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									learning leaders                                          prospect park Zoo                                          peace Corps                                                              Volunteer opportunities
212.213.3370                                              718.399.7324                                               Regional Recruitment Office                          212.352.5440
Tutor elementary, intermediate and high school            prospect-park-zoo-volunteer.aspx                 
students in reading, writing, math, ESL and other         Those age 14 and over can become a Discovery               Volunteers in this federal service program serve
                                                                                                                     for 27 months in over 70 countries in education,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Education & Job
academic subjects. For ages 18 and older.                 Guide, and help in exhibit areas, answer questions,
new York Aquarium
                                                          and assist with children’s programs. Ages 20 and           youth outreach, community development, health,                                       Information Center
                                                          over can become a Zoo Docent (tour guide).                 agriculture and environment, business development
718.265.FISH                                                                                                         and information technology. Many benefits.           recording for the Blind & Dyslexic                         Ages 18 and older.
york-aquarium-volunteers.aspx                             212.557.5720
Those age 15 and older can become a volunteer                                                  united nations Volunteers

docent (tour guide). Animal husbandry and volunteer       Record textbooks for students with print disabilities,
diver opportunities (for certified scuba divers) are      provide technical support, or help with outreach.          Volunteers contribute to the attainment of the
available for ages 21 and older.                                                                                     Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of
                                                                                                                     time-bound targets to combat poverty, hunger,
                                                          LONG-TERM & INTERNATIONAL
new York City Coalition Against Hunger
                                                          SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES

                                                                                                                     disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation
                                                                                                                     and discrimination. Online “virtual volunteering”
                                                                                                                     opportunities are available.
Prepare or serve food, or unpack boxes in a soup          800.942.2677
kitchen or food pantry. Donate your professional skills   800.833.3722 (TDD)
in fundraising, public relations, accounting and more.
new York City parks Department                            Access nearly 1,000 national and local groups in          a network of national service programs. Provide
opportunities.html                                        disaster relief, tutor children, work to improve health
Volunteer to join community groups that support           services and create businesses, build homes for low-
and care for parks, participate in recreational           income families, help preserve the environment and
programming, maintain the city’s green spaces,            more. Placements range from 9 to 12 months.
and more.                                                 Habitat for Humanity
new York restoration project                              212.991.4000
212.333.2552                                                                                  Build and rehabilitate affordable homes, in the
Help maintain and restore parks, community gardens        U.S. or abroad, for families in need of shelter.
and other open spaces in New York City. Volunteer         Ages 16 and older.
opportunities are available in the office, in the field international Volunteerism
and in environmental education.                           resource Center
prospect park Volunteer Corps                   
718.965.8960                                              Find information about volunteering abroad, as well as                   listings of volunteer opportunities available worldwide.
Participate in various horticultural and beautification                                                                                                                                       Education & Job Information Center
projects, lead tours, help with office work and more.                                                                                                                                         Central Library
Ages 14 and older.
                                                                                                                                                                                              10 Grand Army Plaza
                                                                                                                                                                                              Brooklyn, NY 11238

