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									                                       Ashland Vision
                                                                                                  April 2011

In This Issue                              BreAkIng ThroUgh                                                     BArrIerS:
Public Policy                 2
Slate of Officers             2
Soroptimist Event             2
Honors Brunch                 3         Spring Forward in Ashland                                          AAUW!
Scholarship Report            3
Garden Tour                   3
                                                                April All-Member Branch Meeting
eScrip Fundraiser             3
                                                                Saturday, April 2, 10 am to 12 pm
Interest Groups               4
                                                                          Masonic Lodge
In Our Thoughts               4
                                        Each year in April, we gather to celebrate who we are and what we have accomplished. This
WIN Appeal for Help           5         year, we have successfully presented four mission-focused forums increasing our knowledge
State AAUW Convention         5         about local candidates, awareness of women in STEM, Oregon health issues, and violence
Board Notes                   6         against women in our community. And looking forward, teams of AAUW members are
Service Clubs Lunch           6         planning for three big events: the AAUW Annual Convention, Honors Brunch, and Garden
South District Events         7
                                             In addition to celebrating these achievements, we will announce and celebrate the win-
Charitable Partners           7
                                        ners of the Florence Schneider Award and the Named Grant Honoree.
                                             Finally, we will elect our officers for next year and then break out the party fare. There-
Looking Ahead                                Bring a plate or bowl of FINGER FOOD to share!
Branch Meeting              April 2          Plenty of time has been set aside to eat, drink sparkling cider, and get better acquainted
                                        with new members and with each other.*
Sexual Assault Awareness    April 6
                                             Don’t forget to come prepared to pay for next year’s membership, Honors Brunch tickets,
State Convention        April 15-17
                                        and Garden Tour tickets!
Party                      April 29
Honors Brunch              May 14            * As is our custom, we are trying to live lightly on the earth and minimize our production
Board Meeting              May 23       of trash. Please bring your own place setting: a small plate, a spoon or a fork, and any glass ap-
Garden Tour                June 5       propriate for sparkling beverages. If you wish to drink coffee, lug a mug and we will fill it!
                                                                              Save the date!

