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					September 2010                                                                           Volume 2, Issue 4
                                                                                                               Florida Youth Hockey

                                                                                                                      Bits of Tid:

The FIRE:                                                                                                      > Oddly enough, Wayne
                                                                                                                 Gretzky’s first profes-

Florida Youth Hockey Report
                                                                                                                 sional goal came
                                                                                                                 against the Edmonton

FAHL to host Mite Kickoff Festival                                                                             > The WHA awarded its
                                                                          Manager for the Mid-America            champion the AVCO
“You only live once,” or so the                                           and Southeast Districts.               Cup—one of the three
saying goes. You’re also only
                                                                          In a very exciting beginning to        that exist resides in the
young once, which is why USA
Hockey is committed to making                                             the new season, Scott is the           Nova Scotia Sports Hall
the focus for ages 6 to 9 on                                              keynote speaker for the FAHL           of Fame
having as much fun as possible                                            Mite Kickoff Festival, Septem-
                                                                          ber 18th & 19th at the Space         > Age 46, Gordie Howe
while playing hockey.
                                                                          Coast Iceplex. The weekend             was MVP of the WHA in
Stage Two (out of 8) of the                                               includes an active component           1974
American Development Model’s                                              where Mites can test “small area
Long-Term Athlete Development                                             games” and will also have a          > Age 51, Howe didn’t
path is even called the FUNda-                                            chance to see the benefits of          miss an NHL game
                                       Scott Paluch when he coached
mental stage.                                                             multiple sport participation.
                                        Bowling Green of the CCHA
So how best to develop “the                                               Mr. Paluch will address parents,
ABC’s” - Agility, Balance, Control,   USA Hockey has a team of            and teams with advice on how to
and Speed? Once the subject of        hockey experts spreading the        maximize both the chance of
much debate, modern studies           message. Many are former            “making it” to the sport’s upper
have uncovered proven methods.        NCAA Division I coaches like        levels and enjoyment of the
To get the word out on these,         Scott Paluch. His title is ADM      youth hockey journey.                   Inside this issue:

                                                                                                             Parent-Coach Advice        2
Rob Kenny
                                                                                                             Tournament Preview         2
I never had the good fortune of
meeting Rob Kenny. To those like                                                                             Advice for a Mite          3
me who didn’t know him, he’ll be
remembered as a one-time
professional hockey player.
                                                                                                             Pin Trading                3

When I asked SAHOF’s past             behind wife Janelle and children    Fund has been established.
                                                                          Those wishing to assist the fam-
                                                                                                             Mite Previews              4-7
President Jeff Wood about him,        Ryan, Sean, and Ella.
he said, “but he was so much                                              ily as they work through this
                                      There’s no way an attempt by me     difficult time are asked to send   In Their Own Words         7
more than that.” Jeff proceeded
                                      to honor Rob could do him jus-      contributions to:
to tell me about all of Rob’s won-
                                      tice. You can view a tribute
derful traits and how important
                                      video that has been posted on        Rob Kenny Family Relief Fund
                                                                                                             Squirt Previews            8-11
he was to the hockey community
                                      the Golden Wolves website by         c/o Rick Gardella
in South Florida.                                                                                            Tournament Calendar        12
                                      going to
Rob died tragically in an auto                                             6303 Powerline Rd.
                                      Also, the Rob Kenny Family Relief
accident on July 21st. He leaves                                           Ft .Lauderdale, FL 33309
    Page 2                    The FIRE:

                              Successful Parent/Coach Partnerships
                              This is the second in a three-part            away from the rink.             7.   If you see problems or have
                              series on the dynamic between                                                      issues with your coach
                              the two biggest influences on a       4.      Watch pro or college                 approach him or her con-
                              player—their parents and their                hockey with your son or              structively and away from
                              coach. Next month we look at                  daughter, point out and              the rink by phone or e-mail.
                              Tips for Coaches.                             discuss examples of the              Never discuss these issues
                                                                            things your coach has been           with or in front of your
                                                                            trying to accomplish.                player. An inappropriate
                                             Part 2                                                              discussion about the coach
                                                                    5.      Provide space, equipment
                                        Tips for Parents                    and time for your player to          on a 15 minute ride home
                                                                            off-ice train. Work with             from the rink can com-
                              1.      Look for ways to assist               your coach to develop a              pletely undermine an entire
              Watch                   your coach’s efforts—even             program and identify skills          seasons coaching effort.
       hockey on TV                   small things can send a               to focus on. Often it’s hard
                                      strong message that you’re                                            8.   Always try to reinforce any
                                                                            for the coach to commit
          with your                   on his or her side.                   enough practice time to
                                                                                                                 disciplinary action that the
                                                                                                                 coach has taken with your
               child.         2.      Promote a positive attitude           these specific skills.               player whether you com-
            Discuss                   amongst other parents.        6.      Try to implement good pre-           pletely agree or not, you
                                      Dispel negative comments              skate nutrition and hydra-           can help provide the 1-2
        examples of                   before they spread and                                                     punch that may lead to a
                                                                            tion it can make a huge
        things your                   avoid “bleacher clicks”               difference in performance,           valuable life lesson.
            coach is          3.      Ask your coach about his or           and is utilized by almost all   Originally from Michigan, Reid
                                      her specific and personal-            elite athletes. Let your        VanDeventer of Oviedo is a USA
           trying to                                                        coach and other parents
                                      ized developmental goals                                              Hockey-certified coach at the
        accomplish.                   for your player, then dis-            know about these efforts        RDV Sportsplex’s Ice Den where
                                      cuss and reinforce these              and results.                    his two sons, Ryker and Julian,
                                      goals with your player                                                play.

