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					                                     JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                     Marketing Assistant/ Event Co-ordinator

Location:                      Ashburton

Responsible To:                Marketing Manager

Direct Reports:                Nil

Date:                          October 2010

Principal Objectives/Purpose

The Marketing Assistant is responsible for coordination and project management of events, campaign co-
ordination and delivery and to provide marketing support to the Marketing Manager and the other
members of the wider Marketing team.

The requirements in the above Key Result Areas are broadly identified as follows:

Key Result Areas:

             Jobholder is accountable for                      Jobholder is successful when
Event Co-ordination                                                All events are successfully
    Plan and coordinate ATS’s involvement with                     delivered on time and to budget
       events both in-house and within the industry                Member feedback of events is
       including (but not limited to):                              positive
           o ATS Instore Days
           o Christmas Functions                                   Colleague feedback of events
           o A & P Shows                                            support is positive
           o Field days                                            Card partner and retail suppliers
    Work with the marketing team members to                        feedback is positive
       assist with planning of their events as needed.
Promotional Material
    Administration of the website as directed                     Web page information is up to
       ensuring all details are accurate and relevant               date and accurate
    Work with the mail house ensuring all material                Publications are delivered on time
       sent is received on time and correct details are             to all target audiences
       provided                                                    Team feedback is positive
    Help with publications as directed
    Assist with the preparation of retail shop
       posters and in-store displays
    Assist to ensure marketing messages and the
       ATS brand is consistently executed
    General administration tasks as required
Web Support                                                        Retail items are correctly priced
    Assist with updates of on-line shop items and                  and appropriately promoted
       pricing                                                     Weather pages are maintained
    Update weather page in members only area                       daily

Campaign Organisation                                              Campaign calendar is visible,
   Assist with developing and executing                            supported and delivered upon
     marketing campaigns as directed by the                        Campaigns              delivering
     Marketing Manager                                              measurable results
   Develop     and    report on    campaign

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       Maintain Forward campaign planning calendar
        based on seasonal farming and business
       Develop a plan in assoc with Marketing
        Manager to target the “key” member and what
        they would look like on a yearly basis for
        targeted marketing.
Team                                                                         Staff feedback is positive
    Ensure regular attendance at meetings as                                Marketing team member is
     required including team and individual                                   considered competent and value
     meetings.                                                                adding
    Manage all incoming phone calls and visitors
     to the marketing team
    Assist with marketing analysis
    Assist with member services parts of ATS,
     such as call centre and retail
    Assist the Retail Marketing Coordinator to
     meet deadlines
    Support the marketing team as required.

The above performance standards are provided as a guide only. The precise performance measures for
this position will need further discussion between the jobholder and the Marketing Manager as part of the
performance development review process.

This position description is not intended to be a complete or limiting description of the functions that the
employee may reasonably be requested to undertake.

Authorities and Specific

       Nil

Organisation Context:
                                                        GM Marketing and
                                                         Chris Bristol

                               Marketing Manager                                  Partner Services Manager
                              Rebecca Bain: Acting                                     Jason McKenzie

        Retail Marketing          Marketing            Marketing Assistant/          Account Manager
          Coordinator         Communications Asst      Events Coordinator               Kyle Koke
         Helen Brown               Vacant                    Vacant

Functional Relationships:

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External                               Internal
Members                                Marketing team members
Card Suppliers                         ATS employees
Service Suppliers
Retail suppliers

Person Specification:

Qualifications, Training and Experience
    1-2 years experience working in a marketing team
    Event co-ordination experience
    Marketing qualification (desired but not essential)

Marketing Competencies
    To understand marketing concepts in relationship to retail environment and membership
       acquisition and retention including direct marketing, merchandising, promotions,
       research, advertising.
    To understand Event theme development and implementation

Negotiating and influencing skills
    To negotiate win win outcomes when purchasing goods or services from business partners or
    To work with people and to influence them or situations as necessary to gain positive
       outcomes for the business.

Computer literacy
    To utilise the company’s information system.
    To understand how technology can be fully utilised within the business.
    To be a proficient user of the Microsoft Office suite of Excel, Word and Email system.
    To have knowledge of other relevant software applications including Photoshop and artwork
     file types.
    To be able to update ATS web pages as required

Relationship building skills
    To build strong mutually respectful and beneficial relationships both internally and externally.

Verbal and written communication skills
       To professionally represent the company when communicating.
       Demonstration of effective communication both orally and in writing.
       To effectively give presentations to small groups, both internally and externally.

Personal Attributes
    Energetic and motivated.
       Uses initiative to assist all other team members by having an understanding of what the
        team does and were the priorities are.
       A team player as well as an ability to work independently.
       A commitment to excellence.
       Customer service oriented.
       Professionalism in approach to work and presentation.

Change to Job Description:

From time to time it may be necessary to consider changes in the job description in response to the
changing nature of our work environment– including technological requirements or statutory changes.
Such change may be initiated as necessary by the Marketing Manager. This Job Description may be
reviewed as part of the preparation for performance planning for the annual performance development
and review cycle.

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