     Value Promise:                                                           PArTY!
 By joining AAUW, we
 belong to a community                         You and your spouse/partner are invited to help celebrate a wonderful
                                                                 AAUW year at our Annual Party:
that breaks educational
 and economic barriers                              Friday, April 29, from 7 pm - 9 pm at ScienceWorks
   so that all women                                 Bring your drinks and finger food to share, and we’ll celebrate
   have a fair chance.
                                                                          includes SART and Dunn House, among others—well known
                                                                          to our AAUW. Community Works (the home of Dunn House)
                                                                          helped us develop our March 13th Forum with the generous
                                                                          assistance of Gerry Sea.
                                                                               Gerry reminded us why we must make strangulation less
               PUBLIC POLICY                                              easy for abusers. People who batter their partners plan their
                                                                          assaults; they are not mere pawns in the grip of sudden rage.
                                                                          The abuser’s issue is power and control, not anger management.
                                                                          Abusers are quite able, perhaps even likely, to calculate that
Forum: Domestic Abuse                                                     they can choke their partner to the point of unconsciousness,
By statute, the crime of strangulation is defined as knowingly            as Poole did, and get away with almost no punishment. We can
using pressure on the neck or throat, or blocking the nose                change that.
or mouth, of another person, thereby impeding the normal
breathing or blood circulation. Currently, strangulation in                                                           —Sandra Coyner
Oregon is designated only a Class A misdemeanor. As such it
is punishable by a maximum sentence of one year in jail and
a $6,250 fine – the equivalent of a theft of property valued at                                          We Share the Concern
$50-$750 (Theft in the Third Degree) or passing a bad check.
     It should come as no surprise, then, that batterers fre-             Sex                             Soroptimist International-
quently use strangulation to control their victims; there is little            l As                       Ashland together with the
downside in doing so, given the leniency of Oregon’s current                       sau                    Ashland Police Department and
                                                                                      lt A
strangulation law. Last September, for example, Robert Poole of                           wa              the SOU Women’s Resource
Rogue River received a sentence of only one year after pleading                             ren           Center are sponsoring
                                                                                               ess        “A presentation to increase Sexual
guilty to repeatedly attacking his former girlfriend, including
strangling her to unconsciousness. Only a few weeks ago, Bon-                                             Assault Awareness” with keynote
nie Sue Payne was murdered by strangulation in Medford.                                                   speaker Natasha Herzig, a
     At our AAUW Ashland Forum on March 13, we learned                                                    kidnapped victim of human
about action underway to strengthen Oregon’s strangulation                                                trafficking who will share her
law. Attorney General John Kroger, the featured speaker at our            journey of recovery, including tools and techniques to help those
forum, has authored legislation, House Bill 2940, that will               who have faced trauma in life.
make strangulation a Class C felony. While a typical sentence                    When: Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
on a first offense might be only 60 to 120 days in jail, the bill                Time: 6:30 pm
acknowledges that a repeat offender deserves significant conse-                  Where: SOU Recital Hall
quence by significantly escalating prison sentences for second            FREE campus and community event. Contact Carrie Hull at
and subsequent offenses.                                                  541-552-2126 for more information.
     We can add our voices and urge that this bill be passed.
Please take action for this legislation by communicating with
the following legislators. Urge them to pass HB 2940, making
strangulation a Class C Felony, and feel free to add any other
information you would like them to take into consideration.                   eLeCTIon of eXeCUTIVe oFFICerS
    Contact:                                                                      Leadership Team: Rosemary Adalian Bessie
       Senator Floyd Prozanski, Chair, Senate Judiciary                                      Azari, Stef Seffinger
       Comm.                                       Co-Secretary: Colleen Sheehan
       Rep. Wayne Krieger, co-chair, House Judiciary                              Financial Officer: Diana Quirk
                                                                                  There are currently two vacancies on the Leader-
    Attorney General Kroger had two answers when we asked                     ship Team and one vacancy for Co-Secretary. Please
him “What more can we do?” In addition to supporting HB                       send your suggestions and nominations to Elaine
2940, he urged us to support the organizations that work                      Hamlin.
to prevent and respond to violence against women—work
always done by nonprofits, not government. In our valley, that

                             Membership Alert                       garden Tour June 5 from 11-5

                            The Honors Brunch is Satur-             BUY A TICKET; BUY TWO!
                            day, May 14th. We need your
                            reservation!                            This year’s Garden Tour promises to be
                                The Brunch, which hon-              filled with flowers, fun, and funds for
                            ors the educational accom-              next year’s AAUW activities; the time to purchase your
plishments of women at RCC and SOU, begins at 9:45 in               tickets is now. And because of the event’s importance to
the Rogue River Room of Stevenson Union at SOU. Dr.                 our fundraising, the Ashland branch encourages each
Mary Cullinan, President of SOU, is our guest speaker,              member to buy at least two Garden Tour tickets. If you
music students will provide entertainment, we honor stu-            can’t use them yourself, they can be a wonderful way to
dents from each SOU department, and the 2011 SOU/                   thank a friend, a business associate, or anyone who does
RCC scholarship recipients will be announced.                       something nice for you.
    Reserve your place for our annual Honors Brunch by                   Ticket sales will begin at the AAUW general meet-
sending a check made out to AAUW in the amount of                   ing in April and continue at the Honors Brunch. As in
$16.00 to Elaine Sweet at 150 Manzanita St. Ashland,                past years, tickets will be sold at Paddington Station and
OR 97520.                                                           at both Grange locations. However, we will no longer be
    Don’t miss this wonderful event.                                able to use the Safeway lot for ticket sales and distribu-
                                                                    tion of the brochure on the day of the event. Because of
                                                                    this, the addresses of the gardens on the Tour have been
SChoLArShIPS!!                                                      printed on the back of the tickets, and brochures will be
                                                                    picked up at the first garden viewed. This change makes it
Is that envelope addressed to Joan Enloe,1451 Yellow-               especially important that tickets be purchased early so that
stone, Medford, 97504 buried somewhere on your desk                 our visitors know where they are going.
or in the pile marked “Bills to Pay”? If so, please, PLEASE              Be proactive. Buy your tickets now, and tell your
find it and send your donation(s) for SOU and RCC                   friends to do the same. This is going to be a fantastic Gar-
scholarships as quickly as you can!                                 den Tour; you won’t want to miss it!
     We are most grateful to those of you who have already
mailed your contributions (48, or 27% of membership for
SOU; 37, or 20% of membership for RCC), but we still
have not heard from so many.
     One of the ways we can demonstrate our belief in
advancing women’s causes is by helping further a fellow             eSCRIP FUNDRAISER UPDATE
sister’s education. Please find that envelope -- or feel free
to create a new one. – and send it now! Thank you!                  Thanks to our members who have already signed up for eScrip
                                  — Helen and Mimi                  and/or shopped online and earned money for Ashland AAUW.
                                                                    Remember these reasons to participate:

