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               SESSION SUMMARIES

Making Your Catalogue Work Harder
Simple tips to create a harder working catalogue – bring your catalogue along for
a critique.

The Colour of Money – Why Colour Accuracy is Key to No-Returns
An informal discussion on how to achieve high quality colour in printed form,
even when photography leaves something to be desired.

Recruiting profitable customers
Different opportunities on and offline, evaluating these opportunities and the data
analysis required, understanding the overlap between on and offline marketing,
understanding lifetime value by acquisition source and how to use this
information to plan marketing activities.

Development of accurate analytical tools
How to use them effectively within your business, including development and
understanding of KPI’s.

Data Mining (3pm-3.40pm slot)
How to use database mining tactics to improve sales from your customers and
increase contribution to the bottom line.

Monetise Your Media Assets
Using Amazon and M&M Direct case studies, this session will demonstrate how
you can generate substantial incremental ad revenues from your off and online
media assets, whilst protecting both your brand and existing sales. Learn how to
maintain complete control and invest minimal effort, yet achieve returns which
can make a real difference to your business.

Catalogue Critiques
Come along and pick the brains of the self-styled catalogue design guru Tony
Adams. Always ready with an honest opinion, Tony shoots from the hip, but it’s
always to make your catalogue work smarter, harder and better. First 5
catalogues sent in advance will receive an in-depth written report.
Catalogue Production
Covering photography, design and repro.

Using Words to enhance Brand Positioning, Involvement, Loyalty and
How should you position your company? What character and tone of voice
should you use to engage people and win those orders? How should copy differ
between media? Samples for discussion or post-event feedback welcome.

Interactive Catalogues
Combining the best of the web with the engagement of printed catalogues,
Interactive Catalogues are causing a stir in home shopping circles. So what are
they? Who is using them? What results are they getting? Attendees will find the
answers and get an insight into the real life experiences of Sears, Ikea, Thomas
Cook and

Security of Supply in Turbulent Times
How do you ensure security of supply of your printed matter and mailing facilities
in these difficult trading times? This session will provide you with numerous skills
to avoid supplier failures, while ensuring product integrity and giving opportunities
to save money.

Lifecycle Marketing
Lifecycle marketing is becoming one of the key strategies in email marketing
today. How can you better understand your customers and prospects and why is
lifecycle marketing so important? Jon Kirwan leads discussions on how this is
best achieved and what options are available to enhance your email marketing

Data Mining (12.30pm-1.10pm)
Examining the different ways in which Data Mining is undertaken, this discussion
will look at the use of external data to augment your data mining capabilities, as
well as review what strategies are working well at the moment. We will also
consider the future of data mining and how granular you should go.

Customer Recruitment
What is your current customer recruitment strategy? We will discuss profit per
recruit, the channels that are being used, as well as your most profitable
channels. The different offers and creative for the various channels will be
examined, together with whether you should look at first order value or measure
over time.

Entering the US market
This round table will examine how British cataloguers can grow their business by
expanding into the US. It will review US market attributes that make it particularly
attractive for British-based businesses and key success factors and operational
considerations for testing the market.

Selecting Payment Solutions
Selecting the right online payment solution is important. But what do you need to
do and how do you go about it? An independent payment service provider with
over 10 years of industry experience, will talk you through this at this round-table.

Profitable Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing
Should you focus on Google/Yahoo or Bing? What's the easiest way to improve
the profitability of your search marketing? Which metrics should you worry
about? What's the key to success with PPC? Join this round table to find out.

Will the iPad revolutionise catalogues?
Following the recent launch of the iPad, this session will challenge and explore
the topical debate: Will the iPad revolutionise catalogues? It will consider the
implications of digital on catalogue formats and how you can get the most from
new technology. Look forward to an exciting, lively debate.

Realise the potential of your mailing data to increase sales
By managing your mailing data intelligently and using this to build your mailing
and email campaigns, you can increase your sales significantly. Hear how to
create successful and cost effective mailing campaigns looking at the different
mail order catalogue printing and mailing options available. Learn how a multi-
channel communication approach can enhance your printed catalogue

Combining digital & traditional channels & insight to accelerate growth
Faced with the irresistible pull of online - is it possible to effectively combine
channels and data to drive online demand and conversion? Similarily - are we
effectively capturing online data to improve our offline marketing?
Making the most of your customer communications
Many businesses hold significant amounts of data on their customers, often
gathered from transactions or loyalty card membership. The more they hold, the
greater the opportunity to communicate with customers based on triggers. This
session will look at how digital print allows for variable data to appear on every
piece of marketing with leading case studies.

Building Average Order Values Through Every Customer Contact
Every customer contact presents an opportunity to both build a relationship with
your customers and to increase their lifetime value by cross-selling and upselling.

Independent customer feedback works
Every e-tailer should be asking their customers for feedback, whether that's to
shape your business, provide excellent customer service or to increase sales.
This session should be able to help. After all, if your customers aren't talking to
you, they're talking to someone else.

DRTV in the UK - The best opportunity for mail order companies to enter
the TV market
A brief overview of the market, that will convey that the lowest cost per
thousands are now available for both long and short form TV advertisers in the
UK and Eire due to the growth of digital/multi channel broadcast.

Get paid to carry 3rd party samples in your PDs
How US mail order companies are delighting customers and making additional
revenue by carrying 3rd party samples in their mailings (and how you can do the

How To Add Brand Personality To Your Catalogue and Website
When a customer’s faced with two brands whose service and price are similar,
what will make them buy from your catalogue? The answer is Brand Personality.
This session looks at why 'adding character' will improve your bottom line and
customer loyalty. With case histories showing how to add this elusive ingredient
to your brand through design, photography and copywriting.

Multi-site distribution, one inventory
This session will examine different options and ideas for companies of all sizes
and types of merchandise covering: Optimising your current operations,
managing inventory across multiple despatch points, relocation and the key steps
to business continuity, to selecting an out-sourced fulfilment partner.
Making sense of web analytics
How are you using web analytics to measure your online business? What role do
usability testing and online surveys play in understanding your visitors’
experience? What holds you back from making improvements to your website
and measuring their impact?

Email Marketing
Email marketing: Best practices, industry standards and top tips.

5 Easy ways to improve your online copy
Copy is your silent salesman. The right words can help convert many more of
your website visitors to paying customers. Listen to a specialist multi-channel
copywriter reveal some of the secrets of copy that really sells, and explain tried
and trusted techniques that you can put into practice right away.

Delivering Improved Colour Reproduction Online
A challenging part of catalogue production is the ability to achieve and
consistently reproduce accurate product colour. So, with ever increasing internet
sales, why be prepared to present anything less on screen? Challenge the
variables of online delivery and improve the accuracy of your customers' colour
experience by up to 200%.

Working effectively to increase sales
Use of personalisation of catalogue covers to raise customer response rates.
Learn how you can exploit the latest data driven solutions and make efficient use
of your time and resources.

A picture is worth a thousand...
Using the power of photography to maximise your catalogue sales.

Creative opportunities
Powerful design and carefully considered content to enhance sales.

The power of recommendation
How to get the best value from a recommendation engine on ecommerce sites,
customer emails and call centres.
Breaking into international markets
Global footprint and global market commerce experts will host this session to
share their knowledge of international markets and demonstrate how to break
into new markets using best of breed tools for e-commerce, messaging, CRM,
financial management and reporting. The 'how to' and the 'what not to do'.

Increase your ROI by reducing postal costs
There are a number of ways to achieve a more timely mail delivery service and at
a lower price. We will share our knowledge and experience and present a
number of examples to demonstrate how.

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