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                               3Com® OfficeConnect® Cable/DSL Router
                                                       Release Notes

Software Version 1.13
Published Date: March 2009

1. Introduction
1.1 Scope
These release notes summarize the operational requirements and known issues for the following
3Com OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router (Model # 3CR858-91) software release.

Software Release Filename         Description
3COMOBE_FW113.bin                 Operational Software (56 bit encryption)
3COMOBE_FW113-168.bin             Operational Software (168 bit encryption)

1.2 Online Resources
To obtain a copy of the OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router User Guide, visit the 3Com Web site:
www.3Com.com where you can find the most up-to-date version.

To obtain the latest technical information for your Router, including a list of known
problems and solutions, visit the 3Com Knowledgebase:

To obtain current software updates (maintenance releases) and associated release notes for the
3Com OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router and other 3Com products, visit the 3Com Web site:
OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router (3CR858-91)                                     v1.13 Release Notes
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2. Issues Resolved in Release v1.13
2.1 TZO DDNS Server
The issue where a remote router that is using a dynamic DNS service gets a new IP address
and the 3Com router would drop the VPN tunnel has been resolved in this release.

2.2 DDNS reliability
If a remote site changed its IP address after its last VPN connection, the new IP was not being

2.3 DNS Server exception
If a user changes a PC's DNS server setting to a remote VPN's DNS server, the Router would
report an exception.

3. Additional Features Supported in Release v1.13
3.1 NAT-T Support
NAT support based on RFC-3947 (including draft 2) is now supported. This means that PCs
using Windows XP Service Pack 2 using L2TP/IPsec can now make a VPN connection.

3.2 PPTP/L2TP Configuration
In this release of software it is now possible to configure the PPTP/L2TP IP pool address range
to be the same range as the DHCP server IP address pool.

4. Upgrading Software
For instructions on how to upgrade the Router to this firmware version, please refer to the 3Com
OfficeConnect Cable/DSL Router User Guide (part number DUA8589-1AAA01).

Please note it is only necessary to upgrade the Router to this version of code if you have a
router that was supplied with a previous version of the software. If you are unsure of the version
of software in your router, refer to the User Guide for instructions on how to determine the
Software version.

If you are upgrading from versions prior to 1.08 then it will be necessary to return the unit to
factory defaults after the upgrade.

Configurations files saved when running versions prior to 1.08 will not be compatible with this
release. You should make notes of any router settings prior to upgrading the unit. Configuration
files made when running versions 1.08 onwards are compatible with this release.