                                                                        No cost to you
                                                                        No time commitment
                                                                        Earn money for our branch while you shop

                                                                         If you shop at Market of Choice (MC) please sign up at
                                                           so our branch can earn as you shop there. If
                                                                    you don’t shop at MC, simply go to and
                                                                    click on the “eScrip Online eMall” link to do your online shop-
                                                                    ping and earn money for our branch.

                                                                        If you have any questions or need help signing up, contact
                                                                    Liz Murphy, Ashland eScrip coordinator.

Interest Groups
ARTS AND LANGUAGE                                                              Monday Evening Mystery: will meet at 7 pm on Monday, April 18;
                                                                               place and book to be determined at our March meeting. For ques-
Painting Outdoors: will begin in May when the weather is more                  tions please call Sybil Russell..
cooperative. Call Charlotte Abernathy with questions.
Play Reading: meets at 4 pm on Friday, April 22 at Annette Lewis’s
home; will begin Pirates of Penzance.                                          Dining Out: The group will enjoy Asian cuisine at Sesame on April
                                                                               15. Arrive at 6 pm for a drink at the table if you like. (Their bar is
Poetry Group: will meet at 1 pm on Tuesday, April                              very small.) We will order at 7 pm. RSVP: Francene Bernest.
12 at Alice Mallory’s home, and again at 1 pm on
Tuesday, April 22 at MaryAnn Mason’s home. We                                  Gourmet Cooking: Final dinners of the season are in
will be preparing some surprise poetry elements                                the planning stages. Many of the meals this year have
for our annual Garden Tour. Look for other poetry                              featured Asian themes, but the most fun may have been
events in April, which is National Poetry Month.                               a cooked-it-all-from-scratch event -- embellished by
For more information, contact Charlotte Abernathy.                             sake and a little plum wine - a distaff gathering at An-
                                                                               nette Lewis’s this winter. What happens at Gourmet stays at Gourmet!
Shakespeare at OSF: Meeting at 1 pm on Wednesday, April 13 and
27 at Annette Lewis’s home; will begin Love Labor’s Lost.                      The Pot Luck Group: The Potluck Group will meet for dinner on
                                                                               Saturday, April 9th at the Sweet Home. Please come at 6:30 pm and
BOOK GROUPS                                                                    bring a friend.
Adelante!: An online book group sponsored by AAUW. Go to www.                  Tasting Adventures: February event at Mr. Lee’s gave attendees For April, the chosen book               scrumptious tastes of Chicken Udon, Asian barbecued ribs, shrimp
is The Geometry of God by Uzma Aslam Khan. Four unforgettable                  fried rice, and Lion King Rolls. A reprise of the party will be held in
characters make up the shifting chambers of the heart of The Geometry          the fall when the weather still permits us to enjoy the outdoor patio at
of God: paleontologist Amal, her blind sister Mehwish, their rest-             the restaurant. Watch for party invitation and details in September’s
lessly heretical grandfather Zahoor, and Noman, the young man who              newsletter.
changes all their lives. Through them, Pakistani writer Uzma Aslam
Khan celebrates the complexities of familial and erotic love, the tug of       STILL MORE
curiosity and duty, and the intersections of faith and longing against
the backdrop of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq’s Pakistan.                        Genealogy Group: Meeting for potluck lunch and discussion at
                                                                               12:30 pm on Thursday, April 28 at Eleanore Perkins’s.
Day Book: Next meets Wednesday, April 20, at 1 pm, at the home of
Rae Otto. Will be discussing Muriel Barbury’s novel, The Elegance of           Knitters and Stitchers: Meeting at 1 pm on Thurs-
the Hedgehog. Please join us for another provocative discussion. Ques-         day, April 14 at Wendy Purslow’s home. Bring your
tions? Contact Helen Rosen.                                                    hand needlework or other non-messy creation to
                                                                               work on. We encourage “show-and-tell.” Questions?
Brain Books will meet on April 26, the 4th Tuesday, at 1:30 in the             Call Kay Johnson or Marlyn Barrick.
Ashland Public Library, to discuss The Moral Landscape by Sam Har-
ris. E-mail questions about the book to Sandra Coyner. Phone other
questions to Eleanore Perkins.
Nonfiction Books: Meets at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of each
month at the home of Eleanore Perkins. On Wednes-
day, May 4, we will discuss Methland: The Death and
Life of an American Small Town by Nick Reding. On
Wednesday, June 1, the topic will be Picasso’s War:
The Destruction of Guernica and the Masterpiece That
                                                                                  In our Thoughts
Changed the World by Russell Martin and Pablo Pica-                                   Annette Lewis sent a card in March to Doris Man-
sso. Gabril Jackson has been invited as a guest speaker. Phone other              nion, who had surgery on Monday, March 7.
questions to Eleanore Perkins.
Thursday Afternoon Mystery: will meet at 1 pm on Thursday, April
7 at the Apple Cellar on YMCA Road. Will discuss mysteries with
foreign intrigue. For questions please call Sybil Russell.