                              Tournament Previews
                              There are three tournaments                    Knights Labor Day                      Flames Labor Day
                              coming up to start the 2010-11
                              season. Here are the fields:          Mites                                   Mites

                                   3rd Annual Early Bird            Knights, Atlanta Fire, Golden           Flames, Titans, Panthers, Bulls,
                                                                    Wolves, Hurricanes                      Raiders, Toros
                                                                    Squirts                                 Squirt A
                              Panthers, Raiders, Breakers,
                              Toros                                 Atlanta Fire Major, Atlanta Fire        Flames, Titans, Blackhawks, Eels,
                                                                    2001, Panthers, Hurricanes,             Toros, Scorpions
                              Squirt Blue                           Golden Wolves, Ice Bandits
                                                                                                            Squirt AA
                              Hammerheads, Raiders, Break-
  The season kicks off with   ers, Panthers A                                                               Panthers Major, Panthers 01,
tournaments across Florida                                                                                  Bulls, Lightning, Blackhawks,
                              Squirt Red                                                                    Raiders, Atlanta Fire
                              Panthers 2000, Panthers 2001,
                              Blackhawks, Raiders, Toros,
                              Golden Wolves
Page 3                                                                                                                          Volume 2, Issue 4

Advice for a Mite… from a New Jersey Devil
Hockey is the greatest game in         this translates to stick handling     the skates and play some
the world! I fell in love with this    and receiving and making tape to      hockey! When the off season
game after the first time I put on     tape passes in hockey. Besides        rolls around and I have been off
a pair of skates and went around       trying to score goals in soccer,      the ice for a couple weeks I get
the rink. But some of my biggest       the agility and footwork you pick     excited and anxious like a little
strides of becoming a profes-          up is a tremendous asset to a         kid waiting on Christmas Day to
sional have come from sports           player's skating ability - which      come.
away from the rink. I am of the        arguably is the most important
personal opinion that it is best       facet of the game. As I got older     To this day, to keep that excite-
for a young developing player to       and became involved with foot-        ment, I try to mix in some other
be involved in a variety of sports     ball, it helped me develop a          sports into my summer work-
to enhance your overall athletic       physical side that as a Mite is not   outs. I enjoy playing many
ability.                               that important but as you pro-        rounds of golf, take my dog for a
                                       gress it will be. Playing all of      jog, and lifting weights to get
When I was growing up I loved          these different sports helped         stronger. I also have played in
hockey, whether I was playing on                                             summer baseball leagues as well      Fighting for the puck with an Anaheim Duck
                                       keep me excited for hockey.
my winter team, in summer              Most importantly all of these         as some intense head to
hockey camps, or out in the            sports reinforced what it is like     head racquetball matches with
street with some neighborhood          to be on a team playing for each      my brother. I have tons of fun
kids. It was one of my favorite        other.                                with all of these activities and I
things to do. But when my sea-                                               know that they are all helping me
son ended there were some              Hockey is first and foremost          get better as a hockey player,                      It is best for a yount
other sports I was just as eager       always supposed to be fun.            but more importantly as an ath-
                                       Playing too much of one sport is
                                                                                                                                 player to be involved
to play as well.                                                             lete and person as well.
                                       not a good thing. I have seen                                                             in a variety of
Growing up I played baseball,          many friends get burnt out at a       Enjoy your time on the ice, work
soccer, football, and golf. I be-      young age because some par-           hard and have fun. But, also be a                   sports to enhance
lieve I was able to take differ-                                             kid and enjoy some of the other
ent parts of each of these sports
                                       ents may have pushed them in a
                                                                             awesome sports you may like to
                                                                                                                                 your overall athletic
                                       direction of playing hockey all
and apply it to my first love of       the time. It happens to a lot of      play as well!                                       ability.
ice hockey. For example in base-       the guys in the NHL, doing some-
ball and golf you need quite a bit                                           Tim Sestito of Rome, NY has
                                       thing day in and day out becomes      appeared in NHL games for the
of hand eye coordination to be         tiresome. A player should be
able to excel in each. Obviously                                             Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey
                                       excited to go to the rink, lace up    Devils.

Pin Trading to be Introduced for Mites                                                                                             Let the collecting begin!

What does the Silver Stick             trades with other Mites in order      when they are at a league week-
hockey tournament have in com-         to build their collection. They       end or a tournament.
mon with a trip to Disney and the      can’t do much unless the other
Olympics?                              kids have started their own.          In addition to the social aspect,
                                                                             pin trading as a hobby helps kids
Pin trading!                           To help with this, a vendor will      learn valuable life lessons.
                                       attend the FAHL Mite Kickoff          Benefits include appreciating the
Ask anyone who has been, and           Festival in September, and            value of something, understand-
they’ll tell you the kids love trad-   teams from outside the league         ing how to work out a compro-
ing pins in Huntsville at the quali-   will be given an opportunity to       mise through negotiation, and
fier for International Silver Stick.   order pins as well. Once the          earning a sense of accomplish-
So how does this get going?            pins arrive, Mites will seek out      ment from building a collection
Kids need “ammo” (pins) for            the players from other teams          they can call their own.
    Page 4                             The FIRE:

                                       Team Preview: Breakers Mites                                              by Lisa Bailen

