Thanet Independent living Scheme by liwenting


									    Hi my name is Vanessa
I am a member of the drop in committee
I would like to welcome Oliver
       Mills here today
     We started
Our Drop in April 2006
          We are open
On a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

    between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm
       Working in Partnership
• This is proving to be a good piece of
  partnership working

                                Thanet DOC

       Union Church   Thanet Mencap   Solutions Training Ltd
        Mission Statement
        A welcoming safe place run by people
  with learning disabilities who make the decisions
             To meet friends, have fun,
               Take part in activities,
                Learn new skills and,
get information and advice to help with living in the
                  Our Principles
• People may need help and support to express their opinions.

• People may need support to increase their independence.

• Everyone should be able to make choices

• Helping people to do things and make use of community
            You can drop in
• for a drink or snack

• information or advice

• to meet people/make friends
                 You can
• Plan activities with friends

• Get some work experience in the
We have got computers to
  use the internet on
 We have an information and
     advice help desk

you can speak to someone in private
You can get information, advice
        on, or help to

 • Read a letter

 • Fill in a form

 • Find a job ( what to do where to go)

 • Go to college (how to apply for courses)
              This year
We are going to have more helps desks,
• Housing officers

• Benefits officers

• Citizens advice
• Advice on health issues

• Help with communicating

• Information about things that are going
  We have a drop in advocacy
• To help us with speaking up

• And help to do person centred plans
       We have put together
• A statement of purpose

• A leaflet

• A manual with procedures
We have community police
officer them runs a weekly
How many people have dropped

• Between 30 and 50 people visit daily
    What has been happening?
• Healthy living workshops to learn about healthy food
  and exercise

•   Safe ways to move furniture workshop

• Kent supported employment workshop to find out
  what support there is to get a job
      We have had training in
• Food hygiene

• First aid

• Computers/website building
                We are
Going to Butlins in June this year. There
 will be about 25 of us going.

The drop in has given us more confidence
 to do more things out of the area
       We have committee
        who meet weekly
• We take turns to chair the meeting an
  make the decisions
   We have received funding

• Awards for all

• District Partnership Group

• Safer Communities funds
       Stay in good health
• A ‘Health matters’ group for health
          What we want to do
• Set up a social firm so people can get paid for
  working in the kitchen

• Set up an job agency in partnership with the
  local Job Centre and the College
        More partnerships
• Ongoing developments and be included

• Visit residential homes to help people
  speak up
        Provide voluntary
Support to older people and a befriending
              What else
• Safer Communities, hate crime DVD

• Working with schools, public transport
  and local police
               We had
• Christmas Day at the drop in. We did
  this because of a lot of people would
  have been on their own.
           And more
• To have a drop in Centre in Ramsgate
            The Drop In
Has brought everyone in Thanet together.

Instead of having all difference services
  we have become one big team
                  It has
• It has promoted our independence,
  choice, rights and inclusion in our local
            Thank you
We hope you enjoyed our presentation
    Have you got any questions?

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