustrate the California perspective in a surprising collection of     March 12 - Paint the Town Red! Gala
     paintings, drawings and sculpture.                                            March 13 – Gould Piano Trio with clarinetist Robert Plane
                                                                                   March 15 – Opera Overtures: Lucia di Lammermoor
     The fullPerformance Series                                                    March 26-27 – Citizens Bank & Trust 40th Annual Lake Wales Art Show
     schedule and prices are on the website.                                       March 27 – Student Art Show
         December will feature two concerts of holiday favorites by the com-
     bined Lake Wales Chorale and Lake Wales Youth Chorale on Friday,
     the 10th, at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, and an afternoon perfor-                         Planning a Special Event?
     mance on Sunday, Dec. 12, at the Church of the Good Shepherd.                              Lake Wales Arts Center’s beautiful Updike Hall is available
         Thursday the 9th, in The Night Before Christmas Carol,                                 to rent for all events – weddings, business luncheons, and
     David zum Brunnen brings his acclaimed performance as Charles                              formal dinners – all in a picturesque historic building. Full
     Dickens (and seventeen other characters!) as the classic tale                              rental information is available on the website. For more de-
     comes to life.                                                                             tailed information, please e-mail:
         Thursday, the 16th: The Bach Festival of Central Florida
     returns to Updike Hall with the Christmas
     sections of Handel’s Messiah.                                                              Do You Like to Sing?
         January, Thursday, the 13th – The Juilliard                                          Watch for announcements for the next meetings and con-
     resident Afiara String Quartet presents an                                               certs of the Lake Wales Chorale and the Lake Wales Youth
     outstanding program of classic quartets of                                         Chorale. New members are always welcome! The Lake Wales
     Haydn and Beethoven and specially commis-                                          Chorale, under the direction of Robert Wilson, is made up of
     sioned works by Halle and Becker.                                                  adult voices, singing several concerts a year. The Lake Wales
         Sunday, the 30th – The unique duo of                                                     Youth Chorale, under the direction of Cathy Montero,
     hammered dulcimer and double-bass known as                                                   is a traditional children’s choir with students from ages 7
     Singing Tree offer a very special Sunday                                                     to 18 from all parts of Polk County. Both chorales have
     afternoon concert in Updike Hall of Celtic,                                                  dedicated pages on the website with the latest audition,
     contemporary, traditional and original works.                                                rehearsal and performance information.
         Thursday, Feb 10th – Internationally acclaimed pianist
     Teresa Walters celebrates the 200th anniversary of                                           The Lake Wales Arts Council is an organization dedi-
     Franz Liszt with a virtuoso program of Teresa Walters.                                       cated to the Arts in our community. Our home is the Lake
         In response to requests for previews in advance                                          Wales Arts Center which is listed on the National Regis-
     of the Metropolitan Opera live HD telecasts to movie                                         try of Historic Buildings. The building is located at 1099
     theaters, the new Opera Overture Series is held at the                        State Road 60 East in Lake Wales.
     Arts Center at 1:30 PM and again at 7:00 PM on the                                 Our newly designed web site ( has
     Tuesday prior to each telecast throughout the season.                         new information posted continuously. If you do not find the informa-
     Executive Director Karl Hesser will summarize the                             tion you are looking for, please call us at (863) 676-8426 or e-mail us
     background and the story, point out musical sign-posts                        at:
     and ensure that HD-opera-goers get the most from their

