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					Café Chino Dinner Menu

Chicken lettuce wraps                         5
Pork dumplings (fried or steamed)             6
Vegetable dumplings                           6
Shumai dumplings (chicken & shrimp)           7
Cold soft spring (chicken & shrimp)           5
Five spiced crispy quail                      5
Edamame                                       5
Cream cheese fried wontons                    4
Crispy veggie egg rolls 2                     4
Asian crab cake                               9

Wonton dumplings                              4
Hot and Sour                                  4
Miso Spinach                                  4

Organic mixed greens with orange ginger dressing   6
Warm chopped chicken salad                         8
Crab meat salad with cilantro mint vinaigrette     10
Asian noodle salad with peanut sauce               6

Honey walnut shrimp                                13
Broccoli with shrimp                               12
General’s shrimp with spice soy vinaigrette        14
Sautéed shrimp with spice lemon zest               13
Soft shell crabs with tomato chili                 14
Sautéed shrimp with mix veggie                     12
Chilean sea bass with Asian pesto                  22
Grilled teriyaki salmon                            16
Whole Red snapper with chili brown sauce           22
Shrimp and scallops on a sizzling platter          19
Chino’s chicken with black bean              12
Chicken veggie with brown sauce              11
General’s chicken                            13
Sesame chicken                               13
Mu shu chicken                               11
Mu shu pork                                  11
Cashew chicken                               12
Sesame crusted chicken breast                13
Orange beef                                  13
Mongolian beef                               13
Beef short ribs in clay pot                  14
Asian BBQ baby back ribs                     15
Chinatown roasted duck                       16
Chino’s curry basil lamb                     16

Noodles, Rice, Vegetables
Shanghai noodles with beef and chicken       12
Beef Chow Fun                                12
Pad Thai                                     11
Fried rice (beef, shrimp, chicken, pork)     9
Special fried rice                           10
Mongolian veggie red rice                    9

With Chicken or pork                         12
With beef or shrimp                          13
Stir fried spinach                           8
Steamed Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce     8
Sautéed bay bok choy with Shitake mushroom   8
Veggie delight with brown sauce              8
Japanese eggplant in garlic sauce            8
Sautéed string bean                          8


Bananas Foster                               6
Chocolate mousse                             5
Ginger crème brulee                          5

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