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					                                                                   PORTS          AND      DESSERT WINES
                                                            SANDEMAN CHARACTER SHERRY                                         8
                                                            BLANDY’S MALMSEY 10 YR MADEIRA                                    12
                   DESSERT                                  GRAHAM’S 20 YR TAWNY                                              14
L EMON R ASPBERRY L AYER C AKE                        8.5
        four layer lemon cake, lemon syrup, vanilla
        frosting, raspberry coulis (vegan)                                      D ESSERT F LIGHT
        recommended pairing:                                Try a 1 oz pour of each of our dessert ports and wine.            21
        Farm Boy- Red Wine Blend
                                                                       APÉRITIF & DIGESTIF
C HOCOLATE B ROWNIE C OUPE                            8.5              S erved before or after a meal to aid digestion.
        bittersweet Theo chocolate brownie, vanilla ice     Cynar ~                                              6
        cream, cassis port reduction, chocolate crumble          Artichoke flavored herbal liqueur.
        (vegan, gluten free and available soy free)         Dubonnet ~                                           6

        recommended pairing:                                     Fortified blend of wine, herbs and spices.
                                                            Pernod ~                                             6
        Blandy's Madeira
                                                                 French anise flavored liqueur.
                                                            Absente Absinthe ~                                   8
S TRAWBERRY R HUBARB C RISP                           8.5
                                                                 Traditional southern France green absinthe recipe,
        marzipan streusel topping, vanilla ice                   W ith Grande Wormwood and botanicals.
       cream, praline caramel sauce                         Chartreuse ~                                         8
       (vegan and gluten free)                                   Made by the Carthusian Monks and infused
       recommended pairing:                                      with herbs.
       Raspberry LuxeTea
                                                                         A sweeter liqueur, cordials can be dessert
C AMPFIRE M ARQUISE                                   8.5
                                                                                      all by themselves.
        hazelnut graham, chocolate mousse,
                                                            Amaretto di Amore ~                                  6
       vanilla pastry cream, housemade                      Amarula Cream Liqueur ~                              6
       marshmellow, warm gianduja sauce                     Cofia Hazelnut Espresso Vodka ~                      6
       (gluten free)                                        Kahlua ~                                             6
        recommended pairing:                                Chambord ~                                           7
        Graham's 20 yr Tawny                                Godiva White Chocolate ~                             7
                                                            Luxardo Maraschino Cherry ~                          7
H UCKLEBERRY T ART                                    8.5   Pama Pomegranate Liqueur ~                           7
         almond pate sucrée, mascarpone cream,
         almond meringue, salted caramel sauce
         (gluten free)
        recommended pairing:                                                           BOURBON
        Sandeman Character Sherry                           Makers Mark                                               7
                                                            Woodford                                                  8
C RÈME B RULEE                               6.5
                                                            Booker’s 6yr                                              9
        vanilla mint
        (gluten free and soy free)                                                       SCOTCH
        recommended pairing:                                Drambuie scotch liqueur                                   8
        Ste Michelle Extra Dry                              Laphroaig Quarter Cask                                    11
                                                            Oban                                                      13
I CE C REAM & S ORBET                                 6     Glenrothes 91                                             16
         made in house
         available vegan, gluten and soy free                                            BRANDY
        recommended pairing: Magnifique                     E & JVSOP                                                     7

         Sandeman Character Sherry                          Metaxa *******                                                7
                                                            Laird’s Applejack                                             8
                                                            Clear Creek Pear                                              9

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