                                                                    Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                     Haines City Community Theatre will offer its
                                     First Mainstage Production
                                            of the Season
                                              starting in November!
    It will open with “A Nice Family Gathering“ by Phil Olson. It’s the first holiday
since Dr. Lundeen passed away and the Lundeen clan is gathering for Thanks-
giving dinner. When the youngest son Carl arrives, he quickly sees that Mom
is behaving strangely, but soon he has an even stranger family member to deal
with - his father who appears as a ghost that only Carl can see and hear. Dr.
Lundeen’s mission is to get Carl to tell Mom that he loved her, something implied
but never spoken during their 41 years of marriage. Performance dates will be
November 12-14 and 19-21.
    The second play of the season will be “London Suite” by Neil Simon. America’s
premier comic playwright returns to the form of two of his earlier successes, “Plaza
Suite” and “California Suite,” when he crosses the Atlantic for a suite of hilarious
comedies set in a deluxe London hotel, a sedate place until some of Simon’s trade-
mark characters check in. Auditions will be held on December 6th & 7th at 7:00
p.m. Performance dates will be February 18-20 and 25-27.
    The regular season will conclude with “The Premature Corpse” by Mike John-
son. On the surface a “love triangle” tale, the scene is a hotel room, where we
meet a man in the government witness protection program and his not-so-loving
wife. Throw in the wife’s lover and a gung-ho government agent, and you have a
thriller that twists and turns until the very end. Auditions will be held on February
21st and 22nd at 7:00 p.m. Performance dates will be April 8-10 and 15-17.

Haines City Community Theatre is located in the Clay Cut Center at 801 Ledwith Avenue
   in Haines City. All mainstage productions run on Friday and Saturday evenings at
  8:00 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $10.00 per show or
    $25.00 for a season ticket which includes all three shows. For further information
 call the theatre at (863) 421-1893 or visit the website at

