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									                                           JAMES E. DAVIS, JR.

                                             South Elgin, Il 60177
                                    847-608-9848 (H) or 331-442-3820 (CP)


Distribution, Warehousing, Purchasing, and Manufacturing professional with 15+ years in Supply Chain
Management. Strengths managing teams in a union environment, performance metrics, logistical planning,
process development, capital project management. Ability to maintain accurate inventories, managed
distribution scheduling, HSE plan development, purchasing, and forklift maintenance, and liaise with
customers, vendors and in-house departments. Expertise includes OSHA standards, knowledge in JD
Edwards and SAP ERP, WMS, RF Applications and a variety of distribution strategies.                   Strong
communication and organization skills with ability to coach, train successful teams, and changing cultures to
meet goals.


ACH Food Companies, Inc., Summit, IL
A starch packaging, edible oil and Syrup bottling operation that involved the shipment of 75+ inter-modal and
direct to customer shipments daily. Accountable for a trailer pool of up to 160 trailers, 4 Spotters, inventory
management of all incoming packaging and ingredients, outbound shipments and managed a staff of six and
approximately 30 hourly associates.

Warehouse Manager / Plant Safety Coordinator:          8/05 - 3/11
   Managed a 3 shift Warehousing and Distribution operation in a union environment with a plant budget
     in excess of 23MM.
   Maintained customer service at 96% while servicing 6 distribution centers and direct to customer
   Receipt accuracy 100%, and shipment accuracy at 100% using RF technology.
   Managed supply chain from vendor to plant by picking up and delivering 25 bottle loads daily from
     three vendors to sustain daily operations.
   Trimmed the workforce by 6 associates and reduced the forklift fleet by 6 units, a savings of 120K.
   Further reduced forklift fleet under new leasing agreement by 3 units, battery chargers by 5 units by
     utilizing state of art Fast Charge System with dual charging capability.
   Reduced capital requirements for spare batteries and 2 battery changing stations a savings of $270K.
   Eliminated semi-annual inventories and material shortages by implementing a rigid cycle count
     program; increasing inventory accuracy from 45% to over 96%.
   Successfully developed and implemented a Health, safety, and Environmental (HSE) plan to achieve
     an OSHA Incident Rate of 3.8% vs. a corporate goal of 4.0%.
   Received the company’s President’s Award for outstanding leadership and performance during a
     Conveyor Upgrade Project.
   Selected as a Change Agent for SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) conversion and key
     member of the SAP Blue Print Team providing analysis of current stages of development and desired
     end state of the supply chain post SAP implementation.
   Successful Go-Live of SAP in March 2011 with minimal disruption to operations.
   Achieved Level 2 Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certification with no deficiencies noted in Warehouse
Purchasing Manager:          11/02 - 8/05
 Managed the packaging and raw material inventory for a Plant with an annual operating budget of
   23MM per year.
 Issued Purchase orders for packaging, raw materials, and Ingredients.
 Coordinated delivery of incoming materials with minimal interruption to production.
 Improved On-time deliveries from 35% to 75%; stabilizing production schedule adherence and
   customer service.
 Updated the Bill Of materials (BOM) cost data and inventory part numbers; drastically reducing
   inventory turbulence and invoice discrepancies.
 Established vendor evaluation system with corporate purchasing and quality control, ensuring
   agreements with vendors were optimized and service standards were maintained with over 50
 Implemented the system for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) purchase orders for capital
   projects to improve tracking of cost related to capital projects.

Production Supervisor:       3/02 - 11/02
 Supervised 34 associates while managing 3 high speed syrup bottling lines, two high speed starch
   packaging lines, a bulk starch line, and a starch bag can line.
 Total responsibility for day-to-day syrup mixing and batching operations to meet production demand.
 Exceeded production standards on 3 separate occasions by establishing record runs on 3 product
 Mentored and coached associates and team leaders by having scheduled and unscheduled team
   meetings to provide feedback on efficiencies, downtime, safety, process improvements, and
   departmental goals.
 Reduced downtime by 10% by coordinating and working closely with maintenance to implement Total
   productive Maintenance.

