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                                      St. Jude and Technology

       INSERT CTIATION 1 HERE. The hospital treats children with cancer and other

catastrophic illnesses and conducts research on these illnesses as well as ensures that a family’s

inability to pay for treatment does not deny their child the care the hospital can provide. It is a

501(c)3 charity but being a not-for-profit business does not mean that the organization cannot

benefit from improved business functions, operations, and tactics.

       As an organization that provides medical care and research into very serious illnesses

requires an effective method of tracking, conducting, recording, and investigating all available

information and resources available for researchers and medical treatment on staff. Through

secure technology networks, such as virtual private networks or highly secure connections St.

Jude can work with the Centers for Disease Control, national and international research facilities

and hospitals, and other to ensure it has the information it needs and that its doctors have the

information they need. INSERT CITATION 2 HERE. By partnering with other locations,

through technology, St. Jude helps accomplish great medical improvements.

       There are, however, additional uses of technology, such as the Internet, that can greatly

benefit St. Jude. The reputation of the hospital is well established, but that does not mean that

can stop promoting or enhancing its services. The Internet provides the hospital an effective

method to do these things. For example, St. Jude could place advertisements on websites that it

believes persons likely to donate to the hospital will visit and it can also coordinate, particularly

during the holidays, with online retailers to sell items such as holiday cards or toys that provide

donations to the hospital and provide information about the hospital for marketing purposes.

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        The hospital, however, in addition to financing its business, must also run its business.

Just as most companies provide a listing for available positions and allow persons to provide

resumes and fill out forms online to apply for positions, St. Jude can also do this. In addition to

this St. Jude, as many employers do, can also rely on technology to manage its extensive staff.

INSERT CITATION 4 HERE. Databases and tickler systems to ensure these things are

accomplished can help in these matters, but Intranets can also effectively ensure the hospital

obtains employee updates in a secure manner and that employees have all latest company

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