                                                            Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
September 2010
Unpland Improv - Sept. 17 @ Mi Casa Café: 7:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
October 2010
Unpland Improv TV - Oct. 8 @ Bolin Studio: 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
Faculty Recital - Oct. 11 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
Unpland Improv - Oct. 15 @ Mi Casa Café: 7:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
A Night at the Opera...Scenes - Oct. 16 @ Polk Museum of Art: 7:00 p.m. • $12 General/$7 Seniors & Students
Voice Faculty Recital - Oct. 18 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
The Fantasticks - Oct. 29-31 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m. (Fri/Sat), 2:30 p.m. (Sat/Sun) • $15 General/$10 Seniors & Students
November 2010
Chamber Strings - Nov. 1 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
Unpland Improv TV - Nov. 5 @ Bolin Studio: 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
Jazz Band - Nov. 8 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m. • $5 General/$3 Seniors & Students
The Man Who Came to Dinner - Nov. 12-14 @ Polk Theatre: 7:30 p.m. (Fri/Sat), 2:30 p.m. (Sat/Sun)
          • $15 General/$10 Seniors & Students
Concert Choir - Nov. 15 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
December 2010
Christmas Concert - Dec. 4 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m.
Theatrical Dance Showcase - Dec. 9 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m. • $5 General
Unpland Improv TV - Dec. 10 @ Bolin Studio: 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
January 2011
An Evening with Mark Lowry - Jan. 19 @ Polk Theatre: 7:30 p.m. • $25 Orchestra & Loge/$15 Mezzanine & Balcony
Contemporary Ensemble - Jan. 21 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m.
Young-Ah Tak - Jan. 24 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
Unpland Improv - Jan. 28 @ Mi Casa Café: 7:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
February 2011
Faculty String Recital - Feb. 7 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
Unpland Improv TV - Feb. 11 @ Bolin Studio: 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
fX Concert - Feb. 18-19 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m. (Fri/Sat), 2:30 p.m. (Sat) • $5 General/$3 Seniors & Students
Unpland Improv - Feb. 25 @ Mi Casa Café: 7:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
Masterworks Concert - Feb. 28 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
March 2011
Chamber Music - Mar. 18 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m.
Unpland Improv TV - Mar. 18 @ Bolin Studio: 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
180 Film Festival - Mar. 19 @ Bush Chapel: 1:00 p.m. • $5 General
Soul Food - Mar. 25-26 @ Bolin Studio: 7:30 p.m. (Fri/Sat), 2:30 p.m. (Sat) • $5 General/$3 Seniors & Students
Orchestra Concert - Mar. 25 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m.
April 2011
Othello - Apr. 1-3 @ Polk Theatre: 7:30 p.m. (Fri/Sat), 2:30 p.m. (Sat/Sun) • $15 General/$10 Seniors & Students
Piano Trio - Apr. 4 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
A Night on Broadway - Apr. 7 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m. • $5 General/$3 Seniors & Students
Unpland Improv TV - Apr. 8 @ Bolin Studio: 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m.
Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming - Apr. 14-17 (a joint production with Lakeland Community Theatre)
          @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m. (Thurs-Sun), 2:00 p.m.(Sat/Sun) • $20 General/$15 College Student (ID)/$10 18 & under
Jazz Band - Apr. 15 @ Trinity Presbyterian: 7:30 p.m. • $5 General/$3 Seniors & Students
Choral Concert - Apr. 25 @ 1st Presbyterian (Presbyterian Series): 7:30 p.m.
Wind Ensemble Concert - Apr. 28 @ Bush Chapel: 7:30 p.m.
Theatrical Dance Showcase - Apr. 29 @ Polk Theatre: 7:30 p.m. • $15 General/$10 Seniors & Students
                              NOTE: Bolin Studio, Bush Chapel & Mi Casa Café are located on the Southeastern University Campus
     Roundhousen’s Roast, a feature film making its
     way from classroom to screen, is in full production.
     Students and professionals gathered together in
     the Historic Polk Theatre to make a new kind of
     history: Southeastern University’s first feature film!
     This murder mystery film had students filling crew
     positions from Producer to Gaffer.
                                                                      Dr. Gordon Miller (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences) & Chrissy Sara (SEU student)
         Producing a feature film has been a dream
     championed by Mr. John Pierce, Department of                                                    Marco Cordero (Director of Photography)
     Communication Chair, and Mr. Dave DeBorde,
     Assistant Professor of Communication/Film
     Studies. Through this unique experience, students
     have been able to practically apply what they are learning in
     classes and glean valuable knowledge by working alongside
     industry professionals.
         During the fall semester, attention was dedicated to pre-
     production arrangements and actually filming the numerous
     scenes. This spring, students will focus on the post-production
     elements of editing and distribution. The film will be
     premiered toward the end of this academic year!
         As production continues, the dream of many students
     to work on a feature film set becomes a reality right before
     their eyes. The movie has been filmed using the RED
     camera with specialized lenses to produce the highest quality
     footage currently raved about industry-wide. Involvement                          Professor Dave DeBorde (Director) and
                                                                                       Professor Nickolas Dixon (in background; Actor)
     has not been limited to Film Studies majors, but has drawn
     participants from a wide array of majors across Southeastern’s
     colleges and the community. Several Southeastern students, alumni,
     and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Gordon Miller,
     have been featured in the film with leading roles. The excitement was
     palatable when two students, Bethany Miller and Daniel Prevette, each
     had the privilege of directing a scene on the second night of shooting.
         A behind-the-scenes documentary of the film is also being
     recorded through videos and snap-shots of prominent moments and
     bloopers on set. Several of these clips and photos can be viewed on the
     film’s Facebook page; simply search for “Roundhousen’s Roast.”
         Southeastern’s Film Studies is looking forward to the future
     involvement of Harrison School for the Arts Motion Picture alumni!
     Earlier this year, Southeastern University and Harrison School for
     the Arts entered into an agreement through which Harrison Motion
     Production students who later enroll in Southeastern will receive
     college credit for specific courses they complete while attending Harrison.
         In connection with the success Southeastern’s Visual and Performing Arts are already experiencing, the newly aligned
     Performing Arts Advisory Council is excited to assist the university in progressing even further. Council members include
     District 5 County Commissioner Sam Johnson, Hall Communications’ Big4 News Director Andrea Oliver, Pastor Lynne
     Breidenbach of, and Harrison School for the Arts’ Principal Craig Collins.
            For more information on the programs or upcoming productions, please call
          Southeastern University’s Department of Communication office at (863) 667-5119.
           Southeastern University is located at 1000 Longfellow Blvd., Lakeland, Florida.
                                                                     Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                 G.F. Handel’s Messiah
          Performed by the Bach Festival of Central Florida
                   Chamber Choir and Orchestra
                   directed by Dr. Carol Krueger
                presented by the
             Lake Wales Arts Council
     THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16                                       FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17
     7:30 PM at the Lake Wales Arts Center                                  7:30 PM
       1099 State Road 60 E, Lake Wales, FL 33853               Episcopal Church of the Ascension
                                                                  701 Orange Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756-5232
          Tickets available through the                                        (727) 447-3469
     Lake Wales Arts Center (863) 676-8426
           Arts Council members $30;                                 Suggested Donation $20
                non-members $20                                             