                                                                                                                                                                         3620.BR (11.03.09)
Volunteer Opportunities
This brochure lists resources for                         the Mentoring partnership of new York                     Volunteer referral Center                                  Brooklyn public library
                                                          212.953.0945                                              212.889.4805                                               office of Volunteer services
those looking to volunteer their time                                                                   718.230.2406
to charitable causes.                                     Links individuals, organizations and communities          A counselor matches you to a volunteer opportunity
                                                          to 130 existing mentoring programs.                       based on your needs, skills, interests and scheduling      Teach adults how to read and write at one of
                                                                                                                    requirements. Positions in over 200 nonprofits range       our Adult Learning Centers. Other opportunities
Find other resource guides compiled by                    new York Cares                                            from social services to the arts.                          include Computer Coach, Homework Helper, ESOL
the Education & Job Information Center at                 212.228.5000                                                                                                         Conversation Group Leader, Central Library Welcome
                                                                                                                                                      Ambassador or Resume Editing Volunteer. Teens may                   Individuals, groups and companies can find
                                                                                                                    orGAniZAtions tHAt WelCoMe Volunteers
                                                                                                                                                                               volunteer in the Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Techies
                                                          hundreds of flexibly-scheduled monthly projects,          Contacting organizations directly is another way           (T4) or Book Buddy programs.
reFerrAl AGenCies &                                       or find an annual event to make a difference in           to find a volunteer opportunity. The following
GenerAl VolunteerinG inForMAtion                          just one day. For ages 18 and older; some events          organizations welcome volunteers.                          City Harvest
                                                          welcome families.                                                                                                    646.277.7821
Brooklyn Bureau of Community service                                                                                AArp                                             
718.310.5621                                              nYC service                                               866.227.7442                                               “Rescue” leftover food from greenmarkets and                                                                               trade shows for delivery to hundreds of community
Offers many opportunities for individuals,                Search volunteer positions designed to address            Assist individuals with tax returns, teach driver safety   food programs, assist with fundraising and office
corporations and community groups interested              New York City’s greatest needs. You can also create       courses, help the elderly and disabled manage their        work, and more.
in giving back to the community.                          your own volunteer program.                               finances and more.
                                                                                                                                                                               Coalition for the Homeless
Catholic Charities of Brooklyn & Queens                   one Brick                                                 American red Cross in Greater new York                     212.776.2000
718.722.6118                                                                              877.REDCROSS (877.733.2767)                                                           Provides support to local nonprofit and community                                         Staff a mobile soup kitchen, offer homework help
Call or search the online database for over 180           organizations by creating a flexible, social, volunteer   Conduct disaster relief fieldwork, teach health            and after-school activities to children in homeless
volunteer programs for teens, adults and seniors.         environment with no long-term commitments.                and safety classes, act as a translator, assist            shelters, conduct job readiness training, or assist
                                                          Communication is conducted entirely via the website.      with communications and marketing, provide                 with advocacy or fundraising.
Community service society of new York,                                                                              administrative support and more.
retired senior Volunteer program (rsVp)                                                                                                                     the Door
212.614.5563                                                                                 Big Brothers Big sisters of new York City                  212.941.9090 ext. 3295       Use this site to answer President Obama’s “call           212.686.2042                                     
Lists hundreds of opportunities for New Yorkers ages      to service” and find volunteer opportunities in the                                            Opportunities in tutoring, exam preparation, social
55 and older to give back to the community. Call for      New York area and beyond. Or post a new service           Adults ages 21 and older can become long-term              service work and special programs for LGBTQ youth.
additional opportunities.                                 opportunity and invite others to join.                    mentors to youth in need. Be a role model for a            For young volunteers ages 12 to 21.
                                                          united Jewish Appeal (uJA) Federation of new York         juvenile delinquent, eat lunch with a student at
Federation of protestant Welfare Agencies                                                                           a public school, and help enrich a child’s future.         experience Corps
212.801.1332                                              212.836.1883                                                                                                         212.614.5499                                Brooklyn Animal resource Coalition (BArC)        
index.html                                                Refers volunteers to opportunities in a                   718.486.7489                                               Volunteers ages 55 and older can help kids succeed
Match your availability, interests and expertise          diverse range of agencies in all boroughs.                         in school by tutoring or conducting small reading
with an opportunity at one of nearly 300 member           VolunteerMatch                                            Volunteer for dog walking and cat socializing and          groups at public schools or community centers.
agencies. Opportunities are available to become                                     help animals in need. For adults 21 and over, or minors
a board member at a nonprofit agency.                                                                               accompanied by a parent or guardian.                       the Hope program
                                                          Search volunteer opportunities by zip code, area of                                                                  718.852.9307                                              interest or age level. Register to respond to listings,   the Brooklyn Hospital Center                                                     upload your resume and sign up for “Opportunity           718.250.8393                                               Volunteer to tutor GED math, reading or writing, or
Search for volunteer opportunities by location, area      Alert” emails. Includes a virtual volunteering section.                      teach basic computer skills. For ages 21 and older.
of interest, skills or age level. Receive email updates                                                             Volunteer opportunities include: Pediatric Storyteller,
of new listings that match your interests. Includes a                                                               Patient Care Aide and Physical and Occupational
guide to volunteering with your family.                                                                             Therapy Department helpers. Call for an interview.

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