Aramark Clean Room Services, Burr Ridge, IL.
Experts in clean room services providing sterilized and deionized garments to the Micro Device,
Aerospace, and Pharmaceutical Industries.
Production Manager:         4/01-3/02
 Managed a $9.1 million clean room processing facility.
 Responsible for day-to-day operations of Maintenance, Merchandise control, Shipping & Receiving,
   and Route Drivers.
 Coordinated all activities of 100 union and non-union associates in the processing and delivery of
   Cleaned, deionized, and sterilized garments.
 Implemented a production schedule linked to route driver delivery schedules and destinations across
   a five state territory and Mexico.
 Increased on time deliveries and customer satisfaction from a low of 50% to 95%.
 Reduced direct labor from 17% to 12.5% (saving $5K weekly) and plant labor cost from $77K to $64K
   (savings 13K weekly) delivering $18K to the plants bottom line.

Sara Lee Coffee and Tea, Chicago IL.
Sara Lee Coffee is plant with the cost of goods exceeding $60 million in the roasting, grinding and
packaging of coffee.
Shipping and Receiving Manager:             9/98 - 4/01
 Managed a three shift operation in a union environment to include warehousing, inventory control,
   traffic, and shipping & receiving.
 Supply chain management to regional distribution centers and direct to customers.
   Improved Customer On Time from 75% to 95%.
   Implemented departmental goals, policies, and procedures for safety, sanitation, and security.
   Received safety award for no lost time accidents.
   Reduced cost by cross training team members and aligning manpower.
   Reduced inventory shrink from a quarterly high of $78K to a quarterly low of $1K. (Savings of $ 77K).

Sara Lee Coffee and Tea - Production Supervisor:           8/97 - 9/98
  Managed 13 high speed packaging lines while supervising 30 employees (to include, mechanics,
    quality control technicians, sanitation, and setup personnel) in a union environment.
  Responsible for safety enhancement, quality, production efficiencies, shipping schedules, and
    inventory management.
  Translates the production schedule with other departments to maximize efficiency while ensuring
    smooth and effective shift changeovers.
  Developed training matrixes and implemented technical and non-technical training for a multi-
    functional work force.
  Consistently provided feedback to associates on their performance of established standards.
    Adhered to A.I.B. (cleaning and sanitation procedures) FDA, GMP, and OSHA regulations.

Sara Lee Coffee and Tea - Distribution Center Supervisor: 1/94 - 8/97
 Coached and mentored 15 warehouse associates and 2 clerks to ensure customer service and daily
   operational productivity goals were achieved or exceeded.
 Shipped and received in excess of 12-15 million cases annually. Greatly reduced shipping cost per
   case from 32.6 cents to 23 cents.
 Developed and implemented cross-functional training, which enhanced the knowledge of employees
   in the performance of their jobs.
 Managed the retrograde of over 50,000 case of finished product to the manufacturer on short notice
   due to a quality problem without degrading service to customers.
 Spearheaded new distribution center operational procedures for Pick, Pack, Ship, and sanitation while
   on special assignment.

U. S. army Officer - Captain 03: Served from Private to Captain in Numerous Leadership roles

Operations Manager:
 Planned, coordinated, and directed tactical operations for a multi-unit organization providing
   maintenance and logistical support.
 Directed long-range planning, policy and procedure development.
 Synchronized and coordinated with all levels of management and staff concerning operations,
   training, internal communications, and security.

Logistics Operations Analyst:
 Analyzed and evaluated retail and wholesale-level logistical operations for adherence to doctrine,
   efficiency, and safety standards.
 Critiqued organizations performance by providing internal assessments of “successes” and “needs
 Provided home station training recommendations to assist in developing future training programs.
 Training center’s expert on bulk refuels operations; developed guide lines for tactical refueling.

Distribution Manager:
 Directed and lead 70 member combat service support team providing wholesale and retail-level food,
    clothing, and potable water, ammunition, and petroleum products.
 Directly responsible for training, team management, and operations and logistical planning.

B.S., Business Administration, Management, University Of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida


2011 - SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
2010 - Safe Quality Foods Diploma
2008 - APICS Supply Chain Management Diploma
2003 - J.D. Edward’s Computerized Inventory Management system


President Parks Recreation Board South Elgin, IL
Umpire Little League & Senior League Baseball
Church Volunteer

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