                                       New kids on the block!                and Lisa Bailen, Travel Team        located in the heart of Northern
                                                                             Manager; as well as countless,      Palm Beach County.
                                       The Palm Beach Breakers Mites         dedicated parents for turning
                                       are anticipating an exciting, fun-    the dream into a reality.           Coach Bailen’s assistants are
                                       filled 2010-2011 travel hockey                                            Tommy Fattorusso and Dave
                                       season. Two months ago this           Some players on the team have       Rosenfeld.
                                       mite team was nothing more            travel and rec select experience,
                                       than a dream. Today, it's pre-        however all are anxious to start    For information about the Palm
Lori Alf drops the puck to start the   paring to kick-off its inaugural      the travel hockey season. These     Beach Breakers Travel program
                                       season by attending the Early         players are blessed with a sup-     or to schedule scrimmages,
 1st Breakers game—a 5-5 tie for
                                       Bird Tournament.                      portive coaching staff that is      please contact Lisa Bailen, Travel
   the Squirts versus the Wolves
                                                                             committed to their development      Teams Manager at pbbreaker-
                                       Many thanks to Lori Alf, owner of     as hockey players, while practic- or call 561-
                                       IceWorks Arena; James Khalil,         ing and playing at IceWorks, a      317-6064.
                                       IceWorks Director of Hockey;          modern, state-of-the art facility
                                       Jonathan Bailen, Head Coach;

                                       Team Preview: Barracudas Mites                                             by Gregg Everett

                                       Returning coaches Gregg               stopping experience to our team.    1st place swimming the back-
                                       Everett, Joe Musa, Serge La-                                              stroke in New Jersey?
          Jacksonville                 marre, and Jon Epi, lead the          The Cudas are again in the FAHL
       fields a roster                 Jacksonville Barracudas into the      for league play, and we plan on     All of the Barracudas have been
                                       upcoming season.                      playing tournaments during          keeping up their hockey skills by
         with a goalie                                                       Thanksgiving and MLK weekends,      attending Stick n’ Puck or playing
         instructed in                 Payson Bellingrath will lead our      and in are entering SAHOF in        3-on-3 hockey. It was a great
                                       high energy forwards this year,       February this year.                 offseason and now everyone's
        Sweden and a
                                       supported by veteran players                                              chompin' at the bit to start this
              Quebec-                  such as Joshua Epi, Logan Spink,      To prepare for 2010-11, several     travel year.
                                       Philippe Lamarre, George Pro-         Barracudas received world-
                trained                                                      class training over the summer.     Our goals for this year are sim-
                                       danoff, and Jack Musa. Tanner
              forward!                 Everett will head up a shut down      Emphasis on world! Tristian         ple: Have fun, play fair, and grow,
                                       defense with old veteran Aiden        Harris attended goalie camp in      both individually and as a team.
                                       Moran.                                Sweden? Phillippe Lamarre hit
                                                                             the ice at a hockey camp in         We look forward to seeing all our
                                       They are joined by a big new          Montreal? In line with the ADM      old friends in the other parts of
                                       class of recruits that are ready      and its encouragement of multi-     the state. Let’s have a great
                                       to step up. Joey "Hawaii" Cates,      ple sports, Tanner Everett won      year together!
                                       Owen Ferenc, Sam Dec, Mariner
                                       Harris, and Joey Morley are all
                                       ready for their first full season
                                       of Travel Mite Hockey. In addi-
                                       tion, Tristan Harris will be one of
                                       two goalies this year, and he's                                               Joshua Epi poses with the
                                       ready to play goal after a sum-                                               puck from his first travel
                                       mer of training in Sweden!                                                   goal...he promises to deliver
                                       Our team is happy to announce                                                   many more in 2010-11

Philippe Lamarre models the
                                       our other goalie this year is new
                                       from Minnesota. Connor Finn
        blue and red
                                       has come down to bring his puck
Page 5                                                                                                                Volume 2, Issue 4

Team Preview: Golden Wolves Mites                                         by Brad Horwitz

The 2010-11 Golden Wolves Mites      These players will provide scor-     that is synonymous with the
should be an exciting and com-       ing, passing and leadership. Our     Golden Wolves. Pierce Bogan
petitive team the upcoming sea-      goalie, Jackson Protas, is new to    can add muscle as a forward or
son.                                 the position, but he has been        help on defense. Christian Pod-
                                     working hard all summer to           wika is a solid blueliner that the
With the sudden and tragic pass-     improve his skills. We have a lot    Wolves will depend on as a
ing of Coach Rob Kenny, Ray          of confidence in Jackson and he      leader.
DiSouza has stepped up to be the     will work to be among the better
head coach of the team. Coach        goalies in the Florida. Our two      The Golden Wolves will play in the
Ray has a lifetime of experience     starting defensemen, powerskat-      Labor Day Tournament in Or-
in hockey both as a professional     ers JC Smith and Sammy Vol-          lando, the Thanksgiving tourna-
player and coach. While the          turo, will compete to be the top     ment at Incredible Ice, the post-
circumstances are unfortunate,       pairing in the state.                Christmas tournament at Ger-
the Golden Wolves are happy to                                            main, a MLK Tournament to be         Rob Kenny’s spirit shines brightly on
have Coach Ray's leadership and      Bailey Kaiser and Tyler Ribera       determined, and SAHOF.                    the 2010-11 Wolves Mites
experience behind the bench.         are our newest sharpshooters
Jeff Podwika, a previous head        and will add a scoring punch.        The Wolves bring a young team
coach with a variety of other        Both players are hard skaters        but a gritty group of players with
teams, has assumed the role of       who aren't afraid to do the hard     a "never quit" attitude. Our goal
Assistant Coach.                     work in the corners. Jack            for the season is to develop and
                                     Dodes, one of the Golden Wolves      improve as hockey players, to
The Golden Wolves have three         fastest skaters, Nick Goldberger,    grow as people and students, to
returning players: Jacob "The        and George Vrotsos have              make lifelong friends and, most
Cannon" Horwitz, Sean Kenny          brought with them an enthusi-        importantly, to have a lot of fun.
and Miles "Playmaker" Tessier.       asm and blue-collar work ethic