                        Save The Dates! March 18, 19 & 20

       The Bach Festival Weekend
     of Baroque Opera & Instrumental Music
                         The Bach Festival presents the
                       Henry Purcell English Baroque Opera
                              “Dido and Aeneus”
                in collaboration wth Florida Southern College and
                       Featuring the Festival Chamber Choir
                               “Baroque Instruments”
                        A recital of beautiful Baroque music
                         featuring violin, cello and organ.

                                             Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                              THE COLOR PURPLE is based on the classic Pu-          emotional impact are costumes, lighting and staging
Get Ready to Laugh Y’all!                                 litzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker and the        that are cinematic in scope. “Make no mistake,” adds
Top Christian Comedienne                                  moving film by Steven Spielberg. It is the unforget-      Flatley, “Lord of the Dance begins where modern
Chonda Pierce                                             table and inspiring story of a woman named Celie,
                                                          who finds the strength to triumph over adversity,
                                                                                                                    theatre ends.”
                                                                                                                        Described by the New York Post as “fascinating,
Sat., Dec. 11th - 8:00 p.m.                               and discover her unique voice in the world. With a        rewarding and above all, entertaining,” and by the
    Top comedienne and                                    joyous, GRAMMY®-nominated score featuring gos-            Los Angeles Times as “a showpiece extravaganza,”
Christian Music Hall of                                   pel, jazz, pop and the blues, THE COLOR PURPLE is         Lord of the Dance is a mesmerizing blend of tradi-
Fame’s 2009 Comedian of                                   about hope and the healing power of love.                 tional and modern Celtic music and dance. The story
the Year, Chonda Pierce                                       Michael Kuchwara of the Associated Press de-          is based upon mythical Irish folklore as Don Dorcha,
brings an evening of positive                             scribed THE COLOR PURPLE as “a Roof-Raising               Lord of Darkness, challenges the ethereal lord of
comedy and an abundance                                   story of triumph.” And Richard Corliss of TIME            light, the Lord of the Dance. Battle lines are drawn,
of unpretentious Southern                                 Magazine said, “[it is] a soaring, epic tale. It made a   passions ignite and a love story fueled by the dramat-
charm to The Lakeland Center Saturday, December           joyful noise in my heart.” Elysa Gardner from USA         ic leaps and turns of dancers’ bodies begins to build
11th at 8pm. Tickets go on sale to the public October     Today raved, “Pure heart! It celebrates the inspiring     against a backdrop of Celtic rhythm. The action is
8th at 10am and can be purchased for $24 and $45.         relationships of faith and love, A Broadway hit!”         played out over 21 scenes on a grand scale of preci-
    Pierce has been entertaining audiences from                                                                     sion dancing, dramatic music, colorful costumes and
coast to coast for more than a decade. An in-demand                                 Relive The                      state-of-the-art staging and lighting.
stand-up comic, television hostess and author, Chon-                                British Invasion With
da has parlayed her gift for storytelling into a multi-
faceted career. Pierce mixes music and comedy into                                  Petula Clark                    THE MUSIC MAN
                                                                                                                    Wednesday, February 16
a frothy blend that always leaves audiences laughing                                Tuesday, February 1             7:30 p.m.
hysterically and begging for more. With both Gold                                   2:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.               The Music Man, winner
and Platinum records under her belt for her widely                                     The Lakeland Center
                                                                                                                    of 6 Tony awards including
popular live performance DVDs, she’s a frequent                                     proudly presents interna-
                                                                                                                    Best Musical, is bringing
guest on the famed Grand Ole Opry and has served                                    tional sensation and Gram-
                                                                                                                    its small town charm and
as host of the Inspirational Country Music Awards                                   my Award winning artist
                                                                                                                    famous songs to The Lake-
and Christian Music Hall of Fame. Pierce recently                                   Petula Clark, Tuesday, Feb-
                                                                                                                    land Center for one night
began co-hosting “Aspiring Women,” a talk show on                                   ruary 1st with performanc-
                                                                                                                    only on Wednesday, Febru-
the Total Living Network and her comedy is regularly                                es at 2:30pm and 7:30pm.
                                                                                                                    ary 16th at 7:30pm. Tickets
featured on XM and Sirius satellite radio.                                          Tickets are $40, $65 and
                                                                                                                    are $45.
                                                                                                                        An affectionate paean to Smalltown, USA of a
                                                              Petula Clark became America’s number one fe-
                                                                                                                    bygone era, THE MUSIC MAN follows fast-talking
                                                          male vocalist during the musical British Invasion
                                                                                                                    traveling salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people
                                                          of the 1960s. Topping the U.S. charts with the un-
                                                                                                                    of River City, Iowa into buying musical instruments
                                                          forgettable million-seller Downtown earned her the
                                                                                                                    and uniforms for a boy’s band he vows to organize –
                                                          first of two Grammys. A long string of classics fol-
                                                                                                                    despite the fact he doesn’t know a trombone from a
                                                          lowed including This Is My Song, I Know A Place, My
                                                                                                                    treble clef! His plans to skip town with the cash are
                                                          Love, I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love, and many
                                                                                                                    foiled when he falls for Marian, the town librarian,