 What’s the Family Resemblance?                                                  You will discover how the informal pecking order in busi-
                                                                            ness and in life is established through an unconscious interaction
                                                                            called the Invisible Power Game™.
                                                                                 You will learn a model, strategies, demonstration, and
                                                                            practice for developing and enhancing the critical qualities and
                                                                            behaviors of Leadership Presence. Discover how to establish cred-
                                                                            ibility in 30 seconds, look and sound confident, stay cool under
                                                                            pressure, neutralize verbal attacks, and eliminate sabotaging

                                                                            • Pat Kirkland is a speaker, consultant, coach, and entrepreneur.
                                                                            She founded Skills to Success, a communications consulting firm
                                                                            based in Austin, TX. Since 1990, Pat and her team have coached
                                                                            thousands of individuals and worked with dozens of companies
       Pat                              Amy
                                                                            such as: Microsoft, Cisco Systems, National Semiconductor, Best
                                                                            Buy, AT&T HP, FreeScale and Seagate.
Do these two women look familiar? They should, because they
                                                                            • Amy Carroll is a Swiss-based American coach, trainer, and
are Claire and Bud Carroll’s daughters. They are presenting a
                                                                            speaker. She specializes in leadership, communication, and effec-
workshop at the AAUW Convention on April 17. If you didn’t
                                                                            tiveness training for multinational clients with global objectives
sign up, here’s what you will be missing.
                                                                            and teams. She leads training through her own company, Carroll
                                                                            Communication Coaching (CCC) and in conjunction with Skills
         Leadership Presence: The “IT” factor
                                                                            to Success.
         Presenters: Pat Kirkland and Amy Carroll
                                                                                 Pat and Amy are two powerful sisters who love sharing this
                                                                            work with powerful women around the world!
     Leadership presence is often referred to as the “IT” factor—
that elusive quality that establishes your credibility, and there-
fore your ability to successfully lead others, inspire confidence,          There’s still time to register for Convention!
develop your career, and lead the life you want. In this interactive
                                                                            Go to, print out and fill out
session, you will explore how the nonverbal, high and low status
                                                                            the registration form, and get it to Elaine Sweet!
messages embedded in your communication style determine
who’s in control of every relationship you have.