Glacier Mites—First ADM program in Florida!                                     by Michael Schleien

Glacier Ice & Snow Arena is          our newest program members           on individual skills. Stations
                                                                          ensure the ice is used efficiently
adopting the ADM model for the       to continue in the sport. In addi-
                                                                          with all players getting involved
                                                                                                                       Small-area games at
Mite 8u program this Fall, which     tion, we have lowered our regis-
will make us the first rink in       tration costs across the board       and staying involved during the              Mite age accelerate
Florida to become "ADM Compli-       to help young families better        whole practice.
                                                                                                                       skill development by
ant" for an entire division.         afford to fit hockey into the        Glacier will have around 30
                                     budget.                              Mites this Fall, which will be
                                                                                                                       increasing ‘touches’
We also plan to become ADM
Certified once the guidelines are    We are proud to take on this         separated into two age/ skills
established. Glacier will use this   leadership role. Other Florida       levels within the ADM model. We
program as the next step for our     programs are doing a wonderful       are also estimating 30-40
                                                                                                                The FIRE applauds Glacier for its
introductory GOAL program            job of moving in the ADM direc-      Squirts and will offer an addi-
                                                                          tional weekly clinic to those kids     commitment to the American
graduates. To encourage par-         tion, but are not able to fully                                                   Development Model
ticipation, we continue to allow     commit to it. Studies show use       based on the ADM model. Our
all kids ages 4-8 and registered     of small-area games at this age      goal is to double in size over the
in any of our programs to use        level will allow each skater to      next 12 months in both divisions.
loaner gear at no cost.              touch the puck more often ver-       On behalf of the youth hockey
                                     sus a traditional full-ice game.     program at Glacier Ice & Snow,
We feel the combination of offer-
ing the GOAL program and the         Major changes to our Mite pro-       we are excited about the upcom-
new Mite ADM division, we will       gram include more structured         ing season and wish all hockey
have made it much easier for         practices using stations to focus    players across the state well for
   Page 6                          The FIRE:
Jacob Fowler, the youngest Cane,   Team Preview: Hurricanes Mites                                              by Jay Fowler
  flashes blue steel in his new
            sweater                Space Coast Iceplex, Rock-            the continuing success at all         Kickoff Festival on September
                                   ledge—Looking around the Mite         levels of their youth travel pro-     18th & 19th.
                                   locker room, Head Coach Shawn         gram. This year’s squad con-
                                   Ray can see his deepest and           tains three second-year players       In November, the Hurricane
                                   most experienced Mite team to         who have all come up through          Mites will travel to Coral Springs
                                   date. With a core of returning        the Hurricanes Mite system.           for the Florida Jr. Panthers
                                   veteran leaders including Tyler       Hunter Levi, Collin Patterson, and    Thanksgiving Tournament. In
                                   Ray, Aram Tashjian, Jack Conley,      Alex Matta each gained valuable       January, the team will return to
                                   and Chris Dorrer, the Hurricanes      travel team experience on last        RDV for the Jr. Knights’ MLK
                                   have a chance to make this a          year’s Mite Minor roster.             Invitational Tournament. We are
                                   breakout season. Coming into                                                still exploring options for more
                                   2010, these four players will be      Newcomers to the Hurricanes           tournaments and travel opportu-
                                   starting their third year of travel   for 2010 are Ryan Mulrenin, Kyle      nities with the season ending in
                                                                         Gonzalez, Jacob Fowler, and           late February at the SAHOF State
A teambuilding exercise required   hockey with the Hurricanes.
                                                                         Tyler King. Fowler and Matta add      Games.
  working together to find pads
                                   Seeking to make skill develop-        versatility to the lineup by split-
                                   ment a priority for even the          ting playing time as goaltenders      Additionally, the Hurricanes have
                                   youngest hockey players at the        and position players.                 fielded a developmental “Mite
                                   Iceplex, Coach Ray began the                                                Minors” team and are looking for
                                   Hurricanes’ Mite Development          The Hurricanes kick off the 2010-     partners for player development
                                   Hockey program three seasons          2011 season playing in the Or-        games and in-house scrim-
                                   ago. By placing an emphasis on        lando Youth Hockey Association’s      mages. Interested programs
                                   the development of players in the     11th Annual Labor Day Tourna-         can contact Mite Manager Jay
                                   Mite age group, the Hurricanes        ment. They will open FAHL league      Fowler at (321) 704-2107 or at
                                   have built a solid foundation for     action by hosting the league’s .