                                                          more. Petula has performed in concerts throughout
                                                                                                                    with chaos ensuing as the townsfolk get wind of his
                                                          the U.S. and Canada, in addition to headlining in Las
                                                          Vegas for thirty years.
                                                                                                                        Filled with classical musical fun, tender romance
                                                                                                                    and favorites including “Ya Got Trouble,” “Seventy-
                                                                                                                    Six Trombones,” “Goodnight My Someone,” “Gary,
THE WAIT IS OVER! Monty Python’s                                                                                    Indiana” and “Till There Was You,” THE MUSIC
SPAMALOT                                                                                                            MAN is the perfect All-American Musical!
Thursday, December 23rd - 7:30 p.m.
    The Tony Award-winning Best Musical of 2005,                                                                                               Back By Popular Demand
Monty Python’s Spamalot, will visit the fair city                                                                                              The People’s Tenor
of Lakeland for one night only on December 23rd,
7:30pm at The Lakeland Center. Tickets for this in-
                                                                                                                                               Michael Amante
                                                                                                                                               Thursday, February 24
credible night of Broadway’s best comedy are $45.                                                                                              2:30 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.
    Lovingly “ripped-off” from the internationally fa-                                                                                            Michael Amante, af-
mous comedy team’s most popular motion picture,           Two Blockbuster Performances of Michael Flatley’s                                 fectionately known as the
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python’s
Spamalot is the winner of three 2005 Tony Awards          LORD OF THE DANCE                                                                 “people’s tenor” comes to
                                                                                                                                            the Lakeland Center Thurs-
including Best Musical and Best Director (Mike            February 8th-9th - 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                            day, February 24 with per-
Nichols), as well as the Drama Desk and Outer Crit-          Lord of the Dance has announced its next line-
                                                                                                                                            formances at 2:30pm and
ics Circle awards for Best Musical.                       up of tour dates including The Lakeland Center on
                                                                                                                    7:30pm. Tickets are $40, $65 and $125.
    Telling the legendary tale of King Arthur and         Tuesday, February 8th and Wednesday, February 9th
                                                                                                                       With his five-octave vocal range and multilingual
the Knights of the Round Table, and their quest for       at 7:30pm. Tickets are $45. Recently, cast members
                                                                                                                    abilities in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Ger-
the Holy Grail, Monty Python’s Spamalot features a        Scott Doherty and Michael McHugh (McHugh for
                                                                                                                    man, Latin and Polish, Amante is a vocalist equally
chorus line of dancing divas and knights, flatulent       the category of dancers under age 18) were crowned
                                                                                                                    at home and powerfully persuasive in Classical Op-
Frenchmen, killer rabbits and one legless knight.         world champions at the World Irish Dance Champi-
                                                                                                                    era, Pop-rock, Gospel, Jazz and Broadway styles. His
    Monty Python’s Spamalot is produced by Stephen        onships.
                                                                                                                    combination of suave all American good looks, ro-
B. Kane, Michael McFadden and Phoenix Entertain-            More than 100 million people worldwide have seen
                                                                                                                    mantic charm and emotionally charged singing has
ment.                                                                                  Lord of the Dance --
                                                                                                                    wowed his fans everywhere.
                                                                                       the international Irish
Broadway’s Best-Loved Musical                                                          dancing extravaganza
THE COLOR PURPLE                                                                       that has performed
                                                                                       sold out shows at
                                                                                                                      The Lakeland Center offers a full variety of sporting events,
Tuesday, January 4 - 7:30 p.m.                                                                                       concerts and shows. Located minutes between Orlando and
                                                                                       theaters, arenas and
   The Lakeland Center is proud to                                                     stadiums in over 67                  Tampa in Lakeland, Florida off I-4 on Lime Street,
announce that THE COLOR PUR-                                                           countries. “Our suc-               The Lakeland Center is a short drive from anywhere
PLE, The Musical about Love, will                                                      cess demonstrates the                               in Central Florida.
play The Lakeland Center, Tues-                                                        hunger people have,”
day, January 4th at 7:30pm for one                                                                                  Regular box office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm.
                                                                                       says Flatley, “to wholly      For ticket information, call the Box Office at (863)834-8111
night only. Tickets are on sale now                                                    submerge themselves
and can be purchased for $45.                                                          into a world where                 or visit our website at
   This production of THE COLOR                                                        dancers interpret ev-         Group rates available. Tickets can also be purchased at any
PURPLE, produced by Phoenix Entertainment ~               ery nuance of classic good versus evil through mod-            Ticketmaster outlet, by phone 800-745-3000 or visit
Joyful Noisemakers LLC, helmed by Stephen Kane            ern Celtic music.” Lord of the Dance has an ability
and Michael McFadden, is the next phase in the life                                                                            
                                                          to connect with the audience and initiate and capti-
of the ground-breaking Broadway hit musical pro-          vate a new generation. Adding to the visceral and
duced by Scott Sanders.

