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					                       The Vesalius Trust                                Lloyd library and Museum
                       20751 West Chartwell Dr                                          917 Plum St
                       Kildeer IL 60047                                       Cincinnati OH 45202

                                                 Deed of Gift
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Name of Artist and/or Agent ______________________________________________________________
Telephone_________________________________Email ______________________________________

I own and/or am authorized to dispose of the materials described below (the Property), and hereby donate said
Property to the Vesalius Trust for Visual Communication in the Health Sciences (the Trust).
(attach sheets if necessary)

I understand and agree that upon signing the Deed of Gift, the Property described above becomes the legal property
of the Trust.

I further understand that upon signing the Deed of Gift, I transfer legal ownership of the physical materials I donate as
well as their intellectual property rights, including copyright, if applicable, to the Trust.

I understand and agree that the Property will be duly transferred by the Trust in whole to the Lloyd Library and
Museum (the Lloyd) to become its permanent property as part of an archive of medical illustrations and related
materials, The Vesalius Trust Collection of Art Serving Medicine and Science.

I understand and agree that the purpose of this gift is for archival preservation, museum display, and academic/schol-
arly research, or other fair uses in compliance with US Copyright Law (the Purpose), and that the Lloyd will manage and
care for the Property by employing the best professional judgement of its staff and according to accepted professional

I understand that any appraisal of the collection is the responsibility of the Artist/Agent, and should be performed before

I agree that this Property may be available for such use or reproduction on an unrestricted basis consistent with the
Purpose, and is subject only to restrictions that may be specified below (attach extra sheet if necessary) :

This is an irrevocable and unrestricted gift of the Property, and the Lloyd will have sole discretion in the use, display,
and disposition of the Property consistent with the Purpose. I understand that any items hereby donated which are
not retained by the Lloyd shall be (initial choice)
_______ Returned to Artist/Agent
_______ Donated to ________________________________________________________________________
_______ Disposed of in a manner deemed appropriate by the Lloyd Library

Artist/Agent signature _____________________________________________Date __________________

Executive Director, Vesalius Trust ___________________________________ Date __________________

Director, Lloyd Library and Museum _________________________________ Date __________________

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