                                   Team Preview: Everblades Mites                                              by Stacey Rice
        Last year’s
                                                                         They are joined by the following
        Everblades                                                       new Jr. Everblades:
         were very                 WOW! The new hockey season is                                               These boys are new to Travel
                                                                         •     Gavin Brindley
        successful,                all ready to begin. Where did the                                           hockey but definitely familiar
                                   summer go?                            •    Dominic Tallone                  with the game.
      including top
                                   The Jr. Everblades Mite team is       •    Alexander Kulashenkov            Our goal for the season is to
        showing at                 very excited for the 2010-2011                                              have an enjoyable experience for
                                   season. Ryan Brindley is our          •    Michael Mesic                    our children on and off the ice.
         the SAHOF
                                   returning Head Coach. Brindley,       •    Levi Ceto
      State Games                  a former professional Everblade,
                                   has wonderful relationships with      •    Eric Hambling
                                   the kids. We also have two out-
                                   standing Assistant Coaches            •    Jonathan Shinneman
                                   joining our team this year - Jim      •    Sean Schifferl
                                   Brown and Greg Tallone.
                                                                         •    Noah Trathen
                                   Our two returning players are:
                                                                         •    Alex Dunn
                                   •    Austin Rice                                                             Coach Brindley and his team pictured
                                                                         •    Cole Brunoli                      with the Golden Shovel at Minnesota’s
                                   •    Thomas Filoramo
                                                                         •    Connor Brown                            Pond Hockey championship
Page 7                                                                                                              Volume 2, Issue 4

Team Preview: Jr. Knights Mites                                        by Jennifer Gabryluk

Maitland - After a competitive      goalie William Myers. Canadian     power-skating clinics, and par-
Spring schedule, the Jr. Knights    transfer, Graeme Podsiad           ticipated in summer pond
are ready to tackle a tough Fall    rounds out the team.               hockey. Others focused on dry
2010-11 CFHL season for the first                                      land training which included
time in its program's existence.    The 2010-11 Jr. Knights are made   private instruction at Puckmas-
                                    up of six 2002s and six 2003s, a   ters Orlando.
Led by last Fall's Center Clint     good foundation to build on for
Levens and Defenseman Noah          the future. Their coach will be    The Jr. Knights will host the
Gabryluk, the Orlando Mite team     Boston College product and         Labor Day Invitational
also returns Jimmy George,          former goalie, Mike Correia. Our   (September 3-6) and MLK Invita-
Gavin Roe, and Matthew Loza         goals for this season are to       tional (January 14-17) at the RDV
from their Spring lineup. New-      continue to develop our players    Sportsplex. If interested in a
comers developed directly from      skills, having fun, and enjoying   scrimmage or tournament oppo-
the RDV In-House program in-        the game of hockey.                nent, please contact Team Man-
                                                                                                               The Knights are excited to enter
clude Gavin Heyn, Boedy                                                agers Jennifer & Tom Gabryluk
Kirchner, Mason Mara, Chadwick      Over the summer, many of our                                                    their Mites in the CFHL
Seiler, Zachary Zakowsky, and       players attended skills camp,

In Their Own Words
Players were asked this Spring,     Michael Phelps—Brandon Hines       David Beckham—Soren (’99) &                   Our hockey players
“Who is your favorite non-          (‘00) Space Coast Iceplex Bruins   Trevor Griebel (’01) Bulls
hockey athlete?”                    & Brock Capua (‘01) Bulls                                                        admire a very wide
                                                                       Lance Armstrong—Grey Mis-
Sean Dawkins—Kyle Gonzalez          Derek Jeter—Michael Mesic          chka (‘01) & Trent Gephart (‘01)              range of athletes; all
(‘03) Colts                         (‘04) Bulldogs                     Bulls                                         generations and all
Babe Ruth—Brendan Engelhardt        Evan Longoria—Jake Filuta (‘01)    Drew Brees—Alex Matta (‘02)                   sports are
(‘01) Knights                       Titans                             Hurricanes
                                    Adrian Peterson—Jack Conley        Wayne        R o on e y — C o n r a d
                                    (‘02) Hurricanes                   Burdette (‘02) Titans
                                                                       Ladanian Tomlinson—Carson
                                                                       Schuldt (‘01) Bulls
                                                                                                                   Still a fan favorite at age 40
                                                                       Carson Palmer—Carson Saun-
Terrence Cody—Sam Barranco                                             ders (‘01) Bulls
(‘01) Titans
                                                                       BJ Upton—Alex Odom (‘01) Ti-
My dad—Evan Hoffberg (‘00)                                             tans
Brett Favre—Jordan Emmons
(‘01) & Thomas Batchelor (‘01)
Hurricanes and Rocco Marcac-
                                    Tim Tebow—Austin Leamon (‘02)
cini (‘01) Knights
                                    & Gordie Atkari (‘01) Hurricanes
Lebron James—Seana Perkins
                                    Tiger Woods—Hunter Levi (‘02)
(‘00) Bulldogs                      Hurricanes & Brian Butland (‘01)
Michael Jordan—Carter York          Eels                               Ben Zobrist—Ben Lacey (‘03)
(‘02) Colts                                                            Titans
   Page 8                          The FIRE:

                                   Team Preview: Blackhawks Squirt A                                         by Jennifer List