         Tuesday Music Club of Lakeland
     Have you ever wondered where you can go to get quality mu-           and is taking time off to perform concerts in Florida during the
     sical entertainment surrounded by a group of people of like          month of February.
     interests? The Tuesday Music Club is the place to fit the bill!
     We are affiliated with the National and Florida Federation of        On Saturday, February 12, TMC’s Annual Dinner Theater
     Music Clubs. We are currently celebrating our 90th year of pre-      will be held. The Young Americans touring group from
     senting quality music to the community.                              Warner University will present an evening filled with terrific
                                                                          entertainment to be enjoyed with tasty cuisine. This Ways and
     Our meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month from           Means Activity helps earn monies for use of our TMC projects
     Oct. to May at 10:30 at the Tuesday Music Club Building lo-          and Scholarships. Time: 6:30-9:00 Cost - $25.00
     cated on 421 E. Park Street. The meetings are free and open to
     the public. A catered luncheon follows the monthly meeting.          The TMC Sunday Musicale on February 27 at 3:00 is a time
     On Wednesday, December 1 a Holiday Card Party Lun-                   to invite your friends and neighbors to a free program which
     cheon will be held at 11:30 - 3:00 for $15.00. Enjoy a special       offers examples of some of the types of programs we offer
     holiday time with friends and attend this event. A delicious         at our regular meetings. A wide variety of music will be pre-
     luncheon will give you plenty of energy to play your favorite        sented to interest everyone. A Free Will Donation will be ac-
     card or board games at this Ways and Means Project.                  cepted for TMC Scholarships and Projects. We are so pleased
                                                                          to announce that two of our scholarship winners have also
     On December 14, 2010, A Holiday Celebration will be pre-             won the FFMC’s Jeanie/Stephen Foster Vocal Auditions held
     sented by Harrison School for the Arts Satin Dolls under the         in October held at the Stephen Foster Folk and Culture Center.
     direction of Judy McLaurin as well as students from Rebekah          Christopher Kline is the 2010 Stephen and Brittany Wood was
     Haubry’s Piano Studio.                                               awarded a Jeanie maid award.