WIn Project needs Your help
The WIN Project has had several missions over the years. Dur-               quality, new, usable, supply donations from our list, making it easy
ing the last several years we have focused primarily on collecting          to reach our goal of putting together 24 baskets.
supplies and cash donations, and putting together large laundry                  Since the first of the year, donations have dropped off con-
baskets of general cleaning, kitchen, personal, bath and laundry            siderably. We have received $226 in cash donations, and just a
supplies for the graduates of the Dunn House shelter for the vic-           few usable supply donations, with the exception on one almost-
tims of domestic and sexual violence. The WIN Project agreed to             complete basket of supplies from an anonymous donor. We need a
put together 48 baskets/year, at a base cost of $42/basket. That is         minimum of $200 in cash donations, and that will leave us with no
$2016 annually. As I’m sure you are aware, the WIN Project table            cash-on-hand to prepare for next fall, or take advantage of summer
is present at every AAUW meeting and Community Forum, in                    sales. Please send a check to my home, made out to AAUW, with
an effort to make it easier to drop off a check or supplies you may         WIN Project on the memo line or, you may leave supplies on the
have purchased.                                                             glider on my front porch. Please fill out the donation form on the
     We divide the collections and basket assembly into a Fall effort       clipboard, also on the glider. My address is 323 Skycrest Drive, at
and a Spring effort, producing 24 baskets during each period. Last          the corner of Skycrest, Sunnyview and Grandview.
fall we received $925.00 in cash donations and quite a few good                                —Susan Elsom, WIN Project Coordinator

                           Board notes
                                                                      The family of Charlene Edwards, contributor to the Scholar-
                               FEBRUARY 21, 2011                      ship Endowment, will be invited to attend.

                               1. Board Position Update                   4. Garden Tour
                               The following Board positions              Mimi Pippel announced that she is preparing a grant
have been filled:                                                     request to the City of Ashland to create a banner to hang over
• 2012 Garden Tour Co-Chair: Mimi Pippel (one additional              Main Street.
    co-chair needed).
• Middle School Book Fair: Carryl Breon                                   5. AAUW State Convention
                                                                          Alys Earley reported that planning for the Convention
   2. The Board passed a motion allocating the budgeted               continues. All AAUW Ashland members are encouraged to
amount of $1,285.00 for projects and contributions as follows:        participate in the activities, especially the Dine-Around on
• $1,000.00 to ScienceWorks GECOS (Girls Engineering                  Friday evening, April 15.
   Club of ScienceWorks);
• $105.00 for AWSEM (Advocates for Women in Science,                       6. General Membership Meeting
   Engineering and Math); and                                              Members will meet on Saturday, April 2, to elect officers;
• $180.00 to Scholarship Endowment                                    pay annual dues; sign up for Garden Tour positions; buy tick-
                                                                      ets for the Honors Brunch and the Northwest Garden Show
     3. Honors Brunch                                                 Raffle; and make a donation to the Scholarship Endowment
     Diana Quirk will be invited to act as Master of Ceremony         funds. The Florence Schneider Award, given to an AAUW
for the Honors Brunch with Elaine Sweet as an alternate.              Ashland member in recognition of leadership and outstanding
                                                                      service to the Branch, will be presented at that time as well.

Ashland AAUW Presents at the
38th Annual Service Clubs’ Lunch
Diana Quirk represented Ashland AAUW this year at the 38th
Annual Ashland Service Clubs Lunch held at SOU on March
17. This is our second year as a service club member. Diana
spoke about our contributions to the community and high-
lighted our annual events such as the Honors Brunch, Garden
Tour and Community Forums.
     Last year Elaine Sweet successfully advocated for AAUW
membership in this group of service clubs which includes
Kiwanis, Lions Club, Rotary Club of Ashland, Rotary Club of
Ashland-Lithia Springs, and Soroptimist Club. We are living
up to the fourth leg of our mission statement, “philanthropy,”
as we serve Dunn House, GECOS, Strong Women/Strong
Girls, RCC and SOU with scholarship, Ashland Middle School
Book Fair, AWSEM, Ashland High School student writing
project, and domestic abuse prevention literature provided to
                                                                                                            AN INDEPENDENT FIRM
SOU and Ashland High School.                                                    SECURITIES
                                                                             OFFERED THROUGH
     The following Ashland AAUW members attended the                                                    ELIZABETH MURPHY       CFP MBA

                                                                            Raymond James®              CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
luncheon: Jan Waitt, Elaine Hamlin, Bessie Azari, Judith                    Financial Services          541-488-5407 ♣ 800-366-5364
Spelman, Mo Dawson, Vivian Stubblefield, Lucy Strasburg, Liz    |
Murphy (also of Rotary), Mary Sullivan Murphy, Sara Walker,
and Diana Quirk. Elaine Sweet, Diana Quirk and Jan Waitt                      Helping Women Transform Challenging
created a Power Point presentation with pictures of our events.             Life Transitions into Positive Opportunities.

                                                                                       Charitable Partners
oregon AAUW SoUTh DISTrICT eVenTS                                                      AAUW Ashland thanks the following individuals for
                                                                                       participating in the Charitable Partners Program. They
Klamath Falls, April 9 – “Landscapes and Livelihoods: Envi-
                                                                                       pledge to make a donation to the AAUW/SOU Scholar-
sioning a Sustainable Future for Rural Oregon,” Victoria Sturde-
                                                                                       ship Fund every time an AAUW member utilizes their
vant, Professor SOU. Branch meeting, Saturday, April 9, Elmer’s
                                                                                       services or refers someone who uses their services.
Restaurant, 3030 S. 6th Street, Klamath Falls, 9:45 am.
                                                                                          Norma D’Isidoro, Broker/Owner Real Estate Depot
    Grants Pass, April 21 – Presentation on the ACS Cancer
                                                                                                (541)261-2197             (541)482-1898
Resource Center and the Reach to Recovery Program. Speaker:
                                                                                          Elizabeth Murphy, Murphy Financial Partners
AAUW member, Sybil Longinotti. Thursday, April 21, 6:30 pm,
                                                                                                Raymond James              (541)488-5407
Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass.
                                                                                          Sara Walker, Broker
    Medford, May 7 – “The Challenges STEM Students and
                                                                                          Patricia Sprague Real Estate     (541)951-5454
Teachers Face.” Saturday, May 7, 9:30 am, Medford Public
    Grants Pass, June 18 - Frog o' Faire Children’s Festival.
Saturday, June 18, in Riverside Park from 10 am to 3 pm. Chil-                    Photos from the March Community Forum
dren’s activity booths, crafts, entertainment. Free.                              on Violence Against Women: Creating a
                                            —Pat Brewer                           Non-violent Community

                                                                                  Organizing committee: Sandra Coyner, Sarah Cottrell, Carol Custodio, Bessie
                                                                                  Azari, Pam Haunschild (Eleanore Perkins not pictured)

      Panelists: Oregon Attorney General John Kroger, Sanne Specht, Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston, and Gerry Sea, Community Works
                                 ASHLAND VISION
                          Ashland Vision is a monthly newsletter of the Ashland, Oregon,
                          Branch of AAUW

                          Volume 25, Number 7                                             April 2011

                          Executive Board
                          Leadership Team: Rosemary Adalian, Bessie Azari, Sandra Coyner,
                          Elaine Hamlin, Stef Seffinger, Carolyn Wilhite
                          Membership Team: Elaine Sweet
                          Program VPs: Karen Hueston
                          Financial Officer: Diana Quirk
                          Secretary: Peggy Audibert
                          Newsletter Committee
                          Editors: Maureen Dawson, Dale Gates, Christina Licata
                          Copy Editors: Debbie Barth, Margaret Daugherty, Rae Otto
                          Readers: Pat Brewer, Eleanore Perkins
                          Distribution: Anne Novina
                          Photos: Jan Waitt

                          Newsletter deadline is the 15th of the month. Please submit articles by
                          the 15th. Photos of interest group activities are welcome.

                          AAUW Ashland website: www.

                          In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse member-
                          ship. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization
                          on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin,
                          disability, or class.

AAUW Ashland Branch
1015 Morton St.
Ashland, OR 97520

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