                                   Coach George Schneider, Head        final game with Z-Man having 2        this month to represent the
 Jack Schneider (r) has moved to   Coach for last year’s Blackhawk     goals and 2 assists, and Jack         state of Florida in the annual
   New Jersey, but Zach List (l)   Mites, relocated to the New Jer-    Attack with 2 goals and 2 assists     State Wars Roller Hockey com-
  remains with the Blackhawks—     sey area after accepting a new      to complete a Victory of 8-2 over     petition. Last year, Will walked
   the two are pictured here at    job with the NHL’s Devils. His      the Northeasterners Squad.            away with ‘Fastest Skater’ and
          hockey camp              two Assistant Coaches from last                                           an honored slot on ‘Team North
                                   year, Dave Friedman and Mike        The Twins, “Big” Ben Friedman         America’, where only the best of
                                   List, will be co-coaching the       and Harry “Hungry” Friedman,          the best are selected. Good luck,
                                   team and are very excited about     trained very hard in June and         Will!
                                   the squad .                         the early part of July in all areas
                                                                       of their game and looked real         Peter “Pistol” Rogers took up the
                                   The Blackhawks have several         sharp, so for August they de-         sport of lacrosse this year, in his
                                   returning players from last year    cided to give their bodies the        off-ice season, playing for the
                                   that include: Vincent “the Rock”    well deserved rest.                   Martin County Pioneers. He’s
                                   Compitiello, Ben “Big Ben” Fried-                                         eager to get back on the ice, and
                                   man, Harry “Hungry” Friedman,       Scotty “Scoop” Herman attended        though he’ll miss his Scorpion
                                   Scotty “Scoop” Herman, Zach “Z-     a sleep-a-way camp in Massa-          buddies, it’ll be exciting to play in
                                   Man” List, and Cane “Music Man”     chusetts with special field trips     a new league and closer to home
                                   Stringer.                           to a local ice arena and he also      with the Blackhawks!
                                                                       attended an intense hockey sleep
                                   New players to the organization     -a-way camp in Heartland, Min-        Luc “Lucky” Croteau has been
        The Hawks’                 include: Luc Croteau, William       nesota for several weeks to-          playing lots of ice hockey this
                                   Laychur, Peter Rogers, Noah         wards the end of summer.              summer, in preparation of his
            roster                 Scammell, and Blake Stefanescu.     Scoop is looking good going into      first travel season. He’s also
       features an                                                     the season’s opening Early Bird       been doing lots of fishing, soc-
                                   The Squirt Minors plan on at-       tournament.                           cer, and hitting the theme parks.
        even blend                 tending the Early Bird Tourna-                                            Way to go, Lucky-Luc!
                                   ment, Big Bear Tournament over      Cane “Music Man” Stringer had a
      of those new                 Labor Day weekend, an at-home       busy summer working on all his        Noah Scammell is expanding
                                   Columbus Day rally, MLK in Or-      skills from the ground up doing       from travel roller to travel ice
             to the
                                   lando, and playing in an out-of-    edge work and working on defen-       this season and has been spend-
          program                  state event President’s Day         sive techniques. He also did a        ing a lot of time this summer
                                   weekend (TBD).                      little goaltending in summer          perfecting his skills on the ice.
               and                                                     league. This kids motor never         He’s also spent a lot of time in
                                   Off season updates:
         returners                                                     stops!                                the Keys this summer. Nice!
                                   Zach “Z-Man” List joined up with    Vincent “The Rock” Compitiello,       Blake Stefanescu is following in
                                   Jack “Attack” Schneider to at-      in the typical goaltender frame       the family footsteps and becom-
                                   tend a sleep-a-way camp at the      of mind, was quiet and conserva-      ing a Blackhawk. We’re thrilled to
                                   United States Military Academy      tive but continued to work hard       have him as a part of the 2010-
                                   (a/k/a “Army”) in West Point,       throughout the summer and             2011 team!
                                   New York. They both enjoyed this    focus on having another strong
                                   camp, but commented this is not     year stopping the biscuit from        The Blackhawks have a very nice
                                   ”The Ritz” - especially when they   going into the net.                   squad with all the new additions
                                   heard Reveille at 0:500 every                                             and can’t wait to get started with
                                   morning! That being said, they      Will “Will-da-beast” or “Rocket”      the season to play the game we
                                   both trained and played in the      Laychur is traveling to Chicago       all love—HOCKEY!!

Last year the Hawks raised money
       with their hard work
Page 9                                                                                                            Volume 2, Issue 4

Team Preview: Jr. Everblade Squirt A                                    by Kirsten Tracy

The Jr. Everblades Squirt A team    the return of Head Coach, Mi-       •    help build confidence and
is extremely excited about the      chael Shields. His aspirations           boost self esteem via disci-
upcoming 2010-2011 season.          for this team are rather straight        pline, dedication and desire
                                    forward:                                 as an athlete.
With 11 out of the 14 teammates
being new to the JEB organiza-      •    increase the knowledge,        Our players’ achievement of
tion, our squad is a genuine             respect and love of the        these goals can be positively
reflection of the increasing             game,                          utilized in all aspects of life.
popularity of hockey to South-
West Florida.                       •    enhance sportsmanship          Everyone is eagerly waiting for
                                         through team camaraderie,      travel hockey to begin and is
We are very pleased to announce          and,                           looking forward to a successful
                                                                        season. See you at the rink!