     On January 11th we will present a                                                          We are proud of our growth and the in-
     Member Showcase. This is held in                                                           volvement of our members in the club
     celebration of National Federation of                                                      and community. We have been a dynamic
     Music Clubs’ Founders Day, and will                                                        club for 90 years that will continue to be
     feature talents of some of the members                                                     an asset to the community in support of
     of Tuesday Music Club.                                                                     the performing arts.

     On February 8 the program The
     Sounds of Music will be presented by                                                       Contact person: Ann Stockton,
     the Southeastern University Singers                                                        Publicity/Program Chairman
     under the direction of Dr. Daniel Gordon.                                        
     Also scheduled is International Guest                                                      Phone: 863-701-2813
     Concert Pianist Julian Toha who will
     perform favorite selections from his                                                       Top Photo: Chris Kline and Brittany Wood, winners of
     repertoire. Julian is currently studying at                                                the Jeanie/Stephen Foster Auditions. Bottom Photos:
                                                                                                Warner University Young Americans Touring Group.
     the Royal Academy of Music in London

                                                           Art-i-facts • WINTER 2010
                                                                 The Lake Wales Little Theatre
                                                                  Murder by Natural Causes
                                                                            by Tim Kelly
                                                                 in our intimate theater located at
                                  By                                 411 N. 3rd St., Lake Wales.

                         Tim                                             Adults–$14

                        Kelly                                      TICKET ORDER LINE
                                                                   863-679-TKTS (8587)
                                                                Night Performances

                                                               Thursday Performance

Jan. 14 - 30
                                                                      Jan. 27


                                                                 Sounds of the Seasons
                                                                    Friday, December 3rd
                                                                           at 7:00PM
                                                                   Saturday, December 4th
                                                                     at 11:00AM & 3:00PM
                                                                    Sunday, December 5th
                                                                           at 3:00PM

                                                                         Hymn Fest
                                                                    Friday, February 25th
                                                                          at 7:00PM
                                                                   Saturday, February 26th
                                                                    at 11:00AM & 3:00PM
                                                                    Sunday, February 27th
                                                                          at 3:00pm

       Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
                         Second Annual Musical Series
                 “A Night At The Ramon”
We will be putting on our second musical series at the Ramon Theater in Frostproof. We have lined up some
musical talent from throughout Florida, as well as some of our own homegrown talent. We are excited to offer
a season pass to all 7 shows at a very reasonable price of $75. You can’t go anywhere to catch the kind of
talent we are bringing in for a little over $10 a show. We have such performers as: An Elton & Elvis night,
A2JBLUEGRASS & Dixie Bluegrass Express, Long Shot Band, MoonDancer, Steven Sternberg, Tammerlin and
The Repeatles. All performances will be approximately two hours in length. If you choose not to purchase a
season pass we will be offering a discounted price on these shows as long as they are purchased prior to the
day of the show. Listed below are the show dates, performer(s) and pricing for the event(s):

January 8th, 2011 – Long Shot Band
       Singing original, classic and country music led by Lee Allcorn (Winner of Colgate
       Country Showdown in Arcadia). All original songs will take you back to the good old days.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to January 8th, 2011.

January 29th, 2011 – An Elton & Elvis Evening (Dwight Icenhower w/The Repeatles)
       Dwight Icenhower performing renditions as Elvis Presley and Elton John.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to January 29th, 2011.

February 4th, 2011 – Steven Sternberg
       Winner of the 2002 Best new Florida Song Contest. Boogie-Woogie, Blues,
       Ragtime and Neo-Classical Pianist.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to February 4th, 2011.

February 12th, 2011 – MoonDancer
       MoonDancer is an eclectic, professional jazz, swing, and rhythm & blues
       band led by vocalist/pianist Cathy DeWitt.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to February 12th, 2011.

February 26th, 2011 – Tammerlin
       Tammerlin has been placing their own stamp on folk/roots music. With
       their mix of clever originals, traditional songs from both sides of the Atlantic.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to February 26th, 2011.