Team Preview: Jr. Panthers 2001                                         by Eric Greenberg

The Jr Panthers 2001 team is        players from last season. The       Flames Labor Day Tournament as
returning for another season of     2001 Jr. Panthers would like to     well.
Hockey. In following the foot-      welcome Dylan Lugris as a new
steps of our Jr Panther prede-      addition to our team.               The Panthers will also travel to
cessors, the 2001 team is playing                                       Toronto, Detroit, and Marlbor-
up in the SFHL Squirt AA league     We look forward to an exciting      ough, Massachusetts to compete
this year.                          and challenging season with 4 in-   against some of the best 2001
                                    state tournaments and 3 out-of-     teams in the country.
Head Coach Avi Friedman is          state. We will be hosting the Jr.
returning for his second season.    Panther Early Bird and Jr. Pan-     If teams are interested in sched-
Team Manager Eric Greenberg is      ther Thanksgiving events, and       uling a scrimmage, please con-      New Panther Dylan Lugris with NHL
back too, as well as 12 of the 13   are entered in the the Gulf Coast   tact the Team Manager at                 TV analyst Bill Lindsay

Team Preview: Flames Squirts                                            by Tara Burdick
                                                                                                                   A crop of longtime
The 2010/2011 Gulf Coast Flames     With the addition of newcomers      The Flames Squirt team is ex-
will be coached by Zoran Bendi-     Levi Renault, Zachary Fernandes,    cited and ready to get back to             Flames welcome
cak, assisted by David Burdick      Brendan Fitzgerald, and Evan        hockey. Our main goal for the              four newcomers to
and Troy Winch.                     Valeska, the Squirts look to have   season is to improve the skill of
                                    a promising team this fall.         each player. Coach Bendicak                the red, white, and
The Squirt team returns nine                                            and his assistants will have the
players from the Spring Flames      Goaltenders Alex Workman and                                                   black
                                                                        players on the ice three days a
team which includes Kenefick        Lane Skon will be in net and        week and plan to run intense
(leading spring CFHL goal           ready to stop pucks that get by     drills to improve their speed,
scorer), Howlett, Knight,           the Flames solid defense.           edge work, and puck handling.
Schiavone, Winch, Burdick,
Woodring, Nicholson and             The Flames will again host the      We look forward to seeing our
Bergbauer.                          Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day      hockey friends throughout the
                                    tournaments in Ellenton. New        state at an ice rink soon.
Most of these players are veter-    this year, the Flames are also
ans of the organization and         hosts of the AA Silver Sticks
several have played five or more    tournament in December.
seasons with the Flames.
     Page 10                            The FIRE:

Goaltender Brayden Coffin is pictured   Team Preview: Golden Wolves Squirts                                      by John Harshaw
          with Bill Lindsay
                                        The 2010-11 South Florida Golden    It has been a very exciting off-     We are very excited about our
                                        Wolves Squirt A team features a     season. Some players partici-        team. Along with a solid core of
                                        full roster with 17 players, 15     pated in showcase and charity        10 players moving up from Mites,
                                        skaters and 2 goalies. We are       hockey tournaments. Many play-       we have added 7 new promising
                                        entered in the FAHL for the up-     ers took time off and spent the      skaters and we hope to continue
                                        coming season.                      summer on vacation with their        building on last year’s success.
                                                                            families, having fun at camp, or     We will continue to teach the
                                        Our Head Coaches are Mike           simply playing in the summer         fundamentals of ice hockey,
                                        Black and Dan Reilly, with Justin   recreation league. One player,       while focusing on player posi-
                                        Cantafio assisting. John Har-       Lenny Kummala, spent part of his     tioning, team work, sportsman-
                                        shaw will serve as Team Man-        summer training in Finland!          ship, and most importantly FUN!
                                        ager.                                                                    We have a great group of par-
                                                                            During the entire summer, we         ents who spend nights and week-
                                        There are no returning players      conducted a weekly off ice train-
                                        from last year’s Squirts, but a                                          ends together, enjoying each
                                                                            ing camp at our local roller rinks   other’s company while watching
                                        majority of the team remains        to help with player conditioning,
                                        within the program as 10 players                                         our children develop life lasting
                                                                            and to build on our team cama-       friendships.
                                        move up from last year’s Golden     raderie.
                                        Wolves Mites.
                                                                            Justin Harshaw welcomed a
                                        Our schedule includes several       "future skater" to his home.
                                        planned tournaments beginning       Baby sister Jenna was born on
The Golden Wolves look to be the best
                                        with the Early Bird. We then        August 5th.
      conditioned Squirt team           head to the OYHA Labor Day
                                        event followed by others over
                                        Thanksgiving, the week between
           All three                    Christmas and New Year, one out
                                        -of-state tournament in January
             Florida                    or February, something over                                                  Golden Wolves Managers:
              Squirt                    MLK, the Presidents Day week-                                              John Harshaw (Squirts) and
                                        end, and finally late February’s                                              Brad Horwitz (Mites)
            leagues                     SAHOF State Games.
        appear to be                                                        Jared, Justin, Jenna, Julie & John

         competitive                    Team Preview: Jr. Knights Squirts                                        by Dreyk Marcaccini

                                        The Jr. Knight 2010-2011 squirt     with the use of practicing skills    The castle will be heavily
                                        hockey team has appeared out of     and hard work.                       guarded by 2 gargoyle goalies
                                        nowhere like Merlin on a dark                                            with the names of:
                                        battlefield.                        The 11 knights of the round rink
                                                                            that have armored up for the         Eric Miscampbell & Cameron
                                        The Head Coach, Peter Nyman of      calling include:                     Hurta
                                        Swedish descent, has the experi-
                                        ence of playing professional        Connor Murphy, Hunter Chard,         The Jr. Knight Squirt team is
                                        European hockey on the Swedish      Matthew Williams, Parker Mara,       looking forward to the quest of
                                        National Team and is highly ex-     Joseph Mendoza, Walter               hockey fun in a competitive and
                                        perienced at training.              Baumann, Rocco Marcaccini,           rewarding CFHL season.
Matthew Williams returns to                                                 Blake Harrigan, Ana Cobble, Josh
the Knights, bringing relent-           Coach Nyman has plans to give       Cummings, Matthew Cummings
     less puck-pursuit                  our players hockey knighthood
Page 11                                                                                                                  Volume 2, Issue 4

Team Preview: Breakers Squirts                                           by Lisa Bailen

The Palm Beach who??                 IceWorks Director of Hockey and     We are very eager to get the
                                     Head Coach; and Lisa Bailen,        season started. Our team will be
BREAKERS!                            Travel Teams Manager; plus          practice at IceWorks located in
The Palm Beach Breakers              countless dedicated parents, the    West Palm Beach, and if you
Squirts are anxious to get their     Palm Beach Breakers are ready       haven’t seen it yet you are in for
inaugural season underway.           to participate in the 2010-2011     a treat when we host your team!
They begin by participating in the   season.                             The rink is a state-of-the-art,
Early Bird Tournament.                                                   environmentally-friendly facility
                                     At the helm is Head Coach James     dedicated to the development of
Just two months ago the Break-       Khalil. The Breakers roster has     future hockey players.
                                     players with all levels of hockey                                         Personalized dressing spaces and ultra-
ers Travel program was nothing
                                     experience. There's a solid mix     For more information about the              clean showers at IceWorks
more than an idea on paper.
Today, thanks to the determina-      of travel experienced, rec select   Palm Beach Breakers Travel ice
tion and commitment of Lori Alf,     experienced, and veteran rec        hockey program or to schedule
owner of IceWorks; James Khalil,     league players on the team.         scrimmages, please contact Lisa
                                                                         Bailen, Travel Teams Manager at
                                                                         call 561-317-6064.

Reminder for Parents
As we begin the season, please       Penguins, but back when he          Read the books for the long
take a moment to remember why        played in the NHL he was most       edition of the Bylsma’s home-                   In youth sports, kids
kids participate in youth sports     known as co-author, with his        spun advice. If you don’t have
and how important hockey is for      father, on two books about youth    the time, just remember this:                   usually don’t get as
your family. Chances are the         hockey and sports parenting.                                                        upset as their
emotions of a close game might       The recurring theme throughout      Everyone has a purpose in life,
cause you to behave differently,     both books is that his family was   even if it’s only to serve as a bad             parents
if only for a moment.                far more concerned about rais-      example.
                                     ing a well-rounded person than      Let’s do our kids the favor of
Dan Bylsma is now known as the       they were about just an athlete.
Stanley Cup-winning coach of the                                         being on our best behavior!

                                                                                                                 Jenna Harshaw practices cheering for
Photos                                                                                                                   her brother’s goals

                                                      Neville Jukmencuks shoots on a giant goalie and
                                                                   works on his stride

   Thomas Batchelor and Kyle Gonzalez
          reflect on the game
                                                                                                      Florida Youth Hockey
                                           The Florida Mite Report was founded in Summer
   329 Subscribers -                       2009. After a very successful one year run, the
                                           newsletter was rebranded to include Squirts for
    Help The FIRE hit                      the upcoming 2010-11 season. Subscriptions are              following youth hockey in the
                                           FREE, issues are released monthly during tradi-                    Sunshine State
          400!                             tional hockey season and less frequently during
                                           Summer. Communicate program information and
                                           promote events here by contacting the Editor/
                                                                                                        Florida Youth Hockey

                                           JOHN CONLEY WAS ADDED TO THE S.A.H.O.F. BOARD
                                           IN EARLY 2010—OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THE FIRE
                                           DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THOSE OF
                                           S.A.H.O.F. OR USA HOCKEY.
                                                                                                      Published by:
                                                                                                                 John Conley
                                                                                                                 Oviedo, FL
2010-11 Tournament Calendar
                                                                                                      Phone: (407) 542-6943
The following is a list of the     Thanksgiving Shootout            January 14-17                     E-mail:
known tournaments. Please let                                                               
us know of any that were missed.   Ellenton I&S                     MLK Invitational
                                              Ellenton, FL
August 27-29                                                        RDV Sportsplex
                                                                              Maitland, FL
Early Bird                         December 3-5
                                                                    Junior Orange Bowl
Incredible Ice                     Florida Sunshine Showdown
            Coral Springs, FL                                       Kendall Ice Arena
                                   Incredible Ice
                                                                                 Miami, FL
                                               Coral Springs, FL
September 3-6
                                                                    Jr. Panthers MLK
Labor Day Challenge
                                   December 10-12                   Incredible Ice
Ellenton I&S                                                                    Coral Springs, FL
           Ellenton, FL            Silver Stick

Labor Day Invitational             Ellenton I&S                     February 19-21
                                              Ellenton, FL
RDV Sportsplex                                                      The Palms
          Maitland, FL
                                   December 26-29                   Ice Sports Forum
                                                                               Brandon, FL
October 8-10                       Int’l Holiday Invitational
                                                                    Jr. Panthers Presidents Day
Eye of the Storm                   Germain Arena
                                             Estero, FL             Incredible Ice
Ice Sports Forum
           Brandon, FL             Raiders Golden Puck                           Coral Springs, FL

                                   Tampa Bay Skating Academy
November 26-28                                                      February 25-27
                                            Oldsmar, FL                                                Competitors in the Germain
Jr. Panthers Thanksgiving Inv.                                      S.A.H.O.F.                       Holiday event receive admission
                                                                                                      to the Florida College Classic
Incredible Ice                                                      State Tournament         TBD     featuring NCAA Division I teams
            Coral Springs, FL

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