March 12th, 2011 – The Repeatles
       The Repeatles perform 50’s & 60’s tunes by the likes of Buddy Holly, Elvis,
       The Everly Brothers, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. A near sellout last year.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to March 12th, 2011.

March 19th, 2011 – A2JBLUEGRASS & Dixie Bluegrass Express
       A full range of hard driving, fast picking bluegrass with a great blend of harmonies.
       Tickets will be $20 at the door or $15 prior to March 19th, 2011.

            Season ticket for all 7 performances is $75 prior to January 8th, 2011.
                All shows begin at 7 pm and run for approximately 2 hours.

 Again, we are excited to bring the city of Frostproof this kind of talent.
      Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance and support the
        Ramon Theater for bringing in such great entertainment.
   The more you support the Ramon Theater, the more we can bring
   in such class acts in the future. We look forward to seeing you all
          at each and every show. Purchase tickets online at, or at the Ramon Theater office,

             15 E. Wall Street, Frostproof, FL 33843
              Call 863-635-7222 or 863-635-9112

                                       Art-i-facts • A Publication of the Polk Arts Alliance
• The Best Location in Town

• The Best Private Community in Lakeland

• The Best Amenities                                       Grasslands Golf & Country Club | Clubhouse

• The Best Shopping

• The Best Entertainment                                                                             Grasslands | Golf Course

• The Best Medical Facilities

• The Best Selection of Homes
  and Custom Executive Homesites
                                                                                                                    Grasslands | Tennis

                                                                          Swan | Oakbridge

 Cobb Theater | Lakeside Village

          Munn Park | Lakeland

                                   Grasslands | Pool
                                                                                                                   Convenient Shopping
                                                       Heritage Lakes | Custom Executive Homesites

                        • 9 Luxurious Neighborhoods • 24-hour Manned Gate House Entry
                   • Convenient in-town Location • Maintenance Free Living • Polk Parkway & I-4.

                 Visit Our Sales Center at 1301 Grasslands Blvd. • Ste.100 • 863-647-1100
   Mon.-Fri. 9-5pm • Sat 10-5pm & Sun 12-5pm • Pat Jones 863/581-4699 • Debbie Haskell 863/602-8830

Rich in cultural and heritage diversity, Polk County offers a variety of museums and historic landmarks
that are an important part of Florida history.

Cow Camp at
Lake Kissimmee
State Park
Lake Wales
Weekends, Oct. thru April
(863) 696-1112 or                                                    Florida Flywheelers                              Christmas In The Village
                                                                     Fort Meade – Dec. 10 -11 and 17-18
Christmas at Pinewood                                      
Holiday Tour
Bok Tower Gardens,                                                   Alafia River Rendezvous
Lake Wales                                                           Homeland – Jan. 15 - 20
Nov. 26 - Jan 1                                            
(863) 676-1408 or                                              Smoke on the Water BBQ Event
                                                                     Winter Haven – Feb. 4 - 5
                                                                     863-287-3075 or

Visit our historic landmarks.                             Ribs on the Ridge
                                                          Lake Eva, Haines City – Feb. 18 - 19
Polk County Historical Museum
    & Genealogical Library – Bartow                       863-421-3700 or
Homeland Heritage Park – Homeland               
Lake Wales Museum and
    Cultural Center – Lake Wales                          Lakeland Pig Fest
L.B. Brown House Museum – Bartow                          Tigertown, Lakeland – Feb. 22 - 23
Historic Dundee Depot Museum – Dundee                     e-mail:
Fort Meade Historical Museum – Fort Meade
Frostproof Historical Society                             For more information or to check out other exciting things to do
    and Museum – Frostproof                               in Central Florida, log on to
Historic Polk Theatre – Lakeland                                        or call 800-828-7655, code ART.
Women’s Club and
    Historic Museum – Winter Haven
The Carillon and Pinewood Estates
    at Bok Tower Gardens – Lake Wales
Mulberry Phosphate Museum – Mulberry
For more landmarks, go to
  Art